Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ How to Make Love to a Saiyan ❯ To Live or Die ( Chapter 12 )

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on Akira Toriyama's amazing story. The Prince is too tempting not to borrow.
How to Make Love to a Saiyan
By Caprice
Chapter 12
Step 13 - To Live or Die
Of all sensations experienced, she'd never stumbled across this one. It was something to feel the heat of his hands upon her skin, but to feel this… this current buzzing all over her body, filtering in places forbidden, it was electrifying. It was warm and tingly and it flowed sensuously without letting her do anything about it. Her limbs weren't responding, her knees turned to mush and she was suddenly thankful his ki kept her pinned against the wall or else she'd collapse. How easily tables turned, she mourned inside, a random thought rescued from a mind overtaken by the wickedness of his touch. How grandly had she underestimated his prowess, neglecting the simple fact that his alien power gene fed from fury like a thirsty leech, and that same fury blazed unhindered in his eyes.
He regarded her as she uttered a shaky gasp, her fingers trembling as she stood there bound and paralyzed. She was by far the most beautiful prey he'd ever caught, worthy of the chase and the patience but mostly, worthy of this depth of passion. She was a mystical vision, with her hair pressed to the wall by the force of his energy, shaped into curls and patterns that framed the unnamable beauty of her face. Breasts raised continuously as he slid his power inside her slowly but steadily, the current of his electricity spreading forth through her insides. Bouts and bouts of ki made her emit forceful groans as they traveled and dissipated through her guts and limbs.
He could only imagine the type of thrill the sensation evoked in this dangerous game that forced him to work his energy with precision. Walking such a fine line between life and death was pushing his mind to the edge, for never had he felt something as erotic as touching a woman without truly touching her… seeing her writhe under his influence while he still stood a full two meters away. A thousand words raced through his mind yet all he could think of…all he could muster was one single word.
Her cherry lips parted to let a pained moan escape. She then forgot to breath, eyes dazed as he flowed inside her most sensitive regions yet again, torturously slowly.
“Why are you doing this if you know…” He closed his eyes and turned his face to the side before opening them again. “If you know who I am and what I'll do to you?”
She swallowed hard and gathered the courage to face him. There was something in her quivering gaze, something like pain and like sorrow, and that very moment Vegeta felt it again, that incredibly unsettling thug were he thought only emptiness existed, in the middle of his chest.
“Because I hate you… ” She answered in a shaky whisper.
“Bullshit.” He spat. He started pacing slowly, eyes not once leaving hers. “This isn't about me. This is about you and your stupid little complexes. It's about how you can't bring yourself to face the awful truth of who you really are and what you really want.”
He suddenly halted his step to pick up what remained of his shirt, now rendered unusable by the sharp edge of the scissors. “Now that's just fucking great.” He muttered, examining the garment briefly before sending it into the flaming fireplace. A stray bud of satisfaction flourished inside her at the notion that those arms and chest would just have to remain uncovered. The necklace served as his only adornment and it suited his skin tone perfectly as it surrounded his powerful neck gracefully.
He sent her a reprieving gaze before reclaiming the topic at hand. “You want to be who they want you to be, little miss perfect. It's the goal you've tried to attain all your life to no avail. It's the one thing you wish you could be so you are spared the bitterness of being called a disgrace to your family, to your business empire and to everyone else for that matter. You wish they accepted you, for who you are, the world, this… Chikyuu you're so fond of.” He opened his arms, a cold twisted smile on his face. “But they simply don't, do they? Your illustrious brainpower is nothing to them, because at the end of the day all they can focus on is the fact that you're daddy's little girl and you look like a great fuck.”
“Let me go…” Some of her temper finally shone through as she expelled the words between gritted teeth.
“Hn.” He threw her a sideways glance, the intensity of his speech never wavering. “And so you keep trying and trying to outdo yourself. You become an overachiever in your field as a scientist only so they can end up taking you for granted or even worse, comparing you to the old man. When you see your failure you keep trying to prove your worth, to earn their approval, running off to meetings to appear responsible, striving to sound authoritative to the thousands of eyes that look up to you. But it doesn't really amount to anything. And on and on it goes, you're only reward the gossip and the morbid fascination these fools have with you. And you know why that is?” He stopped at the foot of the bed and picked up the pack of cigarettes that lay on top of the bench chest. He studied them uninterestedly and arched an eyebrow, the force of his energy still kneading her flesh like a never-ending caress.
