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4: Another Filler Chapter

Motomiya Jun stared at the ceiling of her dorm room, her fingers laced behind her head. She was usually quite a heavy sleeper; her otoutochan, Daisuke, often told her quite frankly that she snored. Even though she had recently gone away to a medical school near Tokyo, she still slept nicely every night and was actually doing quite well in school, contrary to popular belief back in Odaiba. She was finally living up to her name- which, ironically, meant "genius". Iie, not ironically. Take yourself seriously, Jun...

Her roommate, a rather tomboyish girl by the name of Kumo Umi, yelled something in her sleep from the other room. Jun rolled her eyes, and rolled out of bed as quietly as she could. Umi-san no baka... no wonder I can't sleep. Her eyes happened to fall on the digital clock, which had been pushed to the floor a few days ago when Umi was ranting at her (she couldn't remember what about). According to it, it was only two in the morning. Fighting back a scream of frustration, Jun sighed, and got to her feet. I'll take a walk... that always helps. Sometimes.

After making sure that Umi really was asleep (you could never be too sure), Jun slipped out of her dormitory and pattered down the hall, not really sure where she was going, but having a vague notion of a telephone. A telephone?? What are you, Jun, crazy?

I don't know. You're the one talking to yourself.

I'm talking to you!

Ah, but I am you. Or is it the other way around?

She leaned against the wall and frowned, closing her eyes to clarify her thoughts. This is strange. The last time I couldn't sleep like this was... two years ago, I think. Right before all those monsters showed up- for the second time. Of course, that was before I knew Daisuke was a DigiDestined...

"Thinking deep thoughts?"

Jun started, and opened her eyes. There was a boy standing in front of her, an od smirk on his face. He looked familiar, but she wasn't quite sure where she had seen him before. "Anou... hai, I guess..."

He laughed nervously. "Oh, by the way, I'm Kido Jyou, if you happen to be wondering who the hell I am."

"You're a friend of Daisuke's." Hai, she could remember him now. Two years ago, when she, her parents, and the other parents of the DigiDestined had gathered at the camp, where they said the gate to the Digital World would open- he had been one of the five teenagers that had disappeared through the gate before their very eyes. He was a DigiDestined, too. "I remember you."

"And you're his oneechan." Jyou cocked his head. "You come here often?"

"Iie. I'm usually a pretty heavy sleeper." She rolled her eyes. "But, my roommate keeps yelling things in her sleep, so I had to get away."

He looked at her a little strangely. "You sure that's it?"

Before she could answer, a loud ringing erupted. Both 18-year-olds winced, and Jyou whispered, "The phone!"

Jun whirled around. There was a pay phone, just a few feet away, practically rattling off the hook. The phone?

"Pick it up before everyone wakes up!" Jyou hissed.

"Ah. Right." She did so, and said into it, "Hello?"

The voice that came from it sounded familiar, but she wasn't quite sure where she'd heard it before. "Anou, I know this is really strange, but I need to speak to Motomiya Jun right away!"

"Who is it?"Jyou asked her. Jun glanced at him, then asked into the phone, "Who are you?"

"Nani? Oh, I'm- I mean, my name is Inoue Miyako."

Something clicked in Jun's brain. "Mimoe's imoutochan?"

"Hai- wait, are you Jun?"

"Hai, this is me," Jun said, frowning. "What are you doing calling at two in the morning?"

Miyako was silent for a moment, then said, "I've got some really bad news."


Daisuke was just beginning to revive again when he heard what was, unmistakably, his oneechan's voice. "NANI? What do you mean, he's sick?"

His eyes snapped open, and he watched Miyako, who was apparently talking on the phone with Jun, carefully, while listening for snatches of conversation. His oneechan's voice wasn't exactly soft, so it wasn't too hard.

As long as I can stay awake.

"He's become very sick in the last few hours. He kept throwing up at first, then he got a fever. I don't know how high it is; I haven't checked yet." Miyako glanced back at him, and saw his eyes open. Her own widened, and she mouthed, "You're awake!"

