Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Dragonball ZX ❯ Episode 8 ( Chapter 8 )

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Dragonball ZX
Created by Joseph Gracey and John Brown

Episode 7 : Imbroly and the chains of Babidi

Goku and Gohan start wraping Imbroly in the chains they start nailing the chains to the wall of hell. Once they get the first nail in a thousand of the z warriors old enemies arrive and start fighting Picon, Vegeta,future Trunks, present Trunks and Goten start fighting against them and knocking them back. They keep fighting them but they keep coming back. Goku and Gohan finish nailing Imbroly to the walll of hell and start fighting . Everybody gets back to the wall and performs their signature move giving them enougth time to escape hell. When they get back to the supreme kai Gohan:"I'm gonna stay here and train."Goku:"OK but be careful. Picon."
Picon:"Yes Goku."
Goku:"I hope we meet again soon."
Picon:"As do i friend."
Everybody Joins hands and they are gone.
Picon:"Goodbye Gohan I hope we meetagain soon you are by far the greatest warrior i have thought alongsude with. Well next to your father."
Gohan:"Goodbye. I hope we can meet again. Maybe I could participate in the next underworld tournament."
Picon raises his finger and uses the instant transmission technique.
Supreme Kai:"Are you ready to start your training?"
Gohan:"as ready as i'll ever be."