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Digidestined Lovers Vacation

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Chapter 1 - The good and bad news

(happens right after the defeat of Malomyotismon)

"Ah,man that was the best final boss that I've ever fought." Davis said as
he layed down on the ground in exhaustion.

Ken laughed upon hearing this,while Kari sighed and said "Davis this isn't a
video game.".

"Thank god,cause there would probably be a second form." Davis said.

All of a sudden a light came from the exact place where Malomyotismon
had disappeared.

"Oh crap,don't tell me I just jinxed it." Davis said then he did a kip-up
and immediatly started to run toward the light.

"Davis,what are you thinking?" Ken cried.

"Nothing,but saving our behinds." Davis said then he leapt toward the light
and said "Take this.".

But suddenly Davis was thrown back by some unknown force.

"Ouch." Davis said as he landed near his friends.

"Okay,let's try this again." Davis said as he ran toward the light again.

"Davis wait." Tk said.

"Nope." Davis said as he lunged forward only to have his head caught by
someone's hand.

When the light vanished all the Odaiba Digidestined except Davis immediatly
reconized who it was.

"Gennai." Tai said.

Gennai looked at Tai and said "Howdy." he then looked at Davis who was
swinging wildly.

He sighed and said "Are you done yet Davis?".

Davis looked up at him and immediatly backed off and said "I'm sorry.".

Gennai sighed then said "It's okay *heh* I'm guessing that Davis is
your prodocessor Tai.".

"Yeah,why is there a problem with that?" Tai asked.

"No, it's just that he's just got all of your qualitys,he's dense, and
probably an idiot when it comes to being romantic just like you." Gennai

"Hey,hey that's not cool." Tai said.

"Yeah,but it's true." Gennai said with a grin.

"No it's not." Sora said as she walked up to Tai's side.

"Huh?" Tai asked then he felt Sora's hand intrewine with his.

Sora looked at him and asked "Right Tai-chan?".

Tai sighed then smiled and said "Right." then he gave Sora a quick peck on
her cheek.

"Ah,I see the brainless one actually got himself a girlfriend." Gennai said.

"Yeah and I see you don't." Tai said.

"Yeah true,I don't think any human would like to go out with me." Gennai said.

"*Heh* You'd be surprised what looks can do for a guy Gennai." Matt said.

"Really,hm I'll have to look into that." Gennai said.

"I wouldn't,the only girl that Yamato has ever been on a date with is my
sister and trust me that's not a good thing." Davis said.

"Hey that's only because you set us up Davis." Matt said.

"Yeah,well it's either that or you would've had to explain to my parents
why I was constantly risking my life in a place that would be impossible
to explain to them." Davis said.

Matt was speechless.

"He's good." Sora whispered into Tai's ear.

"Yes he is." Tai said then he turned his attention back on Gennai and asked
"So whatcha come see us for?".

"Well what do you want to hear first the good news or the bad news?" Gennai

"Give us only the good news please,I really don't want to hear any bad news
right now." Davis said.

"Davis!" Kari said.

"What,I hate bad news,what's wrong with that?" Davis asked.

"Nothing,it's just..oh nevermind." Kari said.

Sora giggled lightly which Tai caught onto quickly.

"What's up?" Tai asked as he looked at her.

"Nothing." Sora said.

"You sure?" Tai asked.

"Yeah,why?" Sora asked.

"Oh,nothing." Tai said.

"Okay,whatever." Sora said.

Gennai sighed then said "Okay back to the main subject,first you all will
be going on a two year vacation.".

"Really,cool" Tai and Davis said.

"Wait what about school?" Kari asked.

Tai and Davis both glared at Kari.

"What?" Kari asked.

"You have to be such a party pooper don't you?" Davis asked.

"Ah,sorry." Kari said then she put her head down.

Davis saw this and walked over to her,put his hand on her shoulder and
said "It's okay,I was just joking with you.".

"Well I didn't like it." Kari said.

"Oh,sorry." Davis said then he looked away from her.

Once Kari saw this she huffed then looked over at Gennai and asked
"So what about school Gennai?".

