Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ The Wild Tamer, Omake Time!! ❯ ...past acquiatances... ( Chapter 3 )

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Hello, my name is Otaku-Sama, and my therapist says that writing fanfiction might help me
with my tendency to kidnap redheaded girls and make them make me lunch. But what does
a man wearing an evening dress know about therapy, anyway...

The Wild Tamer: Omake Time!

By Otaku-Sama

Episode 3 or something like that...

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It was a nice day of summer, and the three main Tamers were gathered in Takato's house,
just to relax, kick back, and forget about world-threatening delete programs going whacko. Now,
Ruki, Jenrya and Takato -or as 'Kazu dubbed them: Moe, Larry and Curly-, were enjoying some ice
tea, while listening to each word of Ranma's tales.

"...and then, Booom! The whole mountain top collapsed, and I had to save Herb from becoming
salad dressing... after that, with both of us free from the Locking Ladle Chiisuiton, we went separate ways."

While Takato just slurped his iced tea in boredom -darn it, the same story again...-, both Ruki and
Jenrya made big efforts to avoid laugh out loud... Magical curses? Half-dragon Chinese princes? Yeah, right!
And Pokémon were real, too!

"..that was an... interesting story... Saotome-San... I can't help but wonder what happened to all those
people back in Nerima... they must have been really upset when you went on with your own life..."

"Heh, well... let me tell ya, Jen: some people needed some time, some deep thinking, and some
heavy beatings to get in their skulls that I had Mie, and was really happy with her. Hell, even now some idiots
keep going on about the 'good ol' times'... go fig..."

Ruki just kept silent. Even if some parts sounded really farfetched, she really had enjoyed herself. And those
two sisters -Akane and Nabiki, she recalled- seemed like really cool people, too...

At that moment, the phone rang, only to have Mie picking it up. One moment later, she called her husband.

"Dear... it's for you. It's them, again."

The kids watched as the Future Patron God of Martial Arts and Attractiveness Towards Girls groaned and
slapped his forehead.

"...not those morons again... can't they get a clue?"

Growling unflattering thoughts, he went to answer the call.

"...Hey, Goggle head..." whispered Ruki, leaning towards Takato, and covertly scooting over "...why do I have
the feeling that your dad's past is rearing it's ugly head..."

Takato sighed lightly. "...yeah... well, some people can't take a no..."

"...okay, I'm here, what do you want..." was heard Ranma's annoyed voice.

"...oh please... are you still going on that same spiel... c'mon, it's been years!!"

Jenrya assumed his 'smart kid' pose -his hand on his chin, and his eyes closed-, and mused:

"...it is sad... how some people just can't learn to let go..."

"...oh man... now you're begging? Where's your dignity!?"

"...those people are losers... I didn't fret so much when Renamon went away, and my link with her
was waaay stronger!"

"...can't you get it into your skull? I'm happily married! I love my wife and my son! And you want me to
just dump them?! Huh? Whaddya say? Stay with my family one week, and stay with you all another week?"

Jen and Ruki spat their drinks at that one.

"What the heck?!?! Are they all some kinda perverts!?!?!" squeaked Ruki

"...just how desperate is that people, anyway..." said a staring Jenrya.

"..enough! I said it before, and I'm saying it again! Batman, I ain't joinin' the Justice League, and that's it!!!!"

Both Jen and Ruki found out how hard was the Saotome's floor.

"What? Who wants to talk to me? No, wait-damn... hello? Superman-aw man, stop crying willya!!"

"Gogglehead! Just what kinda people does you dad hangs out with!!!!"

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