“Because you can't hide who you truly are as much as you try. You can't help your thirst for danger, the irreverence of your clothes or the weakness of your flesh. You're true nature is evident in the way you talk and your every little gesture. You still succumb to your own lusts and temptations like the nasty little girl you are.” He threw the pack aside and threw himself on top of the chest, leaning his back against the bedpost. One leg lay on the length of the surface, slightly bent so he could perch his elbow on it.
She breathed in hard. “You have no right to believe you know me you arrogant son of a…”
“Be quiet.” He snapped, that irritating arrogant smile planted on his face.
The lewd touch of his ki suddenly became painful as it wrapped around her neck. It felt like a tight ring, choking her enough to impair her speech yet gentle to allow her to breath.
“You still throw yourself into the most lurid circumstances. You'd rather run after those stupid friends of yours and get involved in whatever mess you can find. For every time you try to behave like you're expected to, you do something outrageous that completely shifts the focus of everyone's attention. So you go on living with this dual personality, at times wishing you were somebody else so you're free to be as filthy as you truly are.”
Bulma choked on a moan, her eyes burning with tears that now threatened to run free of their confines.
“You can't live with yourself, can you, Chikyuu-jin” He said, leaning forward slightly, and sporting that half smile half scowl that made his face darkly handsome. “You can't live with the fact that you like fucking a murderer.”
Bulma cringed, her features twisting into an expression of utter torment and desperation. She wanted to be free, by God she did. Her fingers curled into fists as she attempted a futile escape from the hold of the sensuous blue-hued light.
“And the thought of others finding out…friends… family…anyone else. The notion of word slipping out…” He tsked, and shook his head. The hidden threat in his voice was not lost to her. “Now what a bad little girl you turned out to be. What will people say about you and your scandalous nature? I really don't think that's what a good, sensible and respectable lady would do. It might just end up sinking your already shaky reputation.”
She looked at him with genuine terror in her eyes and all he did was… laugh. The bastard laughed! He sat there, throwing his head back, enjoying some sort of twisted joke only he understood as she stood there frightened and restrained. Her body shook from the sheer rage that shot through her veins like fuel lit on fire.
When his rich, deep laughter ceased he sent her a penetrating look that spoke volumes in its harshness. “Don't be scared Bulma of Chikyuu. I don't concern myself with petty little gossip. I won't speak the true twisted reality of who you are. They can keep thinking you retain at least some shred of dignity. I suppose that truly worries you deeply.” A corner of his mouth lifted. “You can keep lying to yourself too, believing you embarked in tonight's suicidal exploit because you hate me when in reality, you hate yourself more than anything else.”
“Nn..trrruee.” She gritted.
“What was that?” He inquired sarcastically. “Oh… allow me.” He adjusted the force of his ki, easing the pressure on her dainty neck.
“I said, that's not true you fucking bastard””
“Oh, yet another example of your ladylike ways.” He remarked, unfazed by the sudden insult. “That dirty little mouth of yours. I presume they're at least aware of that, yet another dark spot in your record. What they don't know, is what other things you like doing with it.”
“Let me go Vegeta. Right this minute.” Bulma strived to send him the most menacing glare she could gather, but her lips suddenly quivered when he let his eyes trail down to breasts. Her flesh felt warmer, tiny sparks of electricity buzzing around the sensitive tips and sending a tremor across her body.
His voice was infinitely graver when speaking the following words and he purposefully intensified the pressure of his invisible touch to punctuate them. “You know what my problem with you is girl? My problem is… I don't know. I just don't know if I want to kill you or fuck you. The minute I actually gather the courage, all I wind up doing is making you mine.”
Bulma breathed harshly and her face softened into a desperate plea. “I don't… please… I don't want you to make me yours.”
