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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 8: The Little Chat
Thank you Satu-D-2 and Raditz Silver for beta reading!
Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
"Let's get out of here."
Bra nodded mutely, and Goten's lust boiled under his skin. He felt almost feverish he walked away, holding her hand.
"Bra! Goten! Tram's toast is in a second! Where are you guys?" yelled an obviously irritated Trunks.
In a lighting-speed move, Goten clamped his hand over Bra's mouth and an arm around her waist just when she was about to reply. Trunks couldn't see them, since he was standing right in front of the sliding doors and they were hidden by the shadows of the night. Just to be sure of his relative invisibility, Goten hid behind a tree with a very thick trunk.
"Trunks, we're out here. We were on our way out. Bra's feeling pretty crappy."
Goten marveled at his own composure, even as Bra was fiercely struggling against him. He was too strong, and she couldn't squirm away. When she bit down on his palm he merely winced but didn't let go. Then she kicked his shins hard. Okay, that hurt.
Against his will, he felt her arousal grow even stronger. Very few other men -or for that matter, women- could have held Bra captive this way. She might not be a fighter but she was trained in the martial arts and was still stronger than any human. There were only five other beings who were also had Saiya-jin blood who would be strong enough to imprison her so securely.
"What do you mean she's feeling crappy? She was fine a couple of minutes ago," Trunks inquired suspiciously.
"She had too much champagne and perhaps ate something that didn't settle. She almost fainted out here while throwing up," Goten lied again smoothly.
Her struggles grew more intense, and she was squirming indignantly.
"Oh jeez! I'll take her home right now," Trunks said, panicking a bit.
Swallowing back a big lump of guilt, Goten reassured him, "Don't worry. I'll take her home. You don't want to miss Tram's toast, do you?"
Goten could see Trunks' internal struggle from his hidden viewpoint. He held his breath and kept holding on to Bra, whose struggles had ceased for the time being. Trunks obviously wanted to take care of his sister, but also didn't want to miss the party. He trusted his best friend to take his sister home, but felt guilty by placing that burden on Goten when it should be his.
"Okay... I guess... I'll call you on your cell in half an hour," Trunks muttered. He had obviously decided to leave the task to Goten, since he was being so nice. Goten winced in remorse as he watched Trunks stand there for a couple of seconds, making him sweat in apprehension. Would he come forward to personally check on Bra? Would she tell him what had been going on the last two weeks if that happened? Relieved, he saw his friend sigh, turn around, and walk back into the party. Would Trunks ever forgive him for lying to him like this, Goten wondered worriedly.
Goten couldn't believe his good luck. Trunks hadn't even attempted to actually see her. Trunks really trusted him, and that made him feel rotten to the core. His growing guilt faded a bit as Bra resumed her struggles and managed to squirm free. She glowered at him darkly for a couple of seconds. She looked so cute in her indignation and rage it made him smile.
Then she opened her mouth and began bellowing. "How dare you?" she shrieked, sounding so much like her mother when she argued with Vegita that he almost freaked out for a second. The resemblance was uncanny.
Moving quickly, he grabbed her, tossed her over his shoulder and took off, flying away from the hotel and the wedding reception.
"Let me down kisama!" she screeched, banging her fists on his tuxedo-clad back. "Let me down or I swear I'll beat the chikuso out of you." When Goten didn't even react, she screamed even louder, "Dammit! Let me down baka! Kuso!!!"
Goten merely grinned at her cursing and attempts to hurt him and flipped her over so she would be facing his legs. Unfortunately, she got creative and decided to bite his calf.
"OUCH! Stop it!" Goten complained, as he grabbed her and flipped her upright effortlessly.
"Goten, you'll regret this, you big bakayarou--- Hfmp"
The rest of her curse was muffled by his hand, which proceeded to clamp down on her mouth yet again.
"Bra, relax. Did you really want your brother to find us in the garden? Your hair was messed up, your dress is wrinkled and your lipstick gone. Not to mention we were both panting like racehorses. Come on, I'm just taking you away for a little chat. That's all. I've been trying to make you understand, with actions and words for the past two weeks, but every time I get close you either run away or someone else interrupts. Not this time. This time you will listen. I didn't mean to go this far, but you're way too bullheaded for the gentle approach."
Bra pulled back to glower at him, eyes narrowed to angry slits. Goten thought she appeared funny and laughed. She scowled just like Vegita. Well, maybe it wasn't so funny.
"You won't be laughing so hard once you let me go and I make you be sorry for the way you have just kidnapped me."
