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Well, this is the second chapter of this sequel to Sailor Moon Online and there are going to be more crossovers in this one with Yu-Gi-Oh series and Digimon 01-02 added with Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online. While Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds is going to be the main crossover with this story, there are going to be elements of the other Yu-Gi-Oh seasons, R, GX, Zexal, and Arc-V, are going to be part of this story, too. Anyway, like I said, there is going to be a slight change to my writing style in this story than the other stories in this story series, I hope that you like it, everyone!


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Warning: This story contains intense violence, blood, possible gore, death, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including mind-control and brainwashing, mild to explicit bad language, and mature adult themes/situations!


Second Warning: Some to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) actions and mannerisms in this whole story!


June 20, 2025, Unknown facility


Deep within what looks like an unknown medical facility, two people are meeting and they are having a discussion in front of a thick glass window.


One of them asks, in a male voice, “Any luck?”


The other one says, in a female voice, “No luck at all, Luke.”


The male is revealed to be Luke, the Digidestined with the Datamon as a partner that moved to Odiaba, home of the Odiaba Digidestined, responds, “It has been over two years already.”


The female says, “Yes, I know.” The female asks, “Shouldn’t we tell their families?”


Luke responds, “What can we tell them?”


The female responds, with a nod, “Good point, Luke.”


Luke and the female look at the glass and he says, “Their bodies have completely regenerated and they are stable. Our technology that we developed with our intelligent partners worked to perfection.”


The female says, “But what I don’t get is why? Their minds were supposed to be stored in our virtual matrix for safe keeping in case of physical damage to their brains, but the instant that we uploaded, their minds vanished into the net!”


Luke says, “I’ve been looking over the records and some kind of ‘force’ extracted them form the matrix the instant that they were transferred. I don’t know who or what ‘hacked’ into our mainframe, but the defenses of the mainframe were down thanks to the damage that those monsters inflicted on our facility when they attacked.”


The female says, “They deserved better than this. They saved so many lives that day.”


Luke says, with a nod, “I know and we are going to bring them home. They are heroes and they deserve to return to their friends and family especially after those that they thought that they lost came home from that nightmare.”


The female says, plainly, “The world thinks that SAO is over after the final players came home, but what they don’t realize is that the final victims of SAO are right here and they haven’t come home.”


Luke says, “Which is why we need to find them and bring them home.” Luke thinks in his mind, “And as much as I hate to admit it, but I may need the strength of those that survived that ‘death game’ to help us bring them home.” As Luke thinks about his ‘encounter’ with Molly and Serena some months ago when Luke modified Serena’s NervGear for her ‘venture’ into ALO, he looks through the large glass window where there is a sterile hospital room with two people inside some kind of chambers like suspended animation chambers seen on science fiction movies/television shows with the tops of their heads inside of huge machines connected to the chambers with a blue dragon Digimon known as Veemon and a feline Digimon known as Gatomon inside of the room and looking at the chambers with worry and concern on their Digimon faces.


Sailor Moon Online: Shadow of Aincrad


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ starting)


As the opening ‘scenes’ being, we find Davis Motomiya, wearing an outfit similar to Kirito’s outfit expect his jacket is flame designed and two swords, an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, strapped to the sides of his waist instead of his back, walking down a street and looking at the sky.


Next, we find Kari Kamiya, wearing a pink and red version of Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath outfit with Crests of Light instead of crosses and strapped to her waist is a sheath for a rapier with a pink handle and a pearly white blade, also walking down a street and looking back behind her.


Then we see Suguha Kirigaya and her ‘alter ego’, Sailor Celestial, with their backs to each other with ‘thin wall of light’ separating the two of them in which the scene spins around as the two of them look at each other where Suguha is at her home on her side of the ‘wall’ while Sailor Celestial is in the Moon Kingdom.


All three of them are reaching out into the skies and then the world around them transforms into center of the Town of Beginnings for Sword Art Online in which the ground crumbles around them as those that died on Sword Art Online and more try to drag them into an abyss.


The scene then changes where Davis is cutting through legions of ‘monsters’ from SAO and ALO as well as youma in which a legion of Duel Monsters appears with Davis having a dragon similar to Stardust Dragon and another monster, Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack them with powerful strikes.


Then Davis is fighting against Heathcliff in which he transforms into the massive GM avatar that he used at the start of SAO in which he lands a series of blows before slamming him with Starburst Stream, the classic 16 Duel Wielding Sword Skill combo. Soon after, Kari and Leafa, Suguha’s ALO avatar, run at top speed behind Davis and the two of them leap into the air with Kari hitting the transformation Heathcliff with an attack that looks similar to Linear while Leafa does a forward flip and transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial, also wielding an Elucidator and Dark Repulser, in which they glow with fire and wind power as Sailor Celestial prepares to attack.


Then the scene shows Kazuto as his Sword Art Online avatar of Kirito, Serena as her Sword Art Online avatar as Usagi, Keiko as her Sword Art Online avatar of Silica, and Rika as her Sword Art Online avatar of Lisbeth.


The scene then changes with Davis, Kari, Sailor Celestial, Sailor Moon, and Kirito looking over the worlds of Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, the ‘real world’, the Digital World, and beyond.


Then there are displays of Darien/Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, the Odiaba Digidestined, and Kayaba/Heathcliff before it switches back to a scene where Sailor Celestial, Davis, and Kari are standing in front of the ‘transformed Heathcliff’ with his back to their backs and cleaved into multiple pieces before exploding into hundreds of data polygons.


The final scenes show Kirito and Asuna, in her Knights of the Blood Oath outfit, along with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask being watched over by Sailor Celestial, Davis and Kari resting in front of a tree, and finally, Asuna’s Lambent Light rapier, Usagi’s Lunar Excelsior one-handed sword, Tuxedo Mask’s cane, Leafa’s ALO katana, and an Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords are all together in a pile with Neo Domino City Duel Disks and Davis’ and Kari’s D-3 digivices ‘attached’ to them.


(Sword Art Online opening theme music ‘Crossing Fields’ ending)


Chapter 2: The Magical Dragoon and the new Duel Swordsman


June 21, 2025, Neo Domino City


Inside of Leo’s and Luna’s former home in Neo Domino City, our Sailor Scouts, Darien, Kazuto, Suguha, Keiko, Rika, Asuna, and Ryoutarou entering the house with Ryoutarou giving a whistle.


Ryoutarou says, “Now, this is some sweet digs.” Soon after, the former Signers follow suit as Suguha is led to sit down on a couch.


Luna says, “This used to be our home in Neo Domino City before we left to join our parents overseas.”


Leo says, with a grin, “Yeah, we asked our parents if Yusei could live here and they agreed since he was the big hero of Neo Domino City after all!”


Yusei says, “I was reluctant at first, but since it was close to where I was working on the changes and improvements to the Ener-D reactor, I took it only as a convenient in case I had to rush over there.”


Jack says, with a sigh, “You were always too modest for your own good, Yusei.”


Akiza says, with a smile, “Well, I think that it is good that Yusei is a modest person.”


Leo says, amazed, “Wow! It doesn’t look any different!”


Yusei says, with a smile, “I took great care to make sure that nothing was different from what you left it. This place has good memories in it after all.”


Luna says, “Thank you, Yusei.”


Crow tells Suguha, “Man, girl! I can’t believe that you are up and about after that jerk pounded you into the ground!”


Suguha says, a bit nervously, “Well, I’ve been through worse.” Suguha thinks in her mind, a bit nervously, “Like getting bashed, smashed, and stabbed helps toughen up a bit.”


Yusei tells Suguha, “We are glad that you are all right, Suguha-san.”


Akiza says, “We’re sorry that our problems caused you to get hurt, Suguha-san.”

Suguha says, with a smile, “Don’t worry, Akiza-san. The guy really pissed me off.”


Jack says, “Speaking of that jerk, what happened to him?”


Crow says, “I’ve gotten through my contacts in the police force is that he was sent to the hospital too under guard. He is suffering from a major concussion and nasty third and second degree burns, but he will survive and make a full recover, however, he isn’t going to be on his feet for a long time.”


Jack says, “Now, there is the question on how she blasted him like she was a Psychic Duelist.”


Suguha says, nervously, “I didn’t know that was going to happen.”


Yusei asks Suguha, “Suguha, where did you get that card?”


Suguha says, taking out her Black Rose Moonlight Dragon (2400/1800), “Well, it is going to sound weird.”


Jack says, “Try us.”


Crow says, “Let’s just say that we have had our fill of ‘weird’ too.”


Suguha says, with a plain tone, “Well, you know that my brother is an SAO survivor and I got this card around half-way through the nightmare that was SAO. I had gotten into a shop one day where this strange looking seer-like lady said that I had an unusual look on my face in which she then mentioned that I had lost someone precious to me to ‘another world’ which got me shocked. She then started to imply about events in my life that got me suspicious and she then took out a blank Synchro Monster card with a strange ‘dragon symbol’ on it and my hand started to move towards it on its own. I couldn’t control myself.”


Raye asks, curiously, “You couldn’t?”

Suguha says, shaking her head, “It was like the card was calling out to me, Raye.” Suguha then says, “The instant that I touched the card, images and things that I still don’t understand surged through my mind and I was knocked to the floor. When I regained my senses, the card transformed into Black Rose Moonlight Dragon and the strange old lady said that the card has chosen me as its owner since I had a strong heart that was true and I was like a rose in the moonlight ready to bloom: Beautiful, but deadly. What made it even weirder is she said that I didn’t need to pay for the card at all.”


Lita says, “Okay, that’s strange.”


Amara says, “And greatly suspicious like Suguha said.”


Suguha says, “I got pretty creep out and the woman then said not to use the card for ‘fun and games’. She told me to only use this card when ‘the game becomes something that you don’t just play’.” Soon after, the SAO survivors gained shocked looks and Suguha asks, “Is something wrong?”


Kazuto says, “Those are muck like the words that Kayaba said when Sword Art Online was introduced. The words are: ‘It may be a game, but it is something that you don’t just play’.”


Serena says, with a nod, “It’s true.”


There are plenty of shocked and surprised looks and Ami says, “It sounds like this lady that gave you this card was giving you a warning.”


Jack says, with a nod of his head, “Only use that card when the situation becomes a very serious situation. When it isn’t just your life-points on the line, but your life and possibly many others or something like that.”