“You just don't cut the bullshit do you?” He said rolling his eyes in exasperation. “I never asked you to go the extra mile for me. You wore all sorts of flimsy garments not only because you actually liked wearing them, but because you liked me tearing them off. You were always ready for me by the time you came home, without a single touch or a single whisper from my lips.”
She wanted to say something, she truly did, but her eyes only widened and her heart sped up.
“No? I could smell you miles away.” With that he rose to his feet and walked slowly in her direction, the fuzzy glow of the room spread over the tight perfection of his naked torso as he moved, and she had the most difficult time not noticing it.
“You claim you know so much about me, yet you believe me an ignorant.” He stopped a few steps from her, and placed a palm against the wall, breaths away from her hair. “I know how much you want it, how much you wanted it even before we started this… this thing we have.”
Oh God, no… no… Her pupils shrunk as she fastened them on his. He couldn't know could he? That she'd been crushed on him since the moment she met him. That she'd dreamt about being his since the very start, since before she even concocted the perfect plan to get him into her arms.
“Back then, when I was fresh to this world, you sat on that living room, almost naked, legs in very unladylike positions as you flicked through the channels of the receiver. Were you tempting me with those bare legs and that sinful scent?” He nodded downwards, pure malice drawn into a smirk. And then, completely unexpectedly she actually spat on his face, utter fury shooting through her blue eyes. His features transformed into smoldering rage as he wiped his face with the back of his hand, the same one he then placed beside her head so he could fully brace his weight on his two palms.
“You don't like the truth do you, little one.” There was only contempt in his voice, as he raked his eyes all over her face. “But the truth doesn't end there. I witnessed the extent of your lowest passions without you even knowing it…. saw you lying on your bed, touching yourself and whispering my name as you moved your hips slowly. You were thorough with your caress, not sparing an inch of that swollen flesh as your eyelids fluttered in utter ecstasy.” His mouth hovered over hers, lips so close she could touch them if she only moved a centimeter closer. “I caught every look you sent my way ever since my arrival. No one else noticed but me. I always did… I paid attention to you. I felt the slight elevation of ki when we accidentally bumped together in the hallway and your fingers grazed mine, and you turned back to say excuse me.”
She opened her mouth and tried to explain herself, and again it was all a big monumental failure. “I know Bulma, I know you wanted me. It was evident from my position, concealed in the shadows, watching you through the full length crystal doors of your open shower. I know it overlooks the highest parts of the compound, were only foliage is your witness. That or whoever's low enough to be perched on their branches, watching your every move.”
“How could you do that? You didn't have the right, you sick …”
“And you let the nearly scalding water flow over your body and sneak into your crevices while you thought about me… smiling to yourself and gasping in bouts of pleasure as you indulged in your own touch. And do you want to know what I heard? What name you repeated as a climax consumed you?”
“No” She whispered. He had known. All this time he had known she'd had a sick infatuation with him.
“You almost fooled me into thinking you were different, that your acts and gestures of benevolence meant you welcomed me truly. But now I realize it was that same lustful attraction that made you want to destroy me, to throw me out, because you hated thinking someone of your lineage could hold fantasies with the likes of me. You were much better than me, weren't you? You couldn't slip that way. The only way to solve your little predicament was disposing of me, that dirty dangerous distraction you had let into your home recklessly. You soon realized nothing would change the fact that I was the bad guy. You grew tired and weary of my presence and so you taunted me by taking it all away. If I left your place, you won. If I killed you, once again, you won. They could easily resurrect you and as far as I was concerned….well, you thought that dumb fuck would avenge your murder.”
Okay, so phew, he actually didn't know the entire truth. He still believed she had concocted a twisted plot to drive him away and that it was for that same reason she'd sabotaged the GR and denied him everything else. He still believed she'd never wanted to enact her fantasies and actually sleep with him.
“Is that what you are still trying to do here? Trick me into killing you?”
She regarded him with wistful eyes. “No Vegeta. I just don't care anymore. You can do as you wish. The way I see it, you'd be only freeing me from this torment. You'd be letting me go to a place were I no longer have to deal with…” She wrestled with her thoughts, gaze falling low in abject desolation and utmost despair.
