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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Dimension 80

Disclaimer: I own nothing that is copyright or trademark of anybody

We see a man; dark-skinned, red haired, about 4' 9'', searching through a large bookshelf on the second floor of a large library. After a few minutes, he stops his finger over a paperback book and pulls it out. "Here we are," he says to himself, opening to a book-marked page. "Now to finish part 8 of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths.' Now I can learn exactly how Barry Allen died."

His reading is interrupted as the double doors of the main floor swing open. Four men and two women enter as the man looks down at them. He checks his watch. "Ah, good! You're right on time!" He slams the graphic novel shut, places it aside on a little table, and then leaps over the railing to grab a rope and slide down to the six guests.

One of the men speaks. "Hey, you're Exedore from 'Robotech!' Coolness!"

Exedore nods. "Indeed I am. And you are Happyman, NocturneD, Darkstar, Archangel "Arch" Bloodraven, Kari (the author), and Shanchan. Welcome to the comics library. We've been expecting you."

"So the white Agumon-wanna-be said," NocturneD said.

"SNOWAgumon is his name, sir." Just then, Exedore counts heads of the men. "Wait! Where is Evil Gennoa? He, too, was invited here."

"And here I be!"

Everyone looks to see another man rush into the room. Exedore smiles. "Good! Robster80 will me most pleased you all could come."

Kari looks around. "And where is Rob? Shouldn't he be here to greet us himself?"

Exedore frowned. "I'm afraid he's busy working to earn money for that Otakon convention this August. Work has been cutting into his time, actually. But do not fear. He called earlier to say that he will be here soon since his shift is about over."

Suddenly, a small, rocklike creature enters the room from a secret door in the wall. "We are ready, Exedore," it said while saluting.

"Very well. Gotsumon, the lever!"

Gotsumon nods before walking over to a mini-bust of Optimus Prime, and pulls the arm with the gun down. Exedore then drops through the floor via trap door. Gotsumon pales. "Ooops!"

Seconds later, Exedore emerges from another secret door on the opposite wall, riding a crocodile and dripping wet. "Remind me again," he said as he got off of the croc could exit. "Why do we have that lever set that way?!"

Mumbling several apologies, the Gotsumon pulls the gun arm up, and the section of the floor where everyone but him is standing slowly descends into a secret elevator.

Shanchan asks "What is this?"

Exedore remains calm. "We are going to the doorway to R80's 'base of operations,' as we call it." He is silent as the elevator stops in front of a large doorway with a glowing blue field. "Right this way, please?" Not waiting for an answer, he steps through the blue field.

Darkstar shrugs. "Oh well. You only live once."

However, Exedore appeared again. "Oh, and I forgot to mention a few things. There shall be no content of any kind of bashing the beliefs of R80. Neither shall there be any kind of content of incest, yaoi, Yakari, any couplings with Jun and/or Davis, and ESPECIALLY NO DAIKARI! The last one who did... well... let's just say that the TKs who support Takari nearly killed him."

Darkstar rolled his eyes and groaned. "Figures! ...Okay, you have my word."

The others had no disagreements to the terms. Exedore smiled. "Very well. Follow me!"

******************************************************** ***********************

A blond man in a red coat sits on the floor of a main hallway, furiously playing a Gameboy Color. A magazine sits open in front of him, and his back is facing a large staircase. "Die, Pumpkinhead," he says as he pressed buttons madly. Just then, Exedore and the 7 guests appear from a large blue door further down from the man.

Happyman's jaw drops. "Vash the Stampede from 'Trigun!'"

Vash pauses his game and looks up. He blushes. "Heh, guess I forgot they were coming! Lemme save my game real quick."

Exedore smiles while shaking his head. "Still having trouble with 'Oracle of Seasons,' Vash?"

"Nope! Finished that last night. Now I'm working on 'Oracle of Ages' with that main-link thing. Just beat the first dungeon now." After saving, Vash turns off his game, picks up his magazine, and waves. "Welcome to Dimension 80, R80's sanctuary to his fav things, muses, and fic creations."

Evil Gennoa looks around and lets out a low whistle. "The other members of our ML would love to see this place. It's like a mansion."

"It has to be, if R80 wanted to house everyone here. First off, we'll show you the recreation room." Vash and Exedore lead the authors to the first door on the right, where they enter. The first thing they hear is an argument over by one of several pool tables.

"Hey, this is a pool game, not a free-for-all!"

NocturneD shakes his head. "The Stooges... not a bit surprised."

They all look around to see other tables occupied by Cell, TK, Burter, Ranma, TK, and Quatre; a pinball machine being used by TK and Mimi, a "Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Remix" game where TK and Sora are playing, and a card table where Piccolo, Legato, Knives, Duo, and Rusty are playing poker.

Kari's jaw drops at this. "What's with all the TKs?! And why are they all different?"

