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Episode 4: The New Digitude

In a dark space, the crests spin around and go into the light in the middle. The Crest of Courage and Friendship appears first. Followed by Love, Knowledge, Reliability, Sincerity, Light, and Hope. Three more crest follow the original eight. A dark pink rose like flower, the Crest of Kindness, twin yellow swords crossing each other, the Crest of Loyalty, and finally a green shield with wings, the Crest of Protection. 

As the crests enter the light the number 02 spins on the screen. A rainbow of color appears behind it, revealing Digimon Adventures 02. 

In a background filled with Digi-Code, Daisuke appears in his usual flame jacket, burgundy shorts, and goggles. A shadow spins around, as it gets closer to him. When it hits him a light appears around him as he goes flying off the screen. 

Shadows appear around the rest of his team and they too fly off the screen. Miyako is wearing an orange helmet, yellow vest, and red pants. Iori is wearing a beige long sleeve shirt with purple pants. Takeru is wearing a yellow and green shirt, grey shorts, and a white hat. Hikari is wearing a pink and white shirt; yellow shorts, and has a camera around her neck.

Ken appears in a purple shirt and blue jeans. Her navy blue hair is tied into a ponytail. Ryo is next her. He is wearing a blue shirt and green army pants. Ryo and Ken are holding hands as they jump in the air with their partners, Wormmon and Monodramon, and landed in Primary Village with the baby digimon, playing soccer with them.

Dark Towers appear on the screen. A Devidramon is seen flying with an unknown boy on top of his head. Followed by other evil digimon.

V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon heads appear.

A world globe spins around. This globe separates into two spinning globes and moves to be side by side of each other.

A younger Ken and Ryo are seen in a desert fighting Millenniummon. Paildramon and Wizarmon are attacking Millenniummon.

The camera rolls over the Chosen Children. Taichi and Daisuke are next to each other. Miyako is next to Daisuke. Yamato is behind Taichi and Sora is next to Yamato. Next to Sora are Mimi and Koushiro. Next to Miyako are Iori and Takeru. Joe is next to Koushiro and Hikari is next Takeru. 

Ken is seen in a cave with Ryo. On a pedestal there is a pink egg that looks like a rose with the Crest of Kindness on it. Stingmon and Cyberdramon are standing behind them.

A Digi-Port opens on a computer followed by a D-Terminal opening up to reveal an egg. Different color lights leave the D-Terminal and go into a blue D-3. Light comes out of the D-3. 

V-mon, Armadillomon, Hawkmon, Patamon, Tailmon, and Wormmon fly into the light. 

In a fire background, Flamedramon appears in a fighting stance. In a purple, blue, and green bubble background, Shurimon appears with his shrunkens out. In a stone background, Digmon appears in a fighting stands with his drill out. In a blue background, Pegasusmon appears galloping in the air. In a pink and yellow background, Nefertimon appears. In a background that looks like an ocean, Submarimon appears. In a sky background, Halsemon appears in a mid flight position. In a lightning background, Raidramon appears. In a sparkly dark pink background, Pucchiemon appears and his pink finger is glowing as he points to the side. 

Monodramon jumps up in the air in a dark blue background. Behind him is his Champion and Ultimate forms: Strikedramon and Cyberdramon. 

Impmon comes spinning around in a green background. His Champion form, Wizarmon, and a shadow of his Ultimate form appears behind him.

Flamedramon throws fireball before his body is engulfed in flames. He jumps into the airs and is suddenly surrounded my light. He reverts back to V-mon and then evolves into Raidramon.

Shurimon is in a forest spinning and flying among the trees. After passing a tree Hawkmon is seen flying out of the trees and into the sky. Halsemon is now seen flying in the sky and is spinning around.

Digmon comes out from the ground and jumps into the sky. He releases his drills before turning back into Armadillomon. Armadillomon dives into the water and becomes Submarimon.

Pegasusmon swoops from the air and releases a shower of stars. Nefertimon flies into release with stones from her neck.

A close up of Daisuke riding Raidramon is shown. Halsemon flies into the air with Miyako on his back. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon fly in with Takeru and Hikari on their backs. Submarimon surfaces from the ocean with Iori inside him.

A face of Osamu appears and floats away as the image of the Digimon Emperor appears with the Dark Towers behind him. In the background a white hair women and a man in a blue coat his watching him.

In a field filled with Dark Towers, Ken and Ryo have their digivices up. Ken's violet D-3 and crest glows, while Ryo swipes a blue card into his white, and blue D-Power. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon jump into the air and attack four DarkTyrannomon.

Flamedramon jumps into the air as a beam of orange light appears. Shurimon and Digmon jumps into the air when beams of green and yellow appear. Angemon and Angewomon fly into the air as light green and pink beams appear. JewelBeemon and Cyberdramon fly into the air as dark pink and golden beams appear into the air.

A close up of Daisuke running appears. Ryo, Cody and Takeru are on his left, while Ken, Miyako, and Hikari on his right. All the Digimon in their Rookie forms, except Tailmon, are running in front of them.

