Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ That's the plan ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

When the team met back at Izzy's apartment, Davis, Kari, Veemon, and Gatomon were surprised to here that Renkotsumon was also destroyed after they left.
“So like… does this mean--?” Davis asked.
“It certainly does.” Said Gennai over the computer. “Your mission is almost complete Digi destined.”
“You have already beaten six of the band of Seven, and now only Bankotsumon remains.”
They resisted the urge to cheer, because it now became clear that Bankotsumon had all seven of the Seeds of light, which could only mean his power had increased immensely.
This was going to be the most difficult battle the Digi fighters ever faced. “Well we can't just do nothing about it.” Said Armadillamon.
“I agree…” said Hawkmon, “We simply can't leave Bankotsumon to terrorize the city.”
“Hawkmon's right.” Yolei said, “And think about the odds. If there's twelve of us and only one of him then doesn't that mean we outnumber him by a long shot?”
“Yeah, but I wouldn't judge Bankotsumon that easily.” Said Davis. “I fought the guy when he had just three seeds in him, and I could barely touch him.”
“You mean we could barely touch him.” Said Veemon. “He wash able to fight two at once and the match wash barely even.”
The team was in a bit of a tricky spot. Even if Bankotsumon hadn't had the seeds of light in him he'd still be pretty tough to be.
“There may be one way for us to lay out Bankotsumon for sure.” Said Gennai, “But it will not be easy.”
“What, Gennai? What is it?” asked Ken.
Gennai had seeking over with Azulongmon. The two of them had been talking about this for quite sometime, and decided their only option was to transport Azulongmon into the real world.
“Azulongmon? Here in the real world?” asked TK, “How's that possible, I mean the big fella wouldn't be able to even fit his fingers through a Digital portal.”
Exactly…” said Izzy, “So that means we have to make him one.” He typed up coordinates on his laptop.
Gennai sent him information about two fault lines that linked the Digital world and the real world.
What needed to be done, was two fighters and their Digimon would have to fly to the two locations, two humans in the Digital world, and two Digimon in the real world.
Then… they were to use as much of their powers and fire at the exact spot on the fault line from both sides and that should make a temporary breech big enough for Azulongmon to squeeze through.
However, the blasts must hit the fault line at the exact same time and spot from both worlds, or the breech would just remain sealed off.
“Man, that's going to be one hell of a tough task.” Said Davis.
“Yeah…” said Cody, “And Bankotsumon could track the fighters down while their working on the breech, and then they'd really be in big trouble?”
“Exactly.” Said Gennai. “Eight of you must go into battle with Bankotsumon, and keep stall him long enough so that Four of you can make the breech for Azulongmon to pass through.”
The team knew this wouldn't be easy. Cody stood up proudly. “I'll do battle.” He said. “We'll need someone strong to hold him off.”
Armadillamon joined in too. The Yolei and Hawkmon, plus Ken and Wormon agreed to face Bankotsumon.
Davis would be needed to be one of the two fighters in the Digital world to help with the breech, and they'd need a way for him to communicate to Veemon on the outside.
Kari was the only other choice to go with Davis, because TK couldn't use Telepathy to speak across borders and distances.
It was deiced, Kari and Davis would go to the Digital world, while Veemon and Gatomon stay outside to help with the breech.
“Well, there's no more putting it off now.” said TK. “Let's go!” Everyone nodded in agreement.
Kari and Davis headed for the Digital world while Gatomon and Veemon Spirit Digivolved and headed up into the skies to await further instructions.
Meanwhile the other Digimon Sprit Digivolved, and the Digi Destined powered themselves up to their strongest forms.
Bankotsumon wasn't too difficult to locate because the moment they had left Izzy's apartment, there were small explosions being aroused in the city.
People running for their lives, and buildings were badly Damaged. “Oh, man… look at this mess.” Cried Yolei.
They could sense he was very near. “Okay Bankotsumon, we found you!!” shouted Cody.
Suddenly, the skies around them went all dank and murky just like the sky in the Digital world.
“Yes, you found me, but you'll soon be wishing you hadn't!” Bankotsumon's voice echoed.
Then he hopped right down from above and stared the fighters down. “Hey, there's only eight of you.” He said, “Where are your Friends Daisuke and Hikari, and their Digimon?”
“They'll be here soon enough.” Said Ex-Phoenixmon. “Now stop talking, you're fight's with us!”
Bankotsumon just laughed, and said “With you, Pl-ease! You guys couldn't beat me if there was an army of you.”
“Why don't you just make it easier and surrender to me and Banryu here.”
He could see this wasn't getting through to the others as they were all just staring at him with angry impressions on their faces.
“Can we get on with this already!” snapped Foremenmon, “Me and my Jack hammer will blast your puny little Halberd to pieces.”
Bankotsumon's features hardened in an instant, and his head began throbbing in severe anger. “What… Did you just SAAAAAAAAAY!!!!”
When someone insulted his Halberd, Bankotsumon went completely berserk, and into battle he charged.
Kari and Davis made it to Gennai's floating palace, and Azulongmon was there waiting for them.
“Good… you have arrived.” He said to the two. “Now, the fault line where you must hit is just above the palace.”
“And where's the other half in the real world?” asked Kari.
“Your Digimon are very near it now.” answered Gennai.
Kari used her telepathy to try and contact Princess-Angewomon. “I see them…” she said, “They're in New-York, at the top of the Empire-State building!”
“Kari… Davis, are you there!” The voices of their Digimon were heard as clear as a bell.
“Yeah, we can hear you.” Said Davis. “Now come on let's get this over with.”
What they all had to do, was attack straight up from the structures they stood on, but as was mentioned they all had to attack the same spot at the same time from both ends… or it wouldn't work.
“It has to work…” said Gennai, “All our lives depend on it.”