Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ The SSJ2 Davis and the Giant Bankotsumon ( Chapter 21 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Davis's muscles were really big and stiff, that the golden light around him shattered his Saiyan armor, only his pants and boots stayed on.
His hair now so unbelievable gold and spiky enough to put all hairstyles out of date.
“Hey… this is pretty cool!” he said in his deep slick voice.
“No… No it can't be!” cried Bankotsumon. “I studied all your moves, you can't go beyond that power and still be alive!”
Davis just gave a small, “HA! You may now a lot about Digi destined, Bankotsumon, but you still have a lot to learn about Saiyans!”
“You've seen me in my normal state, and you've seen me in my Super Saiyan state.”
He cast a smile to all his friends, and they all smiled back. “Remember what I said about trust in your power, and your friends…?”
“Well, too bad… or you would know that their combined powers with mine allowed me to exceed past the point of Super Saiyan, and become a… SUPER SAIYAN 2!!”
“Super Saiyan 2… HA, you got to be kidding me.” Snorted Bankotsumon. “It would matter to me if you were Super Saiyan 100, you're still no match for me.”
He could feel the four seeds of light Davis took being pitched at him. “Davis… what are you doing?!” snapped Yolei.
“Is he crazy or just dumb?!” asked TK.
Kari caught the look in Davis' eyes, so did the angels. “He's not crazy or dumb.” Said Angel-Veemon.
Suddenly everyone caught the drift that Davis could beat Bankotsumon even if he had all his seeds back in his possession, and he was going to prove it!
“Actually, that's not it at all…” said Davis. Everyone had puzzled looks now. “Bankotsumon and I will be equally matched this way.”
Bankotsumon looked up in disgust. “What? Are implying that I, Bankotsumon, of the Band of Seven… AM WEAK!!”
“Well, you could say that you ARE weak compared to me now, or that I want to come after you with all I got to show, and you'll need more power than what you have to evenly match me.”
Bankotsumon didn't care. He finished inserting the seeds back into his body and he was completely healed back to normal.
“Let's get it on!!” and they both charged into battle.
Let's Kick It Up!
Shout Out All The Things We Can Do!
Let's Kick It Up!
The two powerful blasts intercepted one another, and canceled each other out. “Not bad, huh?” asked Davis.
“GRR… Try this now!” and into a big Dragon Rush they went.
If We Take Our Time,
And We Stick Together,
Everything We Do Will Go Our Way.
And If We Try,
Now and Forever,
No Matter Comes Next,
We'll Be Okay.
By this point they were both moving so fast. “This is incredible. Even I cannot see them!” said Azulongmon.
The others looked with shocked expressions. “Hey… up there!” cried Cody, and everyone looked upward to the Dragon Rushing fighters.
WHAMM!! Bankotsumon got bashed good in the gut!
Let's Kick It Up!
Shout Out All The Things We Can Do!
Let's Kick It Up!
Now There's no Tomorrow!
Let's Kick It Up!
Cause They Ain't Seen The Last Of Me And You!
Let's Kick It Up!
“Here have these for a snack!” said Davis and he began firing small energy shots like crazy.
Bankotsumon spun his halberd around like a helicopter, but not fast enough to counter all the shots.
And We Realize,
What's On the Surface,
Ain't Picture Perfect,
But That Don't Mean A Thing.
One Thing I Know,
Is There's A Purpose,
And Like The Circus,
We're Hanging From The Rings.
Bankotsumon was still not willing to give up.
Davis just stuck out his hands and actually kicked the giant fireball back to Bankotsumon like a Soccer-ball.
Back and forth the ball went, in a tennis match to the one who'd be hit, and in a shock it was Davis who got hit, but intentionally.
“Ha, your finished!” snapped Bankotsumon. “Huh… Where'd he go!!”
BAM!! Right in the backside, and Bankotsumon crashed down. “I'm just getting started!” Davis said.
Let's Kick It Up!
Shout Out All The Things We Can Do!
Let's Kick It Up!
Now There's no
Let's Kick It Up!
Cause They Ain't Seen The Last Of Me And You!
Let's Kick It Up!
In the end, Davis snatched all the seeds out from Bankotsumon's body, and he was now so weak he could barely stand up.
“You'd better give up now, Bankotsumon!” said Davis. “Enough's enough… you've lost!”
Bankotsumon just stood there, huffing and puffing, which slowly turned into an evil maniacal laugh.
“What's that blade-boy so worked up about?” said TK.
“I'll admit defeat when I'm good and ready!” said Bankotsumon, “But now I see I'll have to resort to my ultimate plan!”
“Ultimate plan? What's he talking about?” asked Yolei.
“Heh, heh, heh… watch closely if you will. I only had to use this technique once!!” with that his body, and his blade began glowing.
Then, his arms began to stretch and bulge in all directions. Then his feet, and his body.
“Wither were getting smaller…” cried Angel-Veemon. “Or he's getting bigger!” added Princess-Angewomon.
Before long, Bankotsumon was big enough to even take on Azulongmon… if he could fly, which he was too heavy to do, but he didn't feel he needed to.
He was so huge his Giant Halberd Blade could practically slice a big gash in the Earth.
“Hu, hu, hu, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” his voice was now deeper and echoed as he spoke. “What do you think now, fools. You're just bite-size! Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah, ah!”
“This is bad… Very bad!” cried Ken. “Can you feel his power!”
Yolei nodded. “He's big enough to used us as marbles.” She cried.
Bankotsumon sniggered and took one swipe with his huge Blade, and practically crushed all the buildings in the city without even touching them.
“LOOK OUT!!” Davis cried and everyone leapt high up to avoid being crushed by the falling rubble.
“Awe man… The city's totaled!” cried Cody. “There's practically nothing left!”
“Ha, ha, ha, ha… And that's only the beginning!” Laughed Bankotsumon. “Today I shall crush Japan… Tomorrow… THE WOOOOOOOOORRRRRLD!! AH HA, HA, HA, HA!!”