Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ The Wild Tamer, Omake Time!! ❯ ...just random weirdness... ( Chapter 2 )

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The Wild Tamer: Omake Time!!

Scene One:

"Takato-Kun, Guilmon, let me introduce you to my handsome Digimon partner: Leomon!"

"Hey, nice to meet you, Leomon! So you're Juri-Chan's new partner, eh? Congratulations!"

"...." Leomon didn't want to say anything, just in case... it was bad enough that this weird girl was
doing a decent impersonation of a barnacle -with his arm as the boat's hull-, imagine if this other kid went bananas, too...

Now, Juri was practically drooling: not only she had managed too snatch a Digimon that was strong, noble and, err, handsome?...
But now she had something more in common with the absolutely adorable -and well muscled, mind you...- Saotome Tamer... hmmm, there was
something wrong with this picture....

Of course! She was a nice girl, raised in a traditional family, with the upbringing of traditional values! How could she reconcile her heart
and her principles?!?! How!?!?

"Takato-Kun, so gentle yet strong... Leomon, so regal yet rugged... I can't choose, I most have them both!!"

Takato and Leomon stared a little and sweat dropped...

"Oh my... did I say that out loud?" said an embarrassed Puppet Girl, while laughing nervously.

"Juri-mon? You don't want Guilmon too? Why?"

Scene Two:

...It was a little cramped inside the Ark, but they were going home, so they weren't complaining. Of course, a good way to not think
about the lack of comfort, was to strike conversation... and anyway, you could cut the tension in the air with a Neko-Ken claw...

"Ahem, so, Ryo, is it? How come you got lost the Digital world, anyway?"

Akiyama glanced at the goggle headed boy, and answered:

"Well, it's kinda strange... I have this cousin -from my mom's side of the family- that promised me to take me out for a walk. When we
were taking a turn down the corner, wham! We weren't in Kyushu anymore! We were in some sort of forest, and all kind of Digimon were just prancing around!
Now, I was completely freaked out, but Coz said it was alright, he had been there before, and Shinjuku was just a few blocks away... he told me to wait for him, while he was going to find a nephew of his, that knew a lot about this weird critters that were around... Imagine! I was the Original Digimon King, and he was
going to ask some... some amateur!!"

"Uh, right.... easy there, Ryo... I bet he didn't mean anything by that... wait a minute, where's your cousin?"

"Hah! I waited three days for him to come back, but he never did! I then had to go out by myself, struggling trough the forest, no food, no gear,
surrounded by hostile Digimon! I spent Ten Months of that, with Cyberdramon as only company!! And all because of some amateur Digi-Fighter wanna-be
that Cousin Ryoga went to see!!"

"Wait a minute... Ryoga? As in Hibiki Ryoga? Hey, that's my Uncle Ryoga! He's always visiting us from his trips! ...And I remember that, about ten months ago, he said something about getting into a forest full of Digimon... We thought he had gotten lost in the Digimon Section of Disneyland Tokyo or something..."

"...you are Takato? Saotome Takato?" Said Ryo in a calm, cool, creepy tone...

"Yep, that's me! Nice to meet you!!" Said a grinning Takato...

"...ten months... I spent ten moths there, all alone, fighting to survive, 'cause my cousin wanted to see YOU!?!?!?"

Takato was sweat dropping lightly at this point. This sounded like his dad's stories...

"Saotome!! Because of you, I've seen Hell!! Prepare to die!!!" Screeched Akiyama, lunging for Takato's neck.

'Yep, definitely like dad's stories...' thought the Gogglehead, while prying the psycho's fingers from his neck.

((This second scene's for Ran, whose' idea I... borrowed... yeah, that's it!))