Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Digimon Adventure 02: Amnesia and Hidden Secrets ❯ Misunderstanding ( Chapter 7 )

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(Line Break)

Taichi bit his lip as he walked down the hall. He felt guilty for what he had done. He was surprised and over reacted. He had heard of stories in school about kids being raped and scared to tell anyone. He was always on the side of those who were traumatized by their experience. However, he never thought someone close to him would be violated. He never thought his sister's friend would ever be traumatized like that.

He admits he may have let his emotions take over and misunderstood what Daisuke was talking about. In truth he was just acting in shocked and disbelief. He never meant to drive Ken away and have him afraid of him. He couldn't get Ken's fearful expression out of his mind. Ken was so afraid of him. Taichi never had someone afraid of him before. It was not a good feeling.

Taichi could hear the others talking. Ken didn't remember Joe at all, but wasn't reacting badly towards him. He frowned when they said Ken looked exhausted. Something didn't seem right. Ken then complained about his nightmares. What nightmares was he having? Was it about him and the others?

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Taichi flinched. He knew Daisuke was mad but he didn't think he would be that furious with him. Granted he acted stupid. And he may be the cause that Ken is in the hospital but…

Taichi glanced at the others miserably. Ken's parents looked angry, Joe looked sad, Takeru was not even looking at him, and the doctor did not seem to be at all happy. “Mr. Kamiya, please step into the hall. Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji please come with me.” Taichi sighs as he walks into the hall with Ken's parents, the doctor, and Joe. Taichi leans on the wall as the three adults watch him. “Now Mr. Kamiya, you do realize quite the problem you've caused?”

Taichi's shoulders slumped. “I know and I can't express how truly sorry I am. I don't know what came over me when I said that stuff.” Taichi didn't dare look at Mr. Ichijouji. He knew that Ken's father would be angry.

“What happen at the meeting?” Mrs. Ichijouji asked calmly. Taichi sighed.

“Well when Daisuke-kun told us about Ken-kun being raped I guess I over reacted. I couldn't believe that someone I knew got hurt like that. I heard of it happening, but I didn't think someone I knew would actually get raped.” Taichi glanced at Ken's mother. “Ken was shaking when we got there and it got worse when Daisuke continued to talk. The others took Ken's shaking the wrong way I guess. They started throwing words at him, adding to the fuel that I stupidly started.”

The doctor frowned. “How badly was he shaking when you got there?”

“Well, it was only slightly. He was holding Wormmon and Wormmon seemed to be talking to him. It got worse later on. When we were yelling he didn't seem to notice what we were saying. Now that I think about it was like he was there, but not there.”

Ken's parents looked at each other in worry for their son. Dr. Kido rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly. “Young Mr. Ichijouji was showing obvious signs of abuse and rape. He most likely didn't hear you until he came out of the episode.”

Taichi groaned and hit his head on the wall. What a mess he made. “I know that now.” Taichi hadn't felt his bad since he got his sister sent to the hospital when she was little. They could have lost Ken if that girl hadn't found him when she did. He could have died, much like his sister could have, when he didn't something stupid. “I can't express how sorry I am. It hurt to see him so afraid of me. I never meant to…” His voice trailed off as he tried to get a grip on his emotions.

While he was trying to control his rising emotions he felt warm arms pulling him into a hug. He blinked in confusion as Ken's mother hugged him.

“We all do stupid things.” She told him. “Even as Ken's parents we have done things we are not proud of, but we were able to get a second chance to prove ourselves - to be better parents. I know with time, my baby boy will give you that same chance. It's who he is after all.

Taichi smiles and nods at her words. He knew Ken personality very well. Ken was a kind boy with a big and gentle heart. If they have given Ken a second chance after what happened with the whole Dark Spore thing, then why not them. Davis often said that Ken was very kind and forgiving after all.

“Noooo…” Everyone stiffen as they heard Ken whimpering in his sleep. He sounded so afraid. Why? “Taichi hates me…” Taichi frowned. “After all I've down to Agumon…”

“Is this kid still on this?” Taichi asked in disbelief. “Me and him are so going to have a long conversation about this when he gets his memories back.” Taichi mumbled to himself.

“That's not true Ken-kun.” They heard Daisuke say. “Taichi is not mad. We all know it wasn't your fault. You were being controlled.”

