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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters.


Robster80 looked down to see Jango Fett, followed by a few Clone Troops, enter the mobile suit hangar. He was high up on a platform with paint gun in hand; applying the final coat of paint to his new GM Custom's 80 insignia to it's left shoulder.

Jango, obviously new to the concept of mobile suits, stared up in awe of the light blue GM. Though his helmet covered his face, his eyes were probably open wide as he looked on. "Now why didn't they think of making this thing in Star Wars?!"

"Mobile suits came about two years after the first SW movie, Jango," R80 said, lowering himself and the platform down to ground level. "In a Japanese animated series entitled Mobile Suit Gundam. The RGM-79N GM Custom here is one of the suits from that series numerous sequels, Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. It's an improved model of the original RGM-79 model, but used by more skilled pilots."

Jango continued to stare up at the GM, fascinated. "I'd hate to see a Sith behind the controls of a mobile suit like this."

"You should see some of the Mobile Armors. Those were much bigger than the suits."

The familiar voice causes everyone to turn to the door. A tall man with long, brown hair and sideburns wearing a trench coat enters. Behind him is an African-American in a black coat and sunglasses.

R80 smiles. "Happyman! Arch! Nice of you guys to drop by!"

Arch lets out a low whistle at the GM Custom. He looks down further to see numerous parts for other mobile suits: Dom Tropen and Gundam Maxter. "Every time I come back, you've got a new suit, Robster."

"Those old things? I only had them for a few months. I just... abandoned them when I got the GM Custom here. So, how you boys been?"

Happyman is the first to reply. "I'm good, thanks. Got my Toonami Duel side story up, and am working on my Gundma fic."

Arch's reply brings much greater joy. "And it is official, boys. Spread the word to all that Arch is making a scheduled appearance at Otakon 2002."

Cheers and applause ring throughout the hangar as everyone surrounds Arch, shaking his hands or patting his back.

"That settles it," R80 announces. "We're throwing a party to celebrate this occasion! Spread the word, Café 80's doors are wide open!"

The Clone Troopers quickly salute before they run off in different directions.

************************************************* ***********************

Eighties music fills the air of Café 80 as muses dance, drink, eat, or chatter. On stage, a band consisting of Megatron* at the piano, Future Trunks on bass guitar, Rusty on drums, and Matt Ishida (02) on lead guitar were playing Jon Bon Jovi's "Raise Your Hand."

*The ORIGINAL Megatron, NOT the one from Robots In Disguise. Oh, and he's about the same size as people are, too.

Other fanfic authors or fellow Otakus have joined the party: NocturneD, Demonite09, BGCrisis, and Digifan316 to name a few. They had merely come to visit, and were invited to join the celebration.

However, not everyone who came was welcome. During the party, several muses like Vegeta, Cell, Krauser, Darth Vader, and Fortress Maximus were sent out when Metabee came running up to R80 and informed him that Darkstar and his gang were just outside. Arch and BGCrisis sent their muses out to help as well, because it was still Arch's party though Café 80 was part of R80's home.

"Can't he take a hint," BGCrisis asked before taking a big bite of a turkey sandwich. He had been given a table by himself, but located near the author's table. He was also given all the food he could eat, since R80 knew his appetite. "Thinking about him bugging me about your stubbornness on AIM is making me lose my appetite."

"No chance of that," Roger Smith said, passing by. He, too, was sent out to handle the Darkstar disturbance in Big O. By the time he reached R80's chair, the other muses that had gone out were coming back; some a little worse for wear.

"We evicted the uninvited guests," a limping Vegeta said. "Though they didn't go quietly."

R80 quickly had Ami80 and Ami Bloodraven bring a wheelchair for the limping Saiyan, though he kept arguing it was just a sprain. "We take care of our own," R80 told Vegeta. "Period! Now stay in that chair and rest up! You read me?"

Happyman spoke up. "I take it Darkstar doesn't get the message that he's not welcome anymore where you're concerned."

"He still thinks it's about his birthday fic where he dissed me and several other authors we know. Actually, that was part of the reason. I got fed up with him and his ideas."

"Especially after he wanted your help in that one lemon pairing," Arch said. He shuddered at the though before the group decided to move onto more pleasant conversations. Otakon was one such topic.

"This year," Happyman explained, "We get the whole Baltimore Convention Center for the con. 94,000 square feet of dealer's room."

Demonite09 frowned heavily. "Wish I could go with you guys, but... I don't have that kind of cash."

R80 put a hand on his friend's shoulders. "I'll bring you back some souvenirs, bud. Maybe a new mobile suit or two."

At this, D09 smiled.

Arch decided to turn to a new subject. "So, Robster, how's that script coming for school?"

R80 gave a wide smile. "Finished it a few days ago, at 97 pages. Now it's back to the fics."

NocturneD leaned forward, interested. "So, what'll be next for you?"

"Well, I wanna address some ideas for new stuff right now. One-shots, really. Thinking about Otakon reminded me of an idea I forgot about for sometime now. I'm thinking of giving the Digimon girls: Kari, Sora, and Mimi, a job this summer."