Daisuke's eyes moved from her to the phone, asking a silent question. Miyako hesitated, biting her lip. "It's your oneechan... nani?" She turned back to the phone. "Iie, It's Daisuke. He just woke up."

Daisuke pulled himself into a sitting position, and Miyako handed the phone to him. "Here. She wants to talk to you."

Daisuke took the phone cautiously, and listened to his oneechan's voice. "Dai? Daisuke, are you there?"

"Jun?" Daisuke whispered.

"Otoutochan!" Jun sounded slightly hysterical, although her voice had been reduced to a whisper as well. She obviously didn't want to wake anyone else up, wherever she was. "What happened? What's wrong with your voice?"

Daisuke hesitated. "Umaku, I was out in the storm-"

"That monster storm?" Jun's voice was louder now. Another voice, obviously a guy's, was heard in the background: "Motomiya-san, SHUT UP- wait, Daisuke was out in the storm?"

Daisuke frowned. "Oneechan... who's with you?"

"Anou, friend of yours. Kido Jyou?"

Daisuke blinked. "Jyou-sempai? Jyou's there, too?"

"Hai... Daisuke-kun, tell me. Right now. What happened?" Jun's voice hardly ever got as steely as it was now. For my own safety, I'd better tell her.

"My voice is going to give out soon." It already hurt to talk. Losing his voice would be horrible; it was one of his greatest weapons.

"Tell me as much as you can, then."

Daisuke nodded, then winced, both because the motion made his head hurt and she couldn't see him anyway. "Umaku, I was out with Takeru..."

Jun listened carefully as her otoutochan, painstakingly, relayed the whole story to her- leaving out the parts he wasn't sure of. When he was finished, there was a stunned silence on the other end of the phone. Then, Jun's voice: "Daisuke no baka. You realize you're probably going to end up in the hospital or something now?"

"Gomen nasai." What else could he say? Then- "It wasn't exactly my fault."

Jun rubbed her forehead. "Great time to get sick. Otoutochan, can you give the phone back to Miyako?"

Daisuke held it out to the said girl. She accepted it, looking at him carefully, and said in a light whisper, "Hello? Motomiya-san?"

"Listen," Jun said evenly. "First of all, you need to see how bad his fever is. If it's really bad, there's nothing you can do about it until this storm blows over."

"How long will it be, do you think?" Miyako asked quietly.

"I'm not sure... it could be anywhere from two hours to two weeks."


Miyako's grip tightened on the phone. "This is... bad."

"It is... but we have to hold on." Jun felt a weak smile come to her lips. "After all... nothing's impossible it you're really, really, stubborn."

"Miyako-chan wins first prize," Daisuke muttered.

Miyako shot him an evil glare, and said to Jun, quietly, "Ja ne." Then, she hung up and looked at Daisuke. "Umaku, looks like you're stuck with me."

"A fate worse than death." With that said, Daisuke surrendered himself to sleep once again.



Masaki Tenchi twitched, and was still.



"Ten chi-kun, WAKE UP!" Ryoko shouted these last words in his ear. The seventeen-year-old boy finally obliged, a terrified look on his face. "What the fu- oh, it's you, Ryoko."

"Of course, it's me!" the young woman snapped in a irritated voice. she was hovering a few feet above his bed. "Come ON, you need to get up!"

"Why?" Tenchi grumbled. "What time is it?"

"Around eight. Come ON, Tenchi!" She pulled him out of bed. "There's something I have to show you!" She grinned. "It'll be fun!" Her voice lowered, and she leaned over to whisper in his ear. "By the way, have I mentioned how incredibly hot you look right after you get up?"

Tenchi blushed a deep crimson, but simply yanked a strand of her spiky cyan hair, pulling her down to stand next to him. "Yeah, right. I bet I look like hell." He rubbed his eyes. "So... what was it you wanted to show me?"

Ryoko grabbed his hand. "Come on, it's Washu- she was acting really strange last night."

Tenchi followed her out of his room, frowning. "Strange? You mean, strange for Washu? How so?"