“That's right.” Takeru agreed. “Besides Agumon and Taichi forgave you, despite it not being your fault in the first place.”

Taichi listened quietly as Ken's whimpering reduced. For a few moments he seemed to relax. However, that peaceful sleep was interrupted as he began to whimper again from another nightmare. Only this time it was about his parents. Ken's parents paled as Ken whimpered about his parent's liking Osamu better then him. He whimpered that they never notice him and often push him to be like Osamu.

Mr. Ichijouji sighed. “Damn he's relapsing.” Mr. Ichijouji looked at his wife as he rubbed his temple in anxiety. “We have worked so hard to make up for our mistakes. We have gotten so close as a family.” He sighs. “What are we going to do?” Mrs. Ichijouji shrugs, looking just as concern as her husband was.

“Ken,” Daisuke's voice spoke softly. “Your parents love you more than anything in the world. They feel horrible for the mistakes they did in the past. But don't let that bother you.”

“We're not sure what you're dreaming about now, but please believe us when we tell you that everything is in the past. Your parents care for you. You guys have gotten closer over the years, from what we can see, when me and Davis come over.”

Taichi continues to listen and was relieved when Ken calmed down again. He was definitely relapsing. Taichi had caused such a mess and he's not even sure how to fix it.

“He seems to be calming down.” Ken's mother spoke quietly. The two adults nodded in agreement.

“Why don't we talk some more elsewhere? I don't want Ken to have nightmares on what we talk about.” Dr. Kido directed at Ken's parents. They nodded and were startled when Ken started whimpering again. Dr. Kido wasted no time in getting everyone as faraway from the room. Taichi followed the adults as they were all rushed out of the hall and into a more quieter place to talk.

(Line Break)

Meya bites her lip in worry. The boys were forced to wake Ken as he had a third nightmare after the first two. This time he was remembering about that meeting that Daisuke and the Takeru was talking about before. Ken was saying something about them hating him or something like and a bunch of other stuff that made her want to hit them.

Ken was slowly falling back to sleep as he rested in Takeru's arms. The boys were just talking randomly in order to distract Ken from the nightmare or memory he just had. He did seem out of it when he woke up. It was like he wasn't really fully awake.

The two boys sighed in relief as Ken's breathing evened out again. Takeru gently laid the sleeping boy on the bed. Takeru glanced at Daisuke and then at her.

“Hopefully he'll dream of something positive this time?” He asked with a faint hopeful smile. The two sighed in worry.

“I'm not sure.” Daisuke said with a worry glanced. “He seems to be getting one bad dream after another.”

Meya glanced at Ken in worry. This was her fault. Datamon warned her and now the bots must have malfunctioned. Meya reached into her pocket and grabbed her phone. She touched the screen and texted Datamon. She frowned when he sent her a lengthy message saying that he warned her about the bots not being tested so they had no idea how they would work. He was also telling her some stupid invention that he was doing in the lab. Did he really have to rub it in? I already feel bad for the stuff he's going through.

“Meya-chan? Is something wrong?” Meya glanced at Daisuke. He was looking at her in curiosity, while Takeru was looking at her in suspicion.

“Checking in on Datamon.” They blinked at her in confusion. “The last time I left him alone he thought it would be cool to prove that he was smarter then humans by trying to break into the security system of the United States' Pentagon.” She rolled her eyes at that.

“Serious?” Daisuke asked. She sighed.

“Reminds me of when Datamon tried to make a copy of Sora.” Takeru said thoughtfully at the memory. Meya nodded in understanding. She remembered that episode. Datamon often complained that the Datamon on the show was a moron and made him look bad.

“What is he a mad doctor or something?” Daisuke asked with his arms crossed across his chest.

“I think you mean mad scientist, Davis.”

“I know what I said TG!”

Meya rolled her eyes as the two boys snapped back at each other. Those two sure like to argue with each other.

(Line Break)

Ken ran through the forest as he came after him. He was attacking him. Ken cried out for help as he dodged some branches that was in his way.

Ken felt his heart beat faster as he ran. Fear gripped him. There was no Daisuke. There was no Takeru. There was no Wormmon, Veemon, or Patamon. No one was around to help him face him. He was alone, so very alone.

“They can not save you! I will rise again!”

(Line Break)

Daisuke jumped as Ken screamed. Daisuke shakes his friend awake from the nightmare he was having. “KEN! WAKE UP!”

