Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ His mind is evil, but his heart is pure ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Bankotsumon glared at Davis and Angel-Veemon like a hypnotic snake. “You've all been preventing us from taking over the world for long enough.” He snapped. “Now it's going to end.”
“Be careful Angel-Veemon.” Said Davis “This guy's got one hell of a power level.”
“Tell me something I may not already know!” said Angel-Veemon, “But we can take him.”
“If you think we're going to let you guys get away with what you did in the Digital world; Guess again!” snapped Angewomon.
Cody powered himself up to maximum capacity. “You vicious monsters only use your powers for evil.” He growled in his golden light.
Thormon sharpened his lightning bolts. “Evil never triumphs over right. We will destroy you all for good.”
“Enough speeches… It's time for battle!” snapped Bankotsumon, and he ordered his team to charge in.
Suikotsumon stood with Stingmon in the front and Angewomon from behind. “You could make this easier and just surrender!” snapped Angewomon.
Suikotsumon just sniggered. “What, and miss the chance to finally be rid of you all? I think not!”
He armed his claws and dove in for the attack, Stingmon blocked him with his sting. “Alright then.. have it your way.”
When they got the chance, they gave him a huge whack in the back, gut, or any open space.
“I'm just getting started…”
The Spirit Digimon were facing one of Renkotsumon's firewalls again.
“My fire will roast you all to a crisp.” He sniggered, “You weakness is my greatest strength.”
“Save your threats for a real Challenge, Renkotsumon.” Protested TK, “We also know of your fire's weakness!”
He leapt right though the fire, which was not hot to him, and really gave Renkotsumon a taste of his hands.
Yolei and Cody, freed the trapped Digimon out of the fire, and they joined TK in battle.
Jakotsumon looked on at all the fights going on out there and sighed. “Why am I always left with the weak ones?” she asked.
“Are you implying that I am weak!” snapped Kari. “I dare you to say that again you filthy creature!”
Jakotsumon pulled out her sword, “Whatever, lets just get this over with fast!”
Kari was able to aim the sword in the opposite direction with her telekinesis, and Ken was free to attack.
Jakotsumon was hardly able to dodge that, and the heat of the wave slid past her arm. “You'll pay for that… AGH!!!” she was socked in the face by Kari. “…That too!”
Then Bankotsumon stared blankly at his opponents. “My, my… I can see why Jakotsumon has a high sights for you two.” He sniggered. “Such a shame you'll have to die!”
Davis and Angel-Veemon looked like they were going to be sick, “You know you guys really need a better habit than killing.” she said.
Bankotsumon. Then he lifted up his blade. “Come on Banryu, lets show these guys just how wrong they just were.”
Peach trembled in fear at how easily he was able to pick up that huge blade, and wield it as if it were weightless.
The boys kept up her dodging and was having a hard time avoiding the huge blade. Just one slash from that thing cut right through Angel-Veemon's Chains of Hell.
“Ha, ha, ah, ah… My Banryu is the greatest weapon ever made!” chuckled Bankotsumon. “It can never be beaten.”
“I wouldn't gloat just yet!” snarled Davis, “Everything has a weakness, Bankotsumon, and we'll find yours!”
Davis then went into a Dragon rush, throwing his fists and kicks all over the place, and so fast too.
Bankotsumon had to whirl his blade round and round in front like a chopper to defend himself.
Finally Davis had leapt up so fast, Bankotsumon hadn't seen where he'd gone. “Now, Angel-Veemon!!”
Bankotsumon gasped and shielded himself. His blade was successful in blocking the blast, but it was cracking up badly.
“You… hurt… my… Banryu!” he wailed. “I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT!”
Angewomon and Stingmon had Suikotsumon pinned to the ground, they had weakened him quite a lot, but not enough to destroy him.
Sadly, no one could help them. TK, and his team were still battling out Renkotsumon.
Kari, and Ken were in lock with Jakotsumon, but what was going. “Don't give up, you two!” cried Ken “You can do it!” added Kari
They quickly gave Jakotsumon a swift kick in the face knocking her back. “Why you dirty…!” she snapped, but when she looked up again, the Digimon were glowing as well as Kari and Ken.
“Huh… what's happening?” the Digimon asked.
Bankotsumon, finally had Angel-Veemon back against the trees and pointed his blade at his neck. “Hee… hee… hee… Bye-Bye!” he hissed.
“Angel-Veemon!!” cried Davis. He tried to get up, but Bankotsumon had earlier hurt his legs, and he could barely stand up.
This looked like the end for him, but suddenly, Bankotsumon got hit from behind by a strong blast of wind and. “WHAT…!”
