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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Robster80 Birthday Blowout!!
By... you know who

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters used in here.Notice: I got this idea after watching a marathon of Disney's HOUSE OF MOUSE cartoon. Some of these scenes are taken from the PRAOPOARI Mailing List, which I am a member of. They are also slightly altered...

Vegeta: *Is brushing his teeth while looking at the Gundam Wing
2000-2001calendar* (Someone forgot to change it from October to November...) *Flips the page to November, sees a date marked and circled in blue. Spits out foam and toothpaste* O.O holy smoke! we forgot!

Veemon80: Forgot what? *Sees the marked date* OMG! Vegeta, get the others and assemble them into the lounge, but do it quietly! We don't want the boss to know

...A little while later, in the lounge...

Vegeta: Okay, everyone, I'll try to make this as brief as possible. You all know what month this is now, right?

80 crew: yeah, November... so?

Vegeta: so have you guys forgotten what the 21st of November is?

Goku: *Looking hungry* Thanksgiving?

TK: that's the day before it, Goku!

Vash: *Thinking aloud* the 21st... the 21st...

Spike: nope, doesn't ring a bell.

Ami: I think it's... O.O IT'S R80'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Vegeta: give her a prize, she got it!

Veemon80: he'll be 21 years old within *Checks his watch*18 days and a few hours.

Mimi: but this means...

Piccolo: we got only a few weeks to get his birthday gifts together and plan a party for him!

Tetsuo: His mom already got him 2 DVDs of the Three Stooges, a DBZ t-shirt of Vegeta, and the master Grade of the GP02, so we can't get him those.

Tira: How about a girlfriend for his real life?

Veemon80 & Cell: He's working on it! give him time!

Cell: And the uncut subbed Macross DVD set isn't due until December... how about some hentai PC games for his laptop?

Kari: -_- and just HOW will you sneak that past his mom, hm?

Gotsumon: besides, with all the viruses he got on the laptop in the last few weeks, it's better if he waited until after college before doing anything like that.

Cell: Good call.

Washu: I say we also build a new, way bigger lounge for the party before
going any further.

Vegeta: and remember, this is all hush-hush! No one breathes a word to the boss.

Mimi: no problem.

Vegeta: that goes double for you, Mimi!

Mimi: *Gives Vegeta the read eye* BIIIIDA!

TK: Start writing invites! We got the ML, some fans, and fellow fanfic

Veemon80: Uh, does this mean we have to invite Darkstar?

Exedore: It would be rude not to.

Veemon80: oh, okay.

Ranma: I'll ask Kasumi about a cake.

Akane: Back to my cooking lessons for me, then. I'm not up to cakes yet.

Ranma: uh, what's R80's fav cake?

Cell: white, chocolate, and especially marble.

Wolfwood: Better see if Jet and Ed got any leads on new bountyheads.

Spike: I'm with you.*80 crew exit to prepare for the 21st*

***Later that day, at Bloodraven Keep...***

Iori: Hey Arch, news from team 80. Seems the big dog is gonna be legal on the 21st.

Arch: I see. We'll have to do something for him then.

Iori: The 80 crew are holding a surprise party, and need help building what they call Café 80.

Arch: And help they shall have. DIGIMUSES! Front AAAAAAAAAAAND CENTER!!

*Enter Omni, Prima, Ken, Raven, Rika, Patamon, Renamon, Wormmon, Armadillomon, LadyDarkangewomon, Armimon, Koushiro, Tentomon, Foxe, Stealthmon, Destiny, Pebblemon, and Faith*

Arch: You all are going to be helping build Café 80 and setting up for R80's birthday surprise party. I gotta get to work on a special present for him. *cracks his knuckles* Time to go into overtime!

***15 days later...***

*Birthday preparations continue for R80 by the 80 Crew and Arch's muses.*

Prima: We're almost done!

Ranma: And in record time, too.

Vegeta: How are the presents coming along?

TK: Well, we've got several new DVDs, a model kit, some shirts...

Iori: Don't forget that Arch-san is working on something special, too.

Frao Bo: We didn't.

Vash: Incoming mail. We can expect BGCrisis, demonite09, Digital Penman, and Earth*Rain*Air*Fire for the party!

Char: Great!

*Enter Happyman*

Happyman: Hey, howzitgoin?

Vegeta: oh, there you are! How was Florida?

Happyman: Cool. I came here as soon as I got the message. What can I do?