Arch raised an eyebrow. "What kind of job?"

Happyman grinned. "Hooters," he said calmly. However, this earned him a slight kick to the shin by R80.

"Thanks for spoiling it, Happ! Anyway, this was inspired by my first actual visit to a Hooters during Otakon 2001 with Happy here and some others. Thing is, Kari's going to be worried about working there, and with good reason."

"Lemme guess," Digifan316 interrupted. "TK and his mom are gonna show up?"

"Them, and Davis and his gang. Seeing Kari in a Hooters' get-up will... well, you know how he is about Kari."

Everyone nods in unison.

"Anyway, here's one I talked with Arch about. Same girls, different idea. They're all in love with TK."

Arch's eyebrows go up suddenly. "Wait! This is the one based off that old Chip & Dale cartoon, right? The one where they both go see this one girl on the same night at the same time?"

"Bingo! Only the girls don't dress as formal, and two of the girls get fake letters written by a certain pesky older brother. Which two, I dunno yet."

Steve Jester, a late arrival, seems emotionless for a moment. Then, he says, "If it isn't Takari, I know some folks who will probably hang you."

"Not really, since 02 is now over and done with. Besides, I think I'll let the fans vote on it."

Several of the gathered authors agreed on this idea.

"But... I may make several endings to that story anyway. AFTER the winning coupling is chosen."

NocturneD looks up at the band onstage. It gives him a new question to ask. "What about any new songfics?"

R80 rubbed his forehead a little. "Maybe... I wanna do a fic to 'Jacob's Ladder' by Huey Lewis & the News." As if on cue, Matt and the others onstage began playing that song, but with Megatron doing the lead vocals. R80 looks over at Happyman. "Not to be confused with the 'Jacob's Ladder' movie."

"What about that one idea you and I fiddled with last night on AIM," Demonite09 asked.

R80 smiled. "Ah, yes! A Transformers/Gundam series. I dunno if it's been done, but what I have planned is this: Side 7 finds and takes over a space ship carrying a damaged robot: Optimus Prime. Inspecting his body and weapon, they develop the Gundam and also beam weaponry. They even rebuilt Optimus as a Gundam, and he's drawn into the One Year War. And that's just the beginning."

There was one question Digifan had on his lips for the whole night, but he wasn't sure if he should ask. Finally, he spoke up. "Hey, when are you gonna finish 'Cheaters?' You got as far as part 9, and that's it."

"Oh give me a break! I'm taking a very long absence from lemon fics right now to catch up on my other stuff. Besides, I just posted the first chapter on FF.net."

Arch gave R80 a slight glare at this information. He remembered reading all nine, current chapters of the series, and the beating his Takari muses gave him when they read chapters six to eight. "You're willing to die for those reviews, aren't you?"

Suddenly, Yusuke, another of R80's newest muses, handed a small stack of papers to Arch. "The first five reviews," he said. "All of them good, so far." He then faced R80. "The review count just hit 2000, boss."

The authors stared in shock at R80. Some even had their jaws hit the table. "2000?!" they all cried.

"Yep. And this only adds to our celebration here, but shall NOT replace the real reason for celebrating: Arch's announcement that he's coming with Happyman and I to Otakon."

R80 then saw Metabee walk by with Sailor-Multi (Brass). "That reminds me, I gotta finish that Digimon/Medabots fic. Uh, Arch, you might wanna lock up Rika and Renamon for that one."

"What for?"

Too worried to say it aloud, R80 leaned over and whispered his answer to Arch. Arch's eyes went wide as he nodded. "I'll make sure they never read it."

A small explosion shook the Café a little, coming from outside. Everyone looked to see Jason X crash through the one wall and run through the crowd, not killing anyone, surprisingly. A few seconds later, a mechanical Rusty (from New Destiny) came running after the undead killer, wielding a beam saber and beam spraygun. "Get back here, you masked chicken," he shouted as he chased Jason X out of the Café.

Happyman watched it all, then looked straight at R80, raising an eyebrow. "Let me guess... that's from a future chapter of 'Resident Spider,' right?"

"Let's not get nosy, bub. Besides, YOU took me to see the 'Jason X' movie."

From then on, the party went on semi-normally.

********************************************** *********************************

Once all of the guests had gone home, R80 and Rusty went back to the MS hangar. However, they went past the newer, unfinished suits and kept walking through the one wall. After reaching the other side of the "wall," they looked up at their latest scheme.

Parts and pieces of a MS-06F2 Zaku II and the Tranformer called Soundwave were being put together to form a hybrid of the two mecha. So far, only the head, upper body, and one arm had been completed from merging the two.

"It's coming along smoothly, boss," Rusty commented. "We're a few days ahead of schedule now."

"Good," R80 said with a smile. "We'll need these models when that fic starts. How's the Optimus Prime/Gundam hybrid coming along?"

"Designs are falling behind. We'll have to put that one off and move on to the Megatron/Tallgeese one after this one. What we need is an excellent mecha artist to do this."

R80 looked back at the hybrid currently under construction. "What they need... is a toy line..."

End for now...