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America: Ohhhh yeah! He learned he was expecting a kid last chapter didn't he?
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England: Get your own car you bloody wanker!
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America: Uhhhh, it's a secret... (shifty eyes and points to Russia who looks so damn innocent it's scary and makes a keep quiet motion.)
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Russia: Vhat vas that little Sealand?
The Drunks: RIGHT!
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Chapter 15: Darkness and Light
After a period of Brock telling him that even he was amazed of how well Knight had done against all three yesterday and looking like he wasn't surprised about Antoinette's sadism and then another period of trying to get a handle of his Knightmare, Kira dragged himself over to Twin swordsmanship. There he saw Kratos, Sheena and another summoner wearing a pointed hat that he sometimes saw Abby drool over pictures of (go figure) named Klarth F. Lester.
"Hm? What's going on here?" Kira asked curiously. "Well you received a message this morning about having to get training for assissting in the upcoming halloween event correct?" Kratos asked. "Yeah." Kira replied. "Well they are goign to assist." Lloyd explained.
It took Kira a couple minutes to register what this meant. He would be learning from Kratos, an idol. Sheena, a character he had the hots for who might I add was a summoner. And then there was Klarth, also a summoner. "Wait... Soooo...?" Kira began asking. "You'll be learning how to summon and cast a few basic angelic spells." Kratos replied. Never before had someone began literally bouncing off the walls, and at one point ricocheted right at Kratos' jewels.
As the auburn haired angel cringed in agony on the floor clutching said jewels (don't kill me fangirls.) the rest tried calming the overexcited Narikiri down. "Mind you Kira, they will be only teaching you how to summon Shadow and maybe Luna, Aska and Rem depending on if we get permission from Violet and Tsunade." Lloyd explained. "Tsunade I can see but why Violet-Sensei?" Kira asked curiously. "Well Kira keep in mind, they are pretty high up there in the ranks of Summon spirits. And Violet is pretty much you primary teacher so she can decide if you are powerful enough or if you deserve to learn something." Sheena explained. "And it might be a real good idea too, since learning so many dark elemental artes might be damaging to your spirit and psyche." Klarth added.
Kira never thought of that, dark elemental artes being damaging to him. "Dark artes gain their power from your inner darkness and your negative emotions including the same of those around you. Light on the other hand thrive off your inner strength and positive emotions. It's your fear we are most worried about." Kratos explained. "I'm not afraid of learning all this!" Kira said defensively. "We are not saying you are. But it's other areas you are. We have read plenty of records on you that Watanuki sent us that say you're not exactly the bravest." Lloyd said trying not to make Kira mad. "We even received reports on your fight this morning that you were terrified and holding back. You need to learn not to be afraid in battle." Sheena explained. "Although we have heard aside from today that you are improving just a little. But you have to discard your cowardice. If you don't, then as you learn dark elemental artes, you'll just lose yourself." Klarth added.
Kira gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. "I'm not a coward!" He shouted angrily. "You're still not listening. We are not calling you a coward. And we did say you were improving!" Kratos said sternly. "Yes you are! Even my best friend thinks I am one! He even tried to kill me because of that!" Kira shouted angrily trying to keep from crying.
`The teachers sighed. "There's no other way." Klarth said with a sigh. "What?" Kira asked. "If you were to get so defensive about this then we were to assign you a mission to prove that you weren't a coward." Klarth explained with a worried expression. "What?" Kira said confused. "Come in Russia..." Lloyd said with a sigh.
Then in came in the infamous Tsundere country in all his terrifying glory with a sniper rifle strapped to his back. "You called me da?" Russia said smiling. "Yeah. He has to go on that mission." Lloyd said just as worried as Klarth. "Oh veally? Vonderful! Come on little coward boy!" Russia said with delight as he grabbed Kira by the collar and began dragging him out of the room. "WAIT! IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY! PLEASE ANOTHER MISSION! I'LL GO ON ONE WITH AMERICA OR BELARUS EVEN! HELLLLLP MEEEEEE!!!!" Kira pleaded as his voice became more and more faint down the hallway.
"Do you think he will see our point?" Lloyd asked. "With any luck... Hopefully he will atleast be brave enough in a rough situation, not just a fight. Any old rough situation will do..." Kratos said with a sigh. "I hope. But still, Russia? Isn't that a bit overkill?" Sheena asked. "It's Tsunade's orders and Violet's recommedation. That kid has to get a backbone. Or else he won't last long here. But that other one, Lawliet. He's a different problem entirely..." Klarth explained grimly. The rest nodded. Apparently something was known by the staff about Lawliet that no one else did. Only time will tell what it is.
"Oh come on! I have other classes to get to!" Kira said still pleading to be let go as he was forced to tag along with Russia outside the school. "Oh calm down now. It won't be that bad. We just need to track down a fierce beast and neutralize it it. Then you can go back to what classes you have left for the day." Russia said still smiling as he walked on. "What kind of monster?" Kira asked with a faint shudder. "Oh a huge one. About god knows how many feet tall, three dog heads, huge claws, red eyes and jet black fur." Russia said STILL smiling his unnatural smile. "Wait, are we going after a Cerberus?" Kira asked with a gulp. "Oh yes, that's the one. You know your mythology. Good! Now let's keep going da?" Russa replied taking his sniper rifle off his back. "R...right..." Kira said with a huge gulp.