“You want me to make the decision for you, don't you?” He moved his face so their lips brushed slightly. “You're so torn over who you pretend to be and who you truly are you simply can't go on. By now you have probably figured out I'd make it seem like a natural cause, or an accident, or anything that won't place the blame on me, so I am free of you and free of blame. Yeah, the truth is this is nothing but a fucking pathetic death wish.”
“Think what you will but the other world is no longer nearly as scary as it used to be before Goku died and saw it for himself. So if that's were you want to send me, I truly fail to see the tragedy in it.”
“Of course you do fail to see the tragedy. It's death that brings about posthumous adoration to mortals. It's death that suddenly makes a person virtuous and cleanses memories of his or her shortcomings. And it's death that would certainly ease the guilt of your conscience isn't it. The guilt of sinning together with me.”
He sought her eyes with his own and placed his lips to hers. It was like the touch of a feather both soft and tantalizing and she felt genuinely tempted to hold that plump lower lip between hers to taste it.
“But you don't deserve such an easy way out, such absolution.” He went on. “You don't get to sneak out of this one. In fact you get to face the utter reality of your hidden desires and the things you don't like to admit. Don't you think I hear you denying our liaison?”
She tried to turn her face to the side but he caught her chin and forced her to look up into his raging eyes. “How could you ever be with someone like me, huh? What was it again? Don't they know who I am? What I've done? The type of bloodthirsty scumbag murderer I truly am. I am a killer, a fiend, the enemy, even if we've agreed to this much necessary truce. The silent understanding was you needed me to fight on your side so you invited me over. But then what you and me did, that was breaking a silent rule. You weren't supposed to go to bed with me.”
He wanted to touch her. His hands ached to slide down her shapely curves and press her warmth to him. This thirst for her was unquenchable but he knew better than to give in. She'd had her chance to speak, well for all demons in hell, now was his. “We all bear selfish hearts don't we? And we all take from each other whatever we need. You needed my alliance; I needed the basics to live. But fucking in secret, well that wasn't part of the deal, and God forbid you like it.” He pulled away slowly, taking a few steps back to fully appreciate her as she looked at him with expectant eyes.
“But see… you inflame my blood Bulma.” He breathed. Vegeta kept searching through her body as if looking for answers that only eluded him
She swallowed hard, opening her eyes as wide as they'd go. What the hell was it about his voice that could so easily make her tremble, and the worse was half the time she didn't even know if it was in fear or longing. Not once had she felt so vulnerable and so utterly desired. It had to be that tone. It was like liquid chocolate to her senses or like the touch of sheer velvet against her skin. It was his body language that screamed her name and made her give in.
“So I made you something you don't even deserve. I made you my woman, my concubine, the consort to a Prince, when in reality you're even lower than a common whore.” He seethed. “And don't you dare believe that tear running down your cheek will wash that fact away.”
She turned her face to the side and closed her eyes hating the idea of a man so strong witnessing such weakness. He despised it to no end and that truth alone made her want to bite back the terrible sting of those crystal drops, yet once again, she met her own failure and so they streamed softly down the smooth skin of her cheeks.
“A whore may be filthy and lowly, but she at least recognizes who she is, what she wants and what she likes. She doesn't deny the truth of it all, but you… you're a little two faced bitch that hides in the shadows.”
She felt something swell inside her chest, the most genuine type of rage that rushed to erupt from her lips. Her words were heavily laden with abject pain. “You don't know… you don't know what it's like to be me.” Tears spilled from her blue eyes unhindered, and at that very moment he thought he could literally see her soul peer through them. The grief contained in them was immeasurable and the emotion choking her made her words break in half. “My life is not about what I want or who I am or what my heart desires. It's about who I am supposed to be. I don't have a choice or a saying, or the right to be free and think only about myself. Do you even know what it's like to be born with your life already laid out for you? To hear the voices of others echo in your head over and over again, about the things you ought to do, and the expectations you ought to fulfill? You try and you try… with blood and sweat and tears to become what you're supposed to be, that vision they had for you, but you can't. You try and you can't. And you don't know how to get there, or where the answer lies or why you should even care. But you do, every day of your life you do until you feel your going to break into a million pieces. You may stray, you may tell yourself you are worth more than that. That you're valuable for simply being, for simply breathing. You stray from that path you follow like a penitent soul…but they never quiet. The voices inside can never be silenced, and you can't just turn around and say goodbye, or disappear forever because there's no one else who can do what you're supposed to do. No one else can take your place. No one will. This weight has been placed on you and you alone…” a big drop fell from her chin to the carpet as her eyes burned with sorrow. “And you feel you weight three times your body, and it's heavy… it's so very heavy…” Her throat contracted with a sob and the words flowed out like a plaintive melody. “And it never ends...”