Vegeta: You, me, and Arch will be the hosts. We got Trio to help out as

Happyman: Sweet!

Raven: Anything else?

Lita: We'll need some valets, plus waiters and waitresses. Cooks are taken care off.

Tetsuo: I can handle the valet position easily.

*Crow, Brian, and Tom enter*

Brian: We volunteer, too!

Veemon80: uh, how can Tom drive? He has no limbs.

Tom: I'll think of something.

Optimus Prime: Say, why don't you let us Transformers handle transportation?

Happyman: That'll work.

Crow and Tom: Aw rats!

Vegeta: Who is in charge of the nametags?

Knives: Yo!

Vegeta: remember that we'll have three Ami's that night.

Omni: three?

Vegeta: yes. Ami, Ami80, and Ami Bloodraven. Ami80 is Star's girlfriend, not R80's, though. Oh, that reminds me, Ami, you'll have to stall the boss until we're all set Wed.

Ami: Okay then! Leave it to me. *giggles*

Char: Why do I get the feeling that's a bad idea?

Veemon80: Better her than Darkstar and his crew. They'll drive him to
suicide before he even gets to the party.

***The evening of Nov. 21st at Bloodraven Keep.***

Arch: *Putting on his cufflinks.* Come on guys, we're gonna be late.

Xavier: *ducks in* Hey Arch, my team's been called in. Give Robster our

Arch: Sure thing.

Shadowhawk: Hey 'Zavier. Transform and lets roll.

Xavier: On my way.

Arch: Let's see. Van and Hitomi are at the movies tonight. Ken and Iori are meeting Hotaru, Lita, and Ami there. Rika, what's taking so long?

Rika: You know I don't like dresses, so why do I have to wear this thing?

Renemon: I like you in a dress.

Rika: *blushes* You'd like me in anything.

Arch: Look I know you two are an item, but do you think you can keep your
hands off each other for one night?

Renemon: *sighs* If we must. *Rika whispers in her ear, and she immediately perks up*

Arch: I don't even wanna know. Krillin! Celine! Let's go!

Celine: *from upstairs* Hold your horses, I've gotta adjust my dress.


Celine: There, now I'm ready. *Descends with Krillin in tow.* Though we could have just used a pair of scissors. Where's Seijita and Gohan?

Seijita: We're coming! Slight medical emergency. *whispered* I am never
wearing a dress for you again.

Gohan: *Whispered* I didn't know you'd look quite that good.

Others: Nosebleed.

Seijita: There! Let's go. Hey Arch where are the others?

Arch: They're running security tonight at Cafe 80. Vegeta80 wanted to call it Studio 80 but I talked him out of it.

Seijita: How'd you do that?

Arch: *grins* I reminded him of Studio 54 and he couldn't change the name fast enough. Hermione and Ginny are babysitting the chibis. Cupid and Eros went out for some family time, and I think Osirus said something about looking up some old friends, which probably means he's visiting the graveyard. *Horn toots outside.* That must be Black Convoy. Computer lower shields. Everyone ready to party?

Others: Yeah!

Seijita: Whoa! Where's Kata and Specter.

Specter: *Flows into a gray trench coat for Arch* We're always close at hand.

Arch: Aren't symbiotes fun?

Specter: Yeah, but Nemesis is better.

Kata: *appears* Let's just hope he won't be needed tonight. *Horn blasts
again* We better get going.

***Meanwhile at Cafe80.***

*Tetsuo stands outside the newly completed Café 80.*

Tetsuo: I wonder how many people are coming to this shindig anyway?

*Black Convoy pulls up and lets out/off Arch and his muses, then he

Rika: I thought we'd have first class travel, NOT coach!

Black Convoy: Then next time, you can walk! I'm a oil tanker, not a charter bus!

Arch: Easy, you two! We don't need any fights tonight, especially since it's 1) Opening night, and 2) R80's birthday. And Black, if you want to pick on somebody, I'm sure Stormbringer would be more than happy to go a few rounds with you.

Tetsuo: Arch, you're to report to Happyman and Vegeta quickly! Ami and R80 should be on their way here.

Arch: On it. *Dashes inside*

Prima: Are we the first to arrive?

Tetsuo: Not counting the rest of the 80 Crew already inside? Yes.

*Group Bloodraven enters the Café. Black Convoy transforms back into truck mode.*

Black Convoy: I still got a few more guests to pick up. Hold my table for me till I get back. *Drives away*

*Fire Convoy pulls up to drop off demonite09 before driving off again.*

Tetsuo: What? No mobile suit?

