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Hiya! It's me Uzume! Here with the second chapter of The Fire Within. And for those who were wonderin' Hinokami means God of Fire.
Disclaimer: I only own the names Kage, and Tennku. I DO NOT own the characters themselves…they are original DBZ characters. I own Amaranth and Hinokami though. Oh and Souron of course.
I watched as Serenity and the others laughed and played in the gardens; talking about boys and other girly stuff.
“It's sickening isn't it?” I turned to see Haruka looking slightly disheveled.
“Yeah. What happened to you?” I looked my comrade in arms over.
He laughed ( AN. yes he, I did not make a mistake!), “I got caught up in all that a few minutes ago before you got out here.”
I bit my lip trying not to laugh, but it was hard. Haruka might not be a girl, but he was still a senshi. And the girls tried desperately for some reason to make him girly. It was hilarious really.
“It's not funny Hino! What if it was you that had gotten caught?” he growled out.
“Yeah it is! And it wasn't me it was YOU!!” I lost it and fell on the ground laughing.
Just as he was about to retort there was an explosion and I heard Serenity scream. I jumped up and tried to see through the smoke. “Shit! What the hell was that?” I heard Haruka cough.
“I don't know…but whatever it is…it's got loads of Ki…” Which isn't good, I silently thought.
Finally the smoke cleared and we all saw something that made our hearts stop. There holding a struggling Serenity was a couple of Saiyajins, at least I could identify one of them as a saiyajin. Kuso! None of us are ready for this! We are good….but not that good…
Hell the majority of us were ten! Haruka, Michiru, and I were twelve, and Setsuna was fourteen…but still! Another major problem was we didn't even have ALL of the Planetary Generals with us…the others were still in the training hall finishing up.
One of the saiyajins had spiky black hair going in all directions, coal black eyes, and a stupid grin on his face. The other had a strange shade of purple hair and blue eyes. He was the one who had hold of Serenity. (! It's Trunks and Goten!)
“Hey Kage! I think they think they can take us on!” The stupid one exclaimed. ( AN. sorry Goten lovers it will only be said once!)
The one with the purple hair, Kage, looked directly at me and smirked. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap! Out of all the Saiyajins for us to meet we had to come face to face with what was practically their God! He and his friend Tennku were some of the best fighters and were part of what mother called theShinoshounin or merchants of death. Uncle Hades said that most people simply called them Death Dealers. (A.N. I've been watching Underworld)
“Hino-kun! What are we gunna do?” Minako asked me.
Never taking my eyes of Kage I said the one thing that practically signed my will. “We have to fight them. We are the only ones who are here. No one else will get here in time….” I paused then sent him a smirk that actually made him curious as to what I was gunna say, “besides…It'll be fun.”
“But…okay…You heard the guy! Henshin yo!” she ordered. And with a flash of lights all eight scouts stood behind me.
Makato whooped behind me” LETS KICK SOME SAIYAJIN BUTT!” [A.N. hey they are 10 cant have then cussing just yet!]
“HAI!!” Haruka cracked her knuckles. (AN. I'll explain!)
I knew we never stood a chance. But Serenity's pleas urged me to keep going. She was crying. She was scared. I needed to protect her. I should have been watching more closely! If I had been paying attention this wouldn't have happened! I clinched my hands into fists and ground my teeth slightly.
Both Sayajins raised their eyebrows and were about ready to laugh at us when it happened. Serenity let out one last cry and her crescent glowed and Kage dropped her cussing in Saiyago.
“HARUKA! NOW!” I screamed. Haruka sprung into action and grabbed her bringing her back to us.
I lifted her chin and told her to look at me; she did “Daijoubu Ren-chan?”
She nodded and I noticed her cheek was bleeding. My eyes narrowed and I looked back up at the two who dared to hurt Serenity. “Protect her Haruka.”
“But Hino!”
“Do it!”
