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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 3: A Kiss in the Dark
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
"Wow, this place is nice," Tram voiced out, as she grabbed on to Trunks' arm and glanced around appreciatively.
Hai. It's sugoi, right, babe?" Ben asked Pan. She grinned and nodded, squeezing his hand.
The nightclub was packed with dancing, drinking and smooching couples and singles. The place had three sections. The bar was positioned in the corner of the dancing floor, so you could jump from the bar stools and begin dancing in a matter of seconds. The dance floor was huge. There were light reflectors in the corner of the walls, flashing colorful lights to the dancing floor. There was also smoke seemingly coming out of the dance floor, since the smoke machine wasn't visible.
The third section was almost like a little café in the other corner of the club. It was a V.I.P. section, to which both Trunks and Bra had access. There were chairs and tables spread all over, all decorated in electric blue. The waiters and waitresses were also all dressed in blue, and they all seemed to be busy taking orders and serving people their drinks and food.
"Let's go sit down for a while guys. I'd like to order some chicken wings before dancing," Goten said, flashing the little group a cheerful smile. Trunks groaned and shook his head.
"How come you didn't eat before leaving your place?" he asked his friend.
"I did. I'm just still hungry. Besides, I think we all feel like doing a little drinking for starters, right?" Goten retorted.
"Sure. I feel like eating a little something too," Bra said.
Bra grinned at Goten and he reciprocated the action. She knew she shouldn't be so intense, but she couldn't help herself as she then winked at him.
Bra hadn't known what to do when Goten got off the car and opened the door for her when they arrived to the club. Should she be bold and take his arm or just wait to see if he wanted to do it himself? After all, this wasn't supposed to be a date... but she really felt like walking in by his side, arms wrapped around each other. He looked so adorable with that tight white muscle shirt and brown cargo pants he was wearing. The temptation to touch him somehow was almost irresistible. If he were anyone else, she would have just done whatever came naturally, but it was Goten. She didn't want to make any mistakes with him.
Thankfully, he had relived her of her momentary dilemma as he had smoothly and extremely casually wrapped his arm around her waist after helping her out of the car. In that moment, she had felt like she was in heaven, floating in the clouds or any other of those corny phrases. Again, she knew she was acting like a teenager on her first date, but being like this with Goten was exhilarating. He was exhilarating.
Bra had felt a twinge of worry when her brother's eyes had flickered to that point of contact between them, but then he merely smiled a bit and turned his attention to his own date. Still, something in the way his eyes had flashed worried her. She didn't want her brother spoiling whatever could happen between them. At the same time, she didn't want to get her hopes up. After all, it was all still in her imagination. Nothing was factual yet... except for the heavenly sensation of Goten's arm around her.
"Yeah, I guess we can eat something," Trunks said, interrupting her swirling thoughts, already turning to the table section of the club. Eating? Bra thought, confused for a second. Oh, that's right. Goten, the appetite on legs wanted to eat. A glowing Pan and her equally giddy-looking boyfriend followed them, as did Bra and Goten, flanking the group.
Pan looked so happy it made Bra feel pleased for her best friend and yet so envious of her too. As she smiled at Pan and her boyfriend, she mused about how they hadn't become close friends until her senior year of high school. In fact, they had merely been acquaintances. Since Pan was a year younger than her, it had been her junior year. Pan had always thought Bra was snobby and a bit of a slut and Bra had believed Pan was tomboyish and antisocial. Even though their families had always been very close and they had been constantly thrown in together, they didn't know each other very well.
Everything changed when they found themselves taking two classes together, and when they both began working closely together in the Prom committee. They started seeing each other in a different light. Pan had realized Bra wasn't as snobby as she had previously thought, and as for the slutty part - it was a combination of her very genuine effort to find the right guy, the fact she was very boy-crazy, and her money and fame. That blend led a lot of guys to proclaim they had gone a lot further with Bra than they actually had. A slight flirtation became a full blown relationship. A kiss equaled a week in her bed. Her extreme success with men made a lot of girls feel jealous and spurred them to spread all sort of awful rumors about her.
It would all be fine and dandy if they were just little high school rumors, but her notoriety propelled the situation into tabloid fodder. Thus, Bra had gotten tired of trying to clean her image long ago, and had decided to use it to her advantage. All it took was for Pan to spend some more time with her to realize all of this.
Bra had also understood Pan wasn't antisocial, just very cautious about whom she selected as a friend and the tomboyish part was more endearing than annoying. In any case, it had lessened a lot thanks to Bra's constant badgering and waving around of fashion magazines.
By the time Bra graduated and started college and Pan was in her senior year, they had become extremely close. Now that they were both in college, they did everything together. They had even almost opted for the same major, but then Bra had switched to fashion at the last minute.
With those thoughts accompanying her, Bra smirked at Pan as they both sat down with their "dates". Goten ordered his chicken wings and everyone had a round of drinks to start off the night.