Everyone stopped battling and saw two new Digimon, where Stingmon, and Angewomon were.
“Kari… do you see what I see?” asked Ken. Kari nodded. “Stingmon, and Angewomon… they must've Spirit Digivolved!”
Kari's Digimon was indeed Angewomon, but with the exceptions. She wore a long white skirt, a golden Tiara across her fore-head, and her
Battle helmet was gone, so her face could be seen.
And Ken's Digimon looked sort of a cross-like, between a Wasp, and a Hornet.
“I am… Princess-Angewomon!”
“I am a Times-two Mega-level Digimon, irresistible to men, yet deadly to my enemies.”
“My… Tiara-Magic is no trick I can tell you that!”
“And I am… Hornetmon!”
“A Times-Four Mega-Level Digimon. My Wings can create Supersonic waves, and make it helpful for me to use my…Poison-Sting!”
Bankotsumon stood angrily. “How Dare you sneak up at me from behind!” he growled, “You'll pay for that!”
He charged into action and swung Banryu, but before it hit, Hornetmon just flapped his wings….
Bankotsumon was blown completely backwards, and slammed into Renkotsumon, knocking him over.
“You two wretches will pay for that!” snapped Jakotsumon and she threw out her sword…
Princess-Angewomon's attacks were roughly like Angel-Veemon's. He had Chains, so did she…
Her golden chains tangled up Jakotsumon's sword and stopped it dead in it's tracks.
Bankotsumon tried again and again to slash at her, but by this time he was too weak and tired. “Fallback!” he panted, “We'll get these fighters some other time.”
Their Digital portal appeared and Bankotsumon jumped in. Renkotsumon already began to run. “We'll meet again!” he snapped.
Jakotsumon began to run too, but she saw Suikotsumon trying to catch up to the ground. “Suikotsumon… let's go!” she cried, then he was gone.
Suikotsumon neared the portal, but was then ensnared by Angel-Veemon's Chains of hell.
“You're not going anywhere, Suikotsumon!” he snapped. “You've got to remember who you were.”
“NO! I WON'T!” Suikotsumon growled. “I never loved anything but to KILL… and that's all I ever loved!”
“No… That's not you!” cried Princess-Angewomon. “Think back… to the days when you were helping people we loved and cared about. You saved hundreds of peoples lives, even mine!”
“NO!” growled Suikotsumon, but actually his head was starting to throb as the memories plagued him over and over.
Even though he was born a Digimon, he really was a kind hearted Doctor within. He helped some many people, and was loved by them all.
He missed the way some of the children would say that he was nicest person they had ever met, and were never scared of Doctors anymore.
He missed the way the he saved those who really hurt, and made them feel as nimble and free as always.
Easily, he missed some of the nurses called him a Saint, and passing it onto the town who soon idolized him.
Suikotsumon's body suddenly glowed with lighting spewing out of his body, and when the light vanished, he was his normal pure self again.
However, he was extremely weak, and his body had been very badly damaged from the inside.
“What… what is all this!” he cried. “Oh... Oh no, it cannot be!” but he knew it was true! He did all this.
“Suikotsumon?” said Davis. “It wasn't your fault… it just something built into you that you couldn't control.”
Finally he saw Davis still on the ground, holding his sore legs. Kari helped Davis up, but it wasn't easy to carry him
Suikotsumon's energy was fading fast, but he was willing to help him in a way that could help out everyone.
“Daisuke… I shall use what is left of my energy to heal your legs!” he said. “It is for the best.”
Everyone's head snapped up. “No, don't” cried Hornetmon. “If you use up what's left of your energy, you'll be destroyed!”
Suikotsumon shook his head sadly. “There was a time when I was captured, and ever since my imprisonment, I yearned to escape and make immense for all I had done.”
“I could never let myself go knowing that the horrors of my evil past have returned! As long as my evil side lives, the world will not be safe!”
“Hey… You're wrong!” said TK. “You don't have to kill yourself to redeem for what you've done!”
Suikotsumon just smiled. “I have not much time left in any case.” He said, “If I am to go, I would rather do it by aiding another.”
“Farewell everyone.”
“No… wait… Suikotsumon!” called Davis, but he had already turned himself into little clouds of gold dust that seeped into Davis's legs.
The Dust was gone, the Seed of light vanished as well before they could catch it, and Davis' legs were all better.
Yolei wiped a tear from her eye. “Wow… He killed himself to help Davis, that is so sad.” She sobbed.
Davis gently touched his legs. Although he was an enemy for the time, Davis only had a few words to say in his heart.
“Thanks Suikotsumon… I owe you big time!”