Demonite09: Where would I park it?

Tetsuo: Point made. Go inside and have a seat. The party'll start real

????: INCOMING!!!!!

*Tetsuo and demonite09 duck for cover as ExVeemon crashes in front of them, carrying Darkstar, Kari80, Davis, Rose, Ami80, and Star on its back.*

Tetsuo: *Dusts himself off* Why don't you be more careful?!

Demonite09: O.O Kari... and Davis?! *Faints*

Kari80: Never fails, does it? *Walks inside with Ami80*

Tetsuo: Ooooooh no! We did NOT agree to have Kari80 or Davis here!

Darkstar: They come with me, or else I'll leave... and make R80 suffer for it later.

Demonite09: *Gets back up at this and gets in Darkstar's face* You and what army, pal?!

Davis: Look, I don't want to cause any trouble here, since R80 and his crew tolerate me. Kari80 and I will just go somewhere else.

Star: That would be wise, Darkstar. Remember, there are a lot of people in there who'd like to hang Davis for fun, if not for chasing after Kari. If we ruin this party-.

Darkstar: I get the point! Davis, take Kari80 and scram!

Rose: I'll go get her. *Rushes into the café.*

Tetsuo: Whew! (That was way too close!)

*Kari80 exits and then flies off with Davis on ExVeemon's back. Darkstar and his party enter the café along with Demonite09. Prowl, Sideburn, and X-Brawn pull up together. Karissa gets out of Sideburn. Digital Penman exits Prowl. X-Brawn unloads Gennoa, Kei-chan, Shanchan, and Ucchan. The three Autobots then drive off to get more guests.*

Karissa: Are we late?

Tetsuo: Nope, you're on time. PRAOPOARI members get one of the biggest

Gennoa: Groovy! Is R80 here yet?

Tetsuo: Not yet. Ami's bringing him here now, though.

Kei-chan: Who else is coming here?

Tetsuo: Too many to count.

Digital Penman: Let's hurry before all the good seats are taken.

*Gennoa and the others enter. Hot Rod appears and drops of Silencer.*

Tetsuo: Been a while, dude!

Silencer: Especially since Digimon GT ended. How've things been with R80's fics?

Tetsuo: You can ask him when he gets here.

*Citizen V appears.*

Citizen V: Better get inside, Tetsuo! We need some damage control. I'll fill in for you.

Tetsuo: (Sigh!!) It never ends. *Rushes in with Silencer behind him.*

Citizen V: *Mutters* Daikari... Takari... what's the difference? Darkstar and demonite09 should learn to keep their mouths shut about such meager things... Although, Kari does seem better off with TK. *Slaps himself* That's enough of that!

*Lipper flies in.*

Lipper: I have arrived!

Citizen V: Name of party?


Citizen V: Biggest table near the main stage. Receive your nametag from the
SnowAgumon at the door.

Lipper: Whatever... uh, what's a SnowAgumon?

Citizen V: Short, white dinosaur with blue eyes. Looks like a baby T-rex. Can't miss him.

Lipper: *Shrugs and enters.*

Citizen V: Funny... I thought Vegeta and Goku and their kids were the only Saiyans left... oh well!

***Meanwhile, inside the kitchen...***

Kasumi: How are we doing?

Kari: As long as the appetizers hold out, we should be okay until the main course and the cake is done.

Moe: I just don't understand it. People keep asking me if we have Patte de Faquae... we don't even have a band playing tonight!

Curly: Moe, you sap! Patte de Faquae ain't a song.

Moe: No?

Larry: It's a fancy name for roast chicken... I think.

Nodoka: Does anyone else besides me notice that the new chef is acting very peculiar?

*Points at Davis wearing a phony mustache, though she doesn't realize it.*

Kari: (Soooooo.... That's his game, is it?) *Quickly writes down a note and motions for Harpo to come to her.) Give this note to TK right away, then get Burter and Ginyu in here.

Harpo: *Nods, toots his bike horn, takes the note, and exits.*

Kari: Curly, I wonder if you could... *Whispers to Curly.*

Curly: *Grins.* Soitenly! *Walks over to the "New Chef."* You there!

Davis: *Worriedly* Sir?

Curly: We're getting more requests for pies as appetizers. The waiters will yell from the door what pies they need. You'll say "coming up," and get a pie from the frig right by your left leg. You hold out the pie and yell "Pick up pie." The waiters will rush in and take it out to the customers. And NO backtalk! Got it? *Waves a knife at Davis80.*

Davis80: yessir!

