Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ The Big Breakthrough ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The city may have been evacuated, but it was a total wreck and the fight had barely begun.
The seven Seeds of light had not only given Bankotsumon more power and speed, but he even became a complete human brick wall.
It seemed that no matter how many times the team attacked him, he'd either repel the attack back at him, or just take the hit but not get scratched at all.
Foremenmon managed to get him pinned to the ground and tried his Jack hammer on the Halberd, but in the end of that, Formenmon's drill-bit was all bent and busted, while Banyu wasn't even singed.
Bankotsumon had even gotten some new tricks up his sleeve. As he kicked Foremenmon off of him…
His halberd fired a huge burst of energy half the size of Wargreymon's Terra-force…
Foremenmon was hit hard and flew back right into a brick wall that collapsed on his impact. “Ooh… Luckily I wore my hardhat!”
“Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah… Don't tell me I'm too strong. OR are you too weak for me?!” Bankotsumon teased.
“Get him guys!” cried TK as he and Yolei charged in. “Let's do it TK!” she cried out.
Both their Disks fired straight towards Bankotsumon, but he leaped up into the air and repelled them.
“LOOK OUT!” cried TK, and they both scattered just before the two disks collided and exploded.
Then from out of the blue, out came Ken and Cody. “Here we come!” cried Ken.
Bankotsumon stretched out of the way in time to dodge it, which he shouldn't have… WHAM!! Cody gat him right in the face with a huge punch.
Bankotsumon tumbled about and smashed clean through three evacuated buildings, and slammed hard on the road.
“Good shot Cody.” Said TK.
“They'll be time for that later, just worry about him!”
Bankotsumon leapt up from the ash with at least a few bruises, but he was more angry than hurt.
Ten whole minutes of trying and the others were nowhere near to making Azulongmon's breech.
And the Digital world team didn't do any better.
“No, no, no…” cried Gennai. “Kari, you fired too soon, and Angel-Veemon Fired too late!”
Davis and Kari were beginning to look pooped, but they weren't giving up.
“There's got to be a way… some sort of timing we can make up.” Said Davis.
“Kari, can't you try and hold the blasts steady with your telekinesis?” asked Princess-Angewomon over the air.
“I can't.” answered Kari. “I can only use one technique at a time, even if I could I could only control my own blast!”
“Wait… I have an idea!” said Davis. “Okay, all of you… ready and hold your attacks, and then release them right at my signal.”
“What signal, Davis?” asked Angel-Veemon.
“Trust me, you'll know when!” replied Davis.
The others didn't know what the signal would be yet, but all powered up and held their attacks off by one syllable.
“DO… DON…!!”
“Okay, get ready guys; Because here we go!” said Davis, he took precise aim, and concentrated.
The others got the drift now, and knew when to fire, so they held it steady… STEADY…!!
And they fired!!

The four blasts were indeed all released at the same time, and when the struck the fault line… the results were SUCCESS!!
A big explosion followed by a bright flash of light ripped right through the rift connecting the two worlds.
As the light got brighter, the hole became bigger, and there were Angel-Veemon and Princess-Angewomon on the other end.
“We did it… we broke through!” said Davis.
“Well done everyone.” Said Azulongmon. “Now I will squeeze through, but it will take me some time to get the battle zone, so the four of you must go at once.”
“Oh, no, he's right.” Said Angel-Veemon.
“We left the others battling it Bankotsumon in Japan.” Added Princess-Angewomon, “I'd hate to think of what's happened to them!”
“Well come on… Let's GO, GO, GO!!” cried Davis, and they all zoomed right through the hole as Azulongmon slowly began his pass behind them.
No sooner had he made it all the way through the hole, and it sealed. “Good luck everyone!” Gennai said to himself.
The battle was not going any better. Bankotsumon was damaged but only slightly. While the others were on their last breaths.
“Ha, ha, ha… You should've given up while you had the chance!” Bankotsumon chuckled.
The Digi fighters were all ready to stop moving. “We.. Can't keep this up… Much longer!” cried Ken.
“Aww… are the little heroes tired.” Bankotsumon teased. “Well you'll be taking a long rest very soon, and I'll have avenged my six comrades!”
“Kyokotsumon… Mukotsumon… Suikotsumon… Ginkotsumon… Jakotsumon… Renkotsumon!!”
“REVENGE… SHALL BE MIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!” He thrust his Halberd forward…
…and three hot trails of burning fire started zooming in to where the fighters were now, and they hardly had the energy to keep up.
“No… this can't be!!” cried TK.
“I'm too young to die!!” cried Yolei.
The blast got closer, and then… WHAMM!!
The blast did not hit them, but in fact… their Digimon had leapt right in the Wind-Scar's path just in time, and they took it.
The brave Digimon turned to look back at the others. “SORRY GUYS…” said Hornetmon, “YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE IT FROM HERE!!” added Thormon.
“WE'LL BE BACK THOUGH!!” yelled Ex-Phoenixmon, “WE'RE SORRYYYYYYYYYY!!” cried Foremenmon… KABLAM!!
Their bodies all exploded, and the Wind-Scar vanished. Worst of all, the other couldn't sense their Digimon anywhere… which could only mean…!!
“He… he got them!!” sobbed Yolei.
“No… No way! Thormon!” cried TK.
They all began to share a soft cry, and Bankotsumon just gave a mocking look.
“Well… those guys got what was coming to them.” He said, “Just makes my job all the more easy.”
He hopped down to the ground, and made his way towards the heart struck fighters, who now didn't even have the strength to even spell FIGHT-BACK!
“Heh, heh, heh… And now the final ordeal.” Bankotsumon said deeply, and readied his Halberd.