Yusei says, nodding his head, “That sounds like what she was implying. That card isn’t any ordinary card.”


Akiza asks, “But why is it similar to my Black Rose Dragon?”


Yusei says, “I really don’t know, Akiza.”


Suguha asks, “Do you want to examine it, Yusei-san?”


Yusei responds, “No, Suguha-san. Keep it for now. Something tells me that you are going to need it.” Suguha looks at Black Rose Moonlight Dragon and she hears a dragon’s roar in her mind in which an image of a darker version of the Crimson Dragon appears in her mind.


Suguha thinks in her mind, “What’s wrong with me? It feels like this card is calling to me…trying to tell me something…But that’s crazy! Cards can’t talk…right?”


Suguha holds her head and Kazuto asks, concerned, “Sugu, are you okay?”

Suguha responds, with a smile, “I’m okay. Guess I got hit on the head harder than I thought.”


Ryoutarou says, “No kidding, young lady.”


Rika says, with a smirk, “Yeah, but you used that dragon to knock that jerk down on his butt too.”


Suguha says, with a nervous blush, “I didn’t know that would happen.”


Serena says, with a smile, “We know, Suguha.”


Amara says, “Just be careful with that card. It isn’t an ordinary card.”


Suguha says, with a nod, “No joke, Amara.”


Luna says, with a smile, “Anyway, it is nice to see you again Kirito-san… Oops, I mean Kazuto-san.”


Kazuto says, “Hey, don’t worry about it, Luca-san.”

Jack asks Kazuto, “So, you are the one of those two players that kicked Kayaba’s ass, huh?”

Kazuto asks, with a serious glare, “Yeah.”


Jack responds, “I was expecting someone taller.”


Kazuto gives a deadpan look and Yusei says, with a smile, “Don’t take it personally. That’s Jack for you.”


Kazuto replies, “I’ll try, Yusei-san.”


Akiza says, with a smile, “Anyway, it is an honor to meet you. If it wasn’t for your efforts, we could have lost Leo and Luna. They are very precious friends of ours.”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “No problem.”


Jack asks, “Anyway, if you are that ‘Black Swordsman’ and your girlfriend is that ‘Flash girl’, then what about that ‘White Valkyrie’, the girl that’s supposed to be Kayaba’s niece?” Our Sailor Scouts and SAO survivors become a bit nervous at Jack’s question for various reasons.


Leo says, curiously, “Yeah, I thought that she would be with you. I heard from Argo that you are best friends after all.”


There are sweat drops from the SAO survivors and Serena, Asuna, and Kazuto think in unison, “I should have known!”


Rika says, nervously, “Well, she…”


Yusei says, with a plain tone, “She is right here actually.” There are surprised looks focused on Yusei and he says to Ami and Trista, “It is good to see you and Ami again, Trista-san.”


Trista says, with a nod, “Nice to see you too, Yusei-san.”


Hotaru asks, surprised, “Trista-mama, you know Yusei Fudo?”


Ami says, with a sigh, “Yusei Fudo was part of the SAO Victim Task Force and worked with us on trying to figure out the NervGear.”


Yusei says, “And I was also part of the group that developed the Amusphere and created the security systems for it.”


There are multiple gasps and Suguha says, stunned, “You created the Amusphere? That’s incredible!”


Yusei responds, “I only helped in its creation and the biggest part was the security systems that we put in it. We wanted to make sure that anything like SAO could never happen again.”


Jack says, “Yeah, we know this. We visited you when you were working on that nightmare and the Amusphere, Yusei. We have two of your ‘co-workers’ here with us.”


Crow asks, “Hold up! Isn’t this girl about eighteen? Doesn’t that mean she was in high school when SAO started?”


Yusei says, with a nod, “Yep, but Ami-san is a genius and it shows. She managed to figure out much about the NervGear more than any of us could have.”


Ami says, with a kind smile, “Thank you, but it wasn’t enough.”


Akiza asks Ami, “Ami-san, why were you working for the SAO Task Force?”


Yusei responds, “It is because a friend of Trista-san’s and Ami-san’s is an SAO victim.”


There are looks of surprise and Jack says, “Hold on! You said ‘is’ Yusei. That means that she must be an SAO survivor too!”


Yusei says, with a nod, “That’s right, Jack. And their friend’s mother was also there.”


There are multiple gasps for different reasons and Raye thinks in her mind, “I do not like where this is going.”


Crow asks, “Wait! This SAO survivor’s mother was part of the task force?”


Yusei says, “I was surprised when I met her. She seemed to be a simple housewife, but she proved to be the only one other than Trista-san and Ami-san to get the mechanics of the NervGear and Full-Dive so well.”


Akiza asks, “What was her name?”


Yusei is then silent for a few moments and he then says, “Before I say anything more, I need for you guys to promise me not to say anything with what about I’m about to tell you.”


Crow asks, confused, “Why?”


Yusei responds, “Because the government doesn’t know that I figured out this information.”


There are gasps of shock and Amara thinks in her mind, “Uh oh.”


Jack tells Yusei, “Information that government doesn’t know that you know, huh? That means that it is big time information that could be big trouble. Why in the world would you go into such dangerous territory, Yusei?”


Yusei says, plainly, “Because I got curious about this person, Jack. The person that I met with Ami-san and Trista-san is Ikuko Tsukino.”


There are gasps of surprise and Kazuto thinks in his mind, “I’m seeing where this is going.”


Crow asks, “So, what?”


Yusei glances at Serena, she nods her head, and Yusei says, with a plain tone, “Because this woman’s maiden name was Kayaba.”


The former Signers give gasps of disbelief and Jack yells out, stunned, “No way!”


Serena thinks in her mind, with a sigh, “I’m majorly busted. I’m not surprised that someone that’s a genius like Ami-chan could figure something like that out.”


Crow says, stunned, “You’re kidding.”


Yusei responds, “I’m not Crow. She had such intimate knowledge for a ‘smart housewife’ that it got me curious and I researched her history in which I was finding that her files were getting ‘locked’ by top level government security. And let’s just say that curiosity got the better of me.”


Jack says, “And thus, you found out that big secret of her relation between her and Kayaba. I’m guessing that she is Kayaba’s sister.” Just then ‘bells’ were ringing in Jack’s mind and he says, “Hold up! That means…”


Yusei asks Serena, “She is your mother, isn’t she…Serena Tsukino-san?”


The former Signers gasp in shock and Serena says, with a nod, “Yes, Yusei-san. She is my mother.”


Akiza then asks, shocked, “That means that you…you are…?”


Serena replies, with a solemn tone, “I…I’m Akihiko Kayaba’s niece. My name is Serena Tsukino, an SAO survivor, and my avatar name was Usagi, who many of the other players knew as ‘The White Valkyrie of Sword Art Online’.”


Leo yells out, flabbergasted, “What?!”


Our Sailor Scouts and SAO survivor give sighs and expressions and Ryoutarou says, “So much for keeping a big secret, bro.”


Jack asks, looking at Serena, “So, this girl…This young lady is the one that defeated her own uncle?!”


Serena asks, “Yes, Atlas-san?”


Jack doesn’t say a word for a moment and he then says, “I was expecting someone tougher looking.”


Serena nearly did an anime face-fault and she says, annoyed, “Hey, I’m tough!”


Jack responds, “Not with those meatballs on your head. You really think that people will take a Meatball Head like you seriously?”


Serena growls and she then yells at Raye, “And you don’t open your trap, Pyro!”


Raye shouts out, “Hey, I didn’t say anything!”


Serena replies, “No, but you were thinking it!”


Raye retorts, with a smirk, “Maybe I was or maybe I wasn’t, Meatball Head.”


Serena growls at Raye and Leo yells out, excitedly, “Oh, wow! So, you’re the ‘White Valkyrie’! The girl with the Black Swordsman that kicked Kayaba’s ass!”


Serena became nervous and Luna tells Leo, “Leo, Kayaba was her uncle before he betrayed her and made us suffer under that nightmare.”


Leo yelps and he says, nervously, “I’m sorry!”


Serena replies, with a kind smile, “You didn’t mean anything by it, Leo-san.”


Mina whisper to Lita and she says, “He is kind of cute, huh? Not bad.”


Lita whispers, with a nod, “Kind of reminds me of my old sempai.”


Raye whispers, annoyed, “Every cute boy reminds you of your sempai, Lita-chan.”


Yusei tells Serena, “Sorry, Serena-san, I didn’t mean to reopen old wounds.”


Serena responds, with a sigh, “I felt that someone was going to figure out my ‘secret’ sooner or later. I can tell that someone like you won’t let it hurt my family, friends, and I.”


Yusei says, “Don’t worry, you have my promise that I will keep it to myself. I can kind of understand you.” Serena gives a confused look and Yusei says, looking outside, “I know how it feels to have a ‘dark legacy’. As the world knows now, my father was the one that created the first Ener-D reactor, the same one that caused the Zero Reverse incident.” FYI: After the battles with Yliaster and Zone-One, the truth about Zero Reverse came to light though Lazar came out of the ‘fallout’ unscathed in which all of the ‘blame’ was focused on the Goodwin family with Yusei’s father being honored as a hero of Neo Domino City for his efforts to prevent such a disaster from happening.


Ami says, “The whole world knows that, Yusei-san. Your father, Professor Fudo, is honored as a hero in his attempt to stop such a thing from happening and one of the greatest inventors of our time.”


Yusei says, with a nod, “True, Ami-san. However, when my father created the Ener-D reactor, in his quest to improve people’s lives, he had opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ which was shown in Zero Reverse and we may never completely close despite my efforts in making the Ener-D reactor safer. When Kayaba created the perfected form of Full-Dive virtual reality technology, he also opened up a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of his own in which what happened in SAO and the earlier version of ALO shows.”


