Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ You and what army. ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“So long…” Said Bankotumon, “This is where we say Good-bye!” he drew his aim back, but before he could bring it down… he was hit by several shots from behind.
“Huh… What?!”
He turned and saw Davis, Kari, and their two Digimon. “We saw what you did, Bankotsumon.” Davis said Deeply, “And You're going to pay for that.” Added Kari.
“Ha, ha, ha… I'd say you're a little late in saying those words.” Chuckled Bankotsumon, “I've already disposed for most of you friends, and I'll be glad to finish off the rest of them.”
“Not unless we finish you off first!” said Angel-Veemon. “And, that's just what we're going to do.” Princess-Angewomon added.
“Okay that's it, let's do this.” Snarled Bankotsumon, and he turned back to the others. “I'm coming back for you!” The others, still too weak to even talk, hoped the best for the outcome.
Bankotsumon decided he wanted to face Davis, and only Davis. It really seemed the obvious choice, because even though he was fully charged, if Davis couldn't beat Bankotsumon, no one could.
That's just what they wanted him to think.
“Okay, Bankotsumon… prepare to meet your maker!” Davis said as he powered up, and into battle they went, starting off with a Dragon Rush, one that Bankotsumon was easily able to turn to his favor.
WHAMM… Davis got punched and slammed into the ground. “Ha, ha, ha… two minutes and already you've fallen.”
Suddenly, Bankotsumon looked at his arm, it was bleeding badly, and worst of all Kari could sense that the Seed of light wasn't there anymore.
“That Bastard!” Bankotsumon snapped, and Sure enough, Davis leapt up from the ashes holding the seed in his fingers.
“That's one down, and six to go!” Davis said proudly, then he stuffed seed into his protective pockets on his pants.
Bankotsumon charged his blade up. “Not bad… now try this for size!”
“Davis look out!!” cried Kari, but the big fireball already crashed into Davis. “Yeah… got you… WHAA!!”
Bankotsumon was kicked hard from behind and he himself crashed down into the ground. “You fell for my after image trick.” Said Davis.
“GRR… I'll get you for this!!” he growled, and they ended up in another Dragon Rush.
“You guys ever see Davis move so fast before?” asked Ken.
“No way…” said Yolei, “My eyes hurt, but that could be from my headache.”
“Give up, Bankotsumon!” snarled Davis as he continued Punching and Kicking. “You can't win this time!”
“We'll see about that!” snapped Bankotsumon, and their Dragon rush broke up and stood ready to strike again. Both of them panting, but not even close to giving up yet.
“Heh, heh, heh… Just look at you. The Great Daisuke Motomiya, the so called Most powerful Digi destined in the world about to be destroyed by the most powerful member of the Band of Seven.”
“Well… once I crush you and your friends, if there's anything left over, I'll re-configure you all as my floor mats!”
The others didn't like the sound of that, but Davis just smirked and simply said, “…Yeah right, Bankotsumon! Whatever.”
“Huh? What did you say?!”
“I got news for you pal…” replied Davis, “Even if you do defeat me—Which you won't; My friends would all mop the floor with you, and you know why big-shot…”
“Because… You're a Selfish Sleaze-ball who only seeks power and might for your own greedy reasons!!”
Bankotsumon turned bright red. “Why you--!!”
“Wow… Davis!” Kari said while holding her chest in amazement.
“People like you never triumph, and don't even deserve power.” Replied Davis. “But there are people like us who haves powers that can only be earned not stolen from others.”
“We use our powers only for the right reasons and never dare think about stealing it from our teammates or anyone else like you have.”
Bankotsumon's anger was really doing the talking now. “ENOGUH!!!” he shouted, “I'll make you wish you didn't say those words!!”
He charged forward with his blade ready to slash Davis right down the middle, but it was too bad Bankotsumon was letting his anger do his work.
The moment he got ready to bring his arm down… SLASH!! “GRR… Damn you.” He said angrily as Davis pulled his fingers out from Bankotsumon's neck with three more Seeds of light.
“You really shouldn't let words hurt you this much.” Said Davis, “Now all I have to do is grab that Seed in your left arm, and you'll be finished!”
Bankotsumon knew he was in trouble now, but he realized that Davis had quite forgotten something. “Well then… why don't you try this!!” he jumped back and took aim.
Davis suddenly realized, “Oh, no… I forgot about the two seeds still inside Banryu.”
And the three burning flames starting speeding towards him, and he dodged at the last minute.
“That wasn't nice!” growled Davis
Bankotsumon just laughed at the blast coming from him, “Ha, My Banryu is stronger than you think!!” he said.
He swung down his blade and giant tornado attack captured the Kamehameha wave, and sent it in the other direction.
“Whoa… he just deflected the wave right back to Davis!” cried Angel-Veemon.
“Davis…” cried Kari.
“He'll be roasted to a crisp!” added Princess-Angewomon.
Davis saw no place to run this time, or else his own wave blast would blow the city to pieces. “WHOAAAAAAAA…!!”
Suddenly, a bright flash of light appeared in front of Davis, and the Wave was neutralized.
“WHAT!!” snapped Bankotsumon, “Where did that come from?”.
Everyone looked up and saw Azulongmon in the sky. “Digi fighters… I have arrived!” he said.
The Fighter's on the ground jumped for joy and cheered, and so did Kari and the Angels.
“I hope I am not too late.” Azulongmon said.
Davis looked up and smiled. “Azulongmon… I've got just six words for you!” he said proudly. “DAMN GLAD TO SEE YOU MAN!”
Azulongmon nodded, and then cast his look down. “Bankotsumon! I never thought I'd ever see your evil face again!”
Bankotsumon hadn't forgotten anything/ “Well take a good look… because you'll never see it again in this lifetime!” he snapped.
“You lock me and my six comrades into your puny little Destiny stones, and left us there like yellow trash!”
“You have any idea what's it's like to locked up in a stony prison for decades and decades… IT'S A NIGHTMARE!!”
He poised his blade upward to the sky. “Well, you won't be able to lock me up this time.” He said.
“We don't tend to Bankotsumon!” said Azulongmon, “Back then we just were not strong enough to take you and your band members on, but now we have a greater power than yours.”
“Bankotsumon… the day has finally arrived. We are going to destroy you all finally and forever!”
“Yeah right… You and what army!!”
“THIS ARMY!!” came Tai's voice, and there behind Azulongmon were all of the original Digi destined and their Digimon at their strongest forms.
Along with all the rescued Digimon from the Digital world the Band of Seven didn't get too.
“We all may not have the power to beat you Bankotsumon, but with our help, Davis will.” Said Azulongmon.
“Now everyone… raise your arms to the sky and give Davis the energy he needs.”
Everyone, and the Digimon all raised their hands into the sky, and their body energies flew threw the air and inserted into Davis.
“Whoa… what's happening?” Davis said, “I feel so strong… I think I'm… I think I'm going to--!!”
He rose higher and higher into the air and roared loudly. His body glowed in a field of golden light as his muscles became even larger, and his golden hair became even spikier and shinier.
“Whoa… Do you see what I see?” asked Princess-Angewomon.
“Davis…” said Kari, “…He… he transformed!”