Ken gasps as he awakes from his nightmare. He clings to Daisuke as if he was a lifeline. Daisuke gently rubs Ken's back, hoping to calm him down again. Daisuke wasn't sure how much of this Ken could take. He was having one nightmare after another.

“Ken?” Daisuke whispers softly. “It's alright. You're safe.” Ken's body continues to shake violently. Daisuke frowns. He wondered what Ken was dreaming of.

“He's…coming…after…me…” Ken mumbled into his chest as he sobs. Daisuke frowns.

“What are you talking about Ken?” Takeru asked as he helped Daisuke calm Ken down. However, Ken just said the same thing again and again. Daisuke was very concerned. It was like Ken was in his own little world or something.

Daisuke gently pulled back so he can see Ken's face. He felt knots in the pit of his stomach when he saw the terrified look in Ken's eyes. Tears continued to fall down Ken's cheeks as Takeru tries to wipe them away. He frowned when Ken continued to sob about someone coming after him.

“I…don't…want to remember…I don't…want to…remember him…” After Ken those words he stiffen and froze. Takeru and Daisuke watch in concern as Ken's eyes had that faraway look.

Meya gasped softly as Ken stiffen and froze in place. She bit her lip in frustration. She was stupid. She should have tested the bots first before giving them to Ken. The bots were now suppressing his memories. Would he remember anything now? She wondered.

“You should probably reintroduce yourself.” She told them when Ken's eyes refocused on them in confusion. They blinked at her in confusion and asked why. She simply gestured to Ken and didn't say anymore.

Daisuke shrugged his shoulder and looked at Ken. “Ken? I'm Daisuke and this is Takeru. Do you remember us?”

Ken blinked at the two in confusion. “I know who you are, but…” Ken shook his head as if to clear it. “What happened?”

Takeru frowned in concern. “You had a nightmare.” Ken looked at him in confusion.

“Nightmare? I don't remember that.” Ken said with a slight frown. “Did I say what it was about?” Takeru glances at Daisuke who looked just as confused.

“You kept mumbling about someone coming after you.” Daisuke told him in a voice that suggested that he was worried. “Don't you remember? You were hysterical up until a few moments ago.” Ken frowned at him and shook his head in confusion.

“No,” Ken replied uncertainly. “Is that's why I'm in a hospital?”

Meya groaned as the two boys looked at him in shock. It seems that the bots blocked all his bad memories. Things were not looking good.

“Ken you were caught in a snowstorm yesterday. You woke up this morning without any memories.” Ken frowned at him again. “Don't you remember?”

Ken looked at them tiredly. “I…I remember waking up to Meya-chan and she was telling me stuff. I remember to the two of you, the digimon, my parents, Joe-san, and…” Ken looks at them uncertainly. “And this boy, but…” Ken shook his head in confusion. “I can't recall his name. There's something about him that bothers me though.”

Takeru couldn't stop, but stare at his crush. What in the DigiWorld was going on? It was like Ken's mind was wiped out or something like that. Takeru feared that the Dark Spore had something to do with this. But that didn't make sense. The Dark Spore was dormant, so it couldn't be that. However, a small voice in his mind was telling him that something bad was going to happen; something that could change everything that they knew about their friend.

(Line Break)

Daisuke shifts his attention to Meya after Ken went back to sleep. Something was not right. When Ken froze he felt as if something was tugging at his mind. Something was happening to his best friend and he knew it wasn't good.

“Meya-chan?” Meya looks at him nervously. Daisuke crosses his arms lazily across his chest. “Is there something you're not telling us?”

“Like why you told us to reintroduce ourselves to Ken-kun?” Takeru asked in suspicion, his eyes narrowed in anger.

Meya sighed and stretched in her chair slightly. “This is all my fault.” Daisuke frowned at her in confusion.

“What you're talking about? You didn't put Ken in a hospital.” Meya gives him a sad look.

“True, but I may be the cause for his memory loss.”

“What are you talking about?” Takeru asks angrily. Daisuke looks at him worriedly.

“Remember when I said that Ken was being bullied at school.” They both nodded. “Well it's pretty bad. Ken is pretty much miserable at school and it doesn't help when the Chosen treats him like he doesn't exist.” The two boys flinched at that. “I wanted to help him. So my digimon helped me make these prototype bots.”

“Bots?” Takeru and Daisuke asked in curiosity. Meya sighed again.