A group picture of Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, and Angemon appears in front of a blue and green background. The image changes to a red and green background with Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon. Finally, in a blue and grey sparkly background are Tailmon, Hawkmon, Wormmon, Monodramon, Armadillomon, and Patamon, who are in front of their partners. Behind the children are Angewomon, Stingmon, Shurimon, Flamedramon, Digmon, Cyberdramon, Angemon, Nefertimon, Pucchiemon, Halsemon, Raidramon, Submarimon, and Pegasusmon.


Tamachi, Japan

Osamu “Sam” Ichijouji walks into his room with a plate of food. He smiles slightly as he sees his partner looking at the screen boredly. The screen showed different scenes of the Chosen digimon. Every few seconds the screen would change to a different digimon's attacking style. Impmon pouted as he saw V-mon Armor Digivolving to Flamedramon. Sam wasn't sure what his little imp was thinking about but it really didn't matter. Impmon was studying their attacks in hope of finding a weakness that they could use.

Sam places the food in front of him. At the smell of chicken Impmon stops his staring and digs into the food. Sam sits down in his chair and pulls up different footage on the screen. He frowns as he pulls up a video of his sister. Maybe threatening V-mon was a bad idea, but that was not what bothered him. Sam was curious about them knowing V-mon was in trouble though.

His frown deepened. The last time he checked, Ken and Ryo were somewhere in Fire Island. Sadly, he didn't have many towers or digimon in the location that they were in. They were too far even if someone had called for help. So how did thay get to the cliff so fast? Sam studied the image of Ken and Stingmon. It didn't make sense. With the Dark Towers around Wormmon should not be able to digivolve to his Champion form and Monodramon should not be able to go to his Ultimate form. This was a troublesome situation. How they were able to bypass his programing was illogical.

However, his sister and best friend were smart and clever. They have excellent hacking skills and computer programming skills. His sister is a prodigy as well. She excels in sports and music, while he is more into academics. Well, that does explain why those ants tend to worship the ground he walks on and forget his sister even exists. Sam gritted his teeth at the thought of them. His parents cared nothing for him or his sister. They didn't even fight to keep her at home when the Akiyamas' offered to have Ken stay at their home. Sure he might have been angry and slapped her, but that gave his parents no right to not question why or to reject their offer. In fact they said that Ken would have the chance to hang out with ours that is not her brother and allow her to make friends of her own.

Sam rubbed the back of his neck as he felt his anger increase. “Sam, are you okay?” Sam glanced at his partner.

“Yeah I'm fine. Just a little annoyed.”

“Did your parents brag about your new awards or new invention again?”

“No, they were talking about the stupid press and producers that kept calling.” He rolled his eyes. “You would think they would get the hint when I decline the offers myself.” Impmon shook his head in annoyance.

“Humans are complicated.” Sam laughed at that.

“You have no idea.” Sam stretches and continues to rub his neck when it started to sting a little. He stared at the screen as ideas popped into his head. He smirks as he pulls up a saved program and begins typing. If he just makes of few adjustments on this… it could work. Maybe if he added this and maybe a little bit of that…yes! This could work. He chuckles evilly as he pulls together a new plan to destroy those meddlesome Chosen. Soon, very soon, his perfect world will be his.

Odaiba, Japan

Daisuke tried to absorb everything Chibimon had told him so far about his adventures three years ago. “So let me get this straight Akiyama-san at the time didn't have his own partner, but had this ability to use other digivices for different digimon.”

“Yeah that's right Davis.” Daisuke groaned. Why did his sister have to say that name out loud? He hated when Jun said it. Though, it was cute when Chibimon said it.

“So three years ago he had my digivice and was able to borrow you to fight against his evil digimon that just would not stay dead.”


“So during this time Ichijouji-sama and a guy named Sam was brought into the Digital World to help him.”

“Yup.” Chibimon said as he jumped on Daisuke's bed.

“And then you guys had to pretty much train an army of digimon to fight against him and in the end you guys won when you fused with Ichijouji's digimon.”

“Yup! It was the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to do it again!” Daisuke raised his eyebrow at that. Does this mean that he and Ken are special or something?

“Okay, back to what I was saying. The digimon in the end threw these orbs at you guys and Sam got hit with it. However, he got ill and it took three weeks before you guys returned to the Human World.”


“Okay so what happened next?”

“Well you see, Millenniummon wasn't dead and came back.” Daisuke rolled his eyes. Figures. “The Holy Beasts and Gennai created the D-1 Tournament to train Ryo. However, they weren't expecting to drag Ken along. But it didn't matter since it helped Ryo get stronger since Ken was there, giving him different strategies to use in battle.”

“So in other words Ichijouji-sama was basically the brains of the operation, making all the plans.”

“Well, yeah. I always thought she was a good leader since she tends to think more clearly then the two human boys.” Daisuke could see that. She is a captain after all. “Anyway we were told that this tournament was to see who would partner with one of the Holy Beasts.” Daisuke frowned. This sounded a little suspicious. “Apparently Zhuqiaomon had made this tournament to find a powerful Tamer since the other Holy Beasts got corrupted. Ryo, Ken, and some of the other Chosen agreed to continue with the tournament. Through out the tournament, Ryo was mocked by some of the other kids. They didn't believe Ryo defeated Millenniummon.” Daisuke huffed.

“They were not there. How would they know?”