Vegeta stared at her unable to utter a word. He wasn't sure what it was, but something shifted within him that very moment. Her speech sank like an anvil inside him, reminding him of thoughts he never voiced and emotions that could never surface. And yet here they were hanging between them, tying them together like an invisible rope. His enemy, his drug… his conscience turned woman. And so he breathed shakily, still shocked by the fact that he did know… by all the Gods, he DID know what it was like to… He quieted his thoughts and looked at the paling beauty of her face once more before slowly approaching her.
She raised her eyes to his and whispered the plea of a bleeding soul. “You…, you make me who I truly am… and it's scary and I don't know were it leads. It's a place I can't go, a path I can't walk. Vegeta… I can't… I just can't…”
He lifted her chin between his fingers and searched into her eyes. There weren't words, yet their eyes spoke volumes as they remained locked together. And it was a moment of glorious passion and epic sorrow that would be theirs to keep forever as they silently acknowledged this secret they shared, this impossible and forbidden passion they suffered together.
“So it is....” With that whisper he brought his lips down and kissed her, the very first true kiss they ever shared, spun by threads of something other than sick passion and thirst for domination. He tasted the salt of her tears in her trembling lips and she savored the power of his need for her in his own, and that's when she realized it perhaps took someone this strong to truly hate, but it also took so much to truly love.
He pulled away while the passions still melt over their tongues, restraining his desire and pressing his forehead to hers. He breathed hard under the weight of his indecision for he didn't know what came next in this rocky path that was their life, nor he wanted to think about it. Yet, Gods, he had to didn't he? There was no running, no escaping the truth of this scenario, the bitter reality that they simply couldn't be, in any shape, way or form.
Bulma breathed through her nose, her nose a bit stuffy from crying. She closed her burning eyes and spoke quietly. “This is the end, isn't it? This is you and me and what it will always be.” He remained quiet and she went on. “But if that's so, if this is how it dies… could you at least let me see who you really are, just for once?”
He whispered against her cheek. “See who I really am?”
She nodded towards the little round table where she'd laid her empty glass of champagne. Right next to it was a rectangular black case he hadn't noticed before, it's chrome lining shining in the light of the room. He turned back to look at her, an inquisitive look in his eye but she didn't say anything, her tired eyes only darted sideways to point in its direction again and so he took the cue. He willed it forth with only the power of his ki and one second later it lay safely in his hand.
The force of his energy was still restraining her but thankfully her arms were mobile, allowing her to grab the case and pry it open. The tiny Teflon gun was revealed, a sort of high-end medical trinket that was obviously designed to pump the viscous red liquid it contained inside.
“What the hell is that?” He said, knitting his eyebrows.
She held the gun in her hand and brought it up slowly, not once taking her eyes away from his black ones. “Will you let me?”
“Let you?” He grabbed her wrist and regarded her with mild concern. “You're crazy, and whatever you're talking about is surely some machination of your deranged mind.”
She smiled weakly, feeling a tinge of warmth at how vulnerable he suddenly appeared. “The serum in the first chamber contains thousands of tiny nanobots that act as receivers to a particular energy wavelength, or should I say, a specific radioelectrical frequency.”
He was looking back and forth from the gun to her, the corner of his mouth lifting in a snarl. “Cut the technical babble and get to the point.”
She sighed but the tiny smile on her lips never wavered. “Think of these microscopic bots as tiny radio receivers that are designed to pick up one single frequency, the unique frequency of your ki, or don't we all have a unique ki print? I think there's still much you need to learn in that respect.”
“Radioelectrical receivers?” He narrowed his eyes at her.
