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Tolone: Let's see how those sword-slingers like fighting people who can catch their swords with their hands!

Seraphita: Let's see how much ass we can kick!

TGSS5: By the way, this is the last stage in my story. After I got home, I retired.


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Chapter 1
Oops... Oh, Well

To the south of the continent of Alecrast... yadda yadda yadda.

A young mage named Cecil had chased mercenary bandits quite a ways from the town they had come to rob. After a while, he stopped to look around, wondering where they went, when four archers popped up around him.

Geta, age 60, Tolone, age 58, Gohan, Seraphita, Videl, and Kaerlos, all age 37, Bardock, age 18, Pan, age 15, Jaicen, age 12, and almost all their friends appeared out of nowhere a ways above the scene mentioned earlier. They looked down and saw a blond man in white robes surrounded by... archers? "Oops..." Geta said. Then he shrugged. "Oh, well." He scanned the strangers' minds and came to a conclusion: "Let's block those arrows." Everyone nodded, and Geta, Gohan, Tolone, and Goku flew down and interposed themselves just as the archers loosed.

Shiris smirked as she gave the order to fire. There was no way they could miss... Suddenly, four figures appeared in the arrows' paths. Two caught the arrows, while the others blocked with their palms. The arrows didn't break the skin; they broke instead, as if they had been shot directly into a stone wall. "Where did they come from? And what are they made of?" she found herself asking aloud.

Geta frowned at the until-now unnoticed redhead and her stoic companion. As he frowned, he turned and started walking towards them. He completely ignored the others, knowing that they were small fry, and announced, "You're not gonna kill that man."

Shiris frowned at this man who dared to say such a thing to her. "Well, how are you gonna stop me?" She drew her sword, thin almost to the point of being a rapier, and swung it at the stranger, who didn't flinch at all. *It can't be this easy. He's got the air of a fighter about him...* she thought as the blade approached the man's throat.

Then, all at once, the man brought his hand up and caught the blade less than an inch from his throat. As he effortlessly pulled it away from his vital areas, Orson the berserker said, tonelessly as usual, "This man's far more than we thought."

When Geta knocked the sword from the redhead's hands, the previously-emotionless man growled in rage and charged him. Geta jumped back as the man's sword hit the ground, leaving a small crater. *This guy's got some potential!* he thought elatedly as he powered his opponent up. *Gotta get rid of the irrational fighting, though,* he finished as his symbol continued glowing. A moment later, a translucent horned beast emerged from the stranger's back before shattering like punched glass. "There," he said aloud as he watched the man recover from his unthinking rage.

Bardock smirked as he knocked one of the archers out. "Nice one, Dad! Try to recruit them instead of killing them, okay?" he called up to his father.

The strange man that disarmed Shiris landed, nodded to his apparent son, and walked back over to her. Before he could say anything, she said, "Why should I trust you for anything?"

Orson was marveling at how good he felt. "I haven't felt this good in years," he said, a broad smile breaking out on his face. He walked over to Shiris, still smiling, and announced, "I'm cured!" Shiris stared at him for a while, speechless.

Geta shrugged. "It would go against my pride to finish a weakling like you off," he told the woman. Before she could react, he grabbed a small stone and crushed it in one hand. Then he walked off a ways. "Let me show you." So saying, he punched the ground and a crater instantly formed, expanding almost to the point that the woman and the ex-berserker fell in. "That was a weak punch. I could crack this world in half if I wanted," he informed them when the crater was finished.

Shiris and Orson stared in horror. "THAT'S what we were up against?" Shiris shouted.

Geta smirked. "Actually, my grandson could outdo that. I was going easy on you AND the ground," he stated. Then, just because he could, he created a red Z Sword to fit in a little better, upsized some but still a Z Sword in properties.

Shiris stared. "Hey, whoever you are, where did that sword come from?" she demanded.

Geta shrugged. "I made it. Oh, and I think introductions are in order." He introduced himself and all his passengers. Then he asked, "What're your names?"

Shiris blinked, slightly dazed by all the names. "My name is Shiris, and he's Orson."

Shinji sniffed a few times, then said, "They're both human. There're three more humans and something else I can't identify over there." He pointed at a nearby ridge. Everyone looked and, indeed, there were three humans, one a man in armor, one a middle-aged man in a brown robe, and the other a woman in a white robe, and a woman in light armor with ears that stuck out several inches to each side of her head. Shinji cringed a little. "For some reason I'm a little scared of the woman in white."

The armored man called down, "What do you strangers want?"

Geta smiled pleasantly. "Just a wide area to spar in. We're pretty much harmless for the most part," he said. "Watch out for him, though," he continued, pointing at Vegeta. "He's got a bad temper, and you don't want to get on any of our bad sides." Then he noticed that the man in question was aiming a blast at Shiris and Orson and ran in front of him, grabbing his hand and squeezing it. Vegeta fell to one knee the pain was so bad, and Geta said, "Now, now, when I say mercy, I MEAN mercy." Then he threw the prince upward a few miles.

Parn stared up at the receding Vegeta and said, "You know, you didn't have to do that."

Geta smirked at the armored man. "Don't worry, he'll be fine. I'm just trying to give him time to cool off." Then he looked up. "Well, he's back sooner than I expected." He created a sheath on his back and put his sword in it. Then Vegeta arrived and started attacking him. Geta simply smirked as he blocked all of the smaller man's attacks with one hand.

Parn and Deedlit stared. "His opponent's that fast and he's keeping up with one hand?!" she exclaimed.

