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Digimon Intelligence for the PPC: The Phone Call

by Lord Raul and Shaun Garin

Disclaimer: We're not making money off this story. Acacia and Jay own the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, and I'm glad I can use it. The only thing I own is the computer I'm typing this on. Shaun owns Carter and Sean, while Toei owns Digimon. The author Licorice-Sama owns the fanfic "The Phone Call".

Two young men stepped into their new home, a control room in the Headquarters of the PPC. They tossed down their bags and started looking around the room, learning about the layout.

"Too bad we had to leave our partners at home, hey Carter? They would have been a great help here," the older one asked.

"Yeah Sean, Penguinmon could help with..." Carter was rudely interrupted by a loud alarm from the control panel. Smacking a nearby red button, he moved to read the words appearing on the main display screen.

Thankfully for their ears, the alarm had shut off when Carter had hit the button. After a quick scanning of the Words, Carter turned to Sean and said, "Great, our first mission is to a fanfic with author-blessed Mary Sues."

"Which season?"

"Probably 01 and 02, judging by the 4 year gap in the story." Carter then walked over to his bag and tossed out his personal stuff, leaving the equipment Makes-Things gave him in the bag. He turned back to the console to see Sean setting up the portal. "Do you think we'll need disguises?"

Sean replied, "Not really. The entire story takes place in Yamato's house." Finished setting up the portal, he picked up his stuff and said, "Let's go." The tow of them jumped through the portal.

The two of them landed in an unidentified area, the only remarkable feature being a nearby telephone booth. Yamato walked out of nowhere, into the payphone booth, picked up the receiver, and dialed a phone number. Looking at the Words, Sean piped up, "It seems like Yamato ended up phoning a shack in New Orleans."

"Then when he finds out that the person on the other end can't speak Japanese, he'll hang up," Carter retorted.

The two young men were slightly shocked when Yamato started talking into the phone in English, apparently confused with the laughter and evil giggling from the other end. After an undisclosed amount of time, he hung up and Taichi suddenly appeared next to him and spoke.

"Who did you talk to?" He questioned Matt.

"A very weird operator," Matt replied, shaking his head.

All of a sudden, the two Agents were tossed around the place, banking off each other and the phone booth. When it stopped, Carter asked Sean, "Do you know what the heck just happened?"

Sean went back over the Words before replying, "That was probably the effect of a four year time jump. At least the author weakened the effect by putting a note of a four year jump in the story itself."

"Then why didn't you warn me?!" Carter angrily asked.

"I read about the jump as it happened, and Yamato's back again." Sean then pulled a face. "If that happens again, I'm going to hurl." Sean and Carter both turned back to face Yamato as he stepped back into the phone booth and dialed another phone number. Not surprisingly, he had connected to the same shack with the same people on the other end.

However, instead of being confused, he asked uncertainly, "Sapphire, is that you?" The other end of the line quickly went dead. Daisuke appeared out of nowhere and asked who Yamato was talking to, and Yamato replied with, "Shut up Davis," as he hung up the phone. "You have small hair." The two of them then disappeared into thin air.

Carter asked, "Where did they go, and why is the phone booth melting?"

Sean quickly opened the portal as he replied, "They left because the author was done with them, and the phone booth's melting because this place was of the author's creation. Without them around to hold it together, it will destroy itself." Sean then hopped through the portal, followed closely by Carter.

After they had returned to base, Carter laid down on the floor while Sean sat down at one of the consoles and typed up his Intelligence report.


PPC Intelligence Report
Fic: Self Insertion

Description: A short fic describing the boredom of two `witches', who use their powers to make people phone them, and then play pranks on them.

Plot Holes: Temporal/Spatial Distortions, Character Ruptures

Problem Passages:

1) "'Look what I brought!' Sapphire squealed excitedly, short blonde hair bouncing. She was a French-British witch who lived in New Orleans.

'It's a phone.' Eclipse Casto, her best friend, said. She was also a witch... and a general. ... Sapphire had recently turned eleven, and Eclipse was ten. 'What do you need a phone for?' Eclipse asked."

The problem here would be that Eclipse Casto is a ten year old general. The youngest age I know at which someone may join the military is eighteen, making this an impossibility.

2) "'Whoa!' Matt said, 'what planet did I just dial?' He heard even more evil giggling. He was starting to get very spooked when a voice suddenly piped up in a cheery, feminine timbre, slightly flavored with Southern US accent.

'Hello, thank you for calling Coruscant. For the Jedi Temple, press one now. For the-` Matt pressed one, unsure of what else he should do. His lapis eyes were dark with confusion. Suddenly, another voice came on the phone. It was still feminine, but somewhat harsher and deeper."

The two people speaking in these paragraphs, Yamato and Sapphire, have little chance to know a common language. Yamato, or Matt as he's known as in America, is Japanese and knows little of the English language. Sapphire is half French, half British, living in New Orleans, and eleven years old. She would be more likely to learn French than Japanese, because French is more widely avaliable.

OC: Sapphire
Type: Mary Sue (author endorsed)
Offenses Against Canon: Using magic in a world where it does not exist. Annoying Ishida Yamato of the Odaiba Chosen. Conversing with a character without using a common language. Ignoring the cost of phoning overseas.

Recommendation: Terminate with extreme prejudice.

OC: Eclipse Casto
Type: Mary Sue (author endorsed)
Offenses Against Canon: Using magic in a world where it does not exist. Being an eleven year old general. Annoying Ishida Yamato of the Odaiba Chosen. Conversing with a character without using a common language. Ignoring the cost of phoning overseas.

Recommendation: Terminate with extreme prejudice.

OC: Exotica Kayru
Type: Mary Sue (author endorsed)
Offenses Against Canon: Being a Jedi. Having no use in the fanfic itself.
Recommendation: Terminate.

Additional comments: Neuralize Ishida Yamato, Yagami Taichi, and Motomiya Daisuke.