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Dragonball ZX
Created by Joseph Gracey and John Brown

Episode 1 : The Rebirth of Fusion part 1

The Scene starts with Goku,Goten and Gohan training in an open space Goku is in ssj4 Gohan and Goten are in ssj 3.
"You have to let go you don't need to be in control. The power will escape and transform you." says Goku.
Goten moans,"Dad, it took us six months to become ssj3 in this stupid chamber. Plus by the time the time i reach ssj 4 I'll be about 100 years old and Trunks will be even younger than me and I was born a year after him!"
Says Gohan fighting back a tear, "Believe me it's better that you become as strong as you can before it's almost too late i know that from when I was fighting Cell and almost everybody i cared about was kliled!"
"We'll maybe if you had tried harder Dad wouldnt have died!"
"GOTEN! THAT WAS TOO FAR!", Goku shouts
Gohan Picks Goten up and throws him across the time chamber he flies there before Goten lands kicks him back across and starts a kamehameha Goten does a back flip in mid air and starts a kamehameha. Goku stands there in astonishment as he sees his sons in an epic bettle.the two kamehameha's meet in the middle they don't move there's a flash of light Goku tries to protect himself. The time chamber is almost completely destroyed but standing there are Goten and Gohan are standing there in ssj4 form. Goku is lying on the floor unconscious. They both rush over to their fathers aid gohan picks him up puts him over his shoulder and races to the door. He opens it.
Gohan shouts,"Mr Popo, Dende HURRY!

To be continued...