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Crest of Courage


I never thought we would have to part.

We had fun didn't we?

I remember when you evolved

It was scary


I'm sorry that happened.

I never meant to make you like that.


I don't think I'll ever get over it.


Hey at least we had help!

That pink puffball was tough though

Ha! Puffball!


Do you remember that stupid boat?

I can't believe we had to do that.

I can't believe he made us go through that.

We had to clean his hallway.



But it was worth it.

I wasn't afraid anymore

And you evolved

Not into SkullGreymon

But MetalGreymon

You are awesome!


You know that!

The adventures were fun.

I enjoyed talking to you

Helping you

Eating with you


We've been through a lot

Evil Digimon.



The Dark Masters.



We are such a team.

I will never forget you.

You helped me realize when it means to be courageous

To a good leader

Remember me

We will meet again

My friend, Agumon