Kage's eyes were really wide now. And his friend Tennku had stopped laughing. I could vaguely hear someone say “he's glowing blue again!” and “Go get Queen Selenity!”
`So the blue flame has decided to visit me again…' I smirked again as I looked down at my hand.
I fell into a fighting stance and waited for him to comply. It took him a few seconds but he followed suit and I leaped into action my aura expanding. Everything was a flurry of kicks and punches and I could vaguely could feel my parents and the others come running up.
With a battle cry my aura expanded again this time however it was like a volcano erupted. Blue flames licked at my feet and fingers. My already bright red hair turned redder and my eyes turned a bright blue.
Suddenly i saw blonde out of the corner of my eye. Kaze. Kaze was Haruka's younger twin sister, and was one of the only other people who could bend her element like I could. Thus where she got her nickname. Kage and Tenkku were giving her a shocked expression...they looked like they had seen a ghost. With her own battle cry Kaze attacked Tenkku, leaving me with Kage.
Not giving Kage a chance to recover and show what he had up his sleeve I attacked again, this time hitting my mark. But, not without consequences. We had both managed to land punches on each other's faces; sending the other flying into our companions when our charged Ki and chi met with an explosion.
My last waking thought was `That was fun. Wouldn't mind doing it again…bastard…he got me…'
!#$%^&*()(*&^%$#!#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#!#$%^&( )_)(*&^%$#!#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#
Hinokami sighed for what must have been the twentieth time that day. They were on La Na visiting the Terran Royals. Stupid humans… Why did Queen Selenity want an alliance with them anyways…they were barbaric. They started wars for no reason!
He looked out the window at the rain. Stupid rain... His reflection looked back at him and the scar on his bottom lip was a constant reminder of how he almost died for a second time in his life. Stupid Kage…It had been six years since that day.
He looked up at the sound of Serenity's giggles. She was walking with Endymion again; batting her eyelashes coquettishly. Stupid Endymion…Hino seethed inwardly. Before their engagement it had been him that had made her laugh like that. Now she spent all her time with that Terran prince.
He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Go rest man. You need it.”
He smiled, “Thanks Haruka.”
“No problem.”Haruka smiled back.
As he was walking out he could make out that Makato was talking to Minako about how he was acting. “Hino-kun has been acting so strangely since we found out about Serenity's engagement to Endymion...”
“Well he does like her! I even heard father say that if Queen Selenity hadn't of engaged her to Endymion that Hino-kun and Ren-chan would have been engaged!” Minako answered back.
“Yeah! And dad was livid when he found out about the engagement.” Rei spoke up.
He smirked, it was true. His father had exploded when he found out. It had taken Uncle Hades and his mother four hours to calm him down. His mother went to plead with Queen Selenity but to no avail. And Uncle Apollo said he could not convince his wife to do otherwise.
His life had been uneventful after the Saiyajins attacked. Well he and Serenity had gotten close. But that was abruptly stopped by her mother. He looked around making sure no one was there. Stupid Queen Selenity…he stopped again to make sure that no one who could read minds was around.
Passing the other generals he noticed that Wufie was once again trying to kill Duo, who ran around laughing like the maniac that he was, and Kaze watching sadly. Poor Kaze, she liked Duo but the idiot either didn't see it or just didn't care. But then again Duo had a thing about getting close to people. He felt that if he got close to them they died. Like his Aunt and Uncle.
Shortly after the fight on Pandorn, they had stopped by La Na because the Queen had gotten a message about a surviving member of the Solarian Royal family. Solaria had been destroyed years before when the Saiyajins attacked taking slaves and killing the rest. King Apollo's eldest sister Haruki had been the Queen of Solaria. She had married Duo's Uncle and had twins. When they got there the poor girl had no memory of who she was or where she had been. However she looked nothing like the late Queen or King of Solaria. The only link to where she had been was the damaged Saiyajin armor she was wearing when they found her. However the girl was now one of the Lunarian Guard.