Jack tells Yusei, “True, Yusei. But you have to remember that there are differences between you and the girl here. Your father was the betrayed while Kayaba was the betrayer. Your father tried to stop the evils unleashed by his ‘Pandora’s Box’ while Kayaba embraced them and created a nightmare. Your father will be remembered as a noble hero that lost his life trying to save others while Kayaba will be remembered as the first great cybercriminal causing the deaths of thousands. While there are a few similarities, there are important differences and those differences makes you and the girl a lot different.” Jack starts to walk away and he says, “If you are trying to sympathize with the girl, then don’t. It is those differences that make you unable to completely understand the pain and misery that she feels caused by that nutjob. All you are going to do is reopen those wounds that he caused her and make sure that those wounds become wide open. It is time for her to move on beyond Kayaba and make herself her own woman with her own legacy. Remember the past and learning from it is one thing, but letting it rule you is another. And your attempts to sympathize with her will only make things worse, so, don’t Yusei. It’s time to leave Kayaba where he belongs: Buried.”


As Jack walks away, plenty of the others are surprised and Crow says, with a smirk, “Same old Jack. He has his way with words.”


Darien says, “But very true words I have to admit.” Darien thinks in his mind, looking at his princess in concern, “However, it is a problem for my Meatball Head since those scars have yet to completely fade and Kayaba may be physically dead, he found a way to cheat death and live on somewhere on the net.”


Yusei says, with a plain tone, “Jack has a point.” Yusei tells Serena, “Sorry for any trouble, Tsukino-san.”


Serena says, with a kind smile, “It’s all right, Yusei-san.”


Crow says, with a grin, “And anyway, I can keep your little secret! This crow knows when to keep a secret!”


Akiza says, with a nod, “You helped bring Leo and Luna back to us. It is the least that I can do to repay you.”


Crow says, with a smirk, “And Jack knows how to keep a secret, so, it’s no problem.”


Jack says, with a plain tone, “Whatever.”


Asuna asks Leo and Luna, “Anyway, how are you doing?”


Luna says, with a smile, “We’re okay, Asuna-san. However, our parents have given us private tutors to make up for the time that we missed, but they want us to stay with Yusei and the others. They feel that with such good friends is the best way that we can recover.”


Serena says, with a warm smile, “That’s good to know, Luca… I mean, Luna.”


Leo says, with a grin, “Hey, no problem! I mean, when we got back home, the two of us were so used to our avatar’s name that we didn’t reply to any of our friends or even our parents calling us by our real names!”


Rika says, with a grin, “Yeah, we know how that feels.”


Luna says, with a warm smile, “It took us time to readjust to life back here and to be honest, we are all still readjusting.” Luna tells Rika, “Anyway, you are Lisbeth, aren’t you? I didn’t have time to thank you for that sword. It was the best.”


Rika says, with a smirk, “No problem!”


Serena says, with a smile, “Not surprising that it was so good. Liz’s swords were the best and my two swords shown it.”


Amara asks, “So, what’s going to happen with the tournament?”


Jack responds, “What do you think? It is going to continue on after the repairs to the stadium are done. Like I said, we aren’t going to let nutjobs like Sayer scare us and give them a victory. So, anyway, Suguha-san will be moving onto her next match since she sent that asshole, Sayer, into the next county fair and square.”


Suguha says, with a smile, “You know it, Jack-san.”


Keiko asks Suguha, “Are you sure, Suguha?”


Suguha responds, with a smile, “I’m okay, Keiko.”


Leo says, with a smile, “Anyway, let’s have some fun! I want to duel!”


There are looks of surprise and Luna asks, surprised, “Now, Leo?”


Leo says, with a grin, “Sure! And if I’m going to join Jack in the World Turbo Dueling League, I’m going to need to dust off my deck and get dueling again! Plus, we need to get our minds off of SAO and Sayer!” Leo asks Serena, “Why don’t you duel with me, Serena-san?”


Serena asks, surprised, “Me?”


Leo says, with a smile, “Sure! I saw your duel early on and you were pretty awesome.”


Serena says, “Well, I like dueling.”


Mina says, “Go on, Serena! He belonged to Team 5Ds, the most famous dueling team in the world today! There aren’t many chances to duel someone of his caliber!”


Raye says, with a smirk, “Plus, you are getting rusty, Meatball Head. I saw your duel and you could have won a few turns sooner. Getting your butt kicked by him might help you.”


Serena says, annoyed, “You are such a pain, Pyro!” There are plenty of laughs, nervous or otherwise, from the others and Serena and Leo are outside on a massive porch with outdoor lake with both of them having their duel disk attached to their left wrists. When they activate their duel disks, their decks are shuffled, and their life-point counters display 4000 life-points each as they draw five cards from their decks.


“Let’s duel!” Serena and Leo say in unison as their duel begins.


Starting Scores:

Serena: 4000

Leo: 4000


Lita says, “This is going to be cool!”


Hotaru asks, “Do you think that Serena has a chance?”


Michelle says, “Well, both of them are kind of ‘out of practice’ for two years, Firefly.”


Amara says, “We’ll see.”


Serena says, drawing a card, “I’ll start this duel off and I draw.” Serena says, putting one card on her duel disk, “I play Kaibaman in attack mode!” Soon after, Kaibaman (200/700) appears on the field in attack mode.


Jack asks, surprised, “Kaibaman?”


Yusei says, “That’s familiar.”


Akiza asks, “What do you mean Yusei?”


Yusei responds, “Watch and you’ll find out Akiza.”


Leo says, “Weird looking guy.”


Serena says, putting one card on her duel disk, “He may look weird, but he has a powerful ability. When I release him, I can play one Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my hand!”


There are multiple gasps and Leo shouts out, “What?!” Kaibaman vanishes from the field and Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) appears on the field in attack mode.


There are plenty of gasps and Rika says, stunned, “You have got to be kidding me!”


Akiza says, awe-struck, “That’s… That’s…!!”


Cr ow yells out, flabbergasted, “The legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”


Jack says, stunned, “That’s the ace monster of Seto Kaiba, a legend in Duel Monsters history! He was the one that developed the holographic dueling system and the first Duel Disks in which he was the one that created the prototype for the first Duel Runners and Turbo Dueling itself! He helped make Duel Monsters the game that it is today! And only Yugi Muto, the legendary King of Games, could ever truly beat Seto Kaiba!”


Asuna asks, shocked, “Where did Usagi get such a rare card?”


Raye says, “I was shocked to find out that Meatball Head got it. She won it in consent held by Industrial Illusions.”


Lita says, with a sly grin, “And that’s not the only legendary card that she has in her decks.”


Rika asks, “Decks? As in she has more than one deck?”


Kazuto says, with a smile, “Well, I’m not surprised since she is a hard-core gamer.”


Leo says, nervously, “Wow. I didn’t see this coming.”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Next, I play Mirage of Nightmare! During your next Standby Phase, I draw until I have four cards in my hand, but during my next Standby Phase, I get rid as many as I drew with this effect.” Serena says, putting three cards into the spell/trap slots, “And then I end my turn with three face-downs.”


Leo says, a bit nervously, “Well, it’s my turn.”


Serena says, drawing four cards from her deck, “And it’s my draw.” Serena says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “Then I activate my Emergency Provisions!” One of Serena’s face-down cards is revealed to be Emergency Provisions Quick-Play spell card and Serena says, “Now, by destroying one spell or trap card on my field, I gain a grand in life-points and I choose Mirage of Nightmare!”


As Serena’s Mirage of Nightmare continuous spell card hologram vanishes from the field, Jack says, “She is pretty good. Uses Mirage’s effect to get more cards and then gets rid it before it hurts her as well as getting more life-points in the process.”


Crow says, “And it isn’t looking good for Leo.”


Leo says, putting one card on his duel disk, “Okay, I play Morphtronic Magnen in defense mode!” Soon after, Morphtronic Magnen (800/800) appears on the field in defense mode and Leo says, putting one card into the spell/trap slot, “Then I play my Double Summon and this allows me to play another monster!” Leo puts another card on his duel disk and he yells out, “And I choose another Morphtronic Magnen in defense mode!” Just then another Morphtronic Magnen (800/800) appears on the field and the two of them then connect together.


Serena asks, “Huh?”


Leo says, with a grin, “Thanks to my Magnen’s ability! You can’t attack any other card other than my Magnen!”


Serena responds, “Wait! Since you have two, I can’t attack either of them!”


Leo says, with a sly smirk, “That’s right! Even with a big bad Blue-Eyes White Dragon, you can’t get me if you can’t attack!” Leo says, putting two cards into the spell/trap slots, “Then I place two cards face-down and end my turn!”


Serena says, drawing a card, “Okay, it’s my move!”


Suguha asks, “What can Serena do now that she can’t attack?”


Kazuto tells Suguha, with a smile, “Don’t be too sure, Sugu.”


Mina says, with a smile, “When it comes to dueling, Serena always has a trick or two up her sleeve!”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Burst Stream of Destruction spell card! Since I have Blue-Eyes on the field, I can destroy your monsters on your field automatically!”


Akiza says, “That’s not good for Leo.”


Crow says, “Unless he does something, his magnets are busted!”


Blue-Eyes White Dragon unleashes a sphere of energy and Leo says, with a grin, “Too bad! I activate my Morphtronic Force field trap card!” Leo pushes a button on his duel disk and one of his face-down is revealed to be the Morphtronic Force field counter-trap card and Leo says, “Since you tried to destroy my Morphtronics with a spell, this card negates that!” A force-field surrounds both Morphtronic Magnen and negating the sphere of energy that heads towards him. A card comes out of Leo’s deck and he says, putting it into his hands, “And I also get another Morphtronic card from my deck into my hand!”


Rika says, “I thought that Serena had him.”


Keiko says, “Your brother is good, Luca… I mean, Luna.”


Luna says, with a smile, “He is, but he can get a bit full of himself.”


Lita says, “And Serena hasn’t yet begun to duel.”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Ancient Rules spell card and I can play one level five or above Normal monster from my hand right now!” Serena says, putting one card on her duel disk, “And I choose Red-Eyes Black Dragon!” Soon after, Red-Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000) appears on the field in attack mode.


There are more gasps and Crow says, amazed, “Whoa! That’s another rare legendary card!”


Yusei says, with a nod, “No kidding, Crow! This card is said to rival the Blue-Eyes White Dragon series of cards in power and ability!”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I activate my Inferno Fire Blast spell card! Since I have Red-Eyes on the field, you take damage equal to his original attack points!”


Leo says, shocked, “No way!” Red-Eyes fire a dark fireball at Leo and he yelps as he loses 2400 life-points.


Rika says, excitedly, “Way to go, girlfriend!”


Asuna says, “I never knew that Usagi was such a talented duelist.”