“Yes…perfectly attuned to the wavelengths of your brain so that the host is hypothetically able to infiltrate the subconscious. But the emitter still holds control over what one gets to see. The ego still polices the second layer of the mind, so I won't go anywhere you don't let me go. Either the host or the receiver decides when it ends, and once it's over, the nanobots biodegrade. I suppose you can call them disposable.”
He eyed the device suspiciously.
“Here… let go of my wrist so I can show you the mechanism…”
Vegeta was utterly bewildered, still unable to understand why he'd subject himself to such a strange experiment. And that was his mistake, for as he stood confounded he loosened his hold and was completely unprepared for her sudden movement. Before he even realized what she'd done, she'd pressed the gun to the tender flesh below her chin, where her pulse lay and shot the contents into herself.
He snatched the gun in a flash and threw it aside before grabbing her waist to him. “What did you just do?” He whispered. Blood began trickling down her nostril as her eyelids fluttered.
“Bulma…” He released the hold of his ki on her and used only his arms to press her body to him. What was happening to her? For the love of all things unholy… was she truly this reckless. Something constrained in his chest and it manifested in the form of rage. “Answer me dammit, what's happening to you? What did you just do?”
“It's your choice. Let me go… or let me in. If you don't inject the serum on yourself, the one on the gun's second chamber, the nanobots that act as emitters by amplifying the wavelength…” She closed her eyes and her body suddenly went limp in his arms.
“What? If I don't inject it, then what?”
She regained what little force she could as the highly experimental serum flooded into her cerebral cortex. “If my nanobots don't start picking up signal they'll short-circuit. So, Vegeta… you see… you win.”
His eyes widened and his brow crinkled at the sudden realization of her words. She was dying. The shapely lips still retained the ghost of a smile as her skin went damp with the shock her body was experiencing. Why… why would she do this? Do what, you stupid motherfucker?!, he told himself. Make your life easier? What was he complaining about anyway? It was here, right now, the easy way out of this entire predicament and yet as she cringed in his arms he couldn't let go.
He willed the gun back to his hand and aimed it at his own neck, all the while holding her in his powerful arm.
“If you can hear me, girl, tell me why I am doing this.”
And with that the world went black, he fell apart inside and was lost to himself. And in that moment neither him nor her were aware how they fell to the carpet together, Vegeta holding her in his arms and leaning his head against the wall.
It smelled like roses, the roses in her mother's garden. It was the first thing on her mind the minute she opened her eyes and realized she was laying down on a bed of red petals. It was warm and sunny and the room was basked in the kind of fuzzy light that exists only in the most perfect morning.
She sat up, the petals sliding down from her hair as she scanned the place with her eyes. It was small but the walls were richly decorated with strange carvings that resembled beautiful anthropomorphic creatures and menacing ape-like beasts. She seemed to be completely alone, but there was a strange sense of peace and glory in this place and she genuinely thought she'd never felt safer. The breeze and the light… they made her want to breathe.
She stood up, overtaken by how simple yet refined the room was. There was nothing in it but the surface she'd been lying on, and an enormous mirror on the wall. Where was she? What was this supposed to be? All she could think of was finding some sort of answer by looking at her reflection. Maybe therein lay a clue.
She strode towards the ample mirror and when she looked into it… Bulma gasped and covered her mouth in utter shock.
She knew she was pretty, there was no sense denying that, but this was ridiculous. She was absolutely, fantastically beautiful, in the most sublime sense of the word. Her hair glimmered as if it had been spun from threads of sapphire and silver and her skin was completely poreless like she'd been born with the complexion of a goddess. In fact, it was as if every one of her best features had been magnified exponentially and all her flaws were entirely nonexistent. Her eye sparkled like endless oceans, her lips the deepest shade of burgundy. The glow of her aura reminded her of the images of saints and virgins she'd witnessed at the richest cathedrals. She could have been fooled into thinking that's exactly what she was if it weren't for the fact that her clothing didn't look too chaste. She was wearing a white silk gown that clung to her body like a second skin, leaving her back, arms and a good portion of her breasts exposed. And boy did those look specially big and round today. Was she some sot of erotic angel? Answers eluded her and awe overwhelmed her.