As they walked along a path leading to a huge dead forest area they started hearing roars. "Oh my, we must be close. Ready Kira?" Russia said showing no sign of fear. "S...sure..." Kira said nervously bringing out his swords. "Good! Now stay here. I'm going to go scout ahead. If you think you are in trouble just call for me." Russia said running off quickly. "Wait what! Hey don't leave me here alone! Just what kind of teacher are you!" Kira shouted frightened. Russia apparently didn't hear him
Kira was standing there alone in the middle of a creepy forest. Every tree was bare and limbs were broken. Kira could see things creeping along the dead bushes and peeking out of holes in the dead trees. Then the howls got louder. "Ok Kira, keep calm... nothing will hurt you... You're just in the middle of a creepy as all hell forest, ditched by a teacher who's just as creepy as the forest itself. You're being made to help neutralize a scary ancient guardian of the Underworld... Yeah, sure... Nothing to be afraid of..." Kira said talking to himself. "Damn, you really are scared." Battle Kira said with a smirk. "Am not! Shut up!" Kira shouted angrily. "Ok geez man. No need to chew my head off!" Battle Kira said rolling his eyes and shutting up.
Then Kira started hearing loud footstomps and the growling got louder and fiercer. His heart started racing a mile, no a hundred miles a minute. Then he eventually he started to feel warm, hot breath against the back of his neck. Kira gulped big time and tried not to panic. Then he turned around to see the target. Before him stood the Cerberus. "R...Russia-Sensei..." Kira said softly out of fright. Then it roared loudly at him revealing it's three heads' razor sharp teeth as drool and hot breath came flying out. "RUSSIA-SENSEI!!!" Kira shouted loudly trying real hard not to panic, but failed. Kira then took off like a rocket in the direction that he had seen Russia walk off on. The Cerberus started chasing him.
Kira had tried running from the vicious beast using many DNA Chips of characters he knew were fast or had moves that were useful for evasion. But the Cerberus was always one step ahead of him. The chase continued for several minutes and Kira tried avoid taking him on because he wasn't an idiot.
Meanwhile back at Xross Academy in Tsunade's office, Tsunade was dealing with plans for that year's halloween event. "Yeah, discuss it with the Deaths and we will figure it out. Oh and order alot of treats from Mexico, just to shut the guy up. Geez you think we can go ONE halloween without sugar skulls." Tsunade said speaking into a phone. "Lady Tsunade, Lloyd is here." Shizune said placing a cup of tea on Kamina's desk since he was chained there.
"Excuse me. Let him in." Tsunade said taking a sip of sake and hanging up.
Then in came the twin swordsman and his ninja wife. "What did you two need?" Tsunade asked. "Kira had to go on the mission..." Lloyd said grimly. "Oh dear... Well it can't be helped. He made he choice to refuse to see his cowardice. And if he's to learn what he needs to then it will be necessary. By the way, who did you assign him as his mission supervisor?" Tsunade asked looking through a paper about the mission. "Huh? What are you talking about? You were the one who assigned Russia." Sheen said confused. "Russia? What are you talking about? I specifically said NOT to use him! True we need him to grow a back bone, but not Russia bad enough!" Tsunade shouted angrily.
It was around then they noticed Kamina was struggling fiercely to get free of his restraints. "Kaaaaamiiiinaaaa! You have some serious explaining to do!" Tsunade said angrily as her eye twitched. "Well, I didn't hear the bit about not using Russia! I just did what you told me! Look through teachers who weren't busy around now and who would be likely to scare him!" Kamina explained knowing his life, and maybe something else, was at stake. "Holy mother of Martel! May she have mercy on Kira's soul..." Lloyd said softly. "That kid is not going ot have a easy time..." Sheena said softly in agreement. "We are having your ears checked. Let's go!" Tsunade said angrily as she pulled one of Kamina's ears and stormed out of the office.
Back at the forest, Kira was still panicking. "S...stay back!" Kira shouted warningly despite the fact he was still scared as all hell. The Cereberus roared louder. "Kira! Do something or we are both going to die!" Battle Kira shouted angrily. "B...but I can't! That thing would pick us both apart like toothpicks!" Kira said filled fright. "Grrrrr! Damnit, I hate to admit it but you're right!" Battle Kira muttered angrily. Then the Cerberus attacked and Kira closed his eyes braced himself.
When the beast's attack should have made contact it didn't. Kira opened his eyes to see the Cerberus was kneeling down and was letting Russia hop off. "You failed!" Russia said rather non chalantly. "W...what?!" Kira shouted shocked and angry. "It was all a test. If you weren't a coward as you said then you would have atleast put somewhat of a fight against the Cereberus. I mean where did all that energy go you have had in your other fights? Or is it that you think just because it's bigger more vicious looking and obviously more stronger, you will lose?" Russia asked his tone becoming more serious and his smile fading. Kira couldn't answer.