Geta shortly got tired of just blocking and started fighting back. In short order, Vegeta had been disabled, and Geta picked him up under one arm. "Now then, let's get to a town or something, okay?" To make things more fair on their opponents, he sealed away a good portion of everyone's power and all of his writer powers except the ability to lift the seals. He used King Kai's matter creation technique to give everyone swords, changing the Z Sword on his back into a more ordinary magic sword in the process.

As they followed a road, Slayn asked, "What is your preferred fighting style?"

Geta shrugged. "Brute force. We prefer to basically beat our opponents to death, but we've mastered several abilities using a form of energy we call ki."

"Like that weapon creation thing?" Leylia asked.

Geta nodded. "That's closer to magic, but it's ki-powered." He remembered something and removed his author seal to give everyone that came with him a flash course in swordplay. Then he replaced the seal. "Anyway, who're you five and what is she?" he asked, pointing at the pointy-eared woman.

Deedlit glared and snarled, "I resent that." Then she started pointing the others out as she said, "Anyway, she's Leylia, he's Slayn, that blond is Cecil, the man in the armor is Parn, and I'm Deedlit." She glared some more as she finished, "I'm an elf."

Geta held his head. *Why me...? First I find my way into a world that relies on mecha, and now we're in a fantasy universe.* All he said aloud was a mumbled, "Oi..."

They continued on until they were nearly at the town, at which point Shinji stopped and sniffed the air again. Shortly he said, "You might as well come out, whoever you are. If you're going to follow us then do it where we can see you." Everyone looked at Shinji, shocked.

Shortly afterwards a red-haired girl wearing light armor and carrying a spear stepped out. Her ears stuck out a few inches, but they weren't as long as Deedlit's. "How'd you know I was there? I used a silence spell so you couldn't hear me."

Shinji walked to her and started sniffing. After a while, he said, "You smell like an elf... and also a human. Are you a crossbreed?" The girl gasped and nodded. "I thought so. What's your name?"

The girl hesitated a few seconds before saying, "Leaf." She looked at all those assembled and said, "Well, you've got some famous people with you. But most of you I don't recognize." Geta took the hint and introduced everyone.

Bardock looked Leaf up and down and nodded. "You're pretty cute."

Leaf nodded back. "Thanks. You're pretty good-looking, too."

As the others continued making polite (and not-so-polite) conversation, Trunks, Pan, Bra, and Jaicen were having a quiet conversation of their own while hoping the elves and vampires wouldn't hear. "Anyone wanna place bets on who Leaf's gonna get together with?" Jaicen challenged. "I say Bardock."

Trunks nodded. "I bet she'll get together with Bardock, too," he answered.

Pan hung her head. "I think it might be Trunks," she said sadly, curling her tail around her wrist.

Bra bounced up and down excitedly as she said, "Me, me!" The others started edging away from her at that point.

"I didn't know you were a lesbian," Jaicen commented, tactless as usual. Bra glared and bashed him over the head. "Ow! Wha'd I say?" he complained.

"For your information, I'm not a lesbian," Bra stated. "I'm bisexual. There's a difference." A few of the adults turned to look at her since she said it in a normal tone of voice. "What?" she demanded.

"When did that happen?" Vegeta asked. He had woken up along the way and, obviously, resented being carried.

"Uh-oh... Dad's gonna start yelling at me now..." Bra muttered, cringing.

Vegeta surprised Bra by saying, "I don't mind as long as you like boys too."

"Um... er... right... okay," Bra said before sighing in relief.

"Where were you guys, anyway?" Cecil asked when they got into his house.

"Hey, young lady, where did you go?" Deedlit asked a little girl who somehow popped up when they weren't looking.

"We went to see Big Neese. She's my grandma!" the girl said brightly enough to give Geta a headache. It didn't help that she had a voice that reminded him a little of Android 19's back home.

"Big Neese... is there a Little Neese?" Jaicen asked without thinking.

Geta punched him. "Have you ever thought that maybe this 'Little Neese' could be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Idiot..." he snarled.

"Geta's right, Jaicen," Leylia said. "Our daughter's name is Neese and so is my mother's, so we call this one Little Neese."

Geta mumbled something indistinct. As he did so, Slayn said, "Parn, we need your help for something."

Parn shrugged. "Sure, why not? I'll fight your dragon or whatever you want tomorrow," he said, starting to walk out the door.

Slayn reacted with joy. "I'm glad. I was wondering what it would take to convince you, but not anymore!" The rest of the conversation was about what the mission would be.

The next morning, they all set out, Cecil, Slayn, and Leylia on the back of a cart, Parn and Deedlit riding horses, and Geta's crew, plus Leaf, walking. Shortly, though, Shiris ran in front of them, begging to be allowed to join them. When they finally relented, she and Orson climbed into the cart with the mages and Leylia, who had turned out to be a priestess, showing the cause of Shinji's fear. After everyone was ready, they resumed their traveling towards their destination, recommended by Parn and Slayn. Geta and his friends hadn't expressed an opinion because they weren't familiar with this world.


TGSS5: I'll cut the chapter there, since it's mostly travel for a while. By the way, I give everyone who came from DBZ Earth, even indirectly, some armor. Light armor for the girls, following the trends there, and plated armor for the guys, even the kids.

Tolone: Why'd you have to seal our power? And what was the limit?

TGSS5: I read a review for My Eva Story and decided that we needed to need some effort. The limit was 2,500 Cold Empire power units, or two and a half killis by Babidi's measurements.

Bardock: Ouch. Good thing I broke it.

TGSS5: Scared the hell outta me when you did it. Anyway, next chapter: Flaim!