She felt completely inspired by such beauty and such light flooding the room and she relished the fresh crisp air that reminded her of the minutes following dawn. The place was flooded in morning breeze, carrying forth the perfume of roses. This was safe and fresh and pretty, and she suddenly thought she never wanted to leave. In truth, she might live transfixed in this very moment for all eternity.
“You shouldn't be here”.
It was the sound of a young child, perhaps ten years old. She abandoned her reflection and sought him with her eyes until she spotted him there, in a corner of the room. Why hadn't she noticed him before, or the beautiful fireplace he sat in front of? It was framed by carvings of double-headed creatures, one head ape the other…the other human? It stood there imposingly as the boy piled log after log in its interior.
“Excuse me?” She couldn't see his face, only his tiny frame crouched with its back to her as he performed his task.
“I said you shouldn't be here.” He repeated. “You're going to get us into trouble. You seem to have a knack for that.”
She narrowed her eyes at him and studied his figure. He was small and he looked completely cuddly, in his white boots and something that seemed like a navy blue velvet suit that fit him snugly. Was he wearing a short skirt on top of that, reaching just below his bottom?
“No… you dolt.” He snapped and stood up finally facing her. Indeed it wasn't a skirt, it just kind of looked that way from behind. It was more like a black cloth made out of some sort of very luxurious fabric draped around his waist and gathered at the front by a beautiful silver buckle which was engraved with a family crest.
“It's a Kaltan. You can say it's a special kind of belt that drapes down to the sides and it's tied at the front with our clan's insignia.”
Bulma stared into his eyes in raw fascination. “Oh… I… I'd just never seen something like that before. It's actually quiet stylish.” She was too engrossed in deciphering the wonder this child was, beyond the foreign outfit and the fact that he seemed to be able to read her mind. It was his face that most marveled her. His cheeks were rosy even with his tanned complexion, and his wide eyes were black as midnight. The dark auburn locks were shiny and long and a few stray bangs fell over eyelashes that would be any woman's envy. In short, the kid was a doll.
He pressed his lips into a thin line and eyed her from head to toe before crouching back before the fireplace. “Just forget about it. It doesn't matter.”
“Wait” Bulma took a step in his direction. “Can I ask you something? I was looking at my image on the mirror and…I am actually still half-stupefied. I just don't know…”
“You don't know who that is looking back at you? And you are the girl who's called a genius… Who else would your reflection be but yourself?”
She touched her hand to her chest and looked down at the gown she was wearing. “But why…I don't understand why I look so…”
The child turned around to face her. His eyes were completely innocent under those heavy bangs as he stared up at her. “Different? What do you mean different. It's the way you've always been since I met you.”
He stated it matter of factly and that's when she knew there was not an ounce of malice in his voice. He was completely convinced he was telling the truth.
Bulma's eyes narrowed and she parted her lips in amazement. She brought her fingertips to her mouth and swallowed a gasp. This was who he saw every time he looked at her, the way he saw her deep in his subconscious. This vision that shone with a light of her own was his subconscious's corporeal concept of her.
“Ve…Vegeta?” She suddenly wanted to reach out to him and drink him in, to grab him into her arms in a never-ending embrace.
“Shhh! Night's befalling us soon, night like there's never been before.”
She saw him throw the last log into the fireplace. “Is that why you're doing that? But I don't understand. It's only morning. Don't you see the light engulfing us? Such beautiful warmth embracing us…”
He reared his head and looked at the ample window. “Sure genius girl. Now, don't you see the sun rapidly setting? It will be cold and bitter and they will come. They will come for us.”
Her eyes took in the truth of his words as the light filtering through the windows faded at an unnatural rate. It died down so quickly it was only a few seconds before it was pitch black and she had to restrain a cry of fear.
A sudden tremor shook the entire structure. It was like the sound of distant thunder as it made the room reverberate.
“Didn't I tell you, you shouldn't be here?” A tiny glow escaped the fireplace and he came into view again, showered by the light of the flames he had somehow sparked on it. “I feared the day they would waken, and today they finally have and it's you they are after first and foremost. And when they are through with you, then it's unto me.” His voice was ominous and even though there were shreds of apprehension in his posture, there was straight determination in his eyes.