Suguha says, with a nod, “Yeah, Asuna. She’s incredible.”


Amara says, with a smile, “Never underestimate Dumping when it comes to Duel Monsters.”


Michelle says, with a giggle, “Or you might end up pretty burned.”


Leo says, with a grin, “Hey! Pretty good, but I’m not done yet!”


Serena says, with a smile, “Well, you are going to have to prove that to me, Leo.”


Current Score:

Serena: 5000

Leo: 1600


Leo says, drawing a card, “You are about to find out!” Leo says, putting one card on his duel disk, “I play good old Morphtronic Celfon in attack mode!” Morphtronic Celfon (100/100) then appears on the field in attack mode and Leo says, “And now, he chooses a random number from one to six in which I draw that many cards and if there are any Morphtronic monsters in the cards that I draw, I can play them!” Soon after, the numbers on the chest of Celfon and stop at the number 4 in which Leo takes the top four cards out of his deck causing him to put one on his deck and yell out, “Oh, yeah! It’s time for Morphtronic Remoten!” Soon after, Morphtronic Remoten (300/1200) appears on the field in attack mode, Leo returns the other cards to his deck, which is shuffled, and then Leo yells out, “And now, I tune one of my Remoten with one of my Magnen and Celfon to bring in a guy that really super-charge this duel!” Remoten turns into three stars that turn into three rings that surround Magnen and Celfon, making them become transparent, and causing a column of light to appear while puts a Synchro Monster card from his Extra Deck on his duel disk. Leo shouts out, “Say hello to my buddy: Power Tool Dragon!” Soon after, Power Tool Dragon (2300/2500) appears on the field in attack mode.


Keiko says, “Wow.”


Rika says, with a nod, “No bad.”


Leo says, “Not bad, huh? Well, it is going to get better thanks to my dragon’s ability!” Just then three cards come out of his deck and he says, “Now, I take out three random equip spells and you have to choose one which goes to my hand while the other two return to my deck!”


Serena says, a bit nervously, “I choose the middle one.”


Leo returns the other two cards to his deck, which is shuffled, and Leo says, with a grin, “Well, you win some and you lose some, but I really won with that card!” Leo says, putting two cards into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Break Draw equip spell with the card that you gave me: Double Tool C&D!” Just then a buzz and drill take the place of Power Tool’s original ‘hands’ and Leo says, “And when my dragon attacks, he gets one thousand attack points!”


Serena says, nervously, “Oh, boy.”


Leo says, pushing a button on his duel disk, “However, it gets worse, girlfriend! I activate my Metalmorph trap card!” Leo’s final face-down card is revealed to be the Metalmorph trap card and Leo says, “And now, I equip it to good old Power Tool and he gets a power boost of three hundred points!” Power Tool Dragon’s body becomes shiny as it goes from 2300/2500 to 2600/2800 and Leo says, with a grin, “And when it attacks a monster, it gains half of the monster’s attack power!”


Serena says, really nervously, “Oh, boy!”


Kazuto says, “That’s not good for Serena at all.”


Suguha says, “Thanks to those two cards, Double Tool and Metalmorph, Power Tool Dragon gains twenty-five hundred attack points since he is going to be going after Serena’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon.”


Rika says, shocked, “No way!” Power Tool Dragon goes from 2600/2800 to 5100/2800 and Power Tool Dragon cuts into Blue-Eyes White Dragon, who roars out in pain and then explodes into data particles causing Serena to lose 2100 life-points in which she yelps as for a brief instant she saw what happened to her fellow SAO victims back in SAO.


Plenty of the others are shocked and Hotaru says, concerned, “Serena!”


Amara says, “Easy, firefly. She isn’t done yet.”


Leo says, drawing a card, “And thanks to Break Draw, I get a card since I managed to beat your dragon’s butt!” Leo says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I end my turn with a face-down!”


Current Score:

Serena: 2900

Leo: 1600


Akiza says, with a smile, “Leo managed to make the score a bit more even.”


Crow says, with a grin, “Guess he isn’t as rusty as we thought.”


Yusei says, “This duel isn’t over yet, Crow.”


Yusei looks at Serena, seeing her widening eyes, causing Yusei to get a bit concerned, and Serena thinks in her mind, “Get it together Serena! You have to get over this!” Serena takes a deep breath, draws a card, and she says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “My turn! And I’ll start off with my Soul Resurrection trap card!” Serena’s face-down card is revealed to be the Soul Resurrection continuous trap card and she says, “Now, I can revive one Normal monster from my grave in defense mode and you know who is coming back Leo-san.” Soon after, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) returns to the field in defense mode.


Kazuto says, “Too bad that she can’t use it to attack, but then again, she couldn’t attack anyway.”


Asuna asks, “What do you mean?”


Kazuto says, “Double Tool prevents any of Serena’s monsters from attacking any other monster that the monster equipped with that equip spell during their turn, but Leo-san still has another Magnen in defense mode which also prevents any of Serena’s monsters from any other monster other than it, Asuna.”


There are gasps and Keiko asks, “So, Serena can’t attack any of Leo-san’s monsters?”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “Exactly, Silica.”


Rika says, with a whistle, “That’s good for him. He had that planned all along.”


Kazuto says, with a nod, “Yep.”


Lita asks, “How is Serena going to get out of this one?”


Raye respond, “By doing the unexpected, duh!”


Serena says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “Then I activate my Take One Chance trap card!” Serena’s final face-down card revealed to be the Take One Chance trap card and Serena says, as all the cards in her graveyard come out face-down, “Now, I choose one random card in my grave and I have to use that card immediately!”


Leo thinks in his mind, “She is going to attempt to hit me with Inferno Fire Blast again, but I’m ready with my face-down card: Hollowed Life Barrier!”


Serena takes one card from her graveyard pile, puts it into the spell/trap slots, and she says, “And now, I play Burst Stream of Destruction! Since Blue-Eyes White Dragon is on my field, all of your monsters are now goners!”


As Blue-Eyes White Dragon unleashes spheres of energy on Magnen and Power Tool, Leo says, with a growl, “Man! There is nothing that I can do for my Magnen, but I can get rid of my Break Draw to keep my Power Tool safe!” The sphere of energy that attacks Power Tool is negated, but Magnen is destroyed.


Serena says, putting one card on her duel disk, “Next, I release my good dragon friends, Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes!”


As both monsters vanish from the field, Leo asks, confused, “What? You are sending them to the graveyard!”


Serena says, with a nod, “Yes, they have helped me, but I must give them up. However, they won’t have gone to the graveyard in vein since they have allowed me to play my Dark Magician!” In a bright flash, Dark Magician (2500/2100), which looks exactly like the Dark Magician of Yugi Moto’s era, appears on the field in attack mode.


There are gasps of shock and Luna says, stunned, “Incredible!”


Jack says, shocked, “That’s the ace monster of the King of Games himself! I don’t believe it!”


Suguha says, “I never knew that card still existed!”


Leo says, shocked, “I can’t believe it!”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “And now, I play my Dark Magic Attack spell card! Since Dark Magician is on my field, all of your spell and trap cards are goners!”


Leo yells out, “No way!” Dark Magician then unleashes a magical wave that destroys Leo’s Metalmorph trap, Double Tool equip spell, and face-down trap card.


Crow says, amazed, “Leo has nothing to protect his dragon!”


Serena yells out, “Dark Magician, attack Power Tool Dragon with Dark Magic Attack!” Dark Magician hits Power Tool Dragon with a sphere of mystical energy and it explodes into pieces as Leo loses 200 life-points.


Leo says, “Oh, man! Power Tool!”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I end my turn with a face-down.”


Current Score:

Serena: 2900

Leo: 1400


Lita says, with a smirk, “Serena turned this duel around with one move!”


Mina says, with a grin, “No joke, Lita! Serena hasn’t lost her touch one bit!”


Leo says, drawing a card, “It’s my turn now!” Leo says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Awesome! It’s Pot of Greed!” Leo draws two more cards, puts one into the spell/trap slots, and he yells out, “And now, I play Monster Reborn to revive good old Power Tool!” Soon after, Power Tool Dragon (2300/2500) reappears on the field in attack mode. Leo says, putting one card onto his duel disk, “Then I play Morphtronic Lantron in attack mode!” Morphtronic Lantron (200/200) then appears on the field in attack mode and Leo says, “And then I tune Lantron with Power Tool Dragon to summon my ultimate monster!” Lantron turns into one star and one ring that surround Power Tool Dragon, making it become transparent, and making a column of light appear on the field as Leo puts a Synchro Monster card from his Extra Deck on his duel disk. He shouts out, “The courage and power to protect the future of the planet is a revolution! Synchro Summon! Let’s go, Life Stream Dragon!” Out of the light, Life Stream Dragon (2900/2400) appears on the field in attack mode.


Plenty of the others are awe-struck by the dragon and Keiko says, amazed, “It’s beautiful.”


Leo says, as Life Stream Dragon glows, “And when my friend is brought to the field, my life-points automatically return back to four thousand!”


Serena asks, shocked, “Huh?” Leo is then bathed in Life Stream Dragon’s glow and his life-points return to their original value at the start of the duel.


Lita says, “Oh, man! That’s not good for Serena!”


Raye says, drolly, “No joke, Lita-chan.”


Leo yells out, “Life Stream Dragon, take out her Dark Magician!” Life Stream Dragon then impales Dark Magician and he yelps as he is destroyed while costing 400 life-points.


Serena says, shocked, “No, my Dark Magician!”


Crow says, “Ouch! Leo made her magician disappear and not in a good way.”


Jack says, “No kidding, Crow.”


Serena says, pushing a button on her duel disk, “I activate my Synchron Justice trap card!” Serena’s face-down card is revealed to be a trap card with a picture of a scale with a monster on one scale and a Synchro monster on the other in which Serena says, “Thanks to this trap card, when a high level monster is destroyed, I can play one Synchro Monster as long as its level equals or is less than the monster destroyed and its attack power is less or equal to the monster to the monster destroyed!” A card comes out of Serena’s Extra Deck and Luna feels an ominous feeling from her deck.


Luna thinks in her mind, “What’s this feeling from my deck? I feel…It feels like my Ancient Fairy Dragon is telling me something.”