TK: *sticks his head in the swinging doors.* One lemon marrang pie! *Exits.*

Davis80: coming up! *Quickly gets the pie out.* Pick up pie!

TK: *Enters and grabs the pie.* Roger! *Exits, but then comes back and slams the pie into Davis80's face.* Your pie, sir! *Exits.*

Davis80: Hey-! *Cleans his face.*

Curly: No backtalk!

Kari, Kasumi, Nodoka: *Snicker madly.*

TK: *Rushes in.* One banana cream pie! *Rushes out.*

Davis80: Coming up! *Gets the pie out.* Pick up pie!

TK: *Enters and grabs the pie.* Roger! *Exits, but then comes back and slams the pie into Davis80's face.* Your pie, sir! *Exits.*

Davis80: Why you-! *Cleans up once again.*

Shemp: Hey, if you don't quit that backtalk, we're gonna throw you out!

Groucho: *Aside.* Even if he does quit talking back, we're still gonna bounce him outta here faster than you can say Cucamonga.

Davis80: (I see what's going on...)

TK: *Rushes in.* One coconut custard pie! *Exits, but comes back in.* With whipped cream! *Exits.*

Davis: *Grins.* Coming up! *Gets pie, and stands ready to hurl it into TK's face.* Pick up pie! *Throws pie as door opens, but instead of TK, it's Burter who walks in and gets hit in the face.* Eep!

Burter: Wise guy, huh? *Grabs Davis80 by the throat.* We don't have time to fool around tonight. So...

Kasumi: *Opens a large window.* Here you are, Burter.

Burter: my thanks, Miss Tendo. *Puts Davis80 out the window and into the next country.* GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

***One hour later... ***

*Everyone has arrived, save for R80 and Ami. Authors: NocturneD, demonite09, Digital Penman, Karissa, BGCrisis, MwhaleK, AnimeFrantic, Magical Goddess, Darkstar, the entire PRAOPOARI mailing list, Silencer, Earth*Rain*Air*Fire, Lipper, Rater, raine, Rocker_Starlight, Digifan 3:16, and Hikari4Takeru. Arch, Happyman, and Vegeta take the stage.*

Vegeta: Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the grand opening of Café 80!


Happyman: Say, isn't it close to the time Ami's bringing R80 here now?

Arch: They're right outside, so Char told me. *Everyone hushes while the
lights dim. A door opens and Ami enters, dragging in a blindfolded R80 behind her.*

R80: What's going on here?

Ami: You'll find out soon, birthday boy...

R80: You're not going to try anything hentai now, are you?

Darkstar: *Snickers loudly.*

Rose: Ssh!

R80: *Freezes, and frowns.* Darkstar! I might have known-! *Tears off the
blind fold as the light go up. @.@

All: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Thunderous cheers.* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, R80!!!!!!! *Root beer corks go flying, as does the confetti.*

R80: What-?! Who-?! How-?! When-?!

Arch: Don't forget the why and where.

R80: *Blushes.* You guys...

Chico: *Exits form the kitchen.* Ladies and-a gentle peoples, the
piste-resistance! *A large birthday cake is carted in by the Stooges, who

Moe: "We baked for you a birth-day cake..."

Larry: "If you get a tum-my ache..."

Curly: "And you moan, and groan, and woe..."

Shemp: "Don't forget..."

All 4 Stooges: *Shake their fingers.* "We told you so!"

Vegeta: Cut it out!

Larry: Not until he blows out the candles and makes a wish.

Arch: You heard 'em, Robster! Put that fire out!

R80: Well, here goes! *Blows out all but one candle.*

Harpo: *Blows out the last candle in secret.*

All: YAY!!!!!!

Happyman: This is a special occasion, folks! Not only is it Robster's 21st birthday...

Arch: But also we're celebrating his one year anniversary on fanfiction.net! One year with the couple-switching, cliffhanger-ending, TK-supporting author we all know and have come to like, if not love.

Vegeta: and since he and his check book are responsible for this little
shindig... *aside.* Just kidding, boss... *back to audience.* I suggest we give him another big hand!

*Thunderous cheers ring out among applauses. A few people yell out "SPEECH, SPEECH!"*

R80: (Well, they asked for it!) *Kisses Ami on her cheek before heading up on stage.*

Happyman: Got a speech ready, Robster?

R80: No, but I'll make one up as I go along.