“What? Why?” She breathed. “What are you talking about? Who's “they”?”

The child stepped closer as another quake reverberated through the space between them, and this time it was stronger.
“Because you don't belong here and they can smell your blood. Thanks for that genius girl. They've found out my hideout and they will not stop until they crush you alive and tear out my heart. They've been looking for me, the demons, their thirst never ends, nor does their wrath.”
She exhaled nervously and looked at the black expanse outside the window. “But why are you here, alone in hiding? Where's everybody else?”
He shook his head and gave her a somber look, the beautiful face suddenly hardening. Another thunderous vibration rocked the walls. “I don't know. I am alone. I have always been.”
“What…” She gaped at him with an expression of frantic awe. “But you are only a child. How can this be? How can your life be nothing but hiding.”
“Shut up!” He hissed as the wave of reverberations nearly made them fall.
“Oh God” Bulma moaned terrified. Whatever was approaching them was doing so fast and it seemed not only big but also monstrous.
The child moved quickly and grabbed her hand. “You'd better come with me. We need to get out of here.”
With that he dragged her out of the room and into an ample hallway that was dimly lit and lined with multiple doors on either side. She could tell it was flooded with something as they run across it, the hem of her gown suddenly drenched in it.
“Don't pay attention to the blood.” The boy commanded as he dragged her through endless corridors while the walls shook violently.

She screamed but didn't let go of his hand one bit as genuine terror flooded her senses. “Blood?!”
“They like to feed on their enemies, to maim and murder and torture and it's the blood of their victims you see.”
Bulma's entire body shook uncontrollably.
“Please… don't let go… don't ever let go Vegeta.” She whispered in a sob as her feet ran through the crimson rivers.
He suddenly stopped and turned around to face her. “But I have to. It ends here, or you shall perish. Don't you see? Isn't this enough to make you understand that?”
He almost had to yell at her, as the thunder was loud and the tremors coursing through the structure were strong. They were coming… they were surely coming.
“Let me stay here, let us fight this together” She pleaded, tears flooding her eyes.
“I don't need your help. I can fight alone. Didn't I tell you how powerful I was? The strongest kind, the kind that can make you pee your pants.” He let go of her hand and looked around to the ceiling. “They're on the roof.”
She whimpered and held unto a wall as the floor moved again and nearly made her fall. “I can't leave you alone… I just can't.”
He simply scowled at her and threw a door open. “You can and you will and I will face them alone. Don't you see? I can't hide forever and my time has come.”
Bulma looked into the deep dark eyes and understood what it was he needed, that all she could really do for him in this war he faced alone was leave. And so she knelt on the floor and cupped his face. All she desired was to memorize this image of innocence, to etch it forever into her mind and soul so he could live inside her forever.
“I finally found you, after so long.” Her eyes danced with utmost sorrow as she spoke. “I looked for you through countless days and nights. You eluded me, during those endless nightmares where I would chase you desperately to just get a peek of your face. I almost gave up…” Teardrops burned her cheeks as she opened free the gates of her emotion. “But every pain and every trial, all those times I risked my life. It was worth it, to just get a look at your face… to be here in this very place, this very moment and see into your eyes.”
He seemed lost into her as she spoke with raw passion. “Because it's you I always searched for and it's you my heart kept calling for, and to know you are alive… it's the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me.” Two crystalline tears dropped down from her chin into his palm and when she looked down she saw they had become sapphires. Vegeta examined their sparkle before holding them in a fist.
She smiled but her face still held that look of sad happiness. Her words were half whispers and half sobs as she felt something deep inside shifting and rearranging. “What I feel for you…. What I feel is like a fire that burns inside and never wavers… and it's here engulfing my soul, my child… for you, forever.”
When the ground trembled again they both looked towards the door to the right and back at each other.
“So we should say goodbye.” He whispered.
And with that she let go of him as the walls threatened to crumble. She grabbed the front of her dress and ran through the threshold into the dark, still holding his image firmly etched on her mind and not daring one single look behind for fear that she will choose to never leave his side.
End of Part 1
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