Ryoko smirked. "You'll see, if I'm right..." She floated down the stairs, Tenchi following her. "I'd love to catch- WASHU!!" She stopped short, and Tenchi bumped right into her. "Nani?"

Washu was, indeed, sitting on the couch where Ryoko had been sleeping the night before, fiddling with a device. As they both entered the room, rather cautiously, she frowned, and shook her head. "Too many teleports, too fast- what was I thinking?" She shrugged. "Ah, well, I guess it was an emergency..." She happened to glance up, and notice them standing there. "Oh. Tenchi, Ryoko, konnichi wa. Genki desu ka?"

"Anou, fine," Tenchi responded, sweatdropping, but Ryoko got right to the point. "Washu, I asked you once and I'm going to ask you again: were there people in your lab last night?"

Washu grinned. "Of course, Ryoko dear. I didn't fool you, did I?"

Tenchi scratched his head. "I'm confused..."

"I was right!" Ryoko said triumphantly. "You're doing experiments on them, aren't you?"

To Ryoko's utter dismay, Washu burst out laughing. "Iie, iie, IIE!" The pink-haired scientist tried to stifle another giggle, and failed. After recovering, with a pissed Ryoko and a still confused Tenchi staring at her, she waved the accusation away. "I'm not doing experiments on them! Nothing of the sort, actually." Her brilliant green eyes roved to Tenchi. "I'll be leaving soon, actually, Tenchi."

"Leaving?" Tenchi cried, while Ryoko grinned, hissing "hai" under her breath, over and over again. Washu nodded, and opened her mouth to speak, but never got the chance. A bloodcurdling scream came from the closed door of the lab. Tenchi and Ryoko stared at the door, blinking, but Washu simply grinned and pressed a button on her device.

"Kasumi-chan, what the hell are you screaming about?"

"... it's too early..."



"Kou-kun, why is she screaming like that?"

"Tentomon-kun, I think she's scared of you..."

"...why's everyone screaming?..."

"Kasumi-chan, CALM DOWN. I don't think it's going to hurt you!"

" 'He', if you don't mind. My name is Tentomon."


"... finally, some silence..."


"Wouldn't the two-foot-tall reptile talking be more frightening?"

"Not to her, it wouldn't."

"Why, Agumon-kun, you want to be frightening?"




"She's like Mimi in a rage."

"Iie, she's like Mimi and Miyako in a rage."

"Ughh, scary thought..."

"...can't I just sleep?..."



"Of course! I take it wherever I go."

"Where do you keep it, though?"



"Satoshi-san reminds me of Daisuke."

"Actually, he reminds me of you, Taichi-kun."

"...shut up, Koushiro..."

Washu switched it off, and grinned at Tenchi and Ryoko, who were both trying not to laugh. "Well?"

"They're weird," Ryoko said, smirking. Tenchi nodded vigorously. "Do we get to meet them?"

"Of course," Washu said, standing up. "I wonder..." She grinned wickedly at them, and pressed a button on the same device.

In a split second, five teenagers and five animals, ranging in type, appeared on the floor. A girl with long red hair in a braid was choking a a dark-haired boy, who had eyes similar to Ryoko's.

"Satoshi and Kasumi?" Tenchi murmured to Ryoko. She stifled a snort. "I bet..."

Two teenage boys, both with amused looks on their faces, were sitting off to the side. A lizard and a bug- who was, Tenchi assumed, the cause of everything- were sitting in front of them, sweatdropping and looking rather defeated.

"It's the bug!" Ryoko whispered in a mock-fierce voice. Tenchi rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure..."

The only other human, a girl with long, blonde hair, was sitting slumped on the floor, seemingly half asleep. A white cat with a crescent moon on its forehead was draped over her shoulder, a look identical to hers in its blue eyes. There were two other animals, still asleep (they must have belonged to Satoshi and Kasumi, and were used to the screaming), but they were so odd-looking that neither Tenchi nor Ryoko had any idea what to think of them.

Taichi blinked, and looked around. "Um. We're... not in the lab?"

"I teleported you out here!" Washu said brightly. She glanced at Minako. "Umm... is she okay?"

