Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Mukotsumon's story ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

At the Primary village shrine, home to the headman of the village, a pale young man knocked at the door.
The Digimon opened the door, “Yes, may I help you?” He asked, but the he was grabbed by the neck by the young man.
“What… what are you doing… No… NO!!!”
In a flash, the Digimon headman was vaporized. “Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah! This place will do just fine for the Band of Seven.” The young man sniggered.
Davis' team was getting closer as the energy got stronger. “There she is, up ahead.” Said TK.
Jakotsumon was there in the middle of the field, waving her loose clothing about in the breeze.
“Hee, hee, hee… I'd knew you boys would come.” She said sounding all giggly.
The boys were confused at why she was fanning herself, and she told them it was to make it easier to find her. “And now we have the whole field all to ourselves.”
The boys snapped to it. “Can we get on with this already?” Cody asked impatiently.
That only made Jakotsumon blush. “Ooh… the anger in your voice.” She squeaked, “I love it, I love it!!”
She drew out her sword, “But enough of this school girl routine!” she said, “Let's do it!”
The boys dodged it. “Why don't we make this interesting, and fight swords with swords.” Said Magna-Angemon.
And his sword crossed paths with Jakotsumon's sword, and this allowed him to distract her so she wouldn't launch another hit, but Jakotsumon was still as slick and fast as ever.
Jakotsumon finally knocked Magna-Angemon out of the way, and slashed her sword at TK who was charging her, but TK's new armor made it easier to run.
“Now it's our turn!” he snapped and her began to shape his fists out in front…
WHAMM!!” right into her belly and sent her up to the sky where Davis and Angel-Veemon were there at the ready.
BAM!! Right in the face. “Oh, excuse me!” said Ankylomon as Jakotsumon landed smack on his shell. “Ooh… that's got to hurt!”
“Not as much as this will…” said Cody as he grabbed Jakotsumon and jumped into the air.
SMASH!! Jakotsumon was whammed so hard into the ground, that she even made a human shaped crater of herself from where she hit.
The boys were unable to tell if they were doing any real damage to her at all, because she just got right up and ready for more.
Magna-Angemon had to resist all urges to suck her up into the Gate of Destiny, or he'd destroy the seed of light she had on her.
The battle however was cut short when Yolei and Aquillamon came soaring over the hills.
“GRR… Insolent wretch!” growled Jakotsumon. “No one interferes with me and my men.”
But before she could get up, Yolei just knocked her down with her Destructo-Disk! “Guys… we need your help!” she cried.
“What's going on?” asked Davis.
“It's Angewomon!” cried Aquillamon. “She's been kidnapped by another member of the Band of Seven!”
Angel-Veemon's heart skipped a beat. “No… NO!!!” he screamed as he took off. “YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET ANGEWOMON!!”
“Hey, Wait for us!” Davis called as he took off after him. Soon everyone followed after him.
“Hey, wait… Get back here!” shouted Jakotsumon, but they were already out of sight.
Near the murky lakes, a poisoned cloud surrounded a small cave in the side of a hill, where Mukotsumon had taken Angewomon.
She was still zonked out from the poison, but could still see what was going on. She found herself strapped onto a table.
Mukotsumon stepped forward. “Ah, good, you're awake.” He sniggered. “We are surrounded by a barrier of poison. No one will disturb us.”
He walked up to the weary angel and stroked her cheek. “A shame that I have to do this, and to such beautiful Angel too.”
Though her body was weak, she could still speak, but barely. “What… do you… want with me?”
Mukotsumon untied his mask in the back and took it off. “Take a good look at my face!” he said softly.
His face was all wrinkled, and partially withered away. “Before I was ever part of the Band of Seven I was a medicine making Digimon.”
Back in the prime years, Mukotsumon was an actual Digimon-Physician, helping those in need of aid.
He had come up with the finest medicines, and they always had worked. Mukotsumon had the makings of the finest medicine maker in the Digital World.
One day however, he was walking through the woods looking for herbs, and cut himself on an extremely rare, and venomous plant.
Mukotsumon's face began to ache and burn, but none of his medicines helped him, even draining the poisonous blood from his body didn't help!
The poison really damaged his Digital data, causing his young, and rather attractive looks to wither away.
He became as ugly as a demon. This put a big damper on his business, for people were frightened by his looks.
Some even accused his own medicines for what happened to him, and now saw Mukotsumon as a dangerous dealer.
Everyone who he tried to explain his looks to, they only ridiculed him and banished him from the medicine making world, under penalty of being completely destroyed.
Mukotsumon grew angry and vengeful, so he decided to take revenge on all who cast him aside.
He went back to the woods and retrieved only the most venomous herbs he could find, and silently slipping them to anyone he came across.
He enjoyed the way his victims died from the poison so much, that he continued on and on with poison making.
One day… he was enlisted into the Band of Seven, and was hereby dubbed as, Mukotsumon, the poison master.
“Still, it mattered not all the revenge I had endured, when all I really desired was to have my young youthful looks back again.”
“Hmm, mm, mm, mm… But that's all going to change. Thanks to this little brew I've whipped up.”
He directed Angewomon's attention to a cauldron filled with a hot bubbling liquid.
“Since I cannot gain back the looks that I lost, I'll just steal your youth from you.” He said.
Either it was the poison or from that last statement of them becoming ugly, Angewomon felt really sick, yet she was still too weary to even move.
“This poison will take away your youth and add it into my body. While at the same time, my ugliness will be transferred to you two.”
“Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! First I'll wire us up and then we shall begin.” Laughed Mukotsumon.
Mukotsumon had re-attached his gasmask, finished wiring the brew to Angewomon's body and himself, and began the process.
“Heh, heh, heh, heh, Struggle all you like, there is no escape.” He sniggered as he watched the her struggle in pain as the poison reached them.
Just then… two small blasts of energy shot right through the wires and cut them. “What?!” snapped Mukotsumon.
Kari, Ken, and Stingmon were standing at the entrance. “It's end of the line for you Mukotsumon!” said Stingmon, who didn't have nose to breath in the poison.
“GRR… How dare you dirty sneaks interrupt my process.” Snarled Mukotsumon. “Now I'm Mad!”
“Angewomon!” cried Kari as she rushed over to the Table. “Come on, wake up, say something!”
Angewomon tried to warn the others that Mukotsumon was dangerous, but her were drowned out by the Poison.
While Stingmon engaged into a fist wrestle with Mukotsumon, Ken helped Kari get Angewomon down.
Stingmon Punched Mukotsumon down, and cleared the way. “Alright… lets go!” he cried.
But they hadn't even gotten anywhere near the door. “No one's going anywhere!!” he growled.
and he fired more black poison from his body. Stingmon immediately collapsed. “Stingmon, No!!” cried Ken, but suddenly, he and Kari began to keel over.
“Ken…” Kari cried. “What's… happening?”
“Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah, ah… I may not have gotten my youth back, But at least I'll be able to do away with all of you.” He sniggered.
“It doesn't matter that Stingmon has no nose. This poison enters through the eyes and skin, and while I was away I was able to add a few addition herbs to make this poison work on humans as well!”
“I of course have special mask and outfit that protects me from all my poisons. Hu, hu, hu, ah, ah, ah, ah.”
“Da-vis…” Kari peeped. “Help… us!” and she finally gave out.