Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ The very Determined Digimon ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

TK, Cody, and Yolei could sense another big energy coming towards them, and a familiar one too.
“Jakotsumon!” snarled TK. “I'd recognize that power anywhere.”
They couldn't very well let her get any closer to the shrine, she'd be able to tear down the fallen ones in no time.
TK, Cody, And Yolei decided to go after her alone and leave Hawkmon, Armadillamon, and Patamon to watch the others.
So they flew off, and out of the opposite side of the village, and there was Jakotsumon.
She sighed a boring sigh. “Finally you came!” she said sounding bored out of her skull.
“Jakotsumon!” growled Cody. “You're not getting away from us this time!!”
“Yeah, whatever!” she simply said as she drew her sword. “Can we just finish this so I can watch Daisuke and Angel-Veemon be destroyed!”
Those words made the team angry and they rushed into battle.
Meanwhile,back at the shrine
The Headman of the Village, who was really the imposter who killed the headman was read to put his plan into action.
He gently placed down a small capsule which started to wheeze out a sleepy gas into the room where the others were.
“I wish we could be out there helping them!” said Patamon as he started out the window.
“As much as I would agree, I'm afraid we cannot do that.” Said Hawkmon. “We've already used up our energy giving the others a lift here.”
“You're telling me!” said Armadilamon, “My poor back's going to be sore for a week, and I can't even fly as Ankylomon.”
Patamon laughed a little, but then his nose twitched. “Hey…” he said as his eye lids began to feel heavy.
“What is the… meaning… of… this.” Hawkmon slowly said, and before long the Three Digimon feel into a very deep sleep.
“Hmm, mm, mm… Out like lights!” the man sniggered. “Now, to ensure they don't escape here… Alive!”
Davis and Veemon were really getting tired after Dodging Ginkotsumon's saw blades all that time, but they had to keep on trying.
“Geh, heh, heh, heh, RRS… Quit jumping around so much!” Ginkotsumon growled, “You don't what your friends to die alone now, Do you?”
Their Friends… “We've got… to hurry!” cried Davis. “Hurry… and… help them!” added Angel-Veemon.
But they really should have stayed focused… because at that moment…SLASH!
One of the flying saw blades had cut clean through Davis' shoulder pad, and given him a very bad gash on his left shoulder.
“Davis!” cried Angel-Veemon
“Geh, heh, heh, RRS… Ooh… does it hurt?” chuckled Ginkotsumon.
Davis was going to be okay, because a Saiyan's body couldn't be cut as easily as a normal human's body.
But what did it matter to him. His D3 had no Data on Ginkotsumon either. Neither Davis or Angel-Veemon had the slightest idea of how they was going to be able to beat him.
Cody's and Jakotsumon were still going at it, and like once again, the battle only seemed to be a stalemate.
“Come on you wretches, die already!” Jakotsumon growled as she slashed her sword again.
Now, Cody, TK, and Yolei were beginning to get tired, as the sword was getting more difficult to dodge, but then suddenly they began to smell Smoke!
“What's that?” Asked Yolei as she turned around. “It's coming from the Shrine!!”
“What? Oh, No!” cried TK, “The Digimon are in there with the others!!”
They quickly took off, “We'll meet again, Jakotsumon!” Called out.
“Hmm… nobody seems to like me that much anymore.” said Jakotsumon, and she let out a sigh of shame.
The Shrine was indeed on fire, but the four poisoned ones were still knocked out to do anything.
Patamon gently began to open his eyes. He sniffed the air. “Mmm… smells like a barbeque.” He said, but suddenly. “HUH… WHAT THE…!!”
The fire was spreading faster. “Oh… What am I going to do!” he cried, “I don't have the strength to get them all out of here, and I can't Digivolve. I have to try and wake them up.”
He floated over to the bodies and tried to slap them all awake, but then he noticed that none of them were breathing.
“OH… OH NO… THIS IS HORRIBLE!” he cried. “The poison's got to them What am I going to do!”
“Patamon!!” cried Hawkmon and Armadillamon from behind. “Quick, we got to put out the fire!” replied Armadillamon.
“But how… I haven't any wind attacks!” said Hawkmon. “And you don't have any dirt to throw on the flames!” It was up to Patamon now.
He kept on firing more bubbles onto the small flames, but the bubble just flickered them and made the fire even worse.
“OH NO!!” he cried. “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!”
Davis and Angel-Veemon looked beaten to a pulp from battling Ginkotsumon, yet so far they were barely able to even scratch him.
Suddenly… they too began to sense that the shrine was on fire, and their friends were in danger. They would have to abandon this battle… for now! But how to get past Ginkotsumon was the problem.
“GRRSS… Giving up so soon gentlemen?” Ginkotsumon Snarled.