Serena puts a Synchro Monster card from her Extra Deck on her duel disk and she yells out, “And now, I play Ancient Pixie Dragon in attack mode!” Soon after, Ancient Pixie Dragon (2100/3000), a ‘darker version’ of Ancient Fairy Dragon, appears on the field in attack mode.


There are gasps of shock and Akiza says, stunned, “Ancient PIXIE Dragon? That looks like Ancient Fairy Dragon!”


Yusei says, with a serious tone, “Only darker.”


Jack asks Serena’s friends, “What is this?”


Lita says, stunned, “Hey, don’t look at us! I didn’t even know that she had that card!” However, Darien is intently focusing on Serena as her eyes widen as her memories of her time in SAO flash before her ‘mind’s eye’ causing her breathing to become harder.


Darien thinks in his mind, “There’s something wrong.”


Serena thinks in her mind, panic tone in her voice, “No, not again! I can’t go through that again!”


Serena shakes her head and Leo asks, “Hey, are you okay?”


Serena replies, in a somewhat hasty tone, “I’m okay.”


Leo says, “Okay, I end my turn.”


Current Score:

Serena: 2500

Leo: 4000  

As the others look on, Raye thinks in her mind, concerned, “Something’s wrong! This duel shouldn’t go on!”


Serena draws a card and she says, her tone becoming more serious, “My draw!” Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Card of Sanctity! Both of us have to draw until we have a full hand!” Serena and Leo draw from their decks until they have six cards in their hands and Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Next, I activate Silent Doom in order to revive my Dark Magician!” Just then Dark Magician (2500/2100) returns to the field in defense mode and Serena says, putting another card into the spell/trap slots, “Now, I activate Polymerization! And I fuse Buster Blader with my Dark Magician!” Serena discards a card to the graveyard, Buster Blader (2600/2300) appears on the field, and goes into a fusion vortex in which Serena puts a Fusion Monster card from her Extra Deck on her duel disk. Serena yells out, “Now, my Dark Paladin!” Out of the fusion vortex, Dark Paladin (2900/2400) comes to the field in attack mode and Serena says, “And thanks to his ability, he gains five hundred attack points for every dragon on the field and in the graveyard!”


Leo asks, stunned, “Huh?”


Yusei says, “And since there are two dragons on the field and two in Serena’s graveyard, it means that Dark Paladin gains two grand in attack points!” Dark Paladin then goes from 2900/2400 to 4900/2400!


Leo shouts out, shocked, “Nearly five thousand attack points!”


Serena says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “Then I activate my Fusion Transference spell card and for this turn, one Fusion Monster’s power is added to another monster’s power on the field!” Soon after, Dark Paladin goes from 4900/2400 to 0/2400 while Ancient Pixie Dragon goes from 2100/3000 to 7000/3000 and Serena yells out, strongly, “Attack! End this duel with Fairy Whip!”


As Ancient Pixie Dragon lashes out with its tail towards Life Stream Dragon, Luna says, concerned, “Leo!”


Leo discards one card from his hand and he yells out, “I activate the effect of my Gadget Trapper! When I discard him from my hand, I can play one trap card from my hand!” Leo says, putting one card into the spell/trap slots, “I activate my Champion’s Storm trap card! My monster isn’t destroyed and you lose the same amount of damage as I do!”


Serena asks, stunned, “Huh?”


Amara says, seriously, “That means that this duel is a draw!” Life Stream Dragon counterattacks and their attacks hit each other in the middle causing a massive explosion of wind and light that forces everyone to cover their eyes in which there is glow coming from the decks of the former Signers as well as Life Stream Dragon. When they are able to open their eyes, everyone see that both Ancient Pixie and Life Stream Dragons are still fighting it out.


Rika asks, “What’s going on here?”


Crow says, seeing the glow coming from his deck, “Hey!” The former Signers take out their decks, take a card from them, and they can see their ace dragon monsters, Stardust Dragon (2500/2000), Red Dragon Archfiend (3000/2500), Black-Winged Dragon (2800/1600), Black Rose Dragon (2400/1800), and Ancient Fairy Dragon (2100/3000) Synchro Monster cards, are glowing with a familiar red light.


Akiza says, shocked, “Our dragons!”


Jack says, stunned, “They’re glowing!” Suguha then notices something from her deck and she takes out her Black Rose Moonlight Dragon (2400/1800) Synchro Monster card in which a rainbow glow is coming from her card.


Suguha thinks in her mind, confused, “What’s going on here?!” Just then a dark aura comes from Ancient Pixie Dragon and some from Black Rose Moonlight Dragon which shoot up into the sky along with red light from the former Signers’ Synchro dragon cards along with Life Stream Dragon. Soon after, that ‘red light’ takes the familiar form of none other than the Crimson Dragon!


Everyone gasps in shock and Keiko asks, nervously, “What is that?”


Ryoutarou yells out, with a stunned tone, “A big ass dragon!”


Akiza says, shocked, “The Crimson Dragon! It’s back!” But then the ‘dark energy’ then takes the form of a dark sinister version of the Crimson Dragon in front of the Crimson Dragon.


Crow asks, “Wait! Another Crimson Dragon?”


Yusei says, with a serious tone, “I don’t think that’s the Crimson Dragon, Crow!”


Jack says, “But a darker copy of him!” The two ‘energy dragons’ give out mighty roars of power creating a massive wind storm before they clash and engulf everyone in a massive light in which Darien, on pure instinct alone, tries to go to the young woman he loves, but the light is too strong for him.


As they are engulfed, Rika and Raye shouts out in unison, “What’s going on here?” When they are able to open their eyes, everyone, minus Suguha and Serena, find themselves floating what looks like space.


Keiko grabs onto Rika and she asks, “What’s going on Rika?”


Rika retorts, “You are asking me?”


With the Sailor Scouts, Lita whispers, “What just happened?”


Raye says, in a whisper, “Two powerful forces just seemed to clash with each other. That red dragon seemed to be full of the power of life and light while the other, the red dragon’s ‘dark counterpart’, seems to be a ‘dark power’ and filled with a chaotic force.”


Trista says, in a whisper, “The ‘red dragon’ is the mighty Crimson Dragon, a force of life and balance, which was once a star known as the ‘Dragon’s Star’, a sentient living star that loved all life.”


The Sailor Scouts gasp and Mina asks, in a whisper, “A LIVING Star?”


Amara asks, in a whisper, “So, it is some kind of guardian?”


Trista says, with a nod, “A sovereign power that seeks to protect all life in the universe, especially Earth, and when the world is in danger and in needs of its power, the Crimson Dragon gives its power to a group of human warriors known as Signers, each one bearing a ‘mark’ similar to a tattoo that contains a piece of the Crimson Dragon’s body and its power, in which all of them together united allow the Crimson Dragon to appear before us. Yusei Fudo and his friends are the previous warriors of the Crimson Dragon and their Synchro dragon monsters are the warrior dragons of the Crimson Dragon known as the Signer Dragons.”


Lita asks, in a whisper and stunned, “You’re kidding me?” Seemly unknown to the Sailor Scouts, Yusei manages to listen in and narrows his eyes at Trista.


Darien whispers, “Why is it back now? And where is Serena?”


Just then a booming voice is heard by everyone saying, “It was only the beginning! The war of the two starts anew and the last secrets of the golden age long past is soon to be revealed which shall bring forth the Chaos Dragon, opponent of the mighty Dragon Star, which herald the return of many forces of darkness long thought buried! The previous warriors of the Dragon Star shall train a new generation and unite the Duel Priests and Priestess of the six guardian dragons of the seal of the Chaos Dragon! Secrets revealed, past, present, and futures collide, and the choice of a path must be made!”


Keiko asks, fearfully, “What was that?”


Asuna asks, nervously, “Kirito-kun?”


Kazuto responds, “I wish I knew, Asuna.”


Jack yells out, “What kind of gibberish is this now?”


The voice then booms out, “It was only just the beginning!” Soon after, the scene then transforms and the group find themselves floating in the middle of a large town that’s familiar to the SAO survivors.


Leo says, a bit fearfully, “No way…”


Crow asks Leo, “Leo, what’s wrong?”


Luna says, nervously, “This is…This is the Town of Beginnings in SAO!”


There are gasps and Akiza asks, stunned, “What?”


Kazuto says, shocked, “Impossible…”

Asuna says, a bit fearfully, “It can’t be…”


Mina says, looking down, “Down there!” Everyone then looks to see a large group of nearly ten thousand people below them in the main square.


Lita asks, confused, “What’s going on here?” Soon after, the scene then turns red with the words ‘Warning’ and ‘System Announcement’ appear in the skies above.


Rika says, nervously, “No way…This is…This is…”


Kazuto says, stunned, “November Six, Twenty-Twenty-Two. The first day of Sword Art Online.”


There are multiple gasps and Raye asks, “Are you sure, Kazuto?”


Kazuto says, his eyes narrowing, “I remember this horrible day as if it were yesterday.” Soon enough, everyone witnesses the massive SAO GM avatar appears and explains in Kayaba’s voice on what’s going on.


Ryoutarou says, with a sneer, “Yeah, this is the start of our nightmare for two long years.”


Crow asks, “So, we are seeing into the past?”


Yusei says, “It looks like it Crow! We are seeing what happened on day one of SAO!”


Keiko says, fearfully, “Why are we seeing this again? Please make it stop!”


As they see the events progress with the player’s avatar transformed to look like their real world selves, Hotaru asks, “So, this is what happened on the first day to them?”


Amara says, looking around, “Wait! If this is the past and this is the first day of SAO, then Serena, as Usagi, should be here!”


Raye says, “It’s a massive crowd, Amara. She could have been anywhere.”


Ami then looks over to an area and she yells out, pointing, “Over there!” Everyone then looks to see Serena, in the ‘early form’ of her SAO avatar of Usagi, looking at the event from the balcony of the inn that she was in at time.


Lita says, “That’s Serena all right.”


Mina asks, “What’s she doing over there?”


Kazuto says, “I think that Kayaba teleported her over there to keep her away from the rest of us. It must be his way of ‘protecting her’.”


Darien’s eyes narrow, his right hand turns into a fist, and he says, with a sneer, “If he wanted to protect my beloved hime, he would never have done this in the first place.” Darien’s anger grows as he sees the look of distress in his beloved’s eyes even though this is just a scene from the past. However, what the others don’t know is that Suguha Kirigaya is ‘inside’ of this ‘past form’ of Serena and she is experiencing the emotions that Serena/Usagi went through on the first day of SAO.