Bra wasn't used to drinking at all. Sure, she drank once in a while at parties and all the social events she went to or when she would get together with her friends to talk about guys and eat junk food, but did so sparingly. She barely touched the chicken wings, and she ended up giving most of them to Goten, who received them with a wink. He was such a messy eater. Even though he was making an effort because they were in public, he was still eating way too fast and already had two greasy spots on his face.
I should be appalled at this... but I can understand his appetite, being half Saiya-jin myself. Besides, I can appreciate a man who is himself at all times, Bra reflected, shaking her head as Goten munched on her chicken wings. For Bra, seeing a man who acted natural and was so unselfconscious was very refreshing compared to all of the phony, plastic men she so often met and even dated
The music blared and the group laughed, chatted and teased. Trunks bought a another round of "Sex on the Beach" for the table and they received the waitress with cheers. As they were all sipping on their drinks, Tram whispered something into Trunks' ear. Following this, they stood up wordlessly and walked to the dance floor together, leaving both their drinks unfinished.
Ben sent Pan a naughty look, and they also rose to go dance. It was quite a catchy song, and both couples were accomplished dancers.
Bra examined her cocktail glass a bit too intently while she wondered if Goten was going to ask her to dance as well. Maybe she should ask him. After all, this was just a fun outing for both of them. There wasn't anything wrong with asking him to dance. She didn't think it could be considered flirting.
As she turned around to pop the question, he also glanced at her and grinned. The thoughts and words that were going to come out of her mouth abruptly got stuck in her throat. She was struck speechless by his grin, and felt like a deer caught in headlights. His smile weakened her nervous system, making her feel boneless and tingly.
"You probably want to dance, right?" he asked her, with a decidedly mischievous tone of voice. "You must have read my mind. I want to dance too," he told her. Then he stood up, held her hand grinning from ear to ear and led her to the dance floor.
They began moving together to the beat of the music. Goten wrapped both of his arms around her waist, and she wrapped hers around his wide shoulders. Their heads were touching as Goten whispered in her ear, "I've wanted to dance with you again since Marron's party. You're a really good dancer."
He was so open and honest, completely genuine. She couldn't even say he was flirting because it had come out as a simple statement. Bra smiled and pulled back a bit to look into his eyes. She had to look up a distance, since he topped her by eight inches. Her four-inch heels halved the distance, increasing her height to 5'6”.
"Arigatou," she said a bit loudly, batting her eyelashes slightly as she thanked him prettily. Really, she just couldn't help it. They had to speak up so they could be heard over the music. Goten's whispering had actually been almost yelling. "You aren't a bad dancer yourself," she stated, winking at him and then leaning into him once more.
She felt his arms tighten around her waist and thought she heard him sigh. But it could have been her overactive imagination or just wishful thinking. She had downed two "Sex on the Beach" drinks quite quickly, and she was feeling slightly woozy. Her hearing couldn't be relied upon. Not caring about the consequences, she also sighed and they continued dancing.
All of a sudden, the slightly slow and catchy reggae they had been swaying to changed to a fast and pounding Merengue. Goten pulled away to hold both her hands and twirled her around. They hadn't danced Merengue at Marron's party. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw how well he danced it. It seemed he did everything well. He was a fighter after all and had the grace to prove it. There wasn't much of a difference between dancing and doing katas. They moved to the beat perfectly as he held her close again. She couldn't help but wonder how well he kissed as they dipped and twirled and moved to the beat of the music while they held on to each other.
Trying to distract her wayward thoughts, Bra peered around to see if she could spot Trunks and Tram. She saw them dancing right next to Ben and Pan. The two couples were talking. Ben and Pan nodded and then Trunks and Tram moved away from the dance floor and headed for the exit.
"Goten... I think Trunks and Tram just left."
He pulled off a bit to look at her and shook his head. "Really?"
"Yes. I saw them talking to Ben and Pan and then they headed towards the exit wrapped around each other."
“Well, she looks really nice. It's about time he found someone nice,” he mussed, smiling to himself.
“I know what you mean; he doesn't usually go for the nice kind, does he?”
They both chucked and then dancing for quite a while more, moving to the rhythm of House, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue and even a couple of slow songs. Neither of them commented on Trunks' leaving and later on, Bra would wonder why they were so unconcerned about that development.
The truth was Bra was having the time of her life. Goten had turned out to be an even better dancer than she thought, and that was saying a lot. They made a terrific pair. Several eyes followed their progress, admiring their good looks and skill. After a while though, she started feeling thirsty, though. That's why she smiled and nodded when Goten said, "Let's go have some more drinks."
They headed for their table, and found Ben and Pan were already seated, drinking, giggling and indulging in public displays of affection. Ben whispered into Pan's ear, and Bra chuckled at Pan's reaction to whatever he told her. Smiling, she mused she'd never seen Pan blush so hard.
"Now, that looks like fun," Goten told her, grinning. Bra smirked, and wondered which part he meant, the making out or the being buzzed part. "Let's order those drinks quickly, before they get wasted before we do."
She smirked and replied, "We'll need stronger drinks, Ben being human and Pan only being one quarter Saiya-jin."
"Yes, let's order mixed drinks," he suggested. They