Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Dr. Suikotsumon ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A Digital portal appeared in the park and Jakotsumon, and Renkotsumon appeared in the forest.
“So… this is that other world where all the humans come from.” Said Jakotsumon.
“Yes, unfortunately.” added Renkotsumon.
“Mmm, then that would mean that there's a lot of hot hunks around her to snag.”
Renkotsumon's lips curled into a frown. “Stay focused, Jakotsumon!” he said deeply. “We are here in search of another band member.”
Now Jakotsumon's lips curled into a frown. “Yeah, I know.” She said. “I just hope we can find him quick so I can get back to hunting for Daisuke and Angel-Veemon!”
Two days later
With the help of Gennai's newest DBZ creation, the Senzu beans, the poisoned victims were back on their feet and ready for more action.
The Senzu beans were used to heal all injuries, and relieve you of any pains. Just one bean, and you'd feel fit as a fiddle.
The Doctor who had helped Jun and Joe revive them all was amazed, but nevertheless he did let the patients go free.
“Oh, by the way…” said Davis. “We didn't catch your name, for incase they may have a relapse.”
“Oh, how rude of me.” The kind man said, and offered him his card. Davis took one look at the name and was almost shocked.
Dr. Suikotsumon.
Everyone went out for a coffee, and that's where Davis showed it to the others, they all though up the same thing.
“Do you think he's part of the Band of Seven?” asked Davis, and everyone thought it possible, expect for Kari.
“I got a glimpse of that man loads of times.” She said. “I couldn't see if he had a seed of light on him.”
That put a real damper on things, but what bedazzled them even more was when Kari told them another thing about Dr. Suikotsumon.
Every now and then as he passed by, he would sometimes gaze at his hands and assume that they were covered in blood, he wouldn't stop washing for an hour when he hands were already clean.
“Blood? But why would he see that on his hands?” asked TK. “Could he be suffering from a condition?”
“Even if he's not part of the Band of Seven.” Said Cody, “We still can't lose our grip on those guys.”
“I agree…” said Hawkmon. “We must take the time to look at where we stand against the Band of Seven.”
“According to Davis, he himself, Tai, and their Digimon took out the one called, Kyokotsumon!”
“Then Cody and Davis got the Poison master, Mukotsumon… and even though he was already weakened; Patamon, Armadillamon, and I took out, Ginkotsumon.”
“So… that leaves Jakotsumon, Renkotsumon, and two other members.” Said Ken, “And have a feeling that those four are bound to be even stronger.” The others agreed with him.
“GRR… If only they didn't posses the seeds of light…” grumbled Patamon. “Then I could become Magna-Angemon, suck them into the gate of destiny, and they'd be gone already!”
“Well they do have the seeds.” Said Gatomon, “And we can't risk destroying them or the Destiny stones will be destroyed too.”
“Right…” said Kari “And if the Destiny stones are all destroyed, both worlds are history.”
With all the talk of the Band of Seven, Davis was still concerned about Dr. Suikotsumon. True he did save his friends, but was he part of the Band of Seven or not.
That night, Davis asked Jun about Dr. Suikotsumon, and she told hi there was nothing to worry about. Dr. Suikotsumon was a fine Doctor and showed no sign of evil in him at all.
But Davis still wasn't convinced.
“You concerned of Dr. Suikotsumon as well young man?” asked an Old man who met Davis in the elevator on the way down.
“Y-yes…” said Davis. “How do you know about the Band of Seven?”
“I've been studying about the Digital word for 20 years now, and even did some breakthroughs about the Band of Seven.” Said the old man
“As believe it or not, Dr. Suikotsumon has the exact same name as one of those tyrant Digimon, that's as far as it goes.”
“According to my research, The Band of Seven were the most violent creatures to ever walk the face of the Digital world.”
Suikotsumon, one of these tyrants, why he was so nasty, and killed so many innocent Digimon, and humans who studied them, that most people dared not speak his name.”
Davis thought this tale to be a bit frightful. “But, what about the man here in this hospital?” he asked
“Dr. Suikotsumon at the hospital?” asked the old man “He may have the same name as the evil Digimon, but they are completely different creatures.”
“The good Doctor is no Digimon, and he's helped out so many innocent people in need of aid, he's cured vile diseases, and he even prescribed my weekly medication for me.”
“Why, the man is almost considered a Saint, yet a lot of people who also studied the Band of Seven from the Digital world history still tend to panic whenever they meet him for the first time.”