“I don't know,” Chibimon replied. “Anyway, Ryo, Ken and the three other Chosen went through the competition with no problem. Taichi, Yamato, and Mimi said something to Ryo and Ken. I'm not sure what but it upset them. After that the Holy Beast said that Millenniummon had come back as a crystal. Ryo and Ken went to the castle that Millenniummon was in.” Chibimon paused and ate a chocolate bar that was on the bed.

“What happened after that? What happened to Akiyama-san and Ichijouji-sama?”

“I'm not sure.”

“What you mean?” Daisuke asked confused.

“Before they went Gennai took me away and told me to wait for my partner. I was put under the Digi-Egg and then you picked it up.”

Daisuke frowned as questions popped into his head. But none of them were ones that his partner would be able to answer. What exactly happen at that castle and what did Taichi-sempai say?

Odaiba Elementary School: Computer Room

The next day the digimon hid in the computer room as the Chosen went through their classes for the day. Chibimon could smell Davis or was it Daisuke. Whatever, he liked Davis better. He was close, very close. And as if he has just won a food contest, Davis opened the door and Chibimon threw himself at the boy.



“Where's Yolie?” Poromon asked.

“Yeah and where's Cody?” Upamon asked.

“Don't worry,” Hikari reassures them. “They are on their way.”

“Sorry I'm late.” Miyako yells as she comes in with a bag. “I brought some snacks from my parents convenient store.

“Cool.” Davis says.

The digimon look at the food. “Can we eat it?” Upamon asked.

“I'm hungry.” Poromon says as he looks at the food.

“Of course you can.” Patamon tells them as he grabs a drinkable yogurt. “You drink it like this.” Patamon demonstrates and the other In-Training digimon follow after him. Chibimon had decided to go straight for the candy bar though. He really loves candy bars. Ken used to make them from scratch when he traveled with them. Though hers tasted a lot better then this one. This one was great but Ken's was better.

Chibimon noticed that Tailmon was just looking at them. He wondered what she was thinking. Maybe she thinks that they are a little too hyper, well they are In-Training digimon after all.

“Where's Iori-san?” Davis asked.

“Last time I heard he was still at lunch.” Hikari told him. Davis frowned.

“He's holding us up.”

“Let's watch some TV while we wait.” Miyako says as she opens up a page. The show was interrupted by some kind of funny lady saying breaking news. The lady on the news talked about Ken's brother. Chibimon stopped to listen to the funny lady.

“The results to the National Programing Contest had just been announced! The winner of the contest is prodigy Ichijouji Osamu. Ichijouji created a program that could help people who can't speak. It translates their thoughts into a portable device that can talk for them.”

“I've built this program in hopes of helping my little sister when she tries to talk to people when she's not with a translator.”

Chibimon's eyes widen as he heard Ken's brother's name and voice. He knew he was smart, but this? No! Ken was better then him in programming. It's been like that since he known them. He wondered if the Dark Spore had something to do with this.

“Isn't that Ichijouji Ken's older brother?” Takeru asked.

“Ichijouji's talents include playing chess, while everyone watched; creating a complex computer program, and winning varies awards in the Science Inventor Contest. Ichijouji often dedicates his work and success to his younger sister, Ichijouji Ken. Who is a prodigy herself for being a musical prodigy and the captain of the Tamachi Elementary School soccer team.”

“Wow! The Ichijouji's are amazing!” Miyako says with excitement. “And not just that! She is also a Tamer and has a digimon! So cool!”

“Now lets talk to the parents of these brilliant children. Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji how is it like to raise such wonderful children?”

“Oh, it's great. Sam created a robot to help me with the kitchen.”

“We are so proud of our son. He is so dedicated in what he does and doesn't stop until it's completed.”

Miyako turns off the screen with a frown on her face. “Is it just me or does it seem like they are only talking about their son and not their daughter?”

“You've noticed too.”

“Iori-kun, when did you get here?” Miyako asked as he picked up his digimon.

“A few minutes ago.” He turns to Davis, Hikari, and Takeru. “Were you able to talk to her in class?” Chibimon looks at his partner and the other two Chosen as they frown.

“I tried before class,” Takeru said with a sigh. “But Akiyama-san kept glaring at me and refused to translate what Ken-san was trying to tell me. She was clearly annoyed with his behavior.”

“I was playing with her in gym class. Akiyama-san kept trying to trip me in soccer. Though he did end up getting yelled at by Ichjiouji-sama, actually she was signing but it seemed like she was yelling.” He smiles and rubs his hands together. “Let me tell you, she was not happy! I never seen the guy blush so much before!” Chibimon laughed. Ken did the same thing to him when he fought with Impmon.

“I tried during math and lunch,” Hikari spoke up next. “Same happened to me. Akiyama-san refused to translate. However, she did give me a note with her email on it when we were both in the girls locker room during gym class.” Chibimon smiled at that. He knew Ken would find a way to try and communicate with the Chosen, even with Ryo acting like the Chosen are his worst enemy.

“That's great Hikari-san!” Miyako squealed. “We can email her with our D-Terminals!”

“Kari?” Hikari turns to Tailmon.


“We are ready to go back to the Digital World.” Patamon squeaks as he flies next to her. Chibimon jumps up and down and lands in Davis's arms.

