Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume One, Chapter Two: Mind Journey ( Chapter 2 )

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Mind Journey
Dateline: The whole island of Honshu was shaking badly. Aneko, Travis, and Takeru went to Mt. Fuji to find what the problem was. Angel shows up and he was the problem.
Takeru slowly lied down in his bed. He found his digivice and his D-3 on the night table and put it in his pocket. "Why did Megan have them?" he thought as he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Something weird happens. His bloodstone started glowing. His body began glowing. Then Takeru began fading and then he disappeared. He appeared into his future wife's mind. A few minutes later he woke up and looked around.
"Where am I?" he asked. Then his D-3 went off. "I have e-mail." he thought. He opened it up and read it. It was from Megan.
"Dear Takeru: You're in Gwen's mind and you can't get out until you completed your journey it though her mind. You won't be able to sleep once you're in an immortal's brain. Since I knew this would happen to you, I programmed your digivice so you can hear what she and the people that are talking to her are saying and your D-3 to see her with. You can't stay there long. Signed Megan." Takeru read.
"Okay this is weird." he said as he looked around. Then he began walking towards a light he saw.
Aneko awoke a few minutes later with a terrible headache.
"Wake up!" yelled Mitch.
"Ten more minutes. Please!" plead Aneko.
"It's time to go to the hall of torture!" yelled Mitch.
"Leave me alone!" yelled Aneko.
"Okay! But I'll get Megan on you!" yelled as he walked away. Then he turned his head to see if she was coming. But she didn't come. That was weird because she would usually come running out of her room. So he stomped back to Aneko's room. She was still sitting on her bed.
"I'm going to get Megan!" he yelled. Then he went to his sister's room and told about the whole situation.
"Just let her go." said Megan. Mitch didn't like that but he obeyed anyway. Aneko was given ten minutes then she slowly walked down the stairs. "What took you so long?" asked Mitch.
"Could you please leave me alone?" she asked.
"Sorry! I just want to know what's wrong!" he said. Then he and his niece walked to school.
Takeru was in a hospital room. He saw Megan in bed. "Where am I?" he thought as he looked around. Then a nurse walked the room with a baby in her room.
"Your highness! You have a healthy baby girl." she said. Then the set the baby in Megan's arms. It took Takeru a while to figure out that this sense was when Aneko was born. He wanted to get close to the baby. Then another nurse rushed into the room.
"Your highness! Your husband was found along the roadside dead." she said when she got her breath back. Megan couldn't believe the truth. That day was a happy and sad day. Takeru felt sorry for the little baby. Then he began walking towards another light he saw.
"Hey, Aneko." said Hikari.
"Hi Hikari." she said in pain.
"What's wrong?" asked Hikari.
"Nothing, I just have this terrible headache." said Aneko. Then she and Hikari walked to class. Aneko had a hard time remembering her locker combination when she had memorized perfectly last week. Hikari had to help her into the class room.
"Mrs. Johnson what's wrong?" asked Mrs. Rosebush.
"I don't feel well." said Aneko. "I think it would be best if you went to the office and call home." said the teacher.
"No, I'll be fine." said Aneko.
"All right, but I really you need to call home." said Mrs. Rosebush. Then class was resumed. Aneko just went to sleep. Mrs. Rosebush took attendance.
"Has anyone seen Takashi Takeru today?" she asked. The class didn't have clue.
Takeru was watching little Kohana (That's Aneko early child form) play on her backyard. Then he saw go over to her family's grape vines. Then she slowly picked a grape and ate it. The girl passed out.
"Kohana Nooooo!" yelled Takeru. Then he learned that was when she got the rest of her powers. So he relaxed. Then he began walking towards another light he saw. Then his digivice turned on and Takeru could hear Aneko's thoughts.
The class was taking a test. Aneko's headache got worse. "My head hurts. My head hurts so bad that I can't even think." she thought.
"Just take it easy." Takeru said softly.
"Aneko." said Mrs. Rosebush.
"Yes ma'am." she said.
"I want you to deliver a package to the office." said the teacher.
"Yes ma'am." she said. Then Mrs. Rosebush gave her the package and Aneko walked out of the class. On the way there, Aneko kept hearing of voices of when she was younger and her uncle abusing her in her head. She kept on hearing this until she passed out. Meanwhile back in the classroom, Mrs. Rosebush was wondering why Aneko hadn't returned.
"Class, I will be right back. When you have finished your tests, put them on my desk and read." she said. Then she left her room and closed the door. She looked around for Aneko. She found Aneko lying unconscious on the floor. So Mrs. Rosebush picked her up and carried her to the office. She called Aneko's mom and Mitch came and picked her up.
For the next few weeks, Aneko didn't attend school. Takeru's journey dragged on for weeks. Finally, Megan decided it was time for him to come out of Aneko's mind. So she used her powers to get him out. Takeru was back in his room.
The End