Happyman points at the second pool table. "Judging by the sword, and the company he's keeping, I'd say that TK's from 'New Destiny!'"

Arch nods in agreement. "And that other one is from 'BOYZ,' since he's with Quatre... and I assume the guy with the black hair, pigtail, and the Chinese clothing is Ranma?"

"That's him," Gennoa chimed in. "The rest are a mystery to me."

NocturneD glances at TK and Mimi at the pinball machine. "They're from Robster's Takimi fics. No brainer. And the other one with Sora..."

"Sokeru," Darkstar stated. <What the hell does Rob see in that couple?!>

Legato doesn't look up from his cards, but says, "I heard you, Darkstar. And need I ask what you see in making those Kari/Yolei/Cody and Kari/Tai/Sora fics?"

"Hey!" Veemon80 shouts from the soda bar. "Not when I'm eating, Legato!"

"My apologies, Veemon80." Legato then reveals his cards. "Three aces, gentlemen."

Piccolo follows. "Pair of aces."

Rusty puts his cards facedown on the table. "I fold."

Knives smiles as he shows his hand. "Full house!"

Duo looks shocked. "Well, that beats 3 kings... but not 4!" He shows his hand, revealing his four kings.

Exedore looks at the guests. "That Spider-man look-a-like is Rusty from 'New Destiny.' However, he's the rightful property of Marvel Comics since he's the Spider-man Doppleganger from the 'Infinity War' storyline."

Gennoa looks over at the Sokeru couple playing the dance game. "Good game. Cool music."

TK and Sora then finish the song "Silent Hill" before stepping off to see their scores. "You're getting better, Takeru," Sora says. "You missed tying me by one miss."

Kari tries to smile at the couple, which Vash notices. "Well, let's move on, shall we?"

Veemon80 hops over to them. "I'll join you. I need to see Sakura-chan." They all walk out of the room and over to the next door. Exedore looks in through a small window. "Oh! It seems the gravity room is occupied at this time. Goku and Vegeta are sparring now."

Some of the guests seem to sweat with worry. "Isn't that bad," NocturneD asks.

Exedore shakes his head and laughs a bit. "Oh no! You see, they're from 'New Destiny,' and they're twin brothers."

"You fool," Vash exclaims. "That was supposed to be a surprise for later on in the series!

Arch wonders over to the next door, where a red light is flashing. "Hey, guys," he calls as he grabs the handle. "What's in here?"

Vash, Veemon80, and Exedore lok to the door and their eyes go wide. "NONONONONONO! DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR-!"

Too little, too late. Arch opens the door a bit and looks in. A scream is heard before he slams the door shut, blushing a deep crimson. "Was that TK and Kari from the Takari fics?!"

Veemon80 runs over and points at the red light. "That door stays closed when the red light is on! This is the lemon room, where the characters perform those lemon scenes, write them down, and submit them to R80." He looks over at Exedore. "Didn't we tell them we'd have company here now?"

Vash sighs. "They must have been reading the Takari fics at that page 'the Digiartist's Domain,' again. We really need to get a lock or something for that door."

Darkstar chuckles. "You guys must respect the privacy of others very much. Rob complains about that a lot in our online fics."

"He's not the only one, Darkstar," a feminine voice comes from above as Amy/Sailor Mercury and Sakura from "Cardcaptor Sakura" come down the stairs. Sakura is shaking a green toy D-3 as she walks down. Pressing a button, she says, "Only 3426 shakes to go."

"Sakura-chan!" Veemon80 runs up to and leaps into Sakura's open arms, ending up in a hug.

All of the guests except for Darkstar look in shock. "Another of my influences on Rob. First it was the threesomes, now this coupling."

Amy crosses her arms at Exedore. "Where IS Rob?! I've got dinner in the oven."

Exedore checks his watch again. "The Robster seems to be running a little late today..."

"Then I'll stay late after school's over."

Everyone looks to see Robster80 walk over from the blue door. Amy walks up to him, wraps her arms around his neck, and kisses his cheek.

Rob looks over at his guests. "Good, you all made it! Let's head into my fic room." He points over at the last door on the left before leading everyone into the room. There are several chairs and couches, a large computer, a laptop on a small table near a blue chair, and several baskets marked on the opposite wall.

Kari and Gennoa-san go over to the baskets and pull out two fics. Gennoa reads the titles. "Lesse... 'Hope and Love,' and 'TK's Double Date: At the Roller Rink.' What are these doing in here, Robster, my man?"

Kari points at the basket's label. "It says 'Fics already MSTed.' The next one says 'Fics being MSTed, but not finished.' I'll check these." She pulls out a larger pile of fics. "We've got 'Sincere Hope,' 'TK's Double Date: A Prom to Remember,' 'Digimon 1/2,' and... 'Sincere Hope,' again?"