“Can we call Ken? I miss her and Wormmon!” Chibimon smiles cutely at his partner.

“But you saw her yesterday!” Davis retorted.

“That was sooooo long! And besides I want to eat her famous chocolate bars.”

“But you just ate!”

“There not the same! Ken's chocolate bars are special and filled with love and other yummy stuff.” Davis sighed.

“Enough about food! Let's go!” Miyako yells.

“Everyone's here,” Takeru says. Everyone nods and takes out their digivices and go through the gate.

Digital World - Forest

Ryo sighs for the twentieth time today. He was rubbing his sore side from where Ken had punched him. He deserved it, kinda. Three of the younger Chosen had been trying to talk to Ken all day, however he was being stupid and ended up refusing to translate for them. He even tried to trip the goggle headed boy that reminded him of Taichi.

Ken had warned him not to pick a fight since they are supposed to be working with the Chosen. Sadly Ken had cursed him out and punched him in front of the student body during her gym class. He sighed again and looks at his female friend. Ken was sitting on Stingmon's shoulder, instead of walking with him. Man, he was an idiot. He was very close to feeling her famous wrath. Hadn't he learned by now not to piss off any women from the human population?

“Ken?” She ignores him. “Ken, I'm sorry!” Still not turning to him. He sighs. What was he going to do to get her to at least look at him?

Ken ignores Ryo as he tries to call her. She was angry with him. He had tried to stop the other Chosen from communicating with her. First it was during the beginning of the day with Takeru. Second it was with Hikari in math and then again at lunch. He refused to translate and she didn't have time to get out her notepad to scribble something down before Ryo dragged her away. Then at gym class Daisuke attempted to talk to her while playing soccer. The boy tried to trip him of all things. Having enough she told him off in raw anger. Luckily, she and Hikari both had gym during the same period and ended up meeting in the girl's locker room. Ken gave he Chosen of Light her email and wrote some times and places of what she were doing that today.

Ken blinks when her D-3 begins to beep. She pressed a button to see a larger map. There were five different color dots together not far from them. She smiles. The Chosen aren't that far. A different sound beeps from her D-3 getting her attention. On her screen a distress message was flashing. She presses the right button. A hologram of one of the Gotsumon brothers was on. Ken and Ryo have created watches for all digimon that have joined them. These watches allow the digimon to make recording messages and send it to their digivices.

“Ken! The Digimon Emperor has captured our friend, Elecmon. He has him in the arena. Please help!”

Ken's eyes widen as the image disappears. She looks at Stingmon and sees the worry in his eyes. “Where not far from the arena? Let's go.” Ken nods and turns to Ryo, only to see him digivolving his digimon.

“Digi-Modify!” Ryo slashes a blue card through his D-Power. “Matrix Digivolution Activate!”

After Ryo swipes the blue card Monodramon is suddenly surround in a ball of data. Within the ball Monodramon's data of his rookie form is removed and is replaced with stronger data. “Monodramon Warp Digivolve too…” When the ball fades a grey dragon with red wings appears. “Cyberdramon!”

“Let's hurry!” Ryo yells as he gets on his partner. The two Tamers fly into the air and towards the area.

Ken's grip on her digimon tightens as Stingmon and Cyberdramon go at their top speed. When they arrive Ken and Ryo watch in shock as two of their friends got ringed and thrown into the arena to fight each other. Ryo and Cyberdramon go to distract the Emperor while Ken and Stingmon go to the crying Gotsumon.

Gotsumon smiles as he sees her. “Oh, Tamer! I'm so happy to see you!” Ken rubs his back as he hugs her.

“B? Are you ready to help save your friends?” Stingmon asks as Ken takes out her D-3. Gotsumon nods and takes a few steps back. Ken pulls two chips from her pocket and inserts them into her D-3. Gotsumon gasps as the Tamer's D-3 glows and a beam of light engulfs him. Gotsumon's eyes widen as he feels himself getting stronger. “Ken-chan is increasing your defense and attack strength. You will now be able to brake the Dark Rings and the bars in the arena.”

Gotsumon smiles. “Time to save my friends!”

Ryo glares angrily at the Emperor as he forces two of their ranks to fight each other. Usually digimon under them are protected by the Dark Rings. However, he or Ken has to form a temporary bond, which only lasts for a few days, unless they reform it again.

Ryo has Cyberdramon attack as two controlled digimon try to stop them from getting near the Emperor. The two controlled digimon fall to the grassy ground as their rings are broken. Ryo focuses his attention on his old friend.

“Cyber Nail!”

The Emperor scowls as Ryo unringed two of his slaves. He noticed the furious look on his face. What is he mad about now?

“Damn it Sam!” Sam narrows his eyes as he takes out his whip.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I'm the Digimon Emperor!” The Emperor turns to his partner, who was looking bored a few moments ago. “I think you have your excitement now.”

Impmon jumps to his feet as he is surrounded by a dark light. “Impmon Dark Digivolve too…Devimon!” After evolving Devimon flies into the air and attack Cyberdramon. Cyberdramon avoids his attack as Ryo jumps off him. The Emperor watches in suspicion as Ryo jumps off. What he didn't know was what Ryo was planning? He found out soon enough when he got tackled and fell off the wall.