Suguha thinks, shocked, “This pain! This horror…distress…disbelief…and pain! Is what Serena went through on the first day of SAO? After that monster shattered her dream for this game and turned it into a living nightmare?!” The others then continue to watch the scene of the past unfold as the SAO GM avatar vanish, the ‘sky’ returns to ‘normal’, and the massive panic begins where Leo and Luna, in their SAO avatar forms of Rua and Luca, are hugging each other and calling out for their family and friends, Kirito racing off with Klein from the crowd, and Usagi’s lonely emotional breakdown.


Hotaru says, with tears in her eyes, “This is…This is just horrible!” Hotaru, unable to look, hides her face in the waist and chest of Michelle, who hugs her.


Ami says, horrified, “Oh, Serena…”


Rika says, with tears in her eyes, “I don’t blame her…”


Keiko says, with tears of fear and pain in her eyes, “It was a nightmare. Just a nightmare.” Darien’s expression twists in pure anger and rage as he watches what happened to his beloved on this infamous day and his rage towards Kayaba, which was already large, continues to grow. Soon after, there is a bright light that forces everyone to cover their eyes and when they are able to look, they find themselves within the Moon Kingdom palace.


Crow asks, “Where are we?”


Akiza says, confused, “I don’t know.” However, the Sailor Scouts, Darien, and SAO survivors knew exactly where they are and in a bright light, Serena appears in front of Darien.


Darien says, shocked, “Serena!” Everyone looks to see Serena collapse into Darien’s arms and he asks, worriedly, “Serena? Serena?!”


Serena moans out as she slowly wakes up and she asks, weakly, “Darien?” Serena holds her head and she says, “Ow. My head.”


Raye asks, “Are you okay Meatball Head?”


Serena retorts, “Do I look okay, Pyro?” When Serena regains her senses, she gasps at realizing where she is, but the others make a motion to stay silent and point to the former Signers.


Before anything could be said or done, a familiar female voice shouts out, “Selene! Selene, wait!” Everyone then looks to see none other than Serena’s ‘previous self’, Princess Serenity, running down the hallway to someone that looks exactly like Sailor Celestial, minus her Eternal level wings and broach.


This Sailor Celestial asks, in Suguha’s/Sailor Celestial’s exact voice, “Serenity, what are you doing?”


Princess Serenity responds, “Sister, what are you doing?”


There are mental gasps from many of the others and Raye thinks in her mind, “Did Serena’s past self call Sailor Celestial sister?”


Sailor Celestial responds, “What do you think that I’m doing?”


Princess Serenity tells Sailor Celestial, “But he…”


Sailor Celestial yells out, “Don’t say that about ‘that man’! He betrayed us! He betrayed mother! He betrayed you! And he betrayed everyone!” Sailor Celestial says, with tears in her eyes, “It is the reason that Metallia got her wretched hands on the people of Earth in the first place! His selfish self-righteous has started this and the only reason that your beloved is the only one not effected is his noble heritage and heart! You and Endymon could have finally completed the unity of the moon, sun, and the Earth, but his stupid self-righteous actions prevent that and allowed Metallia to use the fear and greed of the humans hearts to manipulate them into her pawns which could bring an end to us all! All for this stupid castle! All for this stupid Aincrad!”


There are gasps of shock and Kazuto asks, “Did she just say Aincrad?”


Sailor Celestial tells Princess Serenity, “Serenity, I have to stop him. I have to end this or he could be a worse threat than Metallia. You know this to be true.”


Princess Serenity says, with a solemn nod, “Yes, I know. But you are my sister.”


Sailor Celestial says, with a warm smile, “I know, sis. Now, stay here. Your beloved is going to need you. He is going to need a place to fall back and hope to give him strength to get back his people from Metallia.” Princess Serenity nods as Sailor Celestial walks off with a deadly determined look in her eyes to prepare for what seems like a battle ahead.


Princess Serenity says, “Be careful, Selene.” Soon after, the scene switches to the top of massive structure that’s exactly like Aincrad where we find Sailor Celestial with Black Rose Moonlight Dragon fighting against someone that looks exactly like Kayaba in his SAO avatar of Heathcliff with silver-blue and white massive dragon.


‘Heathcliff’ yells out, in Kayaba’s exact voice, “Do you know what you have done?”


Sailor Celestial responds, “I know exactly what I have done, you traitor!”


‘Heathcliff’ says, with a sigh, “I’m not surprised that you wouldn’t understand.”


Sailor Celestial shouts out, strongly, “I understand plenty! You are just too blinded by your stupid dream to know the dreams and lives that you have destroyed, you self-righteous asshole! You’ve betrayed us all and the time for talk is over!”


‘Heathcliff’ responds, “Yes, I believe that you are right.” ‘Heathcliff’ draws his sword from his large shield while Sailor Celestial draws two swords that look exactly like Elucidator and Dark Repulser.


Sailor Celestial tells Black Rose Moonlight Dragon, “Thank you for your help, Black Rose. I know that it was risk to restore you to your original form using my power, but I’m glad that you understood my need to stop him.”


‘Heathcliff’ tells Sailor Celestial, with a smile, “You have become one with the dragon. You are a true ‘Duel Priestess’.”


Yusei thinks in his mind, “Duel Priestess?”


Akiza thinks in her mind, “Black Rose Dragon’s ‘original form’?”


Sailor Celestial says, “Save your praise for someone who cares.” Sailor Celestial yells out, “Black Rose Moonlight Dragon, finish off Ascension Sky Dragon!”


‘Heathcliff’ responds, “Now, my Duel Dragon, Ascension Sky Dragon, attack Black Rose!” Both dragons roar as they attack each other while Sailor Celestial and ‘Heathcliff’ charge in for the kill. ‘Heathcliff’ shouts out, as his sword glows, “Divine Blade!


Sailor Celestial’s two swords glow and she yells out, “Starburst Stream!” Sailor Celestial’s and ‘Heathcliff’s’ swords clash creating a massive light forcing everyone to cover their eyes in which sounds of metal slicing through flesh is heard. When the light dies down enough for everyone to see, they see ‘Heathcliff’ and Sailor Celestial, sporting lethal wounds, flying backwards from each other.


‘Heathcliff’ coughs out, “My dream…my world…No, the dream of worlds beyond this one…Aincrad will fly again…”


Sailor Celestial coughs out, “Never…And if it does…I will…end this…somehow…someway…I will protect…this universe…and beyond from you…and your legacy…” Soon after, the two of them collapse to the ground and Serena and Kazuto had to greatly suppress the urge to run out to Sailor Celestial.


Luna asks, “What…What is all this?”


The voice that nearly all of them, minus Serena, booms out, “The shadow of the ‘castle of death’ still looms and the war of the two still has no victor. There can only be one!”


Jack yells out, “What is this? Who are you? What do you mean?”


Just then a familiar female voice responds, “SAO was not the end, but it wasn’t the beginning.” Everyone then looks to see Suguha Kirigaya with a blank look in her expression looking at the scene some distance away from the others.


Kazuto asks, surprised, “Sugu?”


Kazuto takes a step forward and Darien says, “Wait, Kazuto!”


Suguha says, in an emotionless tone that’s not like her at all, “Sword Art Online didn’t start over two years ago, it had started over a millennia ago.”


Crow asks, surprised, “Huh?” Suguha turns to face them, transforms into her ALO avatar of Leafa, and looks at them with the same emotionless expression that’s unlike her at all.


Leafa says, “SAO wasn’t just a ‘death game’. It is a war between two warriors and a betrayal that repeats itself to this day. One, a ‘miracle child’ supposed destined for greatness along with his sister, and the two, a self-righteous monster that put his dream, a precious castle, over everyone else and doomed a golden age and so many people to death and destruction.” Leafa then ‘transforms’ into Eternal Sailor Celestial and she says, “The war has repeated itself today and ten thousand people were dragged into that war in which about four thousand of these people died. Died in insanity that should have died centuries ago and a tragedy that I won’t let go unpunished.” Eternal Sailor Celestial then goes into her ‘other self’ and the ‘other Sailor Celestial’ transforms into Eternal Sailor Celestial and completely healed in which ‘Heathcliff’ glows and gets to his feet also completely healed.


‘Heathcliff’ says, “Yes, it is time…”


Sailor Celestial then says, continuing, “…to finish this…”


‘Heathcliff’ and Sailor Celestial yell out in unison, finishing, “…Once and for all!” Sailor Celestial and ‘Heathcliff’ charge at each other once more, their swords glowing, and when they clash, they unleash a powerful blast of light that forces everyone to cover their eyes.


Yusei shouts out, stunned, “What’s happening?” When the light fades and everyone opens their eyes, they find themselves back on the porch garden of Leo’s and Luna’s former home where they see Ancient Pixie Dragon and Life Stream Dragon frozen and greyed out before they shatter into data particles with both Serena’s and Leo’s life-points hitting zero at the same time.


Final Score:

Serena: 0 (tie)

Leo: 0 (tie)


Raye asks, “What the heck was that?” Just then everyone hears two ‘thumps’ in which they see Serena collapsed onto the floor on her back while Suguha is also collapsed down on her stomach.


Kazuto says, shocked and greatly concerned, “Sugu!”


Darien and the Scout yell out in unison, shocked and greatly concerned, “Serena!” Darien and the Sailor Scouts rush over to Serena while Kazuto and his friends from SAO go over to Suguha in which Kazuto puts her in his arms with Darien putting Serena into his arms.


Jack asks, confused, “What in the world?”


Just then Yusei notices a glow from his right arm and he yells out, “My arm!” Soon enough, the other former Signers notice it as well and they roll over their sleeves to see their respective Mark of the Dragon, head, wings, legs, tail, and heart, on their respective arms, but they are in gold instead of dark crimson red when not glowing crimson red.


Akiza says, stunned, “My Mark of the Dragon!”


Leo says, shocked, “Same here!”


Crow asks, “Hold up! They are in gold not crimson! Why?”


Yusei says, looking at the SAO survivors and Sailor Scouts, “I don’t know, Crow, but I think that it might be connected to them.”


Akiza asks, “What was that all about Yusei? What was that other ‘dark dragon’ fighting with the Crimson Dragon? Those visions?”


