Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Dragonball ZX ❯ Episode 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Dragonball ZX
Created by Joseph Gracey and John Brown

Episode 6 : Ozaru dawn

Gohan is the first to attack he unleashes a giant laser cannon from his mouth. Imbroly falls to the ground Gohan jumps on top of him and starts to beat him. imbroly turns back Gohan does the same Imbroly stands up looking weakened Gohan uses a new move which is like a kamehameha that splits into six seperate beams and hits Imbroly from all sides but Gohan is not done with him yet. Goku appears.
Goku:"Gohan stop don't let the power take over you!"
Gohan:"He tried to destroy everyone i cared about."
Goku:"But this isn't you your better than this, I know this isn't you. What happened to my son. I know that your in there Gohan all you have to do is take control of the power I know this isn't you."
Gohan turn's back to his normal self .
Gohan:"You're right but he doesn't deserve to live."
Goku:"We can take him back to kamis lookout I'll teach you instant transmission take him to hell and make sure he, cell, buu, freiza, cooler and king cold never escape again.
Gohan:"You're right."