Stingmon carries Gotsumon and Ken as he flies high into the air to enter the arena. He gently places his passengers on the ground before he swoops in and grabs the two controlled brothers by the back of their necks and holds them up. “Now B!”

Gotsumon summons his rocks and aims them for the Dark Rings. He was glad he was the more precise one of the three. “Rock Fist!”

The two Gotsumon blink as their vision clears. The first thing the two brothers noticed was that strong hands were putting them on the ground. They look up to see the Tamer's digimon, their general, Stingmon. The two turn around to see their brother and the female Tamer. “B! Tamer of Kindness!”

“O! R!” Gotsumon runs to his two brothers and hugs them.

“Are you guys okay?”

“Yeah, we're fine,” The Gotsumon called O replies.

“I have a headache though,” The Gotsumon called R replies.

“That's good. Are you two ready to save the others?” O and R stand up and nod at their brother. Ken lifts her D-3 and the two brothers are hit with the same light that B was hit with earlier.

Twenty minutes later, Ken and the Gotsumon brothers freed and unringed all the digimon that were trapped in the arena. “That's the last of them!” The brothers said together.

“There you are.” Ken turns around to see a very bruised Ryo and a very unhappy Cyberdramon.

“What happened?” The trio asked.

“Don't ask.” Ryo replied gloomily.

“I was this close to shutting up the annoying, troublesome angel! When I see him I will hit him with the full force of Erase Claw!” Ryo placed a hand on his partner's head to calm him down.

“Calm down Cyberdramon. When we figure out how to free Sam and Impmon from the Dark Spore then they will be back to their old selves.”

“Did you guys find anything yet?” B asked.

“We got some very informative information from a Wisemon. However, we are still looking through it.” The brothers looked relieved.

“What we do now?” O asked.

“Right now spread the word, but do careful. The Dark Spore is affecting him even more.”

“Understood, Tamer!” The three said as they saluted like they were in the army. Ken and Stingmon tried to hide their laughter. Ryo hated when they did that and the three did it just because.

The Emperor laughs as the Chosen tried to defend themselves. He found the Chosen walking in the forest. He threatened them of course and they tried to fight with them. The goggle head's face was priceless when he almost got hit with Tyrannomon, the stupid Chosen digivolve their partners and tried to defeat him. There was a hawk, Flamedramon, and an armadillo. Pathetic!

The Emperor was focused on Flamedramon though. He was still V-mon, the traitor. The traitor went flying through the air as Tyrannomon hit him.

“Fire Rocket!” The Emperor smiles as Tyrannomon blocked the traitors puny little fireball.

“Digi-Armor Energize!” The Emperor rolls his eyes as the stupid girl evolved her hawk. One more makes no difference.

A beam of light hits Hawkmon and a light engulfs him. He spins around as images of Biyomon, Birdramon, and Garudamon appear in the background. Hawkmon merges with the Crest of Love. “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve too… Halsemon, the Wings of Love!”

The Emperor looks blankly at the eagle digimon as he avoids Tyrannomon's attack. “Eagle Eye!” A red beam from the eagle helmet hits Tyrannomon much to the Emperors annoyance. He glares at them and summons four more Tyrannomon. He laughs as he sees the shocked looks on their faces.

Hikari looks around to see that they were surrounded. She bit her lip as she sends an email to Ken. She just hoped that the Tamer was near by.

“Are you ready Armadillomon?” Iori asked his partner.


“Digi-Armor Energize!”

A beam of light hits Armadillomon and a light engulfs him. He spins around as images of Tentomon, Kabuterimon, and MegaKabuterimon appears in the background. Armadillomon merges with the Crest of Knowledge. “Armadillomon Armor Digivolve too… Digmon, the Drill of Knowledge!”

Hikari watches in horror as the Tyrannomon are ordered to attack Tailmon and Patamon. The two digimon get thrown towards a tree and almost stomped on. Tailmon and Patamon run as the Tyrannomon fires fire at them.

“Spiking Strike!”

“Cyber Nail!”

“Rock Fists!”

Hikari smiles as five digimon attacked the three attacking Tyrannomon. There was a humanoid insect warrior. He had red eyes, orange hair, two antennas, and a well-built body, which she assumed was some kind of armor. The second digimon was a fierce looking grey dragon with no faces. The dragon had red wings and had a helmet that covered his face. The two bigger digimon attacked the attacking Tyrannomon and pushed them a good five feet away.

Several rocks smacked into some of the other Tyrannomon knocking them to the ground. The rock like digimon was running towards them with the two Tamers running behind them. “It's Ken-san!” Miyako yells as she waves to the female Tamer.

“And Akiyama-san!” Takeru says.

“Who are these digimon?” Iori asked as Digmon and Flamedramon attack another Tyrannomon.

“That's Stingmon. He's an extremely unusual Champion Insect Digimon.” Halsemon tells them. “He has impressive speed and a tough exoskeleton. This Champion level digimon is what you call an assassin. He attacks with accuracy and has a very composed, cool disposition. Don't make him angry though or he'll attack you with his Spiking Strike attack.”