Goten laughed again, and simply shrugged, not worried at all, despite how menacingly sincere she sounded. She could be able to bestow major damage on him if pissed enough but he knew she could handle her. "Then I guess that's the price I'll have to pay to have my say."
They remained silent for the rest of the little flying trip, which finally ended when Goten landed in front of his little house. It was his pride and joy, even though he was heavily in debt and had spent a lot the savings he had put away for a couple of years after buying it and his car. But who wasn't in debt nowadays?
He deposited her gently inside the house and she finally regained her footing and pulled away as he let go of her arm.
"I'm leaving," she declared, turning away.
"Iie, you aren't," Goten warned her, grabbing her by the waist and whirling her around to hold her trapped against his chest.
"You baka!" she screamed, trashing against him. But again, she couldn't squirm free. Seemingly deciding struggling more would lead nowhere, Bra held still and glared at him. "I'm really getting tired of your manhandling. You've done nothing but grab me, drag me and kiss me lately," she told him in a soft but deadly voice.
Goten couldn't help it, he had to kiss her. She looked so indignant it was arousing.
Bra's temper fired up as she found herself in his arms and almost melting against him once again. Angrily, she bit his lower lip, hard.
"Ay! Why did you do that for?" he yelped.
Stepping back, Bra squared her shoulders and spit out, "You can't just kiss me whenever you want."
"Oh no?" he said, advancing on her, his eyes glittering like two onyxes as he wiped the blood from his mouth.
Bra pulled back a fist and punched him right on the mouth. His head snapped back and then Goten growled, unaffected after the initial shock, and tried to grab her, but she whirled around.
He finally got a hold of her arm; she kicked him on his shin. His grip loosened and she shrugged free, immediately punching him again in the face.
Too quick for her to dodge, Goten's hand dove into her hair and gripped hard enough to hold her still while being careful not to hurt her.
"Let me go," she gasped.
"Not until you promise you won't try to punch me again." He wiped his mouth from the bit of blood that had dribbled from the cut. Thank Dende that will probably heal by tomorrow.
Bra's eyes seemed extremely sincere as she said hai.
He let her go and she, without delay, tackled him, and they both went down, where they began to wrestle fiercely. Bra bit, punched, kicked, and grabbed, using her arms and legs to do the most damage. She elbowed him in the ribs, and Goten uffed, as they continually rolled around on the carpeted floor. They were sideways when she managed to shift him and take the upper hand, pinning him beneath her, victory shining in her eyes.
Goten smiled and flipped over effortlessly, and now she was trapped under him. Bra hissed in frustration. Goten was the victor, holding her down, holding her hands captive in his, their fingers entwined, his leg splayed over hers to prevent her from kicking him. His face was right on top of hers, his eyes staring at her lips. Her breath smelled of peanuts and champagne, her body and its soft feminine curves underneath his harder and bigger frame. He barely managed to ignore that fact, trying to control his arousal.
Somehow, neither of them had powered up or used their ki in any way. It had been almost a silent agreement not to completely destroy his house or alert every other member of their tight, ki-sensing little group that something was going on.
They were both breathing hard and Goten was trying to figure out what exactly had happened. She looked unaffected, so at least he hadn't hurt her. What was going on! They were acting like animals in heat.
Regulating his breath, he kept staring down at her, wanting to apologize but knowing that doing so now would be a sign of weakness for her. He would apologize later.
She shifted and he couldn't help the groan that escaped her lips. Her wide eyes flickered to his and he sighed.
"If I let you up, will you try punching me again?” he asked and this time, he knew she meant it when she blushed and then nodded.
“Okay, but first..."
He kissed her with bruising force, and she bucked under him, whimpering. Before she could think of biting, he had raised his head.
"That was for punching me in my own house."
Bra began to protest hotly, but Goten placed a finger to her lips and stopped her from continuing. Bra frowned and then rose, rejecting Goten's helping hand. Sighing, she plopped down noisily on the sofa.
Goten sat on an easy chair in front of her, grinning at her while she crossed her arms over her chest almost protectively.
"I'm not usually good with words, but I guess I'll have to use them now, since actions don't seem to be working.” He paused and sighed. “Bra... I'm not playing around here. This is not just a game to me. I'll tell you the truth, I don't know exactly what is it that I want... or why I've been acting this way. But I do want a chance to find out... for us to find out together. I've heard all your objections, believe me; I would have never seen you any other way if it hadn't been for the combination for the events that have led us here." That was a bit of a lie, but he wasn't ready to tell her everything yet. It had enough truth in it that he felt comfortable enough to say it with conviction.