He and Kaze had barely survived the fight, but the queen had once again come just in time. But something was wrong. All his scars healed but the one of his lip. And he felt different. They had scanned him with the Mercury computer and found that a bond of some sort had been formed. They guessed it was because the Ki was still mixed with his Chi. Kaze was lucky and nothing unexpected happened to her. Me... I was stuck with and odd feeling and random mood swings where I would randomly get pissed at nothing.
Six years…
“Argh! This sucks!” He slumped down in a corner in one of the many halls of the La Na palace, his head in his hands. He hoped beyond hope that Kage's life had been just as shitty as his. In some small way he knew it had been too… Bastard…he knew that he was still alive. That's how the bond worked. And he also knew that he was somewhere here on La Na; which just so happened to be neutral ground for the Inner and Outer Rim Worlds. He had caught a glimpse of the Saiyajin Royal, and he had seen him as well. It had been quite a shock to the Saiyajin to see the younger boy alive. He not being quite as attuned to bonds had no idea he was still alive.
“Doesn't it?” He heard and felt someone sit beside him, but didn't look up.
“Go away. It's bad enough that I know you're here and can't do anything about it. Must you bug me when I wanna be alone?”
“Oh come on! Why does your life suck? Did your girlfriend leave you?”
“I said go away! And it's none of your business!” Hinokami practically screamed.
“Whoa! Man! Sensitive hearing here!” came another voice that he knew.
Hino groaned, “Must you taunt me?! I just wanna be alone is it a crime to wanna be alone so I don't kill something?!”
“Why not just kill it?” Tennku asked in that naive way of his that was annoyingly like Duo.
“Because it isn't that simple…and didn't I say go away?”
“Yeah well we wanna know!”
He looked up at this and blinked. What the…since when did they care? “Why?” he asked not completely sure.
Kage sighed. “Just tell us already!”
He laid he head back in his hands and mumbled, “Bastard...”
“Heard that.”
Kage and Tennku laughed. “Ya know for a guy from a pacifist empire you sure are violent!”
“I'm Martian…we have a tendency to be like that.” I looked up at the wall and smiled. “You think I'm violent…you should see my sister…or maybe Makato… she's a Jovian…”
“HINO!” came a cry that I had become accustomed to over the past six years. Kaze…
I turned my head and jumped up to see a flurry of dress and blonde curls smash into me. She was crying this time. Duo must have really done it this time to get her crying this hard.
Her hair was to her waist and fell in plae blonde curls at the ends. She had the pale skin of a Lunarian, and sky blue eyes that held a mischiveous glint to them.
Suddenly Kaze seemed hyper aware of who was around her and she jumped back wiping her face off ready for a fight.
“KAZE! We can't you know that!” I scolded her slightly. Haruki's face turned five different shades of pink and she looked down.
I narrowed my eyes when I noticed Kaze seemed to fidget under Kage's stare, who was looking at her with that same shocked look almost as if he had seen a ghost he had given her six years ago. I didn't like the feeling I was getting from him. I took my generals jacket off and placed it on her shoulders and shot him a look that said quit it or else. Turning to look at Tennku I found he had a similar expression to that of Kage.
In the manga Michiru stated that Haruka was both male and female. I'm using that in my own twisted way. I took it and added the Star Lights element to it. So Haruka is a guy when not in senshi form and a girl when she is.
Now for Trunks and Goten. They WILL not be called their original names till later. And that will be in the next story. And I know it was kinda cliché to call Trunks a God basically. But he is their greatest fighter and is revered as such. He is still in the royal family, and Goten is still related to Goku. That will be explained later in the story.
And yes Kage and Kaze WILL be getting to know each other. As for why they are looking at her like that…well if you pay attention in the next chapter or so you will be able to see why. If you don't see it then your really stupid cuz its out in the open. However....if you can tell by what I've typed so far Kage and Kaze WILL NOT be getting together....
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