Digimon Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Digiball Z: THE MOVIE! ❯ DIGIBALL Z DIGI-FORCE!! ( Chapter 23 )

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All the Humans on all the other corners of the globe jumped into the air and cheered their lungs out, and so did the surviving Digimon who returned from their hideouts.
The Band of Seven was gone. Never to be seen, or heard from. Never to darken the day up again.
However… the cost of victory was high, and remembering Azulongmon's words, the team had to agree to never make an attempt to wish him back to life ever.
Though it was painful saying good-bye to a very close and powerful ally, The Digi fighters knew it was for the best.
“Well… now what do we do?” asked TK. “We may have crushed all the bad guys, but look around us.”
It was true, the Digital World, and most of Tokyo were still pretty banged up and damaged from the Band of Seven's attack. The Spirit-bomb Davis threw even made a large crater in the middle.
“Well, we'll just have to find the eight Digiballs and summon Shenmon for help.” Said Yolei.
“Yolei, you've forgotten something!” said Davis. “We already used the Digiballs after the battles with Cell-Myotsimon, three months ago.”
“That's right Yolei.” Said Ken. “And remember what happens after our wishes are granted, the Digiballs scattered around the Digital world, and turned into ordinary stones.”
“Oh, right…” cried Yolei. “And they don't come back for a whole year.”
“So even if we were to go searching for them now, we wouldn't be able to tell if the were in fact Digiballs.” Said Cody.
“I wouldn't think that…” said Tai as he came over the wreckages on Wargreymon.
“Tai?” said Kari, “What are you doing here?”
“Gennai sent us.” Answered Wargreymon. “He wants you all back in the Digital world pronto.”
“We're on our way… Let's go guys!” said Davis. And the took off into the air in search of a Digital portal.
In the Digital world
Gennai, and the original Digi destined group already had everything set up in the floating palace when Davis's team arrived.
“Good, you're all here.” Said Gennai. “I'm going to come straight to the point…”
“First: I would like to congratulate you all, well done, in your struggles. Thanks to you all, the Band of Seven has been destroyed forever, and peace will once again rejoin both worlds.”
“Second: I am aware that Azulongmon's sacrifice has struck us all with grief and bitterness, but try to realize that we talked about it, and decided it was for the best.”
“Uh… yeah, Gennai, we get all that already.” Said Davis. “But if you could put away the snow-blower. We still have a problem.”
“Have you seen the mess in the two worlds.” Added Yolei, “How are we supposed to get it all cleaned up?”
“Why, how else… with the Digiballs.” Said Gennai. He pulled a small cloth off the table to reveal the Eight Digiballs.
Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, andLight!
Davis' team didn't know what to say. How was it possible? How could the Digiballs have reappeared in only three short months after being used?
“It's kid of a long story…” said Tai.
Sometime after Bankotsumon had retreated to the Real world, Gennai gathered up Tai's gang to help him.
Since Gennai created the Digiballs, he was the only one who could find them and determine if they were Digiballs while still as stones.
One, by one, Tai and the others brought back a Digiballs, but of all the things of the Digiballs Gennai knew of, changing them from stone to normal was still beyond him.
But he didn't have to do it himself…
“Of course!” said Davis. “The Hyperbolic Time Chamber!”
“That's right.” Said Sora, “All we had to do was just pop them in there and wait for a few hours since they already had three months ahead.”
“Now we have them, good as new, and ready to go.” Said Joe. “That we wanted you guys here quickly.”
Gennai picked up the platter the Digiballs were on, and passed them to Davis. “It's time…” he said. “Go do it!”
Davis nodded.
Everyone walked to the outer-area's of the palace where Davis had placed the Digiballs, and they began to glow when they were all placed together.
“Well… here goes nothing!” said Davis. “SHOW YOURSELF, SHENMON!!”
The ground began to shake, the sky grew dark as night, the balls were glowing even brighter than before.
A bolt of lightning struck the Digi-balls and shot straight up into the sky taking the shape of some of a Dragon Digimon, and there he was.
Shenmon… Master of Magic, and granter of wishes. Tai's team were really excited, this was the first time they had ever met Shenmon.
“Wow… Shenmon is really THAT Big!” cried Mimi.
“The Eight Digiballs have been gathered!” Shenmon said in his deep, deep voice! “Now… Speak… Speak your first wish!”
Davis stepped forward bravely. “Oh, Mighty Shenmon…” he said. “I wish for you to restore the Digital world and the Human world to the way it once was before the Band of Seven was released.”
“As You Wish!” Shenmon's eyes glowed brightly as the worlds began to trembled and quiver.
The buildings were all restored in the real world, and the Digital world had everything back to normal. The Lakes, the Forests, the Mountains… all of it!
“Wow… it really worked.” Said Matt.
“Your First Wish Is Granted.” Said Shenmon, “Name Your Second Wish!”
“Many lives were taken at the hands of the Band of Seven upon their release.” Said Davis. “Except for Azulongmon, can you bring them all back to life as they once were?”
“Yes, I Shall Indeed!”
Before long, all the Digimon who were destroyed were back to life, including Thormon, Ex-Phoenixmon, Hornetmon, and Foremenmon.
Cody, TK, Yolei, and Ken were so happy to have their friends back, alive, and well.
“Alright!” said Izzy as he checked his laptop. “It worked, everything's online, and back to normal.”
“Your Second Wish Is Granted.” Said Shenmon, “Now… Name Your Third, And Final Wish!”
Davis already had an idea of what to wish for. His original idea was to give Tai and his gang incredible powers like he had, but Gennai told him that, that would be impossible.
Tai and his group did not have anything hidden inside them to be awakened, and since Gennai was unable to make that happen, so was it for Shenmon.
Tai actually didn't mind it, and neither did the others. They had their fair shares of adventures, and now these days Digimon were far too tough for them to face anymore.
So they didn't really mind. Besides, this way, they could be the search patrol part of the team. Search and rescue anyone in danger while Davis' group beat up the baddies.
So, Davis wished for Shenmon to give him and the other members of his team, including the Digimon their full and ultimate potentials.
“Bring all of our power levels right up to the top.”
“Very Well… I Understand!”
Davis and the team began glowing, and as their power levels increased, their bodies got extreme makeovers.
Now they each looked like Super-Studs, and gorgeous Models. “hey there handsome!” said Kari as she walked up to Davis. “Going my way.”
Davis wiped his hand through his hair. “Not at all pretty woman.” He said in a cool voice.
“Your Three Wishes Have Been Granted!” Said Shenmon, “Now I Bid You Farewell!”
In a bright flash of light, Shenmon vanished, the Eight Digi-balls rose into the sky and flew off in different directions, and the sky became clear again.
“Come on gang.” Said Davis, “Were heading home.”
Days later
Davis indeed let his friends join him on his criminal patrol job, and the government was glad to have them all on the team.
There was a serious Bank robbery being held up, and the army of punks retreated into the mall.
Attention all criminals, bullies, and Drug-dealers. Do a favor and crawl back into the darkness from whence you came, or have your butts kicked by the one and only…
-Digi, Digiball… DIGIBALL Z
Digi, Digiball… Z
Digi, Digiball… DIGIBALL Z
Digi, Digiball… Z
-Digi… Digiball Z
Digi… Digiball Z
-Digi, Digiball… DIGIBALL Z
Digi, Digiball… Z
Digi, Digiball… DIGIBALL Z
Digi, Digiball… Z
In the end, Davis and his team of Super fighters bagged up all the crooks, and left the police with their signature.
“Compliments of your Friendly Neighborhood Digi-Force!”