Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ "Angels" (Original) ❯ "Angels" (Original) ( Chapter 1 )

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My best friends are angels sent from above,
who share their hearts with kindness and love.

We tell of our hopes, our dreams, and our fears,
in knowing our laughter will bring us to tears.

How sweet is the thought of never being alone,
with a friend so close it's like coming home.

The parties, the movies, the fun that we share,
just make it so easy our souls to bear.

What would I do without you around,
to lift me up when I am down.

God gave me a gift as sweet as can be,
my own precious angels to watch over me.

Sixteen yr old Koushirou and Sixteen yr old Mimi looked at the Grave-sites

of their dear dead best friends Yamato and Sora its been yrs since Koushirou and Mimi remember coming here and it still pains to see his best-friend died when Koushirou should of taken the bullet instead and Mimi was thinking about

Sora as well...But that was yrs ago now Koushirou and Mimi come often they can to pay respects to their dead friends how he truely miss Sora and Yamato dearly and how he and Mimi wish they can go back in time to changed the past from ever happening...Koushirou saw his Girlfriend Mimi was sobbing-the pain was to much for her even though she been here many times before..Koushirou held her tight to comfort her and said everything is going to be alright. Even the hard-end Koushirou growing up cant believe this him and Mimi never ever felt so sad in a long time...

..He miss Sora's smile and Yamato's laugh but all he could do now is hold on to his girlfriend and the memories that he had on their dead best friends that past away 4 yrs ago in Koushirou's mind...Too Koushirou and Mimi nothing will be the same again now they have to live on with their lives knowing that their dead friends is watching over them like Angels and maybe some day Kou and Mimi will meet them there...