Russia let out a sigh. "You know Kira, you can't always think like that. If you keep thinking like that then you'll be blind as to who you really can trust or not. Because I assure you, some people are more terrifying than any monsters." Russia said in a dark tone. Kira never thought of that. "But..." Kira said looking down. "Besides! This little pup is just a big ol' softy! Isn't that right, da?" Russia said as he walked under the Cereberus and started scratching the beast's belly. The mighty beast's vicious expression suddenly became harmless and lovable as it grinned a toothy grinned and made happy noises as it started wagging it's tail happily. Kira's gloomy mood was suddenly turned into one of what the hell kind of shock.
"So Kira, what did you learn?" Russia asked as the Cereberus kneeled down and nudged at Russia to scratch behind his ears which he did. "That... I'm scared, a coward..." Kira said softly and looking down. "Well, you didn't have to word it like that. But yes, you just need to be more brave. That's what everyone is getting at, da." Russia said smiling as he scratched the Cerberus pup's muzzle.
"Yes sensei..." Kira said calmly. "Come on cheer up now! Let's get going now. You might have missed lunch but you can still get to your next class if we hurry." Russia said smiling still. "Ok..." Kira said still looking down.
As  they approached the entrance to the forest something occurred to Kira as he looked at the Cerberus who was walking with them back. "Wait, something confuses me." Kira said suddenly as he stopped. "Hm? What is it Kira?" Russia asked curiously. "You said that THAT  was a pup." Kira said looking up at the Cereberus who knelt down again and nudged at Kira for attention who was a little reluctant to scratch the big dog. "Yeah, and?" Russia asked with his unnatural smile still plastered on his face. "Then that means that there are MORE running around right?" Kira asked curiously and worried. "Oh yes! Loads!" Russia said not at all worried. "Why are you not worried about this!?" Kira asked beyond worried about this man's sanity. "There are a couple breeders in Xross Academy. Actually you know this little guy's owner." Russia said as he patted one head's muzzle.
Kira thought of all the people at the school he thought would be crazy enough to breed this creatures. Then one came to mind. "Please... don't tell me it's Ryuu." Kira said after coming to that conclusion. "Ok! I won't da!" Russia said smiling and looking too happy. "I should have known!" Kira said facepalming himself.
The Cereberus barked loudly at the name of his owner and howled loudly with all three head's thrusted towards the sky. Around then all three hit three very conveiniently placed beehive the size of a Bull Mastiff. This caused three swarms of VERY pissed off bees too attacked the poor Cereberus pup so Russia and Kira had to try fending it off. As the poor puppy whined when the bees went away, Kira noticed something very very wrong. "Um, Russia-sensei, are you ok?" Kira asked worried. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M OK! RYUU WILL FUCKING KILL ME WHEN SHE HEARS SCRUFFLES GOT HURT!" Russia said in a panic that could only be rivaled by the panic he's in when Belarus is mentioned. "Oh crap, you're right! I'm outta here! Wait, Scruffles?" Kira asked weirded out. "Don't ask, that girl is weird like that." Russia said with a shrug. Then Kira zoomed away out of fear.
When he approached the gates of Xross Academy and caught his breath he leaned against the walls and sighed. "They were right... I am a coward... But I have to get better... If I don't then who knows what will happen..." Kira said to himself angry with himself. "Oh quit beating yourself up about that. This place is going to see enough of someone getting beaten when that bastard Russia gets back!" Kira heard Ryuu say from a window above him.
He looked up and saw her looking out the window with a pair of binoculars staring out towards to direction of the forest. "What are you doing up there Ryuu?" Kira asked curiously. "Making sure that the puppy I loaned out for that stupid mission didn't get hurt! Which obviously it did so now I have to kick someone's ass! And since that asshole Russia let it get hurt, he is first! SHIT NOT AGAIN! NOW I HAVE TO GET ANOTHER FUCKING PAIR!!!" Ryuu ranted angrily as her grip on the binoculars got so hard that they broke.  Kira saw this as a gooooood time to oh you know, RUN!
Kira dragged along through most of the day looking depressed, even being unable to answer his friends when they tried talking to him. "What do you think happened that caused him to be like this?" Abby asked worried. "I don't know, but him being so depressed bugs the hell out of me!" Lawliet muttered. "I heard it was because of a mission he had to do earlier, that's why he wasn't at lunch." Bel explained. "What mission?" Abby asked. "Well, he had to do a mission that would prove he wasn't a coward. And he failed." Bel replied. "Grrrr, damnit! And he has next to no self respect for himself to! I'm going to go give Tsunade a piece of my damn mind!" Lawliet said angrily storming off despite the fact he was risking being late for his next class.
"Wow, I didn't expect Lawliet so be so angry about this." Melissa said actually shocked. "Well keep in mind Kira is his best friend. Besides if anyone picks on him for being scared, that's his job." Abby replied. "True... Maybe I'll go see if Kira is alright..." Melissa said worried. "I will too!" Abby said almost a little jealous.
"We would be crappy friends if we didn't see now would we?" Cyan asked with a smile. "Ja, ve vould be lousy friends!" Aden said in agreement. "Well let's go guys!" Nicholas said enthusiasticly as they all went after Kira.
