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After having lost his eye and nearly his life to the androids, Trunks had hidden away in an old long abandoned temple.

However, a human girl had gone to the mountain one day to explore the new nature that was beginning to grow.

She was smelling some flowers and picking some fruits when she heard something from behind her.

She quickly turned as her long blond hair flew away from her head.

She was quickly frightened to see a winged creature resembling a pterodactyl starring her in the eyes.

Her blue eyes quickly filled with tears from fear of what may happen to her.

Even though she was about twenty five years of age, and had lived through the androids attacks, she would still get scared from even the smallest things.

She dropped her fruit and screamed, not knowing what to do her instincts took over and she ran.

She ran around the winged beast, who didn’t want to harm her in any way.

She had happened upon a field of fruits and berries that this herbivore bird like creature had come to get food from.

The creature just stood there as she ran through countless trees and over some rocks, inevitable twisting her ankle.

She was frightened and alone on this mountain that had terribly ugly and mean looking beasts on it.

She was raised underground so even something small like an ant would scare her beyond belief.

She had fallen after twisting her ankle, she had also hoped that she could find someone, anyone who could help her.

After a few moments of lying in the pain f her ankle she had noticed a temple.

It was carved out of stone and lead into the mountain.

She gathered her strength and lifted herself from the ground and hobbled slowly to the opening to the temple.

Inside she could barley see, but she was able to make out some food and drinks that looked like they have been stored here for centuries.

She became slightly frightened and decided to leave, on the way out she heard something behind her.

It sounded like a grunt, as if someone were in pain.
“Is anyone there?”

Her voice was soft and sweet sounding, and yet nothing that would be expected for a girl with her appearance would have.

Her voice was not low pitched but not too high pitched either, and it could carry a mile or more with little effort from her.

She waited a few moments and heard nothing.

She turned back to the door and worked her way out and back to the city.

A few weeks later sporting a flashlight and some medical supplies this time she found her way back to the temple.

She then went inside to look around, now that she could see..

She found an old bed, and a lot of rations.

She became slightly frightened as she heard the grunt that she had heard last time she was there.

She noticed a door, almost blending in with the wall, so she worked her way cautiously to It and softly spoke through it.

“Hello, is anyone in there? Are you hurt? I can help!”

She waited then hurt something behind her.

Another grunt, this one sounding less human.

As she turned she came face to face with a bed that would creek as the wind would blow through the entrance to the temple.

Her heart had become heavy as she thought of what could have happened.

She returned to the temple many times over the next few weeks.

One day when she had gone up to the temple to enjoy a picnic she was attacked.

She had stumbled into an opening with about ten people wearing old and beat up clothes in it.

They would later become the founders and leaders of the Army of None, a name chosen because they don’t matter in society.

They had seen her and couldn’t risk her telling the authorities of their location.

At this point they were simple bandits, but in this war torn future it was a crime punishable by death.

They grabbed her and tied her up.

Incredibly frightened, her body locked up.

She couldn’t move, which made it easy for the bandits to get her.

After a moment she felt something strike her in the back of the head.

At that point she had blacked out.

When she awoke she was in the arms of a stranger.

One who obviously was not a part of the bandits.

His hair fell to his eyes in the front, and towards the back it spiked up slightly.

His left eye was shut, and appeared to be so permanently.

His blue eyes were concentrated on something in front of them.

She glanced forwards and noticed that they were in the clouds.

She didn’t say a thing.

It was all too much for her to take in at once.

She fell unconscious again from the shock of flying without a plane or aircraft of some sort.

This time when she awoke she was in a stone building with no windows.

The walls were all carved with symbols and pictures.

After a while the door had opened and a man had walked in.

He wore a blue jacket and black pants with a black shirt.

His right eye was a deep blue color that seamed to stare into ones very soul.

And his left eye closed with a huge scare running down his face and over his eye.

He had some food and water in his hands, he walked in and set the food and water on a table next to an empty sword sheath.

She had felt a way she had never felt about another person.

She had felt safe with him, for the first time in her life she truly felt safe.

As she stood up from the bed he spoke to her with a low and quiet voice.

“I suggest you eat and drink if you need to. You’re gonna be here for a while.”

The statement frightened her, what did he mean by she’s gonna be here a while?

She asked what his name was and didn’t get a response.

Over the next week he had come and gone.
She was still frightened as he didn’t talk to her.

One day she was washing up and heard something from outside.

She made her way to the door and glanced outside and saw the scarred man with two other people.

It seems he was teaching the two to fight.

She tried to sneak away.

She slowly walked out when no one was looking and walked around the side of the building she was previously in.

When she had turned the corner she had her eyes locked on the three men.

After making it out of their sight she turned her head forward.

The three of them were standing in front of her.

Finally introductions were made.

“You know, you don’t seem to show a lot of gratitude to the guy who saved you from those bandits…”

The shorter warrior with the blonde hair was arrogant and was always in trouble for not thinking things through before speaking.

The warrior who had brought her simply looked at the blond one and he shut up without hesitation.

“”Forgive him. He doesn’t always think things through. I am Trunks. The blond one here goes by Tool, and my tall friend here is Art.”

The scarred warrior hadn’t spoken to her but once since she arrived here.

“I… I’m Terra. You guys are… Good guys right?”

She was frightened and didn’t know what to say or do so she acted on instinct.

“Of course we are. We have actually been keeping you safe by keeping you here.”

Art spoke with a voice that could make a tractor sound like nothing more than a dog in comparison.

“Those bandits are relentless. They keep trying to take you from us. Who knows what they’d do if they got you.”

A few years had passed.

Terra had become pregnant.

She was proud to finally be a mom.

She was now twenty eight years old and almost ready to deliver her baby.

A beautiful baby boy was born to Terra and Trunks on a Sunday afternoon.

Shortly after the birth Terra had fallen ill.

Trunks tried everything he could think of to help her but he could do nothing as she slowly wilted away.

Terra had always told Trunks that he would look good in red.

Trunks never listened, he would always say that he was perfectly content with the cloths he wore.

After her death Trunks put on a scarf, a scarf made from a quilt she had gotten as a child.

Trunks never removed this scarf.

It was a crimson as blood pumping through the heart.

A beautiful shade of red that he had come to love.

He couldn’t bring himself to remove it.

Their son had been given the name Boxer.

Boxer was a special kid. He know his father well.

And yet he never knew his dad was the one in the stories that Art and Tool had told him about.

Of course Trunks didn’t much like them to talk about it.

So they waited for Trunks to leave to talk about it.

Boxer took after his dad a lot.

He looked like a young Trunks, except his hair was blond as his moms was.

His eyes were identical to his fathers and his hair was cut short.

His hair had fallen on one side of his head and slightly spiked on the other.

If he would grow his hair much longer it would shape itself like his fathers.

Boxer had a bright future ahead of him and wouldn’t find out for years.

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