“Cyberdramon is a Dragon Cyborg Digimon.” Digimon tells them. “He's an Ultimate level warrior digimon. This digimon is full of mysteries. He has a unique rubber armor that gives it excellent defense and offensive abilities. However, this digimon has quite a temper and should not be taken lightly since he can destroy his opponent with his Erase Claw attack.”

“We're Gotsumon. We are Rock Type Digimon with a mischievous personality. We are the lieutenants of the Tamer United Forces under the direct command of the Tamer of Kindness. You anger us and we will hit you with our Rock Fist attack.”

The Digimon Emperor growls as his sister and best friend protects the Chosen. This must have been Ken's idea. Why Ryo can't learn to say no to her?

“I thought you learned your lesson the last time Tamer.” The Emperor taunted.

Ryo smiles at him. “What can I say? I'm looking forward to our rematch. Get him Cyberdramon!” Cyberdramon growls angrily as he attacks with his claws, pushing the bigger digimon onto another.

“He's strong!” Miyako says as she watches the angry digimon.

“And angry!” Iori comments as his digivice starts to beep again.

“We had a run in with the Emperor earlier.” One of the Gotsumon said.

“Let's just say that the Emperor managed to kick their butts and retreated.” The second Gotsumon said.

“Not this time!” Ryo yells as he takes out a card from his belt.

The Chosen looks at him in confusion. “What's he doing?”

“You'll see.” The first Gotsumon replied.

“There's a reason why Tamers are different then Chosen.” The third Gotsumon tells them.

Ryo was holding a different looking digivice. It was blue and white, like Daisuke's. It had a black strap and it had a strange card slot on it. “Digi-Modify!” Ryo swipes the card through the card slot on his digivice much to the Chosen's shocked expressions. “Goliath Activate!”

Cyberdramon roars as he grows in size. “He grew!” The Chosen exclaimed. Cyberdramon lifts the Tyrannomon and throws him onto an attacking Tyrannomon. He then uses his claws to crush the Dark Ring, but not before knocking the controlled digimon unconscious.

Ryo turns to the Chosen and notices the looks of shock on their faces. He pushed down his annoyance of them for now and talked to them in a way he talks to his troops. “Go to the cave and get your Digi-Egg!” Ryo glares at Hikari, Takeru, and Iori. He shifts his gaze to Ken. “Go with them. We'll take care of things here.” Ken nods. Ryo glance at the brothers and in a stern voice he orders them, “You three better protect her or I'll make you three do five laps at the training grounds!”

The three Gotsumon salute to him again, much to his annoyance. “Yes, Tamer, sir!” Ryo rolls his eyes and ignores the Chosen's screams as he runs into the battlefield.

Ken sighs as Ryo runs off again. He never learns. Ken looks at her lieutenants and orders them to do the triangle formation. “Yes Tamer!” They say together before moving to their positions. Ken looks at the Chosen and motions for Iori, Takeru, and Hikari to follow her. B was in the lead, followed by Iori. Takeru, Hikari, and their digimon ran behind them. Ken runs behind them with O and R running behind her, closing the triangle formation.

Ken quickly takes out a chip and inserts it into her D-3. Her D-3 beeps and says “Power Chip Activate”. The Gotsumon brothers glow as they are filled with additional power and attack the Tyrannomon that had attacked them.

The Iori was surprised that the Gotsumon were able to break the Dark Ring. He wasn't sure what the Tamer United Force is, but it sounded like they were in the military. Maybe the Tamer works like his father used to do before he died. It seemed that the Gotsumon were the lowest rank in command, which means that Ken-san is the commanding officer.

He really doesn't understand how their strategy works. Somehow Ken-san and Akiyama-san were able to increase the digimon attack that surpasses their level. It was amazing. Koushiro would have to field day with this.

Iori enters the cave with the others and looks around. He takes out his D-3 and follows it to the eggs. As they walk he hears Hikari talking to Ken-san.

“Hey, thanks for coming.” Ken smiles at Hikari and nods her head. She liked Hikari. She was nice. She signs to her, which B translates.

“Ryo and I were nearby anyway. It was no problem.”

Hikari nods as well and asks, “What were you guys doing, if you don't mind me asking?”

“We got a distress call from the Gotsumon brothers.” Ken points to B. “One of their friends got captured by the Emperor and asked for our help. When we got there O and R got captured and ringed.”

“O?” Hikari blinks in confusion. “R?”

The Gotsumon that was translating for her pointed at himself. “I'm B.” B then points to the other two Gotsumon in the back. “That's my brother R and my brother O.”

Hikari smiles. “You know together it spells BRO.”

“We know.” The trio said together.

Ken smiles and makes small laughing noises before going back to signing. “Anyway, I increased B's attack and defense and had him free his brothers. After that we freed the other controlled or imprisoned digimon.”

“Wow that's amazing.” Takeru said with amazement laced in his voice.

“So that's why Gotsumon said Tamers are different. You guys help digimon that's not your partners.” Ken smiles and nods at Iori when he stopped to look at them.

Ken blinks as she sees something glowing. She points to the objects in the distance. Takeru and Hikari looks in the direction that she was pointing at. “There Digi-Eggs.” Takeru says.

Hikari studies them and notices that the symbols look like their crests. “It has our crests!”