“What they do?” Daisuke asked, wondering how it was suppose to help Ken.

“Datamon programed it to suppress any bad memories. However, I fear that it might have malfunctioned. I'm not sure if the bots caused the memory loss at first or it could have been an effect of being in the snowstorm for a long time.” Meya noticed the heated glare Takeru was giving her and the disappointed, yet surprised, look Daisuke was giving her.

“So you're saying that it's your fault that Ken is relapsing!” Takeru hissed in anger. Takeru was usually calm and had tried to deal with this rationally. But that was thrown out the window when he thought of all the nightmares and memories Ken has been having.

Daisuke turned to Takeru and placed a hand on his shoulder. Takeru glared at him but was taken aback when Daisuke shot a glare of his own. Takeru remained quiet as Daisuke took the lead of the conversation.

“So these bots were meant to block bad memories?” Daisuke asked. Meya nodded. “It looks like it's just kicked in now.” Meya blinked and thought about it.

“It does seem like that's the case.” Meya said as she processed what he was saying.

“What about his nightmares than?” Takeru asked, completely ignoring Daisuke's glare.

Meya frowned slightly in thought. “Either something is interfering with the programing or it just kicked in now.”

Takeru's heated glare was temporarily put on hold, for now. He frowned as he glanced at Ken's sleeping form. He doubted that the bots just kicked in now. That was stupid. If what the witch was saying was true than something must be interfering with the bots. If that's the case then what could be so powerful to create this type of interference. The first thing that popped into Takeru's head was the Dark Spore. But the Dark Spore was dormant and couldn't affect Ken anymore. At least that's what they believed anyway.

(Line Break)

Daisuke cursed silently to himself as he tried to wake Ken up. For some reason he wouldn't. Ken was crying in his sleep about the others hating him. Both he and Takeru tried to reassure Ken that that was not true, that they do care about him. But it was like Ken didn't hear them at all. He just kept on sobbing into Daisuke's chest.

“What's going on in here?” Daisuke sighed audibly as Doctor Kido rushed in, followed by Ken's parents.

“Ken's having a nightmare, but we can't wake him up!” Takeru told them worriedly as he tried to wake Ken up as he sobs that his parents hates him and doesn't love him.

Daisuke noticed that Ken's parents paled, considerably. “Ken-chan, that is not true! We love you very much. You mean everything to us!” Mrs. Ichijouji cried.

At the sound of Ken's mother's voice Ken seemed to calm down a bit. However, that didn't last long since he ended up crying again. Ken sobbed that Takeru hated him since he was the Kaiser. Takeru gasped and immediately pulled Ken out of Daisuke's arms and into his. Takeru softly whispers to him that he does not hate him. He says that he is very concerned about him and wants him to stop having nightmares.

Ken quieted down slightly at the sound of his voice. Takeru smiles as Ken clings to him slightly. He noticed the worried looks Ken's parents were giving their son. Ken was in so much pain right now. When will it end?

(Line Break)

Ken tried to run but he couldn't get away. He wanted to cry. He wanted to hide. He wanted to know why they were yelling at him? What did he do? Why did they hate him so much?

“We trusted you!”

“How could this have happened?”


“Don't you trust us?”


Tears fell down Ken's face as he ran. He had to get away. He had to escape them. He had to escape him. Ken continued to run through a forest as the voices of the Chosen continued to yell angrily at him.

“You lied to us!”

“I thought you were our friend!”


Ken sobbed in misery as a terrifying, cruel voice mocked him, making the pain feel worse.

“They hate you.” The cruel voice told him.

“You are our friend! Why?”

“They ignore you, treat you like you don't exist.” The cruel voice continued.


“They want nothing to do with you…”


“You are tainted. They hate you and want you to suffer.”


Ken gasped as he tripped on a root. The cruel words of the Chosen hurt so much that he could practically feel the wounds that they were leaving on his soul. It was deep and painful and there was no way to mend it.




“No,” Ken whispered brokenly.

“Yes! The Chosen hate you. Do you know why?” Ken didn't answer the cruel voice. He knew he would tell him. He knew that it would wound him more then he already was. “You are impure.”

“No,” Ken whimpered.

“You are tainted.”


“You belong to Darkness. Darkness owns you.”


“Darkness forever owns you because you belong to me!”


Ken screams, while the cruel voice laughs.