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Crest of Love


You taught me so much.

I don't know where to start

Thank you for making me see

For making me feel

For making me understand

I never knew what love meant

Until I met you

At times I acted like my mother

Yet I complained about her

And that was a lot

You made me see

You made me understand

That she told me things

Because she loved me

Wanted me to be safe

I always thought she wouldn't understand

And there I was doing the same thing to you

I understand now

Because of you

So understand this

I love you

I always will

We will never be apart

Because we are in each others hearts

Hearts so strong that love is born

Born from the friendship

We have formed together

So don't cry Biyomon

We will meet again

Maybe not now

Or in a few months

Or in a few years

We will met again

For our love

Cannot be undone

For they are intertwined

Into one