“That one has the Crest of Light.” Hikari said pointing to the egg that looks like an angel feather body and feet. “And that one has the Crest of Hope.” She says pointing to the egg that has a gold color with Patamon's wings on it.

“Your right.” Takeru tells her as they step in front of them.

“They must be yours then.” Tailmon tells them.

“Try picking them up.” Patamon says as Ken nods. Hikari and Takeru argued that they had digimon already, which was ridiculous since she had a Digi-Egg herself. When Tailmon told them to try the two moved up. The two Chosen were shocked as their digivice glowed and morphed into a D-3. Takeru's was green, while Hikari's was pink. Ken smiles as the two lifted the eggs.

“Two more Armor Digi-Eggs has been found Tamer.” R says as he looks at the Digi-Eggs.

“Yeah, but I like yours more Tamer. It's prettier.” O replies as he too looks at the eggs. The three Chosen and digimon look at Ken in surprise.

“You have a Digi-Egg too?” They all asked. Ken nods.

“Of what?” Takeru asked.

“Isn't is obvious. She's the Tamer of Kindness. Her crest says so.” The trio reply as they pointed to Ken's tag and crest.

The Chosen and digimon look at Ken's neck. And as the three Gotsumon stated, there was a yellow tag with a dark pink crest in it. “That's a tag!” Takeru and Hikari say together.

“And a crest!” Their digimon echoed their surprise. “But how?”

Ken rolls her eyes at them. It isn't that surprising. They had crests of their own at one point. “Guys, can we talk about this later?” Iori asked. “We still have to help the others!”

“Oh, right.” Takeru and Hikari look at each other and blink. They lift their eggs as it started to glow. “Digi-Armor Energize!” Twin beams of light hit Patamon and Tailmon and engulf them.

Patamon spins around as images of Angemon and Holy Angemon appears in the background. Patamon merges with the Crest of Hope. “Patamon Armor Digivolve too… Pegasusmon, Flying Hope!”

Tailmon spins around as an image of Angewomon appears in the background. Tailmon merges with the Crest of Light. “Tailmon Armor Digivolve too… Nefertimon, the Angel of Light!”

Daisuke growls in annoyance at this situation. He and Miyako managed to get separated from the others and were now running out of ground. Daisuke looks at the three Tyrannomon had cornered them. At this rate they won't last any longer.

Miyako clings to Daisuke in fear. How in the DigiWorld did this happen? One minute they were with their partners and then three of the Tyrannomon chase them as the others were busy with the ones still attacking. Cyberdramon was busy attacking a Tyrannomon that kept dodging his claws. Stingmon was helping him. Miyako noticed the way they fought was at a whole different level. It was as if they just knew each other's strengths and weakness so well that they covered each other without even thinking. She wondered just how long they've known each other.

Daisuke shields Miyako as the Tyrannomon creep closer. He hoped the others would get back already. It was literally taking the combined efforts of Flamedramon, Digmon, and Halsemon to restrain just one. However, the Tamers' digimon seriously had tons of experience on their side, considering how quickly they were restraining and removing the Dark Rings. But even they couldn't take done all them without help or at least without their partners. Daisuke rolled his eyes at the event when the Tamer ran into the battlefield and attacked the Emperor. The two were somewhere in the forest fighting each other. Daisuke had to admit the Tamer was fearless and stubborn.

“Get away from them! Fire Rocket!”

“Gold Rush!”

“Tempest Wing!”

The combined attacks did nothing to the Tyrannomon as the three Armor Digimon fell to the ground in exhaustion.


“Hawkmon! Armadillomon! Are you okay?”

The three groaned and did not move. Daisuke heard Miyako whimper in fear behind him. He couldn't blame her. He probably would have done the same thing to. Another Tyrannomon was thrown into the air as Cyberdramon picked it up with his amazing strength.

“Spiking Strike!” Stingmon swoops in and brakes that Tyrannomon's Dark Ring. As impressive as their teamwork is, there was no way they would defeat all of Tyrannomon in time to save them.

Ryo dodges the Emperor's whip and lands on his feet. Ryo runs towards him and manages to punch him in the face. Sam stumbled back and hits the ground, but not hard enough to daze him. Ryo makes a back flip as Sam tries to knock his feet from under him. Damn! That was close.

“Have enough yet, Ryo?”

“In your dreams Ichijouji!”

“Oh but Ryo we are in my dreams. My dreams of making a perfect world for the both of us.” Ryo grunts as Sam managed to punch and send him tumbling.

“You think your protecting Ken, but your not!” Ryo wipes away some blood from his split lip. “Don't you see that you're putting Ken in danger! That she doesn't want this! All she wants is for you to return to the nice, caring brother that she loves.” Ryo punches him, only for his hand to be caught by Sam's. “Not some tyrant that is destroying all that we worked so hard to protect! Don't you remember how upset she was when you fell ill or when she saw you hurting those digimon?”

Sam narrowed his eyes in thought. He vaguely remembered that, but… Don't listen to him! He's trying to trick you!

Sam avoided Ryo's attempt to flip him. He twisted his arm back and sends him flying towards the bush. Sam breathed heavily as the voice in his head said to not listen. But Ryo was his best friend and adored his sister. He wants to replace you. Don't you see the way he looks at her and tries to make her happy?