Yusei says, “I don’t know, Akiza, but there may be more to SAO than we original thought.” Yusei thinks in his mind, “I’ve got a bad feeling that I know what that voice meant when it said: ‘It was only just the beginning’.” Unconsciously, for some reason, Yusei is rubbing his now golden Mark of the Dragon as if sensing something.


June 21, 2025, Alfheim Online, Yggdrasil City


Within the newly revamped Alfheim Online, we find ourselves within a home inside of Yggdrasil City, the new ‘capital’ of Alfheim after it was revamped by Ymir, the new company that took over the running of the game from disbanded RECT progress and its parent company, which is still recovering from the scandal caused by Sugou Nobuyuki, where we find the Salamander, Dai, and the Undine, Akari, getting to their feet and shaking their heads.


Dai says, “Ow! My aching head!” Dai then goes over to Akari and he asks her, “Kari-chan, are you okay?”


Akari responds, with a nod, “I’m okay, Dai-kun.”


Dai asks, “What happened to us?”


Akari says, shaking her head, “I don’t know Dai-kun. Our right arms felt like they were getting burned, visions, and I blanked out.”


Dai says, “Man! That was weird!”


Akari asks, “What’s happening to us, Dai-kun?”


Dai responds, with a sigh, “I wish I knew, Kari-chan.” Dai says, going to the door of the virtual house that they are in, “Anyway, I’m going to need to clear my head.”


Akari responds, with a smile, “By pounding someone, Dai-kun.”


Dai says, with a grin, “Hey, we may be stuck in the virtual universe, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it.”


As Dai walks away, Akari says, with a sigh, “Oh, Dai-kun…”


June 21, 2025, Alfheim Online


In the skies of Alfheim Online, Darien and the Sailor Scouts, in their ALO avatars, are with Kirito, Leafa, Asuna, Silica, Klein, and Lisbeth in which we can get a look at Asuna’s, Silica’s, Klein’s, and Lisbeth’s new ALO avatars.

Asuna’s ALO avatar has facial features that aren’t different from her SAO avatar and real-life self other than her hair and eyes are colored blue, she has elf-like pointed ear, and she is wearing a white and dark blue tight fitting dress with the skirt area of her dress having ‘extensions’ that go all around her skirt, expect for the front, and go down to just above her ankles, white sleeves across most of her arms, dark blue stockings that covers half-way of her thighs, and white high-heeled boots. Her fairy race, as seen by her hair, is Undine.


Lisbeth’s new ALO avatar is, like Asuna’s ALO avatar, similar to her SAO avatar other than she has pointed elf-like ears and she is wearing a red and white dress and also has brown boots along with armored chest plate, armored gloves, and an armored left shoulder plate. Her fairy race is Leprechaun, which are different from the other fairy types of ALO since they have mechanical style wings.


Silica’s new ALO avatar is, like Asuna and Lisbeth, is similar in appearance to her SAO avatar, but her brown hair is messier and she has two cat-like ears coming out of her scalp and she is wearing a blue and black outfit with blue jacket over a silver armor chest plate, black stockings, and dark blue boots. Her fairy race is the beast tamer Cait Sith and her dragon partner from SAO, Pina, is sitting on her shoulders.


Klein’s new ALO avatar, like Asuna, Lisbeth, and Silica, is similar to his appearance in SAO, expect that he has elf-like ears and his hair is colored red instead of brown in which he wearing a samurai style outfit with a classic samurai katana attached to his waist.


After Leo’s and Serena’s duel, the others managed to convince Yusei and his friends to let them leave and seemly convince them that they are as confused about what happened as they are and let them leave to the hotels in Neo Domino City that they were staying at. They decide to discuss what happened in the one place that they felt that they could: Within Alfheim Online.


After Setsuna explains about the Crimson Dragon and the Signers, Minako asks, “So, Yusei-san and his friends were once these Signers, warriors chosen by this Crimson Dragon to protect humanity and the world, from the weirdness that happened to them before we became Sailor Scouts?”


Setsuna responds, “That’s right. Once they had stopped the nightmarish future of Z-One from coming to pass in which the future of Crystal Tokyo took over, the Crimson Dragon ‘relived’ them of their duties in order to allow them to live their own lives while most likely keeping a small portion of its powers inside of each of them to protect them. The Crimson Dragon is a very ancient being that never forgets the brave warriors that fought for it and the peace of the world and universe as a whole against evils like the Earthbound Immortals and Dark Signers.”


Haruka asks, “And that dragon that looked like a ‘dark version’ of the Crimson Dragon?”


Setsuna says, with a sigh, “Ultimaya Tzolk’in, the ‘dark counterpart’ of the Crimson Dragon. It is a powerful chaotic power that rivals the Crimson Dragon in every way.”


Hino says, “And the reason that the voice called it the ‘Chaos Dragon’.”


Setsuna says, with a nod, “Exactly.”


Makoto asks, “What did all of that mean?”


Mamoru says, “I think that I have an idea, but I don’t like it.” When everyone looks at Mamoru, he says, “It was a warning that SAO was just the beginning of something bigger and it was warning that SAO and the Silver Millennium have a deeper connection than we just thought.” Mamoru asks Leafa, “Is there something that you want to tell us, Leafa?”


The others then focus their attention on Leafa, making her very nervous, and Kirito asks, “Sugu…?”


Leafa says, with a sigh, “Crap! I knew that this was going to get out someday, but I wish it wasn’t like this.” Leafa says, with a sigh, “The thing is, you have to understand one thing: Moon Queens usually have one child, typically the female heiress to the throne, partially because it is genetic for one thing, though it doesn’t mean that they never had male children. They have been plenty of ‘Moon Princes’ throughout Moon Kingdom history, but they are still rare and just as rare, a Moon Queen to have more than one child since any other children that any other child usually either dies in childbirth or gets born weak and dies as an infant. It isn’t pretty and it leaves a nasty wound on the heart of the queen.”


Makoto says, “I’ll bet.”


Leafa says, continuing, “However, there are plenty of instants that other children after the firstborn do survive beyond childhood, but they are rare and they are considered miracles in which they become legends and myths in Moon Kingdom since they do extraordinary things even in Lunarian standards. However, these usually happen once after a good amount of generations. Serena wasn’t only child of Queen Serenity. When Princess Serenity was three, her younger sister was born, but she wasn’t expected to survive. Queen Serenity had a sister that survived childhood and it was expected that Princess Serenity’s younger sister would die in childbirth or be born sickly and die as an infant.”


Haruka says, “That child didn’t die and she was never sick.”


Leafa responds, with a nod, “That’s right, Haruka. Princess Serenity’s younger sister survived and was born completely healthy and more! Not only was she born with her Lunarian family sigil on her forehead, but she bore the sigil of a legendary Sailor Soldier that would become one of the great ‘Warrior Queens’ of the universe and beyond. She was to be one of the greatest Sailor Senshi there ever was or even will be. Her Sailor Scout name is…Sailor Celestial, Sovereign Sailor Scout of all astrological bodies in all of reality.”


There are gasps and Minako shouts out, “No way…That means that you are…!!”


Leafa says, with a nod, “My name is my past life was Princess Selene Leafa Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, younger sister of Princess Serenity, heiress to the throne of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millennium.” Like a bomb, there are looks of shock and amazement from the rest of the group.


Asuna asks, flabbergasted, “Leafa-chan, Kirito-kun’s sister, is Usagi’s reincarnated sister?!”


There is stunned silence and Usagi asks Leafa, “Why? Why didn’t you tell me before?”


Leafa responds, with a sigh, “Usagi, you were still going through an emotional time and you were still healing from SAO with Sugou’s wretched antics not helping much better. And with what I told you my mission was while you were healing, you are a long way regaining any sense of normalcy though our lives are far from normal.”


Tomoe asks, “So, what we saw was what happened between you and Kayaba in the Silver Millennium?”


Leafa’s visage darkens into an uncharacteristic dark sneer and she says, trying to sound calm, but rage coming out of her voice, “Yeah, Tomoe. That man…That man was responsible for the end of the Silver Millennium! His rotten self-righteous and in my view, pompous, attitude allowed Metallia to get her hands on the people of Earth and corrupt them that not even Endymon’s words could reach them! He betrayed Serenity-mama! He betrayed my sister! He betrayed everyone! And he wasn’t going to stop! So, I had to stop him once and for all!”


Hino says, “And that was the battle that we saw. Your battle with Kayaba back in the Silver Millennium.”


Leafa says, with a nod, “Back on the original Aincrad…The first Aincrad…his precious floating castle…his new world. I was one of the best swordswomen of the Silver Millennium with few others, but bad news was, he was one of those ‘few others’ and in fact, he was one of my teachers.” There are gasps of shock and Leafa says, “However, worse news for him, I had other teachers including one of the two other ‘Black Swordsman’ of the Silver Millennium where I learned to Duel Weld as you saw that ‘vision’ of the past. My normal sword style is something similar to kendo, but I learned that in real combat, I needed to learn various techniques and ‘evolve’ with the ‘times’. I learned how to use two swords at the same time and use the technique in which both that technique and two sword technique was the bases of your Duel Wielding Sword Skill from SAO.”


Kirito says, plainly, “Starburst Stream.”


Klein asks, “Wait! Then what we saw in those last moments? Was that…your death?”


Setsuna responds, “No, Klein-san. Sailor Celestial didn’t die in her battle with Kayaba’s past self, who was called Heathcliff then too, but she received lethal wounds. She managed to stumble back to the Moon Kingdom…only to find it in ruins in the aftermath of the assault and its destruction by the Negaverse. As life left her body, she searched for any survivors…only to find the body of her mother, Queen Serenity, after she used the Silver Crystal’s full power to seal the Negaverse and send Serenity, Endymon, and the people of the Silver Millennium with fatal consequences. She tried to go to her mother’s body, but life left her.”


Just then Haruka, Michiru, and Tomoe get an image of the ruined Moon Kingdom with Sailor Pluto holding a lethally wounded and dying Sailor Celestial and Haruka says, “And we were there. Celestial died in your arms and crying in which her last words was how she failed everyone.”