Davis and Angel-Veemon stood up wearily but not beaten. “We never quit… not while our friends are in danger, Ginkotsumon!” Davis snapped
“GRRSS… You should have stayed down!” snarled Ginkotsumon as he fired his saw blades again.
This time the boys just let the blades chase them until they were out of Ginkotsumon's sight. “Huh?... Where'd they go!”
“Up here, you junk heap!” Davis called from above. Ginkotsumon pointed his cannon all the way.
But this time, instead of evading the bomb-fire, Davis just kicked it like a ball right back at him.
The Bomb fell right back into Ginkotsumon's own gun and really went off with a bang. “GAAAARGGH!!”
“Man, I Lo-o-o-ve Soccer!” Davis said.
Ginkotsumon stomped out from the dust, as he withdrew his sword ready to cut the young Super Saiyan to ribbons. “This isn't over yet!” he growled.
“That's what you think!” snarled Angel-Veemon from behind Ginkotsumon behind “Huh!”
“GRRAAAAH!” Ginkotsumon was hit from behind and in front,a nd the two thunderous blasts weakened the very ground he was standing on!
A loud rumbling sound, and Ginkotsumon was buried alive under the crumbling rocks in the crater made.
Score one for the good guys, but now Davis and Angel-Veemon had already taken off towards the burning shrine. Hoping they weren't too late.
Not too long after they had left…
The rubble in the crater they had made began quivering. The rocks scattered aside as Ginkotsumon rose up from the rubble.
He was a terrible mess. He had holes and gashes in his armor, His cannon was broken. Boy was he ever angry!
Davis and Angel-Veemon saw TK, Yolei, and Cody already at the foot of the hill, staring right up at the flaming shrine, and the Young man they had met standing there laughing evilly.
“I don't believe it!” cried Yolei as the man's clothing transformed. Now he was wearing and old Samurai's outfit and his face was all marked.
“Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! I am, Renkotsumon of the Band of Seven.” He chuckled.
“I can't believe it… we've been tricked!” cried TK
Suddenly, Cody sensed an evil energy, he thought it was Jakotsumon, and Davis thought it was coming from Ginkotsumon, but really it was right in front of them all along.
“So, it was you all along that we sensed!” Snarled Cody.
Renkotsumon nodded. “It appears that taking over the Primary Village was a wise move for me.”
“I get it!” said Davis. “It was Jakotsumon and Ginkotsumon. You sent them to come after us all along!”
“Right again.” Said Renkotsumon. “Both of the, both have vast amounts of power, that you immediately believed it to be them that you sensed earlier, and didn't realize that it was really me.”
Yolei began to feel sick to her stomach. “You… Killed all the baby Digimon of Primary Village?!” she cried.
“Hmm, mm, mm! And I just finished off the last one before you all arrived.”
Fire blazed in Davis' eyes. “You creep! You set the shrine on fire!” he snapped.
“Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Yes, I did.” Said Renkotsumon.
“Fire is my special weapon, but the flames only hasten the inhabitable! You're friends were already half dead from the poison!”
“Kari, Ken, Stingmon, Angewomon!” cried Yolei. “Let's get him guys!!” they boys nodded, but before they got close to Renkotsumon.
He had lunched weird threads of fire from his fingers and got the three of them all tied up, but strangely, the fire wasn't even hot, but it was still blinding to look at.
“It must have the same effect like Mukotsumon's poison!” said Yolei, “It won't work on humans!”
“Guys hang on!” cried Davis “No Davis, we have to save the others first!” said Angel-Veemon,
Davis knew he was right but before they started off, they were both bounded by a strong chain from behind.
“Going somewhere?!” It was Ginkotsumon. “Geh, heh, heh… You didn't think you'd actually had me beat did you!”
Davis and Angel-Veemon struggled and struggled to break the chains, but they was still very weary from battling Ginkotsumon earlier.
So weak, that Davis diverted back to his normal state, and Angel-Veemon became Demiveemon!
The others still couldn't make a move either, because the fire was too bright for them to see or sense anything, “The fire… we've got to stop it somehow!” cried Yolei.
“Give it up, Fools!” chuckled Renkotsumon, “There's No hope for your friends now. They'll either die from the Flames, or from Mukotsumon's poison!”
“GRRSS… Either way you look at it, You're friends don't stand a chance!” added Ginkotsumon.
By this point now, the Fire had began to cause the building cave in slightly, and inside, Hawkmon, Patamon and Armadillamon were nearly ready to embrace the heartbreak.
The fire was getting worse, and now not only were their friends not breathing anymore, but they were beginning to look pale, and the Digimon were starting to fade.
“NO… WE WON'T LET THIS HAPPEN!!” cried Hawkmon
At that moment, their mother's bodies began to glow as bright as the fire around them.
It was finally happening for them.