Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Three, Chapter Twelve: Cary's Boyfriend ( Chapter 12 )

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Cary's Boyfriend
Dateline: Mitch took Aneko on a church senior field trip, a monster attack and Aneko saved the day.
"Hi, Bunny," said Takeru as he met up with Aneko on the walk to school. "Hi Teddy Bear." she groaned. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing." she said.
"Aw, I know when something is wrong, what's wrong?"
"Well.... It's About Aunt Cary"
"What about her?"
"She has a new boyfriend."
"So, what's wrong with that?"
"Oh, there's nothing wrong with him. He's cute, smart, rich, and funny."
"Is it the fact that she is dating?"
"No, that's the greatest thing that's happened to her. Now she can leave me alone!!!"
"Then what's wrong, Bunny?"
"He has a daughter and she is a spoiled brat!!!!!!"
The couple walked on to school. When they got there, Takeru had this burning question he just couldn't hold back.
"Aneko?" he asked.
"Yes," she said.
"What does his daughter look like?" he asked.
"You'll see her when we get to class," she answered.
"Oh," he said. Then they ran into the school.
All of the students were all ready in their seats when Aneko and Takeru got to class. Luckily the teacher wasn't in the room yet so they took their seats just in time before the teacher came in.
"Good morning class," said Mrs. Kamzai.
"Good morning, Mrs. Kamzai," the class replied.
"Today, we have a new student," said the teacher. A girl with short wavy light brown and green eyes wearing a light blue sweater and a jean skirt walked up to the front of the class.
"Hello everyone, My name is Drew Hinson," said the girl.
"That's his daughter," Aneko whispered to Takeru.
"Oh," he whispered back.
"Please take a seat next Mr. Takashi," said Mrs. Kamzai. Drew obeyed.
"Hi there, Cutie!" she said when she saw Takeru. This got Aneko steamed.
"Hey sister! Keep away from my man!" she whispered angrily. "Whatever." Drew whispered back.
Takeru was at his locker when he heard someone whistle to him. "Who could that be?" he thought. He walked over to where the whistle came from. When he got over to whom or what was making that whistle, he found a digimon the looked just like Gatomon.
"Gatomon?" he asked. "Guess again!" said the cat. "I don't know he said.
"I'm Kittymon," said the creature
"Okay.... Why are you here?" asked Takeru.
"I need you to deliver me to Aneko," she said.
"What for?" he asked.
"Boaz sent me," she said.
Takeru thought about this for a minute and then said, "All right but, this better not be a trick!"
"It's not," she said.
"What do I need to do?" he asked.
"Just put me in the box and wrap it up," she said. Takeru put her in a medium size box and wrapped it up.
"Okay... Now what do I do?" he asked.
"Just carry me over to Tokyo Palace," said Kittymon.
"Okay," he said uncertain. Then he picked up the box and carried it to Aneko's house.
"So, you're saying all I have to do is ring the bell at gate, get through leave the box at the door, and then run?" asked Takeru.
"Correct," said Kittymon.
"All right," he said uncertain. He pressed the call button.
"Hello," said Aneko on the other line.
"Hi Aneko. It's me Takeru I have a package for you," he said.
"Goodie!" she said. Then the gates open and Takeru walked through. The gates closed behind him. He walked up to the porch, left the package and ran. Aneko opened the door.
"Hi… Hello? Hello?" asked Aneko. Then she saw the package. "Ooo!" she thought. Then she picked up the box and carried it to her room.
When she got her room, Aneko set the box down on her bed and unwrapped the box.
"Hello," said Kittymon.
"Huh?" asked Aneko.
"My name is Kittymon," said the digimon.
"Uh.... Why are you here?" asked the princess.
"Read the card on my neck," said Kittymon.
"Addressed to Miss Kohana Aneko Tsukibara from Miss Lauren Boaz." Aneko read on the card. She took one look at Kittymon.
"Why Grandma send you?" Aneko asked her.
"This mourning Boaz got a reading saying that a new enemy named La Nina. And she sent me to warn and protect you from her," explained Kittymon.
"O… Kay," said Aneko.
"Aneko! It's dinnertime! Wear your kimono!" yelled Megan.
"Coming mom!" her daughter yelled. Then she turned to Kittymon.
"Now, you stay up here and keep away from Snowy!" Aneko warned to digimon.
"Who's Snowy?" asked Kittymon.
"My dog," said Aneko as she quickly got dressed into her kimono. Then she ran out of the room and shut the door.
The table looked really, REALLY fancy. "What could this be about?" Aneko thought.
"Oh good your here, come sit down," said Megan. Aneko sat between Mitch and Drew. Aneko turned to her right and saw Drew.
"Well look who's here!" said Drew.
"Why is she here?" asked Aneko. "Richard brought her over here. He and Cary said they had a very special announcement tonight." said Mitch.
"Oh," whispered Aneko. The family feasted on sushi, sashimi, tempura, yakitori, and okonomi-yaki as their special dinner.
After dinner, Richard stood up and said, "My love and I here have something to say."
Then Cary stood up. "Everyone, We're getting married! " she said. To Taja, seemed like a huge joke, so he laughed a little.
"Oh, I thought you said you're getting married," he said.
"She did," said Richard.
"Okay...." said Mimi.  Then the whole room fell silent after that.
"You're joking, right?" asked Jordan.
"No," they both said.
"Okay... How this happened?" asked Mitch. Cary explained how Richard purposed to her in a sushi bar. Aneko could not believe her ears.
"What?!? " she yelled.
"We're getting married," said Cary.
"I can't believe you'd do this to me!" she yelled. Then she ran upstairs to her room.
"What's with her?" asked Richard.
"I don't know," said Serena.
Aneko took out her mini computer and typed an e-mail to Takeru. This is what the e-mail said:
Dear Teddy Bear:
I have good news and bad news, well, it's both good and bad, but anyway:
CARY AND RICHARD ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!! It's good because Cary can finally be happy with someone and bad because Drew will become my step cousin!!!!!! What can I do?????
Love, Your Sweet Bunny Rabbit
Takeru wrote back. This is what he wrote:
Dear Bunny
Just let it slide, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. And besides, they live in Kyushu, remember?
Love, Teddy Bear
Aneko wrote back. This is what she wrote:
Dear Teddy Bear:
I'll try.
Love, Your Sweet Bunny Rabbit
The End