Well that helped Davis rest his mind a little. It was good to know that such a man existed to help out others in need, but if only Kari could see the seed of light, would he know for sure.
The Elevator reached the ground floor, and the old man checked his watch. “Well I must be going. Don't to be late for Bingo night.” He said and he left.
The next day
The Hospital was up and about as always, and Jun was on her way to work, but she got there to find people screaming and running out from the building.
Jun didn't have to waste any time to see what was happening, she quickly whipped out her phone, and called Davis telling him as friends to get over here.
The team was there in an instant. “Renkotsumon!” snarled Davis. “What are you doing here?”
“If you asked me, he's up to no good.” Said Angel-Veemon.
Renkotsumon sniggered, “You could say that.” Then he saw that the others were all present and accounted for. “So, you managed to survive the poison.”
“You bet we did.” Said Angewomon, “You and you'll find that we're much stronger than before!”
Renkotsumon spotted the other three new Spiritual Digimon, “Even with your new Digivoltuitons, you'll never escape us now.”
Suddenly, the hospital doors crashed open and out ran several children followed by Dr. Suikotsumon. “Someone help us, please!” he cried.
Davis and Kari's head perked up. “A seed of light's near.” Kari cried. Suddenly, there she was by the doorway. “Jakotsumon!” snarled Davis.
She looked up and waved. “Hey, Daisuke, Angel-Veemon!” she called out. The boys couldn't believe she was still on that road, but rest assured she was causing trouble in the hospital.
Strangely though, instead of going after them right away, she had Dr. Suikotsumon was backed up into a corner, “Come on Suikotsumon, we came here to take you back with us.”
Everyone was confused, but not as confused as Dr. Suikotsumon. “Who are you wicked creatures, and what do you want with me?” he cried.
“I have no idea who you are, but I am a Physician at this hospital, I'm not a fighter of any kind!”
Kari's eyes lit up. “He really isn't lying… but what's really going on here?” she thought.
Jakotsumon pulled out her sword. “Look, what's taking you so long to wake up!” he snapped, “Come on… wither come with us, or I'll kill every single patient in this hospital, the very ones you try to help.”
The good Doctor's eyes flared in fear. “You… wouldn't dare!” he cried, “Those people are innocent, they've never done anything to you.”
Suddenly, he began hearing another voice inside his head, one that sounded like his own, but much deeper, and vile.
“What are you waiting for?” it said, “Back in the old days when you were free… you loved to kill, and you still do.”
“Who… who are you… what do you want?” Cried Dr. Suikotsu.
Then suddenly he saw two children in wheelchairs coming out to him. “Dr. Suikotsumon…!” they cried.
“Fine then…” snapped Jakotsumon. she drew back her sword.
“No, their just little kids.” Cried Jun, as she ran over to try and help them.
“No Jun, stay back!!” cried Davis, just as Renkotsumon just breathed a small flare that almost hit her. “Interfere, and you also will be destroyed, all of you!” he snapped.
Jakotsumon thrust her sword forward.
“NO… CHILDREN… WATCH OUT!!” cried Dr. Suikotsumon, as he leaped out and grabbed the child out from his chair, and he got struck on the shoulder by the blade.
“DOCTOR!” cried the kids cried, but the concerned young man took the child and ran down the hall away from the crazed men.
Stunned by the wound on his shoulder He turned to look behind him, and saw the two crazed creatures coming towards him.
“This is your last chance, Suikotsumon.” Snapped Renkotsumon. “Either snap out of it, or we'll snap you into pieces!”
About half the hospital members rushed out to see what was going on. “Dr. Suikotsumon?” asked Jun
Suddenly, all the pain and anger was rushing to the doctor's head, and his body began to glow. “What's… Happening… to me!” he cried.
Jakotsumon and Renkotsumon smiled, and the rest of the people watched horrified as the young man emerged from the light wearing a completely different outfit.
His hair no stood up in all directions, and his voice got deeper, and his attitude more vile. “Hu, hu, hu ,hu… Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! It feels great to be out of that.” He hissed.
“Whoa… what just happened?” asked Ken.
“I don't think we want to know!” cried Yolei.
Kari couldn't believe it, now she could see the seed of light for sure. “Hey pal, just who are you?” asked Davis
The creature looked at them all with a hunger for blood in his eyes. “Wouldn't you like to know.” He sniggered. “I'm Suikotsumon of the Band of Seven!”