"All of you will automatically pass for the next two years." Gennai said.

'What,that's not right." Kari said.

"Why not?" Davis asked as he looked at her.

Kari glared at Davis and said "Cause unlike you I would like to have a good

"Oh sorry,someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Davis said.

"Hmph,whatever." Kari said then she turned away from Davis.

Tai sighed then said "You know sometimes you two remind me of an old married

Davis and Kari both glared at Tai and said "Shut up.".

"*heh* Thanks for proving his point." Sora said.

Kari looked at Sora and asked "Huh?".

"Oh,nothing." Sora said.

"Whatever." Kari said.

"*sigh* Okay,now back to the main subject ,you'll be going to the Bahamas
for the next two years." Gennai said.

"Really?" Mimi asked.

"Yes." Gennai said.

"Yeahy.' Mimi said then she grabbed Sora and started to spin around.

"Yeahy." Yolei said then she grabbed Kari and started to spin around.

The female Digimon did the same.

The guys looked at them like they were crazy.

"Are you okay?" Tai asked as he looked his girlfriend.

Sora looked at him and said "Yeah I'm fine,I'm just excited that I'm going
to the most relaxing place on earth for the next two years.".

"Good glad you're happy." Tai said.

"Yeah now we can finally go on a date." Sora said.

Tai blushed upon hearing this.

"Yeah about that,unfortunatly you two are goin have to postpone your date."
Gennai said.

Tai and Sora both looked at Gennai and asked "Why?".

"Cause Tai has to go to the Digital World meetings in Kyoto for the next two
months." Gennai said.

"What,why?" Tai asked.

"Cause the ambassadors of the world would like to speak to the two
Digidestined leaders." Gennai said.

"Wait,so that means..." Tai said.

"I have to go,Why?" Davis asked.

"Cause that's who they want to speak with." Gennai said.

"Man then these guys are real stupid." Matt said.

"Why's that?" Gennai asked.

"Cause you would think that like to speak with smart people like Izzy
or Ken and not stupid people like Davis and Tai." Matt said.

Tai,Sora,Davis and Kari all shot a glare at Matt.

"What,I'm only stating what I think." Matt said.

"*sigh* Bro next time keep your stupid opinions to yourself." TK said.

"Huh?" Matt said.

"Nice one TK." Davis said.

"Thanks,*heh* Kari wasn't the only learned a few things from you." TK said.

"Yeah,unfortunatly for us." Tai and Matt both said.

Davis looked at Tai and Matt and said "Your welcome.".

Tai and Matt shot a glare at Davis,which Davis juust laughed at.

Matt looked at Tai and said "Have fun dealing with him for the next two

Tai glared at Matt and said "Ha,ha,very funny.".

Matt just chuckled at him until he got hit in the ribs by Sora.

"What was that for?" Matt asked her.

"That was for teasing my boyfriend." Sora said.

"Oh,sorry Tai." Matt said.

"It's okay,I'm just glad to see that she hit you and not me." Tai said.

"Yeah she does tend to hit on me alot,if you know what I mean." Matt said
which caused him to get hit in the ribs again.

"Ow,sorry sorry." he said while holding his ribs.

"You know I forgot to mention,you should keep your sarcastic remarks about
Tai and Sora to yourself as well." TK said.

"Shut up TK." Matt said which again caused him to get hit.

"Ow.what did I do now?" he asked Sora.

"That was for telling your YOUNGER brother to shut up." Sora said.

"Um,Sora?" Davis asked.

Sora turned to look at Davis and asked "What's up?".

"Would you hit anybody who tells their younger brother to shut up?" Davis

"It depends on weither they deserve it or not." Sora said.

"So." Davis said.

"So I wouldn't hit Jun everytime she told you to shut up,cause you
probably deserve it." Sora said.

"O..kay" Davis said.

Tai sighed then turned and looked at Gennai and asked "I hate to ask you
this,but when do me and Davis have to leave for Kyoto?".

Gennai looked at Tai and said "In a week.".


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