Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Four, Chapter Seventeen: The Great Rosa Parks Melting School ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Great Rosa Parks Melting School
Dateline: La Nina gave Aneko her first test and she passed it. What will have next?
"That was too easy for her." said La Nina. "Well, this is tougher." She was standing in a cherry blossom tree, watching the Rosa Parks elementary middle school. Then she picked up a little bottle she had in her pocket and opened it. White dust began falling shot out and took form into a ball of light. La Nina blew the light into the school.
"This should be a real show." thought La Nina.
Aneko ran to school as usual, (She was late this time because family had a new servant boy named Thomas and she was too busy talking to him that she lost track of the time.) when she saw a girl with dark skin, long black hair and violet eyes wearing a dress with a black skirt, a sparkly white shirt, and a chain belt around the waist walking towards the school.
So Aneko caught up to her and yelled: "Hey! Hey you!" The girl turned around and pointed to herself.
"Yeah! You!" yelled Aneko. Then the princess ran up to the girl and asked: "What's your name?"
"I'm Nicole Anders." said the girl. "Just moved here Saturday afternoon." So the two girls talked on and on 'til they got to school. Aneko could tell they would become friends very quickly.
As the girls took their seats, Aneko noticed another girl sitting in front of Davis. This girl was fair skinned, brown hair in an fifties style, gray eyes and wearing hip huggers, a tie-dye shirt, and other sixties qualities.
"Morning class," said Mrs. Kamazai.
"Good morning, Mrs. Kamazai." the class replied.
"Today, we have two new students." said the teacher. Nicole and the other girl came up to front the class.
"Hello, I'm Morgan Fires. Peace out everyone." said the girl as she gave a peace sign after her introduction. The other students just laughed. Then Nicole gave introduction and then class began.
After class, Aneko ran into a boy named Toby Matthews. Then she learned that on the elementary hall, a new boy named Paul had arrived (Kanmu told her that fact) and in high school a girl named Foxy was there (Mitch e-mailed her about that). The day seemed well until after P.E. when a white monster was in the girls' locker room. Aneko, Hikari, and Miyako had to battle the monster. Aneko used a fireball, but it didn't stop the monster. Her two female friends tried to stop the monster with their digimon, but it didn't help the monster. The girls had to think of a better battle.
"This monster seems to know our attacks." said Miyako.
"True." said Aneko.
"So, now what do we do?" asked Hikari. The three girls thought about it for a while. Then Aneko came up with a great idea. Aneko and Miyako led the monster outside to prevent more damage done to the locker room. The three girls fought with all might. Aneko ended to battle with a rising sun. La Nina watched the battle. She finally decided it was time for the ultimate test.
The End