In the meantime Bel followed a angry Lawliet who didn't really care he was going to risk missing a class and stormed all the way to Tsunade's class. He clocked Zetsu's lights out when he tried stopping Lawliet and forced his way in. "TSUNADE!" Lawliet shouted enraged. "Oh dear... I should've seen this coming. Yes Lawliet-kun?" Tsunade said with a sigh annoyed that she failed to see overprotective friends coming after her after Kira's mission. "What the hell were you thinking sending Kira on that mission?!" Lawliet ased enraged. Tsunade sighed and Kamina for once knew how to keep his mouth shut. Bel was worried what would happen.
Tsunade stoof up suddenly. "And who the hell are you to question decisions made by the teachers, let alone ME! The PRINICIPAL!" Tsunade shouted somewhere between angrily and sternly. "THE PISSED OFF LIFE LONG FRIEND OF THE KID WHO'S NOW MORE DEPRESSED THAN THAT EMO ASS LITTLE BRAT SHINJI IN THE MECHA PILOT DEPARTMENT!!!" Lawliet shouted even angrier. "WELL WE HAD TO SO HE WOULD SEE THE FEAR IN HIMSELF THAT HE HAD TO OVERCOME! WE DID IT FOR HIS OWN GOOD!" Tsunade shouted as angry as him. "Erm, maybe you guys should calm down a bit..." Kamina meekly said hiding under his desk. "AND MAYBE YOU SHOULD SHUT THE HELL UP!" The two pissed off people shouted angrily in unison. "O...OK!" Kamina said frightened.
As the two argued, with the threat of expulsion being used at one point Bel quickly tried thinking of how to fix the situation. "Besides what the hell do you care how we handle the situation? You tried to kill him because of how scared he can get before you three even got here!" Tsunade said sternly as she sat back down. That caused Lawliet to look shocked and confused. "W... what are you talking about? I never tried killing Kira!" Lawliet said really shocked of what he was accused of. Bel was just as shocked. True she hasn't been around Lawliet long but he didn't seem the type to want to kill his best friend. He seemed the exact opposite, he was the type who would go out of his way to help him.
Then Tsunade sighed and looked for something on her computer and turned it around. She had played a video of the fight between Lawliet and Kira at Watanuki's house. Lawliet was shocked to see him having snapped and swinging the strange scythe around showing his best friend no mercy. Bel was equally shocked. "S...so that's why I blacked out and don't remember anythign up until I woke up the next day..." Lawliet said stunned with his eyes twitching. "Watanuki was able to use his magic in order to magically record what had happened and send it to me. Believe me, I was shocked to see this. But that's why we have you in a anger management class with Belarus. True we can be a bit... extreme, but it's effective." Tsunade explained, but Bel though see saw a bit of guilt in her eyes.
Then the next thing Bel knew she saw Lawliet run away with his fists clenched. "Lawliet!" She shouted calling after him. "Running a village is one thing, but running a school is something entirely different..." Tsunade said with a sigh as the guilt in her eyes remained and poured herself some more sake. "Did you have to show him that! Look at what it did to him!" Bel shouted angrily at her. "Sometimes the cold hard truth is the best way to handle a situation. No matter how awful it is..." Tsunade said downing her cup. "Ugh! Lawliet wait up!" Bel shouted running after Lawliet.
Bel chased the vivid Lawliet who was being quiet despite the upset aura. "Lawliet! Tsunade should never have showed you that." Bel said as she tried catching up with him. "But she did! Now it's coming back to me! I was as horrible to him as Tsunade was when she put him on that mission!" Lawliet ranted as he walked and then punched a wall by him hard enough to cause a cracking noise to come from his fist.
He clutched as his hand trying not to scream because of accidently hurting his hand. "That didn't sound good! Come on, let's get you to the infirmary!" Bel said tugging at his good hand to make him follow. "Why? It's good... It's just a bit sore." Lawliet growled pulling his hand back. "Oh don't be stubborn, just come on! You never know!" The worried cook said and pulled his hand again hard. Again he pulled it back and began walking away. Bel sighed. "Alright, if that's how you want it." Bel said with a shrug, glad he could not see the big frying pan she summoned from her PDA that she used to knock him out.
In the meantime the rest were on their way to Literature. Kira was still silent and depressed, not answering anyone even the worried Abby and Melissa. "What are we  going to do?" Abby asked extremely concerned. "Well all we can do is just give what moral support we can give." Melissa said just as concerned. "Don't vorry, ve vill find a vay to cheer up Kira." Aden said reassuringly. "Yeah! It's our job as his friends! Even if it is just a little, it's the thought that counts!" Nicholas said cheerfully. "I guess you're right..." Abby said with a sigh. "Yeah, but hey, he's getting ahead of us." Melissa said pointing out to Kira being a few feet further away from them. "Well let's hurry up and catch up to him!" Cyan said energetically. So they did.
