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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jakotsumon finally stopped complaining about her face, and pulled up her sword “You blasted Girls.” she spat at Kari and Yolei. “I may have taken a hit, but I can still fight you all.”
“Bring it on!” growled Yolei.
They all were ready to charge towards each other, when suddenly they noticed a large void of black smog drifting towards them.
“What kind of Smoke is that?” asked Cody.
Angewomon floated closer, and she thought he saw a figure all dressed in white.
Suddenly, she was burned the moment she touched the cloud. “OWCH… that's not smoke, it's poisonous gas.” She cried while fanning her burning wings.
Jakotsumon looked angry as she too began to back away from the gas “Mukotsumon! Damn you, Not now!” she said to herself, then she ran away quickly before the poison reached her. “We'll meet again!”
The Fighters all would have chased after her, but they quickly departed from the field themselves before they got hit by the poison too.
The man in white stood there snickering to himself. “Heh, heh, heh, heh… that was fun, and it's only beginning.” He hissed, and then walked off.
The poisoned cloud seemed to disappear as the man walked off. Did he know something about it?
Meanwhile, in the Real word...
The team had retreated to Joe's apartment where Joe, the good doctor, could treat their wounds. “You'll be fine Gatomon, just don't Digivolve for a few more hours.”
All their wounds were not too serious, all the Digimon had to do was take it easy for awhile.
Still, even with their wounds treated, it didn't change the fact that Jakotsumon got away before they could destroy her. Not to mention their training was barely enough to keep them on their feet.
Gatomon even told them about the strange figure she saw in the poison cloud as Angewomon. “I couldn't get close enough to tell…” she said, “But I defiantly saw someone in there.”
The others began to wonder how it was possible for anyone to survive in that horrid cloud.
Was he part of the Band of Seven?
“What's got me baffled, is the way Jakotsumon ran off at the sight of the poison.” Said Ken.
“Gee, Ken, Do you think she may know something about it that we don't?” asked Wormon
It was uncertain, but the only way they could figure it out was to find Jakotsumon and confront her again, but not tonight.
The Digimon still couldn't Digivolve for a few hours, and Izzy was already on the case, with help of Sora, who knew sewing, to devise up some new protective clothing for Davis' team.
It wouldn't be ready until sometime tomorrow afternoon. Faster if they worked round the clock, which they had been doing all day, and needed a break.
So everyone decided to head home and rest. Kari was a little worried about all the innocent Digimon that could be destroyed at the hands of the Band of Seven.
“Hey, I'm worried too, but it'll be alright, Kari!” Davis said over the phone.
“A lot of Digimon have been killed already, but hey, cheer up. Once we crush the rest of these bastards, we can always wish on the Digiballs.”
“And Gennai's sent warnings to all Digimon in the whole Digital World. Look, I know this may sound bad, but it doesn't matter if they get killed, they'll be saved either way.”
Davis didn't have to see Kari's face to tell that she was smiling. “You're right, Davis.” She Davis, “But I still am a little worried.”
“You have every right to be.” Replied Davis, “But try to get some sleep, and a goodnight's one too, we've got a tough day ahead of us tomorrow.”
“Okay, I love you.”
Davis blew a kiss into his Cell-phone. “Love you too, babe.” And he hung up.
Davis did feel uneasy about getting Kari and the others mixed up in a whole bunch of things that involved life threatening risks.
Ever since he became a Super fighter, things had heated up a lot. In fact, the battles they fought now these days made everything they had done before as normal kids look like nothing.
Still, Davis had faith in his team. He may have done most of the work and butt saving in the old days, and practically still did, but he knew the others could look after themselves.
He pulled up the covers, and fell asleep.
Meanwhile, in the Digital World
In the forest sector, a small man dressed in white robes and wearing a poison shielding mask. He seemed to be mixing up some deadly herbs.
“Ah… perfect.” He chuckled, “Just like Mother used to make.”
Suddenly, there out of no where, “Hey, Mukotsumon.” Came a feminine voice from behind.
“Why hello, Jakotsumon, it's been a long time, hasn't it.”
Jakotsumon just slapped him upside the head. “Hi, yourself.” she snapped, “So, Mukotsumon, you tried to do me in with your poison.”
“Heh, heh, heh, heh… Don't be angry.” Said Mukotsumon. “I knew you could handle yourself.”
Jakotsumon just sighed.
“But enough of that. Tell me, what of the others.”
“Well, Renkotsumon is taking care of, Ginkotsumon.” Said Jakotsumon. “You know Ginkotsumon. He needs all these guns and spare parts.”
Mukotsumon chuckled to himself. “I can already imagine the many of the machine Digimon Renkotsumon must have destroyed.”
The Next day
Davis and the others were all better, Joe took off the Digimon's bandages, and the Digimon all Digivolved back to their powerful states.
