Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Ballad of the Future Warrior ❯ Setting the Stage ( Prologue )

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Disclaimer: Dragonball Z was created by Akira Toriyama. It is owned/licensed
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The future. A battle scarred Earth. The androids have run amuck for far too long.

The evil androids 17 and 18 had all but eliminated the last of the Z-Fighters.

Gohan, a proud and powerful warrior who’s father was the late, and great, Son Goku, had been the only survivor.

Gohan took it upon himself to train Trunks, son of human genius Bulma, and saiyan prince Vegeta.

Gohan had taught Trunks to unleash his rage and become a super saiyan.

Trunks was only 14 at the time, perhaps he was too young, or perhaps he was at just the right age.

For Gohan had been not only defeated, but killed by the murderous androids.

Trunks would never forgive what they had done to his sensei, the very sensei that had once fought against, and along side his powerful father, Vegeta.

Trunks never got to know his father. The androids had killed him off when Trunks was still a baby.

Trunks’ mother Bulma had decided that she could help Trunks change the past.

Bulma created a time machine and sent Trunks into the past. To Earth only days before Goku’s arrival on Earth after the fight with Frieza.

Trunks was 17 years old at this time in his life.

Goku in the past had been killed not by the androids but by a viral heart disease.

Trunks brought with him an antidote to that very disease.

Should his mission prove successful he would return home with his head held high.

Trunks was there when the androids were awoken.

He was also there to witness the terrible androids known as Cell.

Cell was only a prototype in the present time, but in the future he was a fully grown and truly evil creature.

Cell had killed Trunks in the future and taken his time Machine from him.

Now two beings from the same time era were having a showdown.

Trunks spent a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his father from the past to get ready to fight the terrible beast.

After a long and hard fight Goku gave up against the creature and stepped out of the ring to let a young Gohan fight.

Gohan and the others were confused, as Goku knew Gohan had a hidden power and thought this a good chance to help reveal it.

Gohan was knocked around like a rag doll.

Even in super saiyan he was no match for the perfect form Cell.

Cell had forced the power out of Gohan by attacking his friends.

Gohan had unleashed Cells worst nightmare.

Gohan went into his super saiyan 2 form and incinerated Cell with a super Kamehameha Wave, using power given to him by his father who had sacrificed himself only moments before.

After the whole ordeal was through, and Trunks had made friends with the Z-fighters he returned to his time.

Trunks had a new handle on life, for after returning to find nothing has changed in his time, he realized that not only had he traveled through time, but into another dimension.

Trunks hunted down the newly created Cell and obliterated him with ease.

Trunks was physically 18 years old at that time.

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