When they got to Kakashi's class Kira just sat down without a word as if he was more lost in thought than he was depressed. Even as Kakashi went on with the lesson and read the book they were studying Kira just thought to himself. "What am I going to do?" Kira thought to himself. "Still feeling down are you? Can't say that I blame you. Since I'm part of you I'm feeling just as down as you. Pisses me off that I'm being forced to feel the same misery as you, but eh what can ya do." Battle Kira said with a shrug. "Well... we can always try to find a way to get rid of my fear." Kira said nervously. "But how, that's the question. You've been relying on me for several to save your ass everytime you get afraid. I've been trying to help you less often in order to make you braver but I guess that hasn't worked very well huh?" Battle Kira asked looking down. "Oh come now, that's not the you that I know! You're not suppose to look like a hurt puppy. You're suppose to be the brave half of me! So where's all that attitude you usually give me when we talk?" Kira said trying to encourage his other half.
The other half was silent. "Wow, I must be really bad if even my other half is depressed..." Kira said softly. "Yeah... so hurry up and find a way alright! I really don't like feeling bummed out like this..." Battle Kira said before walking away. "Well that doesn't feel like pressure at all..." Kira muttered to himself before snapping out of it.
"Now Kira, do you want to read the paragraph I just did?" Kakashi asked noticing Kira wasn't paying attention. "Um... sorry sir..." Kira said apologetically. "It's fine, I have been told what happened earlier. But keep this in mind Kira, you musn't let things bother you. You just have to use the experience to learn how to better yourself. Understand?" Kakashi asked. "Y...yes sensei..." Kira said quietly. "Good. Abby, if you can put off drooling for a few seconds, it's your turn to read." Kakashi said as Kira sat up straight and continued to think.
Then after that class and then Genis's, in which he learned fireball, he headed over to Violet's. He let out a sigh not really wanting to deal with the hell he would have to endure at her hands, may it be teasing or her habit of ambushing him in her darkened room. But when he got there he saw a notice on the door. 'I'll be at your place. Head over there immediately after reading this. By the way, you may want to pick up some ice, Lawliet looks like he has a nasty lump. -Violet Danica Saule Arundhati Wakahiru-me Antheia (Laugh at my name and I'll kill you!)' "...Wow, that's a long name. Wait, what happened to Lawliet?" Kira asked himself worriedly before motoring on home.
When he got home he saw Lawliet who was still knocked out cold, sprawled over the couch with his Sneasel bringing a warm cloth from the kitchen as Bel followed with a bowl of warm water. "Uh, what the hell happened?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "Erm, don't ask. Violet-Sensei is in the kitchen with Lloyd-Sensei, Tsunade-Sensei and Sheena-Sensei. Kamina would be there too but apparently he's... busy." Bel explained with a nervous giggle, when in reality he was tied up in his and Tsunade's office gagged. "I wonder what they want..." Kira said as he went to the kitchen.
"Oh Kira, good you're home." Violet said sipping some tea her digimon partner, Hawkmon, had brought her. "What did you all want?' Kira said nervously. "Well, your friend Lawliet paid me a little visit earlier. He told me I may have been a bit... harsh. And he was right, I was and I apologize for that." Tsunade said apologetically. "It's fine... you guys were right thought... I'm a coward." Kira said looking down and clutching his fists. "Oh come on now. Don't be like that! We just came to give you a mission that we know will be a huge help!" Sheena said trying to cheer him up. "I don't have to go on it with Russia-Sensei will I?" Kira asked curiously and worried. "Oh god no! Not again!" Tsunade said accepting a cup of tea from Hawkmon. Everyone couldn't help but laugh. Sneasel came in again and looked at them funny wondering what the hell was so funny but shrugged and left.
"Anyways, onto the mission. We want you to go after a dragon that has us worried. And no it's not another borrowed pet from Ryuu, she's kind of erm... not happy with us at the moment." Tsunade said looking away and scratchign the back of her head. "Scruffles?" Kira asked. "Scruffles." Lloyd said with a nod. "But the point is. It's been getting more and more powerful lately. And we were going to send Yuna-Sensei, Sheena, England, and a senior student after it. But since you need to work on  your summoning and dark magic, we want you to tag along." Tsunade explained. "I agreed to it." Violet said sipping another cup of tea. "I don't have any say do I?" Kira asked with a nervous laugh. "Nope!" Violet bluntly said. "I guess I will then." Kira said with a sigh. "Good. But you can have the rest of the day off to relax and prepare for tomorrow. You leave tomorrow. Your other teachers have been already informed." Good luck Kira-kun." Tsunade said as she got up and left followed by Sheena and Lloyd.
After they left, only Violet remained. "Weren't you going to go with them?" Kira asked. "No. I wanted to talk to you about something." Violet said putting her cup down. "Is this about you being paranoid that I laughed at your exceedingly long name? Because I assure you, I didn't. I wasn't in the mood to do so." Kira said nervously. "No, but good. If you did, I'd have to hang you by your toenails over a tub of carniverous amazonian pirahnas cross bred with sharks." Violet said shooting daggers at Kira who just gulped.
