Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Perfect day for a picnic and trouble. ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In the Digital world Young Gennai had finally set up his operations in a floating palace high in the sky, just like Lord Kami.
He was able to keep track of everything that was going on in the Digital world, and make sure that no evil was up and about.
Gennai was also the guardian of the eight Digiballs that he made himself, but he didn't have them right now.
He made it so that when all Eight of the Digiballs, Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, and Light, when all were gathered, Shenmon would appear and grant three wishes.
The balls would then scatter about all over the world, and turned to stone for a whole year, and it had only been three months since the balls were used.
Wherever the balls were now, they were completely useless, and even if you able to find them, you have to wait to have your wishes.
“Gennai… Gennai!” came a deep mystical voice from above. Gennai looked up and saw Azulongmon, and he looked rather shaken.
“Azulongmon, what is happening?” he asked.
Azulongmon shuddered in fear, “I fear it has happened, and they have finally been awakened!”
Gennai dropped his cup of tea and dashed to his telescope that he view the entire Digital world from, and what he saw did not look pretty!
Meanwhile, in the Real world
The Tai and the original Digi destined met Davis and the gang at Izzy's house.
“Nothing like a good old fashioned group picnic in the Digital world on a day like this!” said Tai as he twirled his soccer-ball on his finger.
“Real funny Tai.” Sora teased, “All you can think about is Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!”
Everyone shared a laugh, and then Izzy gave them the thumbs up to travel into the portal. “Alright then… Let's rock this world!” said Davis. “Digi-Port Open!”
They all scrambled into the portal, and emerged in the nice lushing meadows of the Digital world.
“Gee… the Digi world looks so much more beautiful since Myotismon was destroyed!” said Mimi. “It's so rich, and pretty.”
“Yeah… and it's all thanks to yours truly!” Davis bragged playfully. For once the others actually didn't mind what he said.
It was true everyone tried their hardest in the battles, but it was really Davis who did most of the work, and Davis who destroyed the beast once and for all.
And because Cell-Myotismon was destroyed right down to the last bit of data, there was nothing left of him to ever be reborn again, not even a spirit.
But those days were over, today was a time to kick back, relax and feel you butt grow.
Tai, Davis and a couple of the boys were off playing Soccer, Davis and Ken promised not to use their super speeds.
The girls were spending time talking about their days with the rest of the guys, and the Digimon were all playing about.
Gatomon was happily relaxing in the sun with her own pair of shades on. Veemon poked his head of the lake. “I Shee you Cat-Woman!” he said playfully.
“No, no… No Cat-woman now, Veemon.” Gatomon said. “Oh come on, you know you want to.” Veemon replied, and he sucked up some water in his mouth and…
Gatomon sprung up when the water hit her. “Hey… no, no!!” and then the she fell in.
Veemon playfully splashed her, until finally she gave in. She spun round and splashed him back. “Now I'm using my Wave-Whacker on you.” She teased.
“Whoa… hey… eashy there!”
Gatomon even made some playful cat noises the closer she got to him. “Hiss… Meow… Hiss… Meow!”
She and Veemon embraced in a soft kiss, and disappeared under the water. “Whoa-hooo Nellie!” said Armadillamon. “Those two just soak it up like a biscuit in a barrel of gopher-gravy.”
“You know, it's really not nice for you to peak.” Said Hawkmon from in the tree.
“Oh yeah… you should talk, you're eyes aren't all that in a basket of fruit either.” Replied Armadillamon.
“I uh… wasn't peeking… I was…!” he gave in, he couldn't resist looking either.
After a good lunch everyone stretched out on the gigantic blanket and yawned. “Ah… who's up for a nap?” asked Jun.
“Count me in.” said Tai through his yawn. “Soccer always knocks it out of me.”
Davis stretched out his arms. “Even Saiyans need their rest once in a while.” He said.
Everyone, and the Digimon each stretched out on the gigantic picnic blanket. Davis gazed upon the sleeping Kari as he lay down beside her.
She really meant the whole Universe to him, take away Kari, and you'd take away his one reason for wanting to stay alive.
Davis bent down gently and pecked her cheek. She moaned happily and snuggled close to her boyfriend. Davis then let out another yawn and fell asleep himself.
Just on the other side of the forest, there lay a village of Digimon, that was under a storm of Dark and smoky clouds.
The Digimon all seemed to be running away from something that was rather ENORMOUS!!
“Heh, heh, heh… You can run, but you cannot hide from me!” the monster said in a very deep growling voice.
A lot of Digimon bodies were lying dead behind the monster, all of them looked as though as their data had been sucked dry from their skins.
“No, one escapes from the wraths of Kyokotsumon!” the monster growled, and then whirled a huge Ball on a chain.
He slammed it against the ground with such brute force that some of the houses collapsed under the stress.
“Geh. Hee, Hee, Hee! Come to Papa!” he chuckled as he reached out his Huge hand and grabbed a family of Digimon and popped them into his mouth.
He swirled them around, and sucked their data blood dry, and then spit their motionless bodies out again. Suddenly, his huge body began to jiggle a little and grew yet another millimeter in size.
“Yes… the power, I can feel it.”
In almost no time, the village was sucked dry. All the citizen were lost, and all the houses were crushed.
“RRR… That was far too easy.” Said Kyokotsumon, “But I'd dare say that I am ready for a much bigger attack.”
He stomped off into the forest knocking down all the trees in his path looking for more food, and if possible some Digimon to kill.
The Digi destined and Digimon all woke up from their naps, but to a shocking surprise that the sky was covered in strange dark clouds.
Also, Davis, Kari, Cody, Ken, TK, and Yolei, could all sense a Huge energy coming from somewhere.
“What kind of Digimon has energy this big?” asked Yolei.
“I'm not sure it even is a Digimon.” Said TK, “But it is really big!”
“Yeah, it sure is.” Said Davis. “Tai, Agumon, and Veemon, We'll go on up ahead and check this out.”
“The rest of you should go back home.” Said Tai, “I don't want you getting caught up in this if it's that dangerous.”
The others didn't really see any point in arguing. “Davis.” Said Kari.
She pulled him into a soft kiss. “You be careful out there.” She said. Davis promised her nothing bad was going to happen.
Jun and Tai exchanged the same comments, and then they all headed off. “Alright Davis, which way is it.” Asked Agumon.
Davis shut his eyes and concentrated on the energy. “This way!” he said pointing to the North, and off they went.