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Hit the Floor
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Wow, it's been FOREVER since I've worked on DBZ fics! x.x I'm sorry my other fans, this name was created originally for DBZ fics. This one caught my interest and, since I haven't updated much with the other fics, I thought that I might as well get back to a writing habit before transition back to SDG. I'd like to hear some ideas, since I thought of this when re-reading manga #1 of DBZ.

In the anime, Raditz sound so abrupt and cruel, which was Toriyama-sensei's original idea, BUT if you don't focus on what you remember from DBZ when reading the manga, Raditz's cause isn't so horrible as it is portrayed. Therefore, in a way, this isn't as much of an AU as a lot of the other fics can often be when referring back to saiyan saga. What is different? Goku gives in to his brother's demands. But it isn't such a strange thing as long as Raditz doesn't require Goku to kill 100 people of Earth in a day. Well... just read on and you'll see. I guess I just want to get the point across first.

I don't own DBZ. I'm flattered if anyone thinks that, because my drawing skillz simple cannot be compared. It would put Toriyama-sensei to shame. x_x heheh...


Goku sighed miserably sitting on his bed in thought. Sure, he should be packing right now, but his mind was so occupied with everything that occurred that it was almost spinning.
He didn't want to pack. This was because he didn't want to go. But he still had to go.

How did his life ever end up like this?

Goku, for the first time in years, had finally revisited his friends at the Kame House, along with his four-year old son, Gohan, when the mysterious alien comes in and announces Goku is a saiyan warrior. Whatever that is.
Either way, the man with wild, long hair explained to him that he was his brother and that he had been sent here to kill all life forms on Earth. Of course, Goku refused and told him to get lost. What else was he going to say to Raditz?

"Heh heh heh..." Raditz chuckled half-heartily. "Seriously, though, how do you expect me to do that...? I suppose you've forgotten that Vegeta, the saiyan homeworld, was destroyed by collision with an asteroid... Our entire race reduced to space dust..." He didn't sound very depressed with the whole issue, but there was a slightest hint of disappointment that reached Goku. "...Even our parents. Your parents, Kakarrot." Goku only continued to glower slightly at the man, Krillin staring at Goku wondering what to think of the whole issue. "Of all our proud and mighty race, only four remain... including you! We survived only because we were on other worlds... exterminating their natives. Because we were doing "wrong", as you put it, we are alive--" He paused momentarily to let Goku digest his words, heck, if he was being this stubborn from mental damage, who knows if he could even think properly at all? It crossed Raditz mind briefly before he continued.
"We remaining three recently found a planet which we know can be sold at a very high price. The locals, however, are potent. Even three saiyan might have some trouble. Ah, but four of us...! Thank the gods I remembered you, eh? Even my long-lost, ill-trained, amnesiac little brother should be enough to tip the scales." Raditz was really, really tiring of having to emphasize so many words for the little idiot. But having him understand it clearly was better than not at all he supposed.
"Picture it, Kakarrot!!! Picture the carnage! Feel your saiyan blood stir!!"

"I won't... I'd rather DIE!!" Okay, so maybe Raditz shouldn't have put it that way, but how was he to know that there were a few more things screwed up with Kakarrot than just amnesia?

"Hmph... how very sad. But do tell me something... ...is that your whelp I see behind you?"Bulma quick grabbed onto Gohan for slight protection, call it woman intuition.

"N-NO!!!" Goku denied horribly. Now he was really hating this brother.

"Oh, is that so...? I suppose all miserable earthlings have tails then...?" Raditz chuckled sarcastically.

"You leave him alone!!!" Raditz clasped his hands together.

"Sorry. Can't be done. If my own brother won't deign to help me... then I'll just have to borrow my tender, young nephew instead..." Raditz took a step forward as Goku stood firmly in front of him.

"One more STEP-- and I'll KILL you--!!!" Raditz, having no choice, kneed Goku in the stomach. Goku fell back, writhing in pain in the sand. Raditz snatched Gohan by his shirt collar as he cried hysterically.

"DADDY-Y-Y!!" Raditz dangled the boy over Goku's head so he could get a good look.

"Alright Kakarrot, you have one more chance to renew yourself to us!! We will take either you or your son, and depending on which you choose will determine how much longer your planet will survive." He grinned. "If you refuse, I'll take him back with me and destroy everyone here now, including you. If you accept our offer, we will spare him and the planet-- until we get back from the mission. If you are on good behavior and are of use, we might still spare the child, but the planet must go." He flew up in the air as Gohan's hat fell off of his head from the wind. "It's your decision Kakarrot! I'll find you here in one earth day, so be ready to leave immediately, either to space or to death!!!" And with that cue, Raditz left in a huge rush of wind.

Goku flopped over backwards on the bed to stare at the ceiling. What could he do? There wasn't time to gather dragonballs, he couldn't let his brother take his son, he needed to be strong enough to tackle Raditz, and Raditz agreed to spare the Earth for the time being.
There was no other option.
Everyone formed a plan that, while he was "serving" his saiyan time, Piccolo would train Gohan and everyone would also train hard for his return, so they could all fight the saiyans. Bulma was even able to quick make a long-distance email-like way to keep in touch, except they are 5 minute video recordings and it would take an hour or two to arrive back on Earth. Goku was also half surveying for any weakness's they could possibly exploit when the battle did come.
Wonderful. Just wonderful. Now I need to go kill people on another planet for no reason.
He glanced over lazily at the clock.
"I don't want to go." He suddenly sat up as if he smacked himself mentally, which he probably did. "What am I saying, it's for Earth! And Gohan, I can't possibly blow this off... like I want to..." He watched the fan spin round in circles as his eyes drooped. "Oh, grandpa, how am I gonna get outta this?" He slightly patted the sides of his face to snap himself out of the daze. "No, I just need to be positive. Because those people are dying, my people won't, and others that the saiyans were thinking about renovating will be saved! So technically, I'm only sacrificing one planet so we can be strong enough to keep the other planets safe!!" He smiled at the recognition.
"Maybe... I can live with this," he told himself while finally hopping to his feet and digging for pairs of clothing quickly.

Alright, it was quick and short, but I am really busy so it might take a little bit of time to make another chapter. Just cross your fingers, read your astrological signs, and REVIEW! ^.^
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