"S...so what did you want?" Kira asked nervously as he sat down. "About that scar you saw the other day." Violet said. "What about it?" Kira asked. "I heard you were rather depressed and bummed out about today's mission. So I thought I'd tell you not to worry. I was the same way when I first arrived here, god knows how long ago it was." Violet explained and looking as if she was remembering something she didn't want to and reaching for her scar. "What does that have to do with the scar?" Kira asked curiously. "Well, during my first mission, I was terrified, petrified even! And at one point, I ran and hid a good ways off. Then I thought I was safe, the monster was nowhere to be seen. So I made the mistake of letting my guard down... It then attacked me since it was hiding in the tree I was hiding behind. That's how I got this scar..." Violet explained with a ashamed look in her eyes.
Kira was shocked. He didn't know this woman for long but he none the less thought this was a person who was unable to feel fear ever, let alone at one point drop her guard. "Really?" Kira asked. "Yeah... that's part of the reason I randomly attack you. So you won't let your guard down as easy. I don't know why, but you just seem like someone I need to worry about. Probably the fact I'm your teacher and you're the only one here who's a Narikiri but who knows." Violet said finishing her explanation. Kira couldn't help but blush. "I didn't know..." Kira said looking down. "Well now you do. I won't be with you on your mission tomorrow. So please... be careful." Violet said sounding almost motherly as she stood up and called Hawkmon back to her PDA. "Y...yes ma'am." Kira said still surprised and red.
That earned him a bop from a PowPowHammer, which she apparently can cast. "It's Violet-Sensei you idiot!" Violet said with a twitching eye. "S...sorry ma- Violet-Sensei!" Kira said rubbing his pounding head. "Grrr, good! Good luck you idiot!" Violet said storming out, pouting almost comicly. "The chick is nuttier than a can of mixed nuts." Lawliet said as he came in apparently up and about.
"So what happened with you?" Kira asked curiously. "The purple haired banshee whacked me upside the head with a frying pan. 'Nuff said." Lawliet said as he sat down and Sneasel hopped into his lap as he devoured a juicy looking Oran Berry. "NOT A BANSHEE YOU IDIOT!" They head Bel shout from the living room. The two boys laughed.
Then Lawliet got quiet and looked down. "What's wrong?" Kira asked concerned. "I'm... sorry." Lawliet replied looking down. "For what?" Kira asked. "Tsunade managed to get a magic recording of the night before we left for Xross Academy. The fight where I apparently went berserk..." Lawliet said looking away. Kira was silent. "She showed you that?" Kira asked looking down. "Yeah... I was... cruel to you... But I didn't know what I was doing! I blacked out! I would never purposely try to kill you man! I was just really angry... I had no control of myself..." Lawliet ranted as he looked disgusted with himself. "Lawliet! Calm down! It's alright... It's all my fault! I lied to you and hid the fact I met Mari from you and am a coward... I'm a terrible friend!" Kira ranted apologetically. "It's mine!" Lawliet shouted apolgetically. "No it's mine!" Kira shouted just as apologetically. "AGREE IT'S BOTH YOUR FAULTS! DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE! MR.SKILLET WOULDN'T MIND TASTING BLOOD!" They heard Bel shout from the living room like a pissed off parent. "S...SHUTTING UP!" Lawliet and Kira both shouted in fear.
Lawliet then got up. "What is it?" Kira asked. "I'm going out for a bit... I need some fresh air..." Lawliet said as he headed outside. "I suppose I should get packing for my mission tomorrow then." Kira said with a sigh as he headed upstairs.
Then after a few minutes the Yaamon signal went off. "Hey! Hey! You got a message!" Yaamon shouted happily as he bounced up and down. "Hm? Who from?" Kira asked tossing some clothes into a bag. "A girl! A OLDER girl! You're getting popular with the ladies already aintcha boss?" Yaamon said teasingly. "Is there anyway I can delete you Yaamon?" Kira asked threateningly. "Shutting up!" Yaamon said quickly as Kira picked up the PDA to start the message.
It was a video message of a incredibly hyper and overly cheerful hispanic girl. "HIIIIII~ You must be Kira! Tsunade-Sensei told me a while ago that you would be tagging along on the mission with me so you can learn about summoning and Dark elemental magic from Sheena, Yuna, and England! You will have so much fun! Oh, but we are going after a dragon... So be careful ok! But don't worry, your senpai will be there to help you! Wait! I'm almost out of time for this message, My name is-" The girl on the message said before being cut off because of the time limit.
When the message ended, all Kira could think of was what the hell was that girl on and how much sugar did she consume on a hourly basis. It was around then that Abby wandered in. "Why do you have a message from Estephania-Sempai?" Abby asked curiously as she grabbed a can of soda from the refridgerator. "You know her?" Kira asked in response. "Yeah, we both have Misha-Sensei for singing class. And you guys that I need to slow down on the sugar." Abby said rolling her eyes as she sat across from Kira. "I'm suppose to go on a mission with her tomorrow." Kira explained as he materialized Yaamon thinking he would like a bit of exercise and Abby did the same with her newly digivolved Nyaromon. "There's something about her. She stared at me for a while today and said I looked like him. It was kinda creepy." Abby said taking a sip of her soda. "Hm, maybe I'll find somethign out tomorrow..." Kira said with a shrug. "Good luck with that. All I know is is that she's very well liked and is rather popular here." Abby said with a shrug too. "Hm, well I'll find out tomorrow then. In the mean time, I've had a long day. I'm going to bed..." Kira said with a yawn as he went upstairs even though it wasn't even five yet.
