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In The Dormitories

Goku Son rolled over in bed as the alarm went off. His digital clock made a horrible noise, as if a bat tried to imitate a Weather Warning signal. He fell out of bed-luckily not hurting himself because he had the bottom bunk-and dragged himself over to the alarm clock.

He flicked the Off switch, muttering, "10 more minutes…" as if his mother was there to force him awake, or if he even HAD a mother to force him awake.

"My…my teacher will be mad if I'm late," a voice said nervously. Krillin Chestnut had the top bunk of the bed he and Goku split. Goku noticed that Krillin always talked in stutters. When they had met a few days before school started, Krillin had barely brought himself to speak. He looked like he expected to get punched if he dared utter a word.

"Who cares?" someone asked from across the room. This remark came from Vegeta Yasai, who, as Goku noted, was not afraid to speak but preferred not to. There was another student like that-Piccolo Demonking Jr., known simply as Piccolo. "The worst you'll get is a lecture," Vegeta continued. "Teachers don't care by now."

Vegeta meant "by now" as their Senior year. This was their first and last year at this boarding school. They were all either 17 or almost 17.

Goku looked around the room at his 4 roommates. Krillin said that he'd lived with his grandfather, Orin, and his two elder brothers, Guy and Bill, in a mountain cabin. Vegeta said that where he'd lived was none of Goku's business, but admitted that he had a mother, Rosicheena, who liked to spoil him, and a father, Vegeta Sr., whom he hated. Piccolo, who didn't mince words, said he had a father, Piccolo Sr., and three older siblings: sisters named Tambourine and Cymbal, and a brother named Drum, (A/N: No hermaphrodite Nameks here. No offense to all hermaphrodites who happen to be reading the story, I just like my Nameks to have genders) and that they lived wherever they felt like it. Goku, of course, had lived with his grandfather.

Goku went over to the dresser he had claimed and pulled out an outfit for the day. It was blue jeans and a red shirt. He made his way to the bathroom and started to change, as the others slowly began to rise.

Chichi King finished tying her hair up in a bun and looked at the calendar. "7 more days…" she whispered.

"'Till what, Chichi?" a voice said above her.

Chichi looked up into the face of her bunkmate, Bulma Brief, who had poked her head over the mattress. "Nothing, Bulma," she said.

"Well, if it's nothing, you'd best not waste breath over it," someone said from the next bunk over, on top. That was from 18 Gero.

Chichi waited for a reply form her last roommate, but got none. Maron Bubblier-"I'm Maron Bubblier, pronounce it "Bubb-lee-ay"-was busy filing her nails. Well, nothing Maron said would be too intelligent anyway. 18 had been stuck with her as bunkmate by default, since Bulma and Chichi had quickly claimed their own bunk.

Chichi glanced around the room, scanning her roommates. Bulma's father, Xavier, was an inventor and her mother, Bunny, was a model, so paying for this school had been pocket change to them. 18 said that she had a brother, 17, a cousin, 16, an adoptive father, Dr. Gero, and an adoptive brother, Cell. Maron said she lived with her mother, Shaina. And Chichi lived with her father, Ox.

"Whatcha got 1st period?" Bulma asked Chichi.


"Well, I know that. We all have English 1st period. What type?"

"English IV." (A/N: There are different types of genres in every subject. For example, in English, most of them take English IV, but Goku and Vegeta take Broadcast Journalism. In Math, Goku takes Algebra II, but Chichi takes Business Mathematics. Got it so far?)

"Me, too!"

"Same here," 18 said.

They all waited for Maron to say something, but nothing came from her. 18 lifted herself off her bunk-she had the top-and half-sat, half-jumped on it. The mattress went down with her weight and banged Maron on the head.

Maron lifted her head suddenly. "Huh, what?"

18 smirked. Chichi and Bulma covered their mouths to suppress giggles. And for a moment, Chichi forgot her trouble.

What's Chichi's trouble? Why is Krillin neurotic? Why won't Vegeta tell anyone about his past? Can anyone guess? Why am I asking questions like an idiot?