Plenty of the others are surprised and Setsuna says, with a solemn nod, “That’s right. It is one of my worst memories and an image I can’t ever forget even if I wanted to. However, like her sister, Princess Selene was sent off to be reborn in the future in which I had hoped with all of my heart that she would never have to be awakened again and she could live a normal life, but deep in my heart, I also knew that if the situation becomes more than what the heiress to the throne, Princess Serenity, could handle, her younger sister would be needed to awakened again through I wish that would never happen. Princess Serenity would want her sister to have a chance at a ‘regular life’.”


Usagi says, with a nod, “No kidding.”


Mamoru says, “However, history repeated itself and Leafa was needed again as Sailor Celestial.”


Setsuna says, with a nod, “Yes. SAO…Sword Art Online was more than just a ‘death game’, it was a continuation of the struggle between Sailor Celestial and a few others against Kayaba in his past life as Heathcliff with a lot of people including his own family caught in the middle. It is only a theory, but sometime during our adventures against the forces of evil from the Negaverse to Chaos, Kayaba regained the memories of his past life. The best that I could come up is that he remembered about the time when the Silver Crystal was restored and our princess was revealed.”


Hino yells out, angrily, “He knew! He knew and he still went through with that horror!”


Leafa responds, with an out of character dark visage on her features, “Why are you so surprised? That fucking ass hasn’t truly changed in over one thousand years.” Everyone looks at Leafa and she says, with a scowl, “But instead of being self-righteous, he had become just plain selfish and gained a deity complex! And once again, good and innocent people had to suffer and die for his selfish actions! Just because of his selfish and stupid…all of his stupid ‘new world’…his fucking Aincrad…!!” Leafa then glows a bright green and unleashes a blast of wind energy, shocking and surprising everyone.


Klein asks, shocked, “Whoa! How did she do that?”


Leafa says, taking a deep breath, “Sorry, everyone. Sometimes I transfer my power into my avatar especially when I’m…‘irritated’. It is good luck that it isn’t detected as an error by error detection.”


Usagi says, “Leafa…”


Leafa tells Usagi, “Usagi, I know what you are going to say, but it is hard for me. When I remembered my past life, these feelings came back to me full force and I couldn’t believe that monster started that horror all over again and even worse than before. Our battle…our war got you and Kirito trapped along with so many others in which their lives ended in such a horrible way and for that, I can never ever forgive him.”


Kirito tells Leafa, “I can never forgive him either, but Sugu, you have to remember that vengeance never ends well for anyone. It will only bring tragedy.”


Leafa responds, “I wish that I could say that won’t happen, but I can’t give you promises that I’m not sure that I can keep Kazuto.” Usagi and Kirito can’t help to look at Leafa with great concern and worry for multiple reasons and Hino can’t help to get a ‘bad feeling’ from Leafa herself.


Hino thinks in her mind, “Why do I feel that something horrible is going to happen in the future that will involve her?” Hino then mentally gasps as image of Sailor Celestial screaming out while a body lies before her with tears in her eyes and gushing down her cheeks.


Just then a male voice shouts out, “Leafa!” Hino is snapped out of the ‘vision’ and everyone to see Recon, a small Sylph who is Leafa’s middle school classmate in real life, flying up to them.


Leafa asks, “What is it Recon?”


Recon responds, “Oh, I see the rest of your friends are here.” Recon says, “Anyway, you have got to come see this! General Eugene is in this awesome duel!”


Leafa says, with a droll tone, “So, he is using some poor player to practice to beat Kirito.”


Recon yells out, “No way! He is losing against this guy and he is a fellow Salamander! Not only that, this Salamander is a Duel Welder just like Kirito and he may be better than him! You have got come see this!”


There are gasps and Lisbeth yells out, “Say what?! No way!”


Kirito says, with a smirk, “This is something that I have got to check out.” Soon after, Kirito flies off in which everyone else follows him, but Hino can’t get that ‘vision’ out of her mind. Once down to the ground, they are in a large field where they find Eugene, an elite member of the Salamander, fighting against none other than Dai as Akari and a huge crowd watched from the sidelines. Eugene was using his Demon Sword Gram, but Dai is using two swords in which when Eugene’s sword goes through one, Dai easily uses the other to block the blade from hitting him. As the two fighters, evenly matched, continue the fight, Kirito whistles, “Man! He is good!”


Usagi says, amazed, “He is blocking the attacks from Eugene perfectly.”


Asuna says, awe-struck, “I never knew that there could be anyone that could duel weld like Kirito-kun and Usagi-chan.”


Between the two fighters, Eugene says, with a grin, “Very good. I never had an exciting match in quite a while and I only know two people that have such mastery of duel wielding swords like you.”


Dai says, with a grin, “Really? I would like to meet them some time.”


Eugene says, with a smirk, “But unlike the one that I fought, you are going to lose this fight!” Eugene’s sword then starts to glow and he yells out, “Volcanic Blazer!” Eugene then lashes out with 8 hit combo Sword Skill strike, but while Dai doesn’t manage to block or deflect all of the strikes, he manages to come out without too much damage.


Silica says, amazed, “He wasn’t seriously hurt by Eugene-san’s original sword skill!” FYI: Original Sword Skills or OSS for short were introduced when SAO style Sword Skills were introduced into ALO and this allows players to create their own sword skills, but the downside is that they have to match the speed and various other requirements to create a sword skill when you create the sword skill unassisted by the game world’s system which should be practically impossible, however, players have managed to create their own sword skills in which at this moment, Eugene’s own sword skill is considered to be the most powerful.


Eugene tells Dai, with a smirk, “Very good. You managed to not get seriously hurt by my sword skill, but you won’t be lucky next time.”


Dai says, with a grin, “There won’t be a next time since I plan to use one of my aces in the hole, pal!” Just then both of Dai’s swords start to glow and our SAO survivors gasp in shock.


Kirito says, stunned, “No way…”


Dai yells out, “Starburst Stream!” Dai then performs the classic 16 hit combo of SAO’s Duel Wielding Sword Skill, with a slight variation, but it is so exact that Asuna can’t help to have an image of Kirito, in his SAO avatar, performing the skill in her ‘mind’s eye’ along with Usagi as well. Eugene roars out in pain and agony from the blistering assault and his powerful armor and strong stats is the only reason his HP isn’t taken out immediately, but before Dai can deliver the finishing blow, the words ‘Time’s up’ appear in the sky and a ‘winner’ icon appears above Dai. Dai then spins his swords around and puts them back into their sheaths strapped to his waist in which Leafa can’t help to see an image of a young man with spiky fiery red hair, brown eyes, having a golden-red sun sigil on his forehead, and wearing golden and black version of Prince Endymon’s armor and outfit in her ‘mind’s eye’.


As the crowd cheers and celebrates, Eugene says, “Well done. I never thought that there was a player that could match that Spriggan and Undine, but as I learned on that day, this world is larger than I thought.”


Dai says, “Those two sound real strong and real cool.”


Eugene looks in one direction and he says, pointing to our group, “You should ask them yourself. There they are right now.” As Dai looks in their direction, our SAO survivors, Sailor Scouts, and Earth Prince fly down onto the scene.


Kirito says, “Never thought I see the day that the commander of the New Aincrad Assault Forces get his butt pounded by one of his own kind.”


Eugene retorts, with a smirk, “Very funny, Kirito. This kid is no joke. I think that you saw the skill that he just used on me.”


Usagi says, a bit nervously, “About that…”


Dai responds, “Oh? You mean one of my OSS Duel Wielding Sword Skills.”


There are looks of pure shock from our group and Lisbeth asks, “One of?!”


Eugene says, “Yes. He actually has a huge list of original sword skills made for duel wielding. I had never seen such a talented player. I dare say that he may be better than you and that Undine.”

Leafa says, stunned, “No way!”


Kirito says, with a smile, “Let’s find out.”


Dai says, with a grin, “So, you want to duel, huh? Sounds like fun!”


Kirito says, with a smile, “The name is Kirito.”


Dai says, with a smirk, “The name is Dai, bro.”


Kirito says, with a smile, “Nice to meet you, Dai-san.”


Dai says, with a grin, “Same here, Kirito-san.” Asuna gives a sigh and smiles as she and the others go off to the side with Eugene as the two of them prepare to duel, but Leafa and Usagi are getting a feeling of déjà vu in which Asuna and the plenty of the others are getting that same feeling.


Leafa thinks in her mind, “Who is this guy? And why do I feel… that I know him? Something tells me that this fight will help me figure it out!” On the meanwhile, Akari is watching our group and Kirito with a similar look.


Akari thinks in her mind, “These people…They look so familiar… and I never knew them in my life, here, or in the real world, but why?” Something within Akari is telling her that she will soon find out.


End of Chapter 2


(Sword Art Online closing theme ‘Yume Sekai’ starts)


As the scene floats down in front of us, we see the Moon Palace in front of a massive lake where instead of the palace, Aincrad is being reflected by the pool of water instead of the Moon Palace. As Aincrad is being shown, we see Kirito, Usagi, and Asuna, in their SAO forms with their ALO forms behind them, floating down and as we float down, we see Suguha Kirigaya surrounded by her ALO avatar of Leaf and as Eternal Sailor Celestial with the form of someone that looks like Princess Serenity, but with Sailor Celestial’s sigils on her forehead. And finally, we float down to see Davis Motomiya, in his Kirito’s style outfit, and Kari Kamiya, in her version of Asuna’s KOB outfit, together surrounded by the three Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beasts, Signer Dragons, and many more ‘out of the ordinary’ Duel Monsters including the Aesir.


The final scene appears where it shows Kazuto, Serena, Asuna, Suguha, Davis, and Kari surrounded by all of their friends, comrades, and/or loved ones: The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Digidestined and their Digimon partners, Rika, Keiko, Andrew, and Ryoutarou.


Preview (Leafa’s voice)


“Next time: The Rising Sunny Rainbow.”


And that’s the chapter, everyone! As you can see, I’m trying a slight variation on my writing of this story series in this story which was inspired by my watching of Sword Art Online anime series, of course. How do you like it? Now, I’m sure that you saw what I revealed in this chapter coming since Sailor Moon Online, right? Well, its official, Suguha is Serena’s ‘royal younger sister’ in this story and it makes you wonder about Kayaba’s/Heathcliff’s role in the Silver Millennium. Well, you are going to have to read to find out, everyone! Please read and review and later and best wishes, Crossover Fans!