Abby watched him as he went upstairs and Nyaromon hopped onto her lap. "You ok Abby?" She asked looking up at her mistress with big shiny cute eyes. "Yeah... I'm just worried is all..." Abby replied petting the yellow and purple furball. Nyaromon rubbed against her mistress trying to cheer her up.
In the mean time, in order to blow off some steam Lawliet was in a empty room in the school practicing with his scythe. He had managed to make up a dummy out of parts he found around the room and was hacking away at it working on Scythe techniques he learned in class. It was working at first but a few were causing him to become frustrated. After an hour he just screamed out of frustration. "AHHHH! Why can't I get this right!" Lawliet screamed angrily.
Meanwhile Ryuu was meandering in the hall, heading no where in general. Not like she had any place to be really... Passing a room caused the brunette to stop and backtrack to the room. Looking into the room, she saw the famed bad tempered blonde training with the Dullahan scythe.

Entering the room the brunette entered the room and decided to watch the newbie-scythe-weilder train. Ryuu crossed her arms and leaned against the wall in the shadows of the room, keeping a keen eye on Lawliet. Lawliet didn't seem to notice her.

As she watched she noticed something. The guy seemed to be having trouble with the holding causing the reaper-in-training to mentally sigh and push back against the wall to head towards the other person in the room. Lawliet was too caught up in his training he failed to notice.

"You're holding it wrong" informed Ryuu sarcastically. Her voice made Lawliet jump and drop the scythe. The glare from the taller blonde didn't affect the blackette and she repeated her previous statement.

"Well gee, in case you haven't noticed I'm still new at doing this for real." Lawliet irritatedly informed the female with an underlying hint of anger. "It's not like you're here to help" at Ryuu's raised eyebrow stare the guy asked skeptically "Wait are you?"

His answer was a snicker and laugh. Ryuu walked closer to Lawliet and adjusted his hands on the scythe to the proper position. Once done, the female nodded and turned to walk away.

"I think you'll find that way easier" the female called out as she walked out the door. Lawliet took a few swings and much to his annoyance, Ryuu was right. ....Not that he'd admit that to her... One of the things he inheirited from his father, much to his annoyance, was the fact that he was too damn stubborn to admit it.

When Lawliet finally came home it was really late. He then saw everyone but Bel was upstairs. Bel was passed out cold on the table after cleaning up after dinner. He then took off his red jacket and covered her up with it. "Crazy violet haired banshee... But you're ok..." Lawliet said quietly to himself as he headed upstairs. He didn't notice the sleeping Bel cuddle into his jacket.
He peeked into some of the open doors as he walked past them. In Nicholas's he saw the tiny alchemist asleep over a desk littered with alchemical texts and papers full of notes. In Cyan's he found Cyan asleep on his bed with a dirty magazine covering his face. Lawliet couldn't help but laugh even though he found it disgusting. In Abby's he found her outcold in her bed with her arm drooped over the edge of the bed holding a copy of Gravitation she had on her since leaving Japan. He sighed and nodded his head and walked away. When he was near the door to the attic he heard loud cursing that meant Melissa was having a hard time with whatever drawing she was doing. The lack of noise signalling the use of tools must have meant Aden was outcold.
Then he saw in Kira's. He was just asleep over a desk that was in there, surrounded by note on spells and a couple self help books on tape he had bought before coming home. Lawliet could never understand how people could sleep with earphones in their ears. He wanted to go in and apologize again. But he also remember that Kira wasn't a person you would want to wake up early. After sighing and muttering "I'm sorry..." and walked to his room to turn in for the night. It was a hard day for both Kira and Lawliet, they needed the rest.

Skits: The first takes place shortly after Ryuu finds out Scruffles (can't help but snorts) was stung by a bunch of bees.
Overly Concerned Mama
Ryuu: -Tapping her foot impatiently while glaring at the three responsible for her anger- Now tell me again WHY I should ever lend you my babies again?!
Tsunade: Because you are one of the few who actually breeds dangerous mythical creatures? -Tries to smile convinciningly but fails-
Kamina: And because you're just really awesome and badass that way! -Smirks in the cocky way that causes Ryuu to glare deadly daggers at him-
Ryuu: Are you fucking kidding me?! My BABY got hurt out on the field after ALL THREE of you PROMISED that he would be okay!! -Hands cross over her chest as glare worsens-
Russia: W...w....well it was... an accident.... -Nervously shifts eyes-
Ryuu: OH SHUT UP!! You said that he would be okay! That Scruffles wouldn't get HURT!!!
Tsunade: N, now Ryuu c, cal, calm down... -Holds hands up in peace-
Ryuu: Calm? CALM?! -Scythe materializes in hand- I'LL SHOW YOU CALM!!!!
-Various levels of screams resonate from the room, people wisely walk by and don't pay any attention to the door.
Ryuu earned the title of: Overly Concerned Mama.

Skits: The second takes place earlier that night.
