Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ The After image ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As Yolei lead the boys to the danger zone, She also got a bad feeling in her stomach that something horrible had happened.
“Mukotsumon, beware!” hissed Angel-Veemon. “If you so much as lay even a finger on my beloved Angewomon, I will make it so you wish you were still imprisoned!!”
“That goes double for me, if he's hurt, Kari!” added Davis.
Yolei also told the others that she took the time to scan Mukotsumon's power level, he wasn't that strong at all.
So if they could just get past the poison, they could lay him out for sure! “Cody and I have just the thing!” said Davis, and Cody nodded in agreement.
Mukotsumon was admiring the poor defenseless bodies. “Heh, heh, heh… such a pity their so young.” He sniggered, “Hardly even had a chance to enjoy life!”
He search over the Digi destined's bodies and found what he was looking for, the D3's. “Heh, heh, heh, heh… Big brother will be so pleased when I deliver these to him.”
“That's what you think!” came a voice from the entrance. Mukotsumon turned round, “Huh? Who's there!”
The team to one look at Mukotsumon's victims, and they were indeed Pissed!!
“Ankylomon, Yolei, and TK…” said Cody. “Get the others away from here.”
“Aquilamon, and Angel-Veemon!” added Davis, “Use your wings to blow away the poison!”
“We'll take care of this old coot ourselves!”
The others nodded. TK and Yolei helped the fallen ones onto Ankylomon's back, while Angel-Veemon and Aquilamon blew the smoke away.
As soon as they were out of the cave. The two Super Saiyans and the poison master were alone. “Any last words?” Davis asked.
Mukotsumon was in trouble now, but he had a plan. So he turned on the water works and got down on his knees. “Oh, please love angel, I meant no harm done.” He cried,
“Please… give me another chance.”
Davis and Cody were no fools. “You think you deserve another chance after what you did to our friends?” Cody asked. “I think not.”
Mukotsumon quickly bolted upright, and dropped his act. “Fine then… TAKE THIS…!!”
“Now, Cody!” Davis quickly said
And he blasted them both with a red gas which filled the entire “This poison was made to even beat the strongest of humans.” Snarled Mukotsumon. “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!!”
As the smoke clear, Mukotsumon noticed that they were still standing there. “What is this.” He snapped. “You're still alive!!”
As the Poison died down, Davis and Cody seemed to vanish into thin air. “What's this!” cried Mukotsumon. Then he could feel the presence of the two fighters behind him.
“Just a little thing called the After-image!” said Cody. Davis and Cody actually evaded away from the poison so fast that the very air produced real-like images of their bodies.
“GAHH… I'm getting out of here!” cried Mukotsumon, as he ran past the boys and right to the entrance.
“Ready, Cody?”
Cody nodded and both the boys began to concentrate their energies. “KA… ME… HA… ME… HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” and fired right at vile fiend.
Mukotsumon looked around just in time to get absorbed by the blast. “GAAHH… Uh…AH… AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!”
Mukotsumon was gone, all the poison around the area had lifted, but just like when Kyokotsumon was defeated the Seed of light inside his body flew away, but to where.
That wasn't all important now, for Kari, Ken, Angewomon, and Stingmon were still outside, laying on the ground unconscious.
“Oh no!” cried Yolei, “They all must have inhaled the poison!” cried Aquillamon.
“Oh, man… we got to help them!” cried Yolei as she cradled Ken's motionless body near hers.
“We better get them home.” Said Davis. The others agreed and helped all the fighters onto Ankylomon's back “Let's go!” and they all took off in search of a digital portal.
That strange pale man who was now disguised as the headman of primary village, and who also destroyed all the baby Digimon and Eggs, he was consulting with Jakotsumon up in the shrine.
“First, Kyokotsumon, and now Mukotsumon is gone as well!” he said, “Obviously these fighters and Digimon are more resourceful that we thought!”
“Yeah…” said Jakotsumon, “They sure are tough, but what if they actually do succeed in defeating the rest of our band?”
“Heh, that I doubt!” said the man. “You said that some of them had been exposed to Mukotsumon's poison.”
“They shouldn't live any longer past sundown.” Sighed Jakotsumon, “But I doubt that it will do us any good. Just look at from where we stand!”
“Two members of the band of Seven have been destroyed, leaving only four of us left.”
“Seven minus Two equals Five!” the man said. “Do the math properly Jakotsumon, we will crush the remaining fighters yet.”
“With several of their fighters nearing their end already, that makes our job all the more easy.”
As we continued our conversation, the man revealed that he had blocked out some of the Digital portals from working on the outside.
Not only could he finish off the poisoned victims, but maybe put a damper on my brother's wedding plans
“I will eliminate the fallen love angels!” replied the man, “And Jakotsumon, you will take on the weaker fighters plus the one called, Cody.”
Jakotsumon's lips curled into a sneer. “Awe, be reasonable!” she moaned, “The only one I'm interested in is fighters like Daisuke, and Angel Veemon!”
“Don't argue with me!” he snapped back, “Those two will be dealt with soon enough.”
“At this very moment, our Brother, Ginkotsumon should be well on his way towards them. They won't even know what hit them!”
Two Gekomon were walking down a path way near the forest, when they heard a loud KABOOM coming from the other side of the woods.
“What was that?” one of the Gekomon said himself, then he and his friend saw the tress fall down like Dominoes.
“The forest, it's under attack!” cried the other Gekomon, “Quick we must do something about this disaster.”
“Right… let's check it out.” Said the other, and they both scuttled off deeper into the woods
The woods seemed a little because of the dark cloud still in the sky at but the Gekomon really cared for their forest, and were not about to back down yet.
They walked a little further. “I don't see anything.” Said the first Gekomon.
His friend looked around too, and then, he heard what sounded like five Buzz saw blades coming straight at them.
“LOOK OUT!” he cried as she tackled his friend to the ground just in time as five flying saw blades zoomed right past them, cutting down at least five more trees.
“What is that?” cried the other Gekomon, and then they both looked up and saw a strange looking figure in the distance. “HEY YOU THERE!” he called.
Then they saw the same saw blades fly right at the man, and fall perfectly into a what looked like the launcher on his back.
“Alright… who are you!” snapped the first Gekomon, “And why do you harm the forests that we love so!”
The figure came into the light… he was covered in bits of machinery, and metal. The thing took one step forward… “GRRSS” he hissed in his robotic like voice.
The Two Gekomon screamed of fright just before being blasted to death by that monster, whatever it was.