Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Dragonball ZX ❯ Episode 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Gohan and goten are standing next to a bed with Goku in it in ssj4 form.
Gohan: "So Dende is Dad gonna be Ok."
Dende:"Yes. He's lucky he was in ssj4 form, if he hadn't been he'd probably be dead. In a few hours he'll probably be upeating food and training again."
Dende leaves the room. Gohan and Goten stand there for hours by their fathers side in silence.
Goku wakes Up.
Goku:"Let's get some food." He walks out the room. Gohan and Goten folow. Mr Popo has made a : "Well it seems that little fight was just what you guys neede. Now you guys ready for some real training."
Gohan and Goten:"What?"
Goku:"Well it's not just enough to have power, you have to know how to use it. You guys were only in ssj3 form. And you nearly killd each other and me."
Goten:"What do you mean?"
Goku:"We need to brush up on the fusion technique."
Goku:"About a week ago Trunks from the future came back and told me and Vegeta to go train everyone we could to become as strong as they could. Trunks and Vegeta went to a distant planet to train time passes more slowly on that planet so they should have had around the same amount of training as us. He told me Dr Gero has been plotting and Cell has become super perfect. He said that Dr Gero has raised an army of androids, that they had teamed up with king cold, cooler kid Buu and freiza have learned the fusion technique and that when they come to earth freiza will fuse with cell buu will fuse with cooler and king cold will wreak havoc on the world below with the android army but he also said that Broly would come back and help us."
Gohan:"Well we better hurry before the portal opens."
Gohan Goku And Goten train tirelessly till there is no time left.
Goku, Gohan and Goten are standing in the middle of a field. A portal opens they transcend to ssj4 form simaltaneously.
A strange machine resembling that of which Trunks came from the future in to warn of the androids appears trunks steps out.
Trunks:"It's so good to see you alive."
Goten:"I haven't died yet. have I?"
Trunks:"No it's just that in my time we weren't expecting it and well, they inda caught you off gaurd."
A tear forms in trunks' eye he fights it back.
2 balls fall from the sky Trunks and vegeta emerge in super saiyan 4 form.
Goku:"Vegeta. You ready?"
Vegeta:"As if i have a choice."
present Trunks:"Are you me."
Future Trunks:"Yeah"
present Trunks:"Cool.Goten, ready?"
goku and vegeta perform the fusion dance and become vegeto. Trunks and goten perform the fusion dance and become Gotenks.
Gohan becomes mystic saiyan. A portal opens and broly enters everybody is ready to fight.
Future Trunks:"No he's on our side. Ready?."
Broly turns ssj 4 and he and trunks perform the fusion dance and emerge as borunks.
Gohan:"Remember i'll take out king Cold and the android army Gogeta you'll take on Frell and Gotenks you'll take on Buuler. But Borunks what will you do."
Borunks:"I will destroy Imbroly before HE destroys the whole palnet." banquet fit for 100 kings (or three Saiyans.) In a matter of minutes the table is clear and there is a pile of dishes left.
To be continued...