Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ Jakotsumon's long awaited battle. ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jakotsumon hadn't returned. If they knew her, she was probably defying orders and running off to find Davis or Angel-Veemon.
Bankotsumon was now in possession of the Seed of light from Suikotsumon, and used it to heal his injuries and mend his blade. But it changed nothing much, Suikotsumon had just been destroyed.
That left only Bankotsumon, and Renkotsumon, Jakotsumon. How could they even call themselves the Band of SEVEN, when there was only THREE of them!
Bankotsumon stood up, “If only I knew where Ginkotsumon's seed was!” he said, “I'd have enough power to take out those creeps single handed!”
Renkotsumon was actually still in possession of that seed, and still not ready to tell Bankotsumon.
He wasn't really sure he could trust him and was beginning to think he had more planned than just to beat the Digi Fighters.
You couldn't blame him either, he had almost all the seeds of light of every band member. Three in his neck, and now one in his halberd.
“Huh… What are you staring at?” he asked annoyingly to Renkotsumon.
“Oh… I was just concerned about you, Big Brother.” He said, “You were gravely injured in the last battle.”
Bankotsumon slammed his fist hard a the vortex like walls. “DAMN HIM!” he growled, “I may have nearly been beaten, but I'll shoe those fools whose power is the greatest?”
“Big brother?”
Bankotsumon's eyes narrowed him, “Once I gain the rest of the seeds of light… I'll be even stronger than Daisuke is!”
“But Big brother…”
Bankotsumon just picked up his Blade, “I'll start off by going back to the real world, and hunt down every human I see!” and he left.
Kari, and Gatomon were completely bored that day as they sat on the park bench.
The Band of Seven was still out there, but they hadn't shown themselves for a while yet, and they couldn't sense them anywhere.
“Hey girlsh.”
They looked up, “Oh, Hi, Davis, Hi, Veemon.” Said Gatomon
The boys sat down sat down beside their girlfriends, and could instantly tell what they were thinking. “The Band of Seven…?” Davis asked. The girls nodded.
“I'm just so worried.” said Kari. “What they are here and their attacking innocent people?”
Kari did have a point there. It was true that there was now only three members left, but that still didn't make their threats any less dangerous. If anything, it made them worse.
“Kari, even if they have done something bad, we'll make them pay!” replied Davis.
“Of courshe we will.” Said Veemon. “Look where we've come so far, we already eliminated mosht of them.”
“But you don't know what it's like for us.” Said Gatomon. “We've been through this before, when the Dark masters roamed the Digital world.”
Veemon never heard this story, he was still locked in his Digital sleep before Davis came along, but Davis heard the tales from Tai.
It dated way back to when the Digital world appeared in the Sky, just after Venom-Myotismon was defeated.
Four evil Mega-Level Digimon had corrupted the Digital world and made spiral mountain. Anyone who stood up to these beasts, ended up dead.
Tai and the others were only barely able to destroy them all, and the costs of their victories were high as a lot of their friends had been destroyed completely.
And because Shenmon wasn't made back then, and he could only revive those who died within a year; Even he was powerless to bring them back to life.
The Band of Seven were ten times as worse. Not only did they cause so much death and destruction wherever they went, but they were so powerful, that even a Mega-Digimon couldn't beat them.
Wargreymon only got lucky when he was facing Kyokotsumon, and he did have some help too.
Davis lifted Kari's chin up. “Kari… look at me.” He said, “We taught the same thing to Ken when he became one of us, and that's you can't change the past.”
“But just because those Digimon can never be restored to life, but they are still a big help to us.”
Kari and Gatomon realized he had a point. “Like when Wizardmmon warned of a greater evil than Ken coming our way.” Said Gatomon.
Veemon nodded. “All thoshe Digimon have rishked their livesh to shave ush all, and help ush dishcover the enemy'sh weaknessh.” He said. “They may have died, but their deathsh were not in vain.”
A small soft smile appeared on Kari's face. “Yeah… but I still wish there was something we could do.” She said.
Kari leaned over and rested her head on Davis' shoulder, and Gatomon rested by Veemon's side.
Suddenly, their heads snapped up. “A Seed of light.” Cried Kari, “It's coming this way.”
“Yeah…” said Davis, “I can feel a power level too!”
They all stood up angrily. “Jakotsumon!” Davis snapped, “What are you doing here?”
Jakotsumon giggled, “What do you think?” she asked, “I've come to take on you and Angel-Veemon, after I kill your girlfriends that is.”
She withdrew her sword and hacked away at the bench which the others dodged. “You two bitches have kept me from my men long enough!” she growled. “Fist I'll kill you two, and then I'll kill them.”
Davis helped Kari back on her feet rolled about. “Don't you lay a finger on our women snapped!” and he changed into a Super Saiyan.
Kari powered up to her full strength, and Veemon and Gatomon Spirit Digivolved into Angel-Veemon and Princees-Angewomon.
Jakotsumon's eyes twinkled as he eyed the boys. “Oh yes… YES!” she cried. “Oh if only I didn't have to kill you…!
The fighters looked confused as Jakotsumon finished with “ WOULD EMBRACE YOU BOTH THIS MOMENT!”
“Yeah… in your dreams, Bitch!” snapped Davis, “We'd never let you embrace us!” added Angel-Veemon.
Jakotsumon just got more soft and fuzzy and excited, “Oh those words…t hey sound great COMING FROM YOU!” and she slashed her sword again.
While overhead, Yolei was Flying home from the mall, and spotted the commotion in the park “Oh, No… I've got to get the others!” she cried, and she was off.
Kari used her Telekinesis to hold Jakotsumon's sword steady, and gave Davis a chance to attack, and if he wasn't going to make it, the Angels would take the call.
Regardless, even battling Jakotsumon as a double tag-team was proving not the advantage.
Using her telekinesis over and over required Kari to use her energy, and one too many uses can weaken her immensely.
With Kari weakened, Jakotsumon was free to slash her sword anywhere she wished, which put the others on the evasive.
Eventually, they were growing tired.
“You're beginning to look tired, Daisuke!” sniggered Jakotsumon. “Now it will only be a matter of time before you ask me to embrace you myself!”
Davis, who was weak, but not beaten, looked sick at that statement. “I… don't know… how much longer… I can… Keep this up!” he thought to himself.
Jakotsumon looked as though her heart would explode. “Come on Peach… show me what you can do!” she sniggered as she swung her sword again.
Davis rolled away from the sword, But Jakotsumon was hoping he'd do that, because Angel-Veemon who was behind him, got encircled and wrapped by the blade.
“What… Oh, no!”
“Ha, ah, ah, ah… Once I pull on the sword, you'll be cut to ribbons.” Jakotsumon chuckled, “It's all over for you Angel-Veemon!”
“No… Angel-Veemon!” cried Angewomon. Tears of fear were rolling down her face.
“Princess…” cried Angel-Veemon!
What were they going to do. Kari was too weak to lift the sword away, and if either Davis or Princess-Angewomon made a move, it was curtains for Angel-Veemon.