A family of death.
Shinigami-Sama: SO! You're expecting huh? That's great news son! I'm so proud of you! And you Liz! This is so exciting! A new baby death!
Liz: Erm, You're not excited at all are you honorable father-in-law?
Shinigami-Sama: I'm ecstatic! Just wait until the whole family hears!
Kidd: Wait... the WHOLE family!?
Shinigami-sama: YEP! Oh, you're uncles, Hades, Grim, and Osirus are going to be thrilled! A new baby death is always something to be excited about!
Liz: Is that bad? Is this about Ryuu? Because I heard she loves kids.
Kidd: Nooooo. Sure she would rip on me like there was no tomorrow calling me old and what have you, but if her... sister were to find out...  She will be more than willing to hand down the child her old dolls! Those creepy! Evil! Crudely done! UNSYMMETRICAL dolls!
And then there's Agrona oh god anything but that! And Anubis (shudders) He and that crazed wife of his, Sadie I think...
And when my uncle, the king of Soul Society finds out, all the Squad Captains will be bugging me like there's no tomorrow! They act like they are family too! Especially that lunatic Kenpachi! And his Lieutennant Yachiru! But other than them, I can handle both Ryuu and Athanasius.
Liz: Hun! Calm down! You're hyperventilating!
Shinigami-Sama: Oh he does that everytime a few members of the family are mentioned. Besides it could be worse.
Liz: How so?
Shinigami: I could be telling Ryuu's parents!
Ryuu earned the title of: Sane one.

Skits: The third takes place later that night
Drunken Trio and Ryuu
-Russia, Mexico and Scotland sitting at the bar that Ryuu is workin at for the night-Ryuu: So is there anything else I can get you boys?
Mexico: I'll take whatever you're offerin sexy~ -Leerin Ryuu's outfit openly-
Russia: Become one with Russia, da~
Ryuu: -Tick mark with majorly large fake smile. Grabs the two by their bangs and pulls em to introduce their faces to the bar.... HARD!-
Scotland: -Laughin his ass off while tryin to keep his balance on the stool- How bout another round of brandy? -Smirkin as he pulls out a cigarette-
Ryuu: Done -Goes to back to get bottles-
Scotland: -Chuckles as the other two nurse their wounds before glarin slightly- Nice goin you two! Now she won't have a drink with us!
Russia: Comrade, have you ever SEEN her drink?
Mexico: Yeah! I heard she actually outdrank this giant right here!
Scotland: -Raises an eyebrow as he takes a drag from the cancer stick. Looks questionally at the massive nation- Really?
Russia: -Nods head- Da, I am ashamed to admit that I lost to a drinking contest to a female. But I am proud that it was her that I lost to.
Scotland: Hmmm.....
Ryuu: -Finally returns with a tote full of alcohol- Sorry I'm a little late coming back but I figured you'd all need a refill so I got tequila and vodka with the brandy and beer.
Scotland: Ryuu?
Ryuu: Hm?
Scotland: You've been workin so hard, why not relax and drink with us?
Ryuu: It's temptin but I'm still on the clock
Mexico: So? It's just us. Not like we're gonna turn you in or anythin
Russia: -Nods head, opens a beer and and hands it to Ryuu in offering-
Ryuu: Oh what the hell -Sighs- why not? Scotty hand me a stool
Scotland: -Does as requested and helps himself to a brandy bottle-
Ryuu: -Tosses off her over shirt and hat onto bar. Chugs the beer and finally starts to relax- Hand me a cancer stick Scotty
Mexico: -Gives one of his instead when the Scottish nation protests at sharing his cigarettes-
Russia: Any one up for Strip liquor poker?
-Hours later-
Ryuu: I can't believe I'm dragging you three to my place... -Groans at the added weight of the three passed out males- Man this probably looks awkward....
-After entering the house-
Ryuu: There -drops Russia onto the bed in one of her many guest rooms- Two down, one to go. -Takes the redhead to one of the other guest rooms and nearly deposits him onto the bed-
Scotland: No! -Childishly wraps arms tightly around Ryuu- Sleep with you! You leave I follow!
Ryuu: -Facepalms- Fine, I'm too tired to even fuckin care! -Brings her charge into her room and drops him on her bed-
Scotland: -Smiles with glee and cuddles one of Ryuu's pillows-
Ryuu: -Sighs before changin out of her work clothes into her sleepware, not caring that she does so in front of Scotland. Helps the nation at least remove his shirt, tie and jacket before climbin in bed herself-
Scotland: -Abandons the pillow to glomp Ryuu and spoon her- My Reaper! Not Spain's and not my idiot of a brother's!
Ryuu: What the hell? -Struggles to turn around in the Scottish male's arms but fails due to how strong he is- Scotland!
Scotland: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ryuu: Dammit! He's fuckin asleep! Nothin is gonna wake him now! HEY! You don't squeeze that!! -Blushes brightly-
Ryuu earned the title of: Bartender

A/N A week until halloween. Kira has so much to learn but first he must overcome the cowardice within himself. Lawliet on the other hand has been shown the darkness within himself. Will both boys be able to overcome their issues?
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