"Being done by two different authors," Rob explains. "Digifan 3:16, and Hikari4Takeru. Digifan, however, has most of his posted already."

The last basket said "Fics hoping to be MSTed." Arch took the liberty of picking up the fics, looking at them form the bottom. "Okay, we got 'Aftermath,' 'An Innocent Game of... TRUTH OR DARE,' 'THE BOYZ,' 'To the Ones I Leave Behind,' 'Steam,' ...and 'Sex, Lies, Cassettes, and Digi-Destined' at the top of the pile. Robster, are you trying to tell us something?"

Rob smiled. "Touché! Anyway, I called you all here because I want to discuss some things. Please sit."

Shanchan sat down first, followed by everyone else. "Is it about your fics?"

Rob sat down in the blue chair, and turned on his laptop. "Yes... with my summer job, plus my father limiting my online time at home, I will be falling behind on my fic work. I've already alerted Digital Dragon, who has now changed his Penname to The Silencer, so he already knows about it. However, I have some chapters that are in the unfinished stages right now. However, I will give out some details about that chapter and the series."

"Like BOYZ?!" Shanchan looked at Rob with sad, yet eager eyes.

"Yes. Part 7 will feature the fights between TK and Joe Higashi, Ranma and Wufei, and Terry with Chun-li. However, I will not go into that last fight as much since this series focuses on the others. Also, Shampoo will discover Ranma at the tournament while everyone else watches from their homes.

"As far as the series goes, I will end it after the tournament."

"WHY?!" Arch and Shanchan exclaimed at the same time.

Rob cracked a smile. "Sequel. Let's just say, 'Endless Waltz' will happen a wee bit differently than what we know."

Arch calmed down a bit. "And what of 'Digivolve and Roll Out?'"

Rob sighed heavily. "I have started part 3, but I may just drop the series altogether. Since 'Beast Machines' is now over, I've lost reason to go on. I had thought to turn it over to someone who shares my vision of the story... perhaps you, dear Arch... but with you trying out a new field, I may just put this fic out of it's misery."

"That is sad," Gennoa said. "What of 'New Destiny,' and 'New Path?'"

This made Rob smile. "As I promised, part 10 of 'Destiny' will reveal the origins of the Mega Avengers, before leading up to the battles with Davis/Stryker and Akuma-." He is interrupted by Happyman's cry of "Huzzah!" "Also, we will be seeing more of a new character throughout Book 2. As for Books 3 and 4..." he pauses to pull out a floppy disk from the laptop, waving it at everyone. "I've got a few surprises in store. Betrayal, death, sorrow, vengeance, redemption... those words sum it all up.

"As for 'New Path,' part 8 marks the debut of Mummymon, who is not like his TV incarnation. Further along, Davis does something Ken never did as the Digimon Emperor... which will cause some interesting changes for the Digivolution process. Also, we may see Dragomon Digivolve to Mega form, and maybe the return of Myotismon for longer than what he was given in 02."

NocturneD spoke up next. "What about 'Digimon GT?' The one you and DD... I mean, the Silencer, are working on?"

"I've started on part 18. We're going to alternate it so I do 18 and 20, and he gets 19 and the epilogue. I spoke to him earlier and he said he's going to add in some surprises. Sorry, but I'm sworn to secrecy."

"Wasn't there another series you haven't finished?" Happyman asked. "I think it was a 'Ranma 1/2' one."

Rob nodded. "That would be 'Second Chances.' Ranma and Akane will move in with Nodoka and Genma until Ranma regains his lost memories. This will bring Akane and Ranma closer together, but Kuno will be looking for them, as will the other girls after Ranma."

Arch then thought of something. "Any more lemon fics in the works?"

Rob looked at him. "When will you finish 'Mesmermon's castle?'"

"Good point."

"Seriously, I'm gonna take a break from those kinds of fics. I started a new series with Boss Reo, but his schedule seems to have suddenly filled up, so we had to cancel that idea. I may write more chapters for 'Sex,' such as a prequel showing the night Tai and Mimi, and Sora and Matt were caught on cassette... but not right now. One last question."

Kari stood up. "Any new fic ideas?"

Rob rubbed his chin. "well, I do have that Takari wedding fic to do, set after 'Prom Night.' And I've been thinking of a fic inspired by 'Dance Dance Revolution, 3rd Remix,' but I'd like to wrap up my other fics, first. Well, that's about it, guys."

Everyone got up, thanking Rob for the tour. He led them all through the blue field, up to the main building, and out to the front door. Once they were all gone, he returned to Dimension 80, where TK and Kari were waiting for him, papers in hand. He took them and said, "Thanks, guys. I'll talk to rusty about a lock for the door."


Well, I hope this answer the question as to where I am and why haven't I posted anything new in a while. Ja ne!