Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Dark Desire ❯ Epilogue ( Chapter 9 )

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Author's Note: I was left feeling vaguely unsatisfied with the ending of this fic so I decided to add an epilogue. I hope this scratches any itches that were left.

Chapter Nine


She walked out of the bathroom, her teal hair was slicked against her skull, the long strands dripped down her back. She had the last towel wrapped around her torso and she was muttering something about baka men and their refusal to do housework. She was picking her way down the shadowy hall to the room that she shared with him.


She jumped and nearly lost her towel in the process. If had been five years and he still was able to sneak up on her. She whipped around to give him a piece of her mind, but when she saw the hard glint in his eye she stuttered to a stop.

Unconsciously, she took a step back from the intimidating man. Though he was her lover, there were times when she was forced to remember that his hands were coated so thickly with blood that it would never wash off.

"What's up?" She asked nervously.

He advanced on her until she backed herself up into the hall wall and she had a strange sense of deju vu.

"You have been a bad girl." His voice was heavy with an unvoiced threat. She gulped while her mind raced for any infraction she may have committed. She even sniffed herself like he would on occasion, checking for any musky scent that he may misconstrue as being another male's. He saw her movement and she could have swore she saw a mocking light in his eye, but it was gone before she could tell for sure.

"I am going to have to punish you." He leaned in close to her causing her to shrink against the wall. In all the years that they had been together he had never raised a truly violent hand against her or their son. She told herself that training their child didn't count or that little knife incident that happened so long ago.

No, she wasn't afraid of him hurting her. She felt a sinking sensation in her stomach when she thought about how he would punish her. His preferred torture was to withhold her completion from her. He would pleasure her until she screamed with need then stop, allowing her to calm herself before he would begin again. He would never allow her to go over the edge and attempting to pleasure herself only got her into worse trouble.

He once went twelve hours straight without letting her orgasm. Sacrificing a day of training just to prove a point. All because he found out that she was experimenting with dangerous chemicals without using the proper precautions and almost got hurt. She had long ago given up thinking that he was a normal man.

He braced a palm against the wall by her head and looked down at her.

"But I didn't…" Her words trailed off as his finger hooked her towel between her breasts. She looked down and watched with a mixture of dread and desire as he gently tugged, causing her last defense to fall to the ground, leaving her bare. She watched as that same finger began a tantalizingly slow journey down between her pert breasts and over her midriff, only to stop right above her patch of female fur.

She looked back up into his coal black eyes staring down at her. As he had trailed that digit down the length of her body heat had gathered and coiled deep in the pit of her stomach. Her pulse raced and her heart pounded but she struggled not to give any outward signs of her need, even though she knew he could smell her.

As she met his eyes she raised her chin a notch in defiance. "I didn't do anything wrong." She pouted. His lips twisted into a sneer. "Don't add lying to your crimes Onna." Her false bravado eroded away and she shuddered slightly.

"But Veg..' He leaned down to lick her top lip cutting off whatever she was going to say. That demon owned digit skimmed down to part her nether lips and rested gently against her aching bud.

She arched against him and her full breasts pleaded to be touched as well. His tongue slid along her upper lip.

"Beg for it." His hot breath caressed her lips at his words. Years of this treatment had given her some tolerance and this was nothing yet.

"No." She uttered cockily.

He smirked down at her as he began to rotate his finger gently causing her juices to gather at her thighs, but she bit her lip to suppress her moan. He shifted his wrist, replacing his finger with his thumb while sinking that finger deep into her. Soon a second finger joined it and she couldn't stop herself from gyrating desperately against his hand.

"Beg me and I will give you what you want." His voice took on that husky sex-hungry tone that sent shivers down her spine. Not trusting her voice she shook her head violently in denial.

He growled in the back of his throat and he leaned down to flick his tongue over her erect nipple. Hot spears of sensation pierced her groin and she couldn't stop the whimpers that poured over her lips. In a last show of rebellion she laid her palms flat on the cool wall behind her on either side of her hips, instead of reaching out to hold him like she wanted to. However, she could not stop her treacherous back from arching her mounds closer to his lips. He saw her act of defiance though and he began to thrust his fingers smoothly into her. Stoking the fire of desire in her, coaxing her to the edge of the abyss.

And then he stopped.

His lips moved away from her breast so he could stare down at her and he began to withdraw his fingers. Before he could leave her completely bereft, she grabbed his wrist, desperately halting his exodus.

"Please." She whispered while looking deep into his eyes.

"Please what?" He prodded evilly.

"Please let me cum." She begged prettily. He plunged his fingers deep into her at her words and ignited his ki at her core, setting fire to her already smoldering passion.

She howled as the waves of release ripped through her body. She nearly doubled over with the spasms and she clawed at the man in font of her, seeking support. He wrapped a muscular arm around her narrow waist holding her to him. Catching her so she would not fall.

As soon as the tremors began to abate, he released his throbbing erection from his pants. He placed his palms on the underside of her thighs and hoisted her up so her long legs could wrap around his hips. He braced her against the wall as he sunk his long length into her moist heat.

As his entire shaft slid into her, his tongue lapped at the delicate skin of her throat before his incisors pierced her flesh, causing her to gasp. As he begins to piston in and out, she felt her eyes roll back as the sweet pressure built once again. She wound her arms around his neck and furrowed her fingers into his sleek ebony hair. She loved the feeling of his course clothes rubbing against her naked skin, causing a delicious sense of friction.

The coils in the base of her stomach snapped again as another climax swept through her. This time she felt the tensing of his body and his soft groan as he spilled himself into her.

They stilled their frantic movements, the only sounds were their pounding hearts and her panting. After a few moments he released her almost reluctantly, straightening his clothes as he did so. When he was done he looked down at the woman who was still leaning against the wall, trying to regain her composure. He smirked at her before wrapping a large hand behind her thin neck and pulling her close for a bone melting kiss.

He sat her back against the wall before turning to walk away. He got a few steps before she remembered why they were there in the first place.

"Why are you up here?" She asked.

He turned to face her, a roguish grin on his perfect lips. He reached behind him and pulled out a scrap of red cloth that he flung at her.

"You shouldn't leave your panties where the brat can find them woman." He said over his shoulder as he strode away.

She grasped the g-string that she had "accidentally" dropped in the GR, a wicked smile curving on her lips.