Happyman: Works for me.

Vegeta: and now, friends, Robster would like to do a little double talk in Esperanto. *Hands out the microphone to R80.*

R80: *Clears his throat.* Muses of anime, anime muses. Authors of fanfiction, and fanfiction authors. I think that about covers it.

*A few laughs are heard in the audience. Groucho wipes away a tear.*

R80: I had a vague idea that I was getting a surprise party tonight... but I had no idea how big that surprise was going to be, seeing you all here. I don't deserve it. And when I say that, I mean it.

Fire Convoy: YEAH RIGHT!


R80: thanks, you two! Well, before I start boring you guys with my rants, I think I should talk about possible future fics.

All: YAY!!!!!!

R80: After MSTing one of Darkstar's chapters to his series "A Chosen Destiny," he has encouraged me to write more MSTs of his works. *Brian, Tom, and Crow cheer loudly.*

Darkstar: *Growls.*

R80: However, any new fics will be on definite hold until I get some of my other works that remain unfinished taken care of. "New Destiny Book 2" will be my main focus before Xmas since the last chapter will be set in that season. After that, I'll be working on BOYZ and Room Service - Anime Style. *More cheers.*

R80: Also in the works is a Trigun/Cowboy Bebop crossover. Happyman and I have talked this idea over, setting it after episode 25 of Bebop and ep 16 of Trigun.

Gennoa: Groovy!

R80: "New Destiny, book 3," will be like the "Empire Strikes Back" part of the series. TK and his friends will be cats into the deepest, blackest hole they've ever faced. In the end, nothing will ever be the same again.

*There's an awed hush.*

R80: I also have an idea for a BOYZ version of the Beatles movie "HELP!"
However, there will be a few changes made in the lineup.

Veemon80: Hey, what about that one crossover you got halfway on?!

R80: oh, my Digimon/Medabots story! I'll get back to that after I see more Medabots to throw into the fic. Plus, I need to see some of their attacks.

Demonite09: Is it true you're getting help on Akuma's techniques for the next chapter of "New Destiny Book 2?"

R80: Absolutely! *Winks at MWhaleK.* Well, that's about it.

Arch: Well I know we probably all wanted to pack this place to the rafters with muses, characters, and Alter egos. Unfortunately that wasn't able to happen, though it's pretty damn close enough. Robster, Chibi Arch and Chibi Sakura made this for card for you. With a moment of revered silence for those who couldn't make it, on their behalf I wish you a happy twenty-first. *Brief silence* Now lets get this party rolling! START THE MUSIC!

*Everyone begins to dance and eat as the music begins to play.

*** Hours later... ***

*The Bloodraven crew and 80 Crew finish cleaning up the café.*

Patamon: Oh, yeah! That was a cool party!

Gotsumon: And you saw how much stuff the boss got? *Points at presents that are being carried away by Black Convoy and other Transformers.* I think he got more swag tonight than he did at Otakon 2001. At that, he got 4 Master grade model kits, one perfect grade, two high grade, one standard, a couple of t-shirts, five Transformers figures, a Japanese Tallgeese II, DDR 2nd Mix CD, two Sailor Moon pencil boards, a couple of art books, several manga volumes, and other stuff I can't remember!

Prima: Swag?

Gotsumon: Picked that up from Happyman

Sakura: *Grins.* We're done! All that's left is to close the Café and we can go to bed.

Vegeta: Leave that to me. You guys go home and rest.

Rika: Fine by me! Uh, how are we getting home anyway?

Fire Convoy: I'll be right out to take you home.

Raven: first an oil tanker, and now a fire truck.

Renamon: never a dull moment around this place.

Rika: -_-; I'd rather ride the tanker again.

Omni: Good night, 80 crew, and wish Robster a happy b-day for us again.

80 crew: Bye!

Bloodraven crew: Bye! *Exit.*

Vash: How about that? Aside from davis80 trying to sneak in, we didn't have any serious casualties.

*A large explosion from the kitchen rocks the place.*



Spike: "No casualties?" You had to open your big mouth! *Starts chasing Vash around, shooting at him. Everyone else joins in.*


Arch: *Enters.* I forgot my-. *Sees the chase going on.* Eh, I'll come back in the morning. *Exits post haste.*


Last minute notes: I especially want to thank Archangel Nightshade Bloodraven for beta reading and helping me write this fic. Here's to ya, buddy! *Salutes.* Read and review, folks, and bee seeing ya on the web.