Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Freshman Year, Meet You ❯ Kakarot, Tundra, and Keenan ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Hey" I said as I stepped up to my locker on the very first day of my high school year. I was a Freshmen. I didn't have any friends but one. Heather said "Hey" back. I'd known Heather since 6th grade. We weren't all that close. I loved being alone on the fact that not many people wanted to even try to get alone with me any way. I haven't ever really cared to keep a friend.
Over the summer I met a girl. She seems nice but, there's some thing more to it than that. She actually interests me. For the first time I want to talk to some body. I haven't called her yet but, she has called me twice. We just kept on bumping into each other. I had met her in school in the 8th grade when she barfed on my feet but lets leave that alone.
The day seemed long and drawn out. The only thing exciting or even interesting happened in 5th hour. This tall boy with blonde long hair made a muck in class. Loudest thing I have ever heard. I asked one of the boys that seemed to be with him what his name was he replied "his name is Alan." I asked him his name. It was Eric. Eric seemed nice but uninterested.
I hour passed soon and I was off to 6th hour. I wanted the day to be over so bad. Hoshiko said she was going to call that night. I really wanted to tell her about Alan. Hoshiko and I didn't attend the same school. She was in a smart kid program, The I.B. She has skipped one grade making her 13 instead of 14 like every body else. She is just like me and many people don't want to get alone with her. Most make fun and say its because she is younger than every body else. I think that's wrong to do but what can I say people don't know what they miss. I should know.
"Yes finally" I screamed as the final bell rang at 2:20 to let us go. I rushed to my locker to get my things. My mom was going to pick me up right after all the bused left so I don't really have a reason for the rush. I was just so happy that Hoshiko was going to call. Her mom said I might get to spend the night at her house. That's going to make the week pass so slowly. After all the buses had left I sat down on the bench to wait for my mom. About 10 minutes passed and I saw her turn the corner. I jumped up and got in the car. I looked over at my mom as we pulled away. I looked nothing like her or my dad. My mom had brown hair and green eyes. My father had brown hair and eyes. Than there was me. I was taller than both parents. Than both of them are sort. I had black hair that looked like it had silver streaks when the sun hit it right. My eyes are brown but, every body says they look almost red tented. I'm not like most kids with black hair that wear all black. In fact I don't wear black but rarely. Yeah most people say I look good in it. I don't think so.
When I got home I went in my room and throw my books on the table. Five minutes till 3:00. Hoshiko will call any minute. I stared at the phone. Two minutes later the phone rings. I grab for it as Quick as possible. I say hello. Hoshiko says Hey back. We get into a long conversation about the first day of school. She had almost as bad and boring of a day as I did. Finally I bring up the conversation of Alan. Oh My God she knows him. She said his name was really Kakarot. That's what he liked to be called. She thinks I should go up to him and say Hi. He likes meeting new people. She says It would be good for me to make another friend. We go on talking for hours. She still insisting I met Kakarot. I tell her finally to make her stop talking about it that I would say Hello to Kakarot. My mom walks into my room and says its time to get off. I say good bye and start my home work. I can't help but to keep thinking about Kakarot and why Hoshiko really wanted me to meet him. I still think there is some thing Hoshiko isn't telling me.
The next day at school again the hours passed very slowly. I wanted 5th hour to come so that I could say hi to Kakarot. I wonder what he will say. I mean he don't even know who I am or that I even exist. He's very cute though. I wonder if he's taken, hmm I hope not.
5th hour came and Kakarot was sitting in the seat right next to me. Why did he move? During the hour he kept looking at me like he know I was going to say some thing. I wondered if Hoshiko had told him about me. After all they were friends. Eric was sitting right in front of me. Than some fat guy I didn't know but, had seem Kakarot with sat behind me. I felt trapped. I was to scared to say any thing to him. At the end of the hour he got up and stood there as I headed for the door. There started to follow me. Kakarot said "Hey you stop, are you Omikoado the one Hoshiko said wanted to meet us?". I turned around slowly. I looked into his bluish green eyes. I said Yes. Him and the other two boy walked up to me. They all said Hi. I was relived. The fat guy said his name was Keenan. Kakarot said he hoped to see me around. Than the two other boys left in the other direction.
I started down the hall to my 6th hour, it was P.E. my favorite class. Kakarot seemed to be following me. I moved over toward his and asked him were he was going. He said he was going to P.E. class. Oh, I said, we are going to the same place.
Why had dent I noticed him there yesterday. I guess I was to preoccupied to notice. Darn me! We both walked into the P.E. room. The coach Mr. Foley told us to all stand up against the wall to be put into rows. I felt like I was still in Middle school. Just my luck they put me behind Kakarot. Kakarot turned around and gave me a smile, I smiled back. At least I don't have any classes with the other two boy. Yeah. Since it was only the second day of school all we did in P.E. was play basket ball on our own. I grabbed a ball and went to the other side of the big gym. After throwing the ball a few times I noticed that Kakarot was standing next to me. He looked at me and got ready to throw his ball into the net. He throw the ball and made it with ease. He kept throwing the ball and every time he did he would make it. After watching him make it over and over I started to wish he would miss. He throw the ball one more time. It bounced of the rim. He looked at me and said "very funny, don't do that." Do what" I asked. He looked at me and walked away.
The end of 7th hour finally. I was ready to go home. I had a ton of home work and was prepared to do it all at once. When I got home I went to my room and sat on my bed and got out my things to do. About an hour later the phone rang. I though aw let mom get it. A moment later from down the hall my mom called, "Sarah its for you." I picked up the phone. It was Hoshiko wanting to know how it went with Kakarot. I said it went fine. He didn't say much to me but I think every body likes me. I started to talk about Eric and Keenan and she stopped and told me that Eric's real name was Tundra. Why don't people tell me these thing err. I asked what was up with the funny nick names she said I would find out.
After talking to Hoshiko for about another hour it was time to get off. I needed to do my home work. We said good bye and I hung up the phone. Great Math my favorite.
Kakarot, Tundra, Keenan, and I became good friends after some time passed. I became the closest to Kakarot. I still didn't know what was up with the names but, Hoshiko said I would find out. There were more people than hung out with the three boys but, at the moment I was not interested in meeting them. Cercina kind of gave me the chills and pipper didn't seem to even notice me.