Davis and the others were also suited up in their new battle suits Sora had made with Izzy's help. Saiyain amour for the boys, and a kind of armored Sailor-scout uniforms for Yolei and Kari.
Each of them were also given a Sayian scoter eye-glass. This way they could all sense energy waves faster, and clearer, as well as analyze Data on the power of their opponents.
“Mmm… this is pretty cool.” Said TK as he admired his outfit.
The suits would make them a little more resistant to attacks, and make them a little more flexible and feel lighter. This way they could fly and fight a lot more faster and effectively.
“Way to go, Sora, you too Izzy.” Said Kari. Izzy, and Sora blushed.
“Now if those suits get damaged, just bring them back to me when you want them repaired.” Sora said, and she left.
Once she left, the others headed through the portal, and back into the Digital world.
“Okay… let's split up!” said Davis. “Half of us go after, Jakotsumon, the rest go and be on the look-out for any other Band of Seven members.”
The teams all nodded. Kari, Yolei and Ken were going on patrol with their Digimon, while Davis, Cody, TK and their Digimon would look for Jakotsumon.
The Seed of light in Jakotsumon's body was glowing, as if it was trying to tell her something.
“I see…” she said, “Daisuke and two other of his male friends are coming after me alone.”
Mukotsumon liked the sound of that. “Then that must mean the team has split up.” He said.
“And this, Angewomon you told me about. Is she as attractive as you put her out to be?”
“She's all yours, Mukotsumon!”
“Well then…” replied Mukotsumon, “In that case, I shall go after her and her team.”
“Right… and I'll take the boys all for myself.” Jakotsumon said sinisterly.
“They are of no concern to me.” Mukotsumon said deeply, “And Angewomon…?”
Jakotsumon winked and turned to leave, “They're all yours.” she said. “Enjoy!”
Mukotsumon sniggered as he poured the venomous liquid he made into a canister, and fired it out as smog. “Heh, heh, heh, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah, ah… Oh, I will!”
Kari's Team was hovering just up ahead from the Village were old and wrinkled Digimon lived. When Kari's head perked up.
“I can sense it.” She said. “A seed of light!”
Yolei and Ken could sense it too from their scouters, but they also sense a very high burst of energy.
“Can anybody, anything.” Asked Stingmon. They all looked down below, but the village seemed to be covered in a layer of thick dust.
“Let's take a closer look.” Said Ken, and they all began to descend down below.
The entire village seemed to be deserted. There wasn't even a door or window open, as if the whole town was evacuated, as was expected by Gennai's warning messages.
Suddenly, Angewomon, started to feel weak. “Hey… this isn't dust.” She choked, then suddenly they heard a sickening chuckle.
It was the man in white, just as Angewomon said. “Heh, heh, heh, heh… You cannot escape from my poison.” He said under his gasmask.
Stingmon, and Aquilamon fluttered their wings about to keep the poison away from them, but Angewomon had already collapsed.
“Angewomon!” cried Kari as she ran right into the dust to comfort her, and strangely, she didn't feel weak at all.
Ken stepped forward. “So you are the one we've been searching for.” he snapped at the man. “Are you one of the Band of Seven?”
“Heh, heh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah, ah… Yes.” He answered, “I am, Mukotsumon. Master of all poisons!”
“I knew it.” Angewomon thought weakly, “He is responsible for the poison we saw earlier.”
Mukotsumon stepped towards Kari and the fallen Angewomon. “What have you done to her?” Kari asked.
“Fear not…” said Mukotsumon “This is my special stun-spore. It will merely paralyzes the body, but mind will remain quite alert. However, it and my other poisons have no effect on Humans.”
“That explains why we aren't affected.” Said Yolei. “But this still isn't good! You won't get away with this!”
“Yolei… Don't!!” cried Ken, but she lunged at Mukotsumon. “Ha, Pathetic.” He just said.
And he sprayed Yolei right in the eyes with a kind of Poison aerosol, temporarily blinding her. She fell down while rubbing the poison out of her sore eyes.
Ken walked over to confront his Fallen girlfriend. “Yolei… oh, Yolei!” he cried. He was about to give Mukotsumon a taste of his Destructive Wave…
Mukotsumon tossed a small dirt-bomb which made it difficult to see at all, and blocked out their abilities to sense energy waves.
When the smoke had cleared, Everyone was still okay, and Yolei's eyes were a lot better, but Mukotsumon was gone, and Angewomon was missing.
“He must've taken her with him.” Cried Kari, “We've got to do something!!”
“Right.” Said Yolei, “I'll go look for Davis and the others, while you all track Mukotsumon down!”
They all agreed, and split up. Mukotsumon couldn't have gone far, not now that they could sense him again.
Kari just hoped Angewomon was okay.