Digimon Fan Fiction / Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Fiction ❯ DIGIMON WORLD ULTIMATE FRONTIER(THE DIGI-MEW COLLABORATION) Featuring Characters From Tokyo Mew Mew ❯ Digimon and Mew Mews face a new evil ( Chapter 3 )

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Tai: Man that was cool
Lettuce: usually it takes longer than the time we had.
Ichigo: That's because we had two different fighting styles in one team, The Digimon and the mew mews are unstoppable.
While they leave, Kish appeared(controlled by Myotismon)
Kish(Myotismon): Heheheehehee, you fools, unsuspecting of the plan I have to destroy you, I know your strengths and weaknesses. Hahahahahahahaha.
Takuya: Got that right, you know Ichigo,you're a pretty cool person once a person gets to know you, a bit crazy, but cool.
Tagachi: Same here
Ichigo: Thanks guys, you know, we might have a pretty good friendship after all
Tagachi: Ichigo, could you help me with a little of something
Ichigo: What is it
Tagachi: Its Lettuce.
Agumon: Heheh, I think I know what it is
Laomon: *whispering to Agumon* watch this, I think Tagachi likes the green haired girl
Ichigo: What about her
Tagachi: Well…..aaah…. I…..
Ichigo: I get it… you like her, don't you.
Takuya: come on buddy, you can do it.
Tagachi: Damn, I'm nervous
Ichigo: Don't worry, I'll help you.
Bokomon: Aren't you guys forgetting about the assignment.
Agumon: Come on Bokomon we finished it already.
Tommy: You know Bokomon maybe right, maybe this was bait.
Tai: Well It ain't coming any time soon.
Kiki: Don't worry, Tommy, like Ichigo says, as Digimon and mew mews fighting together, the bad guys don't stand a chance .
Agumon: We should call this team Digi-Mew
Laomon and Ryo came fast
Laomon: You guys have to come now, there's an evil monster you need to know about.
Bokomon: Just as I feared
Neemon: scared of what
Bokomon: moron
Takuya: We just fought Venommon and defeated him
Ryo: Venommon isn't the main concern, he was just a setup.
Laomon: come to the lab and we'll show you.
Laomon: I got a bad feeling about this
Tagachi: Lets go and find out.
In the Lab
Ryo: Here he is:
He showed it, It was CynaMyotismon
They all were shoked, because it looked like Kish and Myotismon
Tagachi: that's Myotismon
Tai: how did he come back
Ichigo: Kish, how did he become like that
Narrator: Will the digidestined conquer and defeat Myotismon. Find out Next on Digimon World Ultimate Frontier.
He showed it, It was CynaMyotismon
They all were shocked, because it looked like Kish and Myotismon
Tagachi: that's Myotismon
Tai: how did he come back
Ichigo: Kish, how did he become like that
Ryo: Myotismon came and controlled the alien Kish, so he decided to send Venommon to fight you guys while he plans an attack.
Agumon: I knew it was too good to be true.
Laomon: This never gets easy at all does it.
Tai: It won't work
Ichigo: What
Tai: We fought and defeated Myotismon twice and now he is even more stronger with an alien power with him.
Mint: He's right And it took us months just to get Kish and all other aliens to turn good.
Tommy: What are we gonna do?
Tagachi: no…… Damn it no
Laomon: What
Tagachi: What the hell are you guys thinking, we can't just give up like this, remember what you said Ichigo, together we can do anything.
Ichigo: we were lucky to combine our powers, We need digital power, for Digimon, and animal instinct, which what we mew mews have, you and Digimon already have the animal instincts part, but we don't have any digital power at all.
Takuya: then We'll have to find a way, we have to try.
Tagachi: Digital Power,huh….., Kiki, do you have any legendary warriors cards.
Kiki: Yeah but All I got is Agunimon, Lobomon, Beetlemon and Kumamon, I lost Kazemon and all of the other ones
Tagachi: Perfect, you have at least 4 I got an idea.
Tagachi and Kiki go to a far place, Tagachi has wires and did some computer modifying.
Lettuce: I wonder what he's doing.
Mint: Whatever he's doing, I hope it helps us.
Laomon: Don't worry Mint, Tagachi's ideas and technology helped us Digimon and the humans too.
Ichigo: lets hope so.
Tagachi finally finished.
Tagachi and Kiki came
Kiki: We present
Tagachi: Armor Spirits modifying, I specifically made this to Tai's Takuya and My digivices to activate the legendary warrior's powers to armor powers to help the mew mews fight.
Ichigo: Now that's what im talking about
Takuya: you the man
Tagachi: and for the convenience, I also made It so you guys can do the Spirit evolution hand moves and processes just like the digidestined that actually do spirit evolve. You get your own digivices, too.
Ichigo: I want Agunimon.
Lettuce: I'll have Beetlemon.
Mint: I'll have Lobomon, he's the hot one.
Kiki(pudding): I'll have the cute one, Kumamon.
Tai: I'll take back what I said earlier, now we can definitely fight.
Agumon: I'll still be hard, but we can do it if we put our minds to it,
Laomon: that's right, we can do anything
Ryo: That's a smart Idea.
Keiichiro: this might actually work
Takuya: Tai , Tagachi, ready to activate the armors.
Tai: Yeah.
Takuya, Tagachi and Tai card-slashed to their digivices.
All three: Digimodify, Armor Spirits Activate
Digivices appeared and Each of the mew mews recived one.
Tai: Now this will only work if your in your mew mew forms.
Ichigo: ok
Takuya: All right, we have to fight our hardest, we have to win, the fate of the world depends on it.
Ichigo: mmm, As Digimon and Mew Mews fight together, we should be strong.
Agumon: yeah
Tommy: That's right
Bokomon: Lets go.
Takuya: Tommy, Tagachi and I will beast spirit evolve while Agumon and Laomon digivolve to ultimate level. After that, you guys armor digivolve.
Ichigo: Good thing we already turned to our mew mew forms.
Mint: Kiki, quit screwing around and hurry, we gotta do this.
CynaMyotismon appears.
Tai: guys, hes here
Agumon and Laomon: Time to digivolve.
Agumon digivolved to MetalGreymon, Laomon Digivolved to UltiLeomon
Takuya digivolved to BurningGreymon, Tagachi into BlazingLeomon, Tommy to KorIkakkumon.
CynaMyotismon: What, looks like those fools were ready afterall, no matter they'll still be destroyed.
Ichigo: Not with out help
Lettuce: lets do this
Then they spirit evolved
All: Execute, Spirit Evolution
Ichigo had Agunimon armor
Mint Turned to Lobomon's armor
Lettuce with Beetlemon
Pudding to Kumamon.