"... hai, just not much of a morning person..." Minako said drowsily.

"... Mina-chan, what are we doing here?..." the cat murmured.

"... I dunno, Artemis, too tired..."

Washu cleared her throat. "Hello?"

Everyone glanced at her. Togechikku twitched, but was otherwise still.

"Umm..." The pink-haired mad scientist blinked; everything had just flown out of her head. "Well..." Great, you're speechless. So this is how it feels...

"Wow!" The cheerful voice of an eleven-year-old girl broke through Washu's stupor. The Juraian princess, with Ryo-oh-ki on her shoulder and a carrot (which the said cabbit was trying in vain to snatch) in her hand, stood in the doorway, grinning broadly. "We sure do have a lot of guests! Minna-san, would you all like some breakfast?"

Minako, instantly awake, nodded encouragingly at the others. The room was immediately empty of the five and their respective non-human partners. Tenchi, Ryoko, and Washu each raised an eyebrow, and Ryoko sighed. "Leave it to Sasami-chan to break the silence." She shrugged, and they followed everyone else, emptying the room of all except the two Pokemon, who were still fast asleep on the floor.



Washu wasn't exactly sure how Sasami would take the news. Mihoshi would just wish her luck, not exactly sure what was going on. Ayeka would smile poliely and give her regards, hiding her real thoughts and feelings behind a princess's pretty mask, as she always did. Well, most of the time. Tenchi and Ryoko already knew. But Sasami... a different story altogether.

"Washu-chan, I don't want you to leave!" The young girl wailed, her huge pink eyes getitng even bigger and more kawaii. "Things won't be the same without the explosions coming from your lab all the time!"

Washu sighed, and smiled at the young girl. "I'll be back soon; don't worry!"

"Actually, that isn't very possible," Koushiro said, after swallowing a mouthful of one of Sasami's spectacular breakfasts. "It'll probably end up with us running away from things big and frightening."

Taichi moaned, and began to mutter "Die- die- die-" under his breath.

"What about getting shocked and burned and soaked and anything else I can think of?" Satoshi offered.

"Maybe we'll have to save the world from certain destruction," Minako said thoughtfully, fiddling with her chopsticks.

Washu stepped on Taichi's foot, cutting him off in the middle of a 'die'. "Minna no baka!" she snapped under her breath. "I was just trying to make her feel better!"

Ryoko blinked at them. "Do you save the world often?"

Taichi, after shooting Washu a poisonous glare, turned to Koushiro. "Koushiro-kun, how many times was it?"

Koushiro frowned. "Um... nine times, I think..."

This statement, met with a stunned silence, gave Taichi a chance to snag some of Minako's food. The younger teenager glared at him, snatching it back, and they began to silently bicker over who it belonged to.

Sasami took a deep breath. "Umaku... if you are going to leave... then, take Ryo-oh-ki with you." And, without missing a beat: "If it's all right with Ryoko-chan, of course."

Another silence. Ayeka cocked her head. "Imoutochan, are you feeling all right?"

"I'm fine." Sasami smiled at the cabbit. "Ryo-oh-ki, would you like to go on an adventure?"

Ryo-oh-ki jumped from Sasami's shoulder to Washu's and affirmed this with a miya.

Ryoko shook her head, grinning. "S' fine with me. But remember, Washu-mama, I'm doing this only to make Sasami-chan feel better."

" 'Washu-mama'?" Koushiro wondered. Satoshi simply shook his head and muttered, "I won't ask."

"Hai," Minako quipped, yanking some of Taichi's abundant hair as he tried to steal one of her rice balls. "The last time you asked about anything, you ended up getting beat up."

"And I will do it again," Kasumi threatened, cracking her knuckles.

Ryo-oh-ki cautiously wobbled up to Washu's head, and ended up sitting against the scientist's purple headband. As Washu's eyes flashed and she leaned in to feed her daughter a curt remark, the cabbit chorused with a series of miyas, imitating everything the scientist did.

Sasami smiled, and handed one of her own rice balls to Taichi. They'll get along just fine.