Sam grits his teeth as the voice pauses. He knew Ryo and his sister had gotten close, but… He would never hurt his sister, would he? If he did, he would have Devimon tare him apart.

Ryo groans in pain. He was so going to feel this tomorrow. Ryo gets up just in time to see Sam glaring at him. He frowns as he noticed the slightly dark cloud over his eyes. Sam had lost his sunglasses a long time ago. He was surprised that Sam had his regular glasses under them. Ryo moves out of the way as Sam attacks him again. This time Ryo did the same thing Sam did and tossed him into the bushes.

Ryo breathes heavily as he tries to catch his breath. Sam had won the fight just by chance last time. If Sam hadn't had a control digimon attack him, he probably would have gave him a piece of his mind.

“Golden Noose!” Ryo looks up to see a flying horse digimon and a flying cat creating some type of noose as they fly above the forest. Ryo sighs in relief when he realized that Patamon and Tailmon got their eggs. Ryo was taken aback when he was picked up and thrown into a bush in the distance by Devimon. Ryo groans as he gets up just in time to see Sam on Devimon's shoulder.

“Until next time, Ryo.” He says as Devimon flies away and disappears in the distance.

Ryo sighs as he gets up and makes his way out of the forest. The sun was going down as he looks at the sky. At times like this his job was painful, but as long as he has Ken, Monodramon, and Wormmon his day doesn't suck that much. It becomes very wonderful and full of laughter.

“Hi Ken-san! I'm Inoue Miyako, but please call me Yolie!” Ken laughs as Miyako hyperly shakes her hand with stars in her eyes. “Thank you soooo much her helping us out! Your partner is soooo cool!” At that Stingmon blushes as he reverts back to Wormmon. The Chosen all look at him as he went from a powerful warrior to a timid caterpillar. Wormmon crawls to his partner and takes his usual seat on her right shoulder.

“Ken-chan, I'm tired. Can we eat some of your homemade chocolate bars now?”

“Ooh! He's so cute!” Miyako squeals, releasing Ken's hands, as she pulls Wormmon into a hug. Everyone laughs as the green caterpillar blushes.

“Thank you.” He says timidly.

“That's Wormmon. He's a Rookie Virus Digimon. Wormmon are timid and cowardly digimon, but they have hidden potential when they feel threatens or when they evolve into an adult with overflowing power. His special attacks are Sticky Net and Silk Thread.” Hawkmon says as Miyako hands Wormmon back to Ken.

“Wow for such a timid digimon you sure are powerful.” Iori says as he looks at Wormmon from next to Miyako.

“Thank you. I try.”

Iori offers his hand to Ken. Ken moves Wormmon to her other arm as she grasp Iori's hand. “Hello Ichijouji-san. I'm Hida Iori. Thank you for helping us out.” Ken smiles and nods to the younger boy.

“Ken, tell us. How did you get your Digi-Egg and Crest?” Hikari asked. The three new Chosen look at her in curiosity.

“That's so cool! You have a Digi-Egg too!” Miyako squeals in awe. Ken nods with a smile still on her face.

“So you finally went to get it after all this time?” V-mon asked with a knowing look.

“V-mon did you know about this?” V-mon smiles as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Of course. We stumbled upon the Digi-Eggs when we were looking for cover from some of Millenniummon forces over three years ago.”

“WHAT?” Everyone asked, except Daisuke who V-mon told the night before.

“It's a long story that I'm not going to talk about right now.” V-mon told them, ignoring their groans. It seemed like everyone knew things that they didn't. “Anyway, Ken and Ryo knew of the eggs and had crests of their own. However, during our final battle Ryo's tag and crest got destroyed. Ken managed to save her crest from Millenniummon, but lost her tag in the process. After that battle the Digi-Eggs went back to their resting places to be discovered again three years later.”

“You know V-mon you have a big mouth.” V-mon smiles at his old partner as he gives him an annoyed look.

“Learned from the best!” Ryo rolled his eyes and then flinched when he saw the furious look Ken was sending his way.

“Ryo maybe fighting the Emperor alone wasn't your best idea.” Cyberdramon told his partner. “You know Ken is going to give you such a scolding later. You know what? Never mind. I think she's going to do it now.” Ryo gulped as Ken's glare intensified and was only saved when Daisuke placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey Ken-sama. You should really do that later. Besides V-mon been telling me that he wants to have your homemade candy bars again.” Ken blinks her eyes and the fierily glare was momentary gone, much to Ryo's relief. Ken turns to look at Daisuke, who was smiling innocently at her, and then looks at V-mon, who was giving her puppy dog eyes. Ken smiles and laughs softly. She moves her hands gracefully, knowing that V-mon was going to translate for her.

“She said she'll bring some tomorrow for all the digimon.” As soon as he said that the other digimon cheered and then there was the sound of tummies grumbling. The digimon all laughed nervously as the humans gave them exasperated looks.

“I told you they were bottomless bits.” Takeru says as Patamon blushes.

“We should all head home. It's getting late.” Hikari says as she looks at the horizon and takes a picture of it.

Ken smiles and gives the Chosen a goodbye before dragging Ryo towards the Digital Gate that will take them home.

To Be Continued…