He sighed again and gazed at her thoughtful face. "May I ask you a question?"
"Whatever," Bra replied in a strangled voice.
"You've dated quite a bit, haven't you?"
Bra's expression turned to indignant and he just grinned. "It's a simple question."
"Okay, yes, I have," she bit out.
"Why do you think you've never felt satisfied with any of the guys you've dated? Hasn't something always been missing. Jeez... that sounded so cliché... But I know you've tried everything, from models to average appearance, very smart to almost dumb, extremely rich, middle-class, athletic, intellectual... I know you've dated even more than your family and friends know, and they already consider you flighty and frivolous and even worse. I know that's not true. You're just looking for the right guy," Goten stated kindly.
"How do you...?"
"How doesn't matter. I've always been interested in you in what I thought was a brotherly way. I'd never seen the possibilities, the obstacles were blinding me."
"What possibilities?" she whispered, eyes wide. He felt hopeful that he was reaching her.
"The possibilities are obvious," he replied. "We're two of the seven living beings with Saiya-jin blood."
Bra snorted at that and crossed her arms. Goten studied her, noticing a softening of her stance. Perhaps he was getting to her.
"You still haven't answered my question," Goten told her.
"What question?" Bra snapped.
"I asked you if you've ever felt truly satisfied with any of your boyfriends."
"Don't be so crude!" she spluttered, offended.
Goten smiled and leaned back on the easy chair. "I wasn't asking about your sex life, although it is very interesting that's the first thing that came to your mind... Anyway," he continued, cutting her complaint short, "I do want an answer… please."
"Well, you're not getting one," Bra screamed at him, sounded frustrated.
"Me neither," Goten told her seriously, and Bra's eyes snapped to his, and she flushed darkly, not even trying to pretend she hadn't understood. "I've always felt something was missing. A certain connection." To prove his point, he reached out and touched her face; feeling pinpricks of sensation shoot up his arm.
"Damn," he said, shaking his head. "It's getting stronger, but I felt it ever since our first kiss. Don't you feel it too?"
Bra shook her head and Goten frowned.
"That wasn't the fist time we kissed."
Smiling, Goten asked her, "When was the first time, then?"
"I was ten and there had been a party till very late at my place. For some reason you ended up with the task of making sure I got to bed. I was falling asleep on my feet but didn't want to sleep. You cajoled me and when I was lying on the bed, I made you promise you would marry me when I grew up and then I asked you to give me my first kiss." Bra laughed at the memory, and Goten joined her.
"And I did, I gave you a peck on the lips," Goten reminisced with nostalgia.
"I never forgot it..." She sighed and began toying with her own fingers.
"Goten..." she began, but Goten silenced her with an incredibly sweet kiss. He was sitting on the edge of the seat, only his lips touching hers. She shuddered.
"Bra," Goten began, but this time she silenced him, kissing him like her life depended on it, grabbing fistfuls of his jacket and pulling him forward. His hands streaked up to her hair and glided towards her neck and shoulders, answering her demands, groaning when she nipped his lip. Then she leaned back on the sofa, bringing Goten with her so that he was half-sprawled on top of her.
Goten fought for control. His head was spinning, his conscious thoughts drifting away. He was only aware of her curvy, agile body beneath his. Valiantly, he tried to resurface, to remember he had come to talk, to convince... but her mouth was driving him mad.
She began attacking his jacket, never breaking the incredibly heated kiss, and he groaned as he surrendered his sanity. They plundered on each other as she was working on his shirt.
The shrill ring of the cell phone jarred both of them, but they didn't break the kiss. The cell phone kept ringing. Two, three, four times.
"Damn, that must be your brother," Goten muttered, untangling his legs from hers, sitting up and turning on the cell phone.
He knew Bra could only hear his side of the conversation. Obviously flustered, she began to arrange her dress and hair as he said, "Yeah, she is fine. --Have you called her house yet? --No? You shouldn't because she's sleeping soundly. --No your parents aren't even home, I think they are at a party too. --Okay. Sure. --No man, I'm tired, I don't think I'm going back. --Yeah, don't worry. Enjoy yourself. --Bye..."
When he glanced up again, Bra was gone.
To be continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
kisama: very, very rude way of saying you
chikuso: Powerful expletive
baka: stupid, idiot
kuso: crap or very worse, expletive
bakayarou: asshole
iie: no
hai: yes
dende: Earth's current god or deity
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