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Vejita looked over at Goku. “Kakarot. WHERE exactly is this cottage thing then?” Goku looked over at all of his friends flying beside him. “Well” Goku started to reply, putting his hand behind is head. “I think we are lost…” “Goku look” Future Trunks said, his long lilac hair blowing in the wind, as he pointed down to a large house with a red roof below them. “We should ask for directions.” “OK a trunk that's a great idea.” Vejita hovered over to Goku and looked him straight in the face and said “since I am the most dignified one here I will ask, the rest of you would just embarrass your selves.” And with that, his blue aura shining he flew down to the house. He stopped at the end of the garden thinking it a bit suspicious him flying right to the front door.
Washu and lord Kazuhito's heads spun around. Both with there own way of detecting the power that had just flared up. Washu started to type frantically into her super computer. After completing the analysis of the information, she ripped it off the printer and rushed out of her alternate dimension door. She ran into the lounge and only found Ryo-ohki sleeping on the wooden floor. She ran out through the door and onto the porch. She saw every one else in the distance. They were all sitting by the newly built pool. She hurried over to them and addressed Tenchi as he was the nearest person. She sat down next to him shoving the piece of paper in his face. “What's this?” Tenchi asked giving her an inquisitive. He sat in his navy swimming trunks staring at Washu. His long black hair was hanging down his back and was tied up in a small tail. Washu sighed and looked at him “It's the analysis of a power that I felt a minute ago. I'm sure that your grandfather felt it too…” Tenchi looked at the piece of paper and asked “do you consider it to be a threat?” “No. The power has not got an evil ambience about it” came a voice from behind them. They turned around and standing behind them was Tenchi's grandfather “Lord Kazuhito? You took the words right out of my mouth.” She turned to look at Tenchi “This piece of paper shows that the power was not of an evil presence, however it still is incredibly powerful. The other thing is, it is heading towards the front door.” “WHAT!” shouted Tenchi “WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT WAS COMING HERE FIRST!” “I didn't think it necessary.” Washu said to Tenchi. Ryoko hovered over to Tenchi. Her wet hair hung limply around her face and neck as she had just been in the pool.
“Hey Tenchiiiii, what's coming to the house?” He looked her. He sighed heavily and replied “Nothing much, I just over reacted at something, that's all…” [Well if Washu and Grandfather don't see it as a threat there is no reason for me to worry.] He thought to himself as he sat back down his arms crossed.
“Keiiiiiiii! My feet hurt can we stop walking now?” Whined a girl with long lilac hair. “Well we would be walking if you hadn't crashed the lovely angel…AGAIN!” Replied a girl with short spiky red and blonde hair. “But Kei, it wasn't my fault! There is no beacon around here!” “Well you should have learnt to fly the ship manually then!” “Fine, if you think I'm such a bad driver then you should learn to-” The girl was stopped in the middle of her sentence by her partner. “Look Yuri.” Kei was pointing over to a house with a red roof that seemed to be about four miles away. “We should go ask them for directions.” she continued walking. “But Keiiiiiiii! It's so far away!” Yuri whined. “Yeh, well it's either that or being eaten by carnivorous wild rabbits…” “eek! There are such things?” Kei turned to face her “Yes, and especially in these parts… they like to jump out of dark holes and attack you! And then…” “No, no, NO! Don't tell me any more!” Yuri started to run away down the sloping meadow they were walking through. Kei ran after her shouting `And Then!'
Four teenagers just got off a bus near the Masaki residence. There were 3 boys and a girl. “I think Azaka and Kamedaki said that the princesses live around here some where…” said one of the boys. He had blonde hair and orange eyes. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and shorts.