Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ "Its been Years" ❯ "Its been Years" ( Chapter 1 )

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It's Been Years

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It's been years since we first met

Since we looked into each other's eyes

Not realizing that we were meant to be together

It's been years since we shared our first laugh

Our first smile

Since we shared our first kiss I remember how strong your arms embraced me How soft you held me How warm and gentle you were I remember how passionate that first kiss was

Now my heart is dancing Happy, knowing that it's been years It's been years since we first met

And you're still here kissing me just the same

You're still here holding me just the same

What I felt for you is still the same

It's been years And those feelings will never change.

A mid teen Koushirou heard someone called his name... Its no other then Mimi soon to be his Girlfriend."Who are you?Just playing I know it was you Mimi!" He said."So wassup?" "Kou you know how many yrs has it been?" She said ."Its been three Years."Koushirou said..."Time sure flys!"He said.."Yep time sure does Fly!" Mimi said...Koushirou look at Mimi she sure looks different now and Mimi thinking the same about her to be boyfriend...To her, her Koushirou looks different by his dye light brown hair or the clothes he wears now ore maybe its the way he carries him-slef but whatever it is she sure likes the new him...Koushirou looks at him-slef now his new image is now what stands him apart but he won't tell Mimi is wearing all one color..."So Mimi you want to tell me something? Or what?" " Kou I wanted to tell you that I miss you and that I loved you after those 3 yrs that went by!" Mimi said..."You know what I felt the same way about that cuz at sixteen I didn't know what loved was until you back to me after 3 yrs that went by!" He said...Koushirou didn't have to say nothing he felt Mimi hug him and she was crying he held her back and told her its okay i'm here for you know...All Mimi wanted to say to Koushirou after she was crying but Kou's grip told her he stil loves her after those three years that went by for the both of them and they will never ever separate again...Now Koushirou knows that Mimi loves him even after all that crying and wearing a short clothing in the process...Koushirou had a smile on his face now all he can do now is hold Mimi in his arms and never let go...But to Koushirou that is boring instead of holding her like he wanted to cry with her he kissed her and they locked lips. To Koushirou that was the moment hes been waiting all his life to know what love his and too know what loved feels like before he was gang-banging at a young age...Now he knows so that will tell him he has a special lady in his life, his Girl-friend Mimi that is all he care about now, before it was his gang-life and how to put his set on the map...Those three years brought him to a better understanding in life, even hard-core Gang-bangers like him can fall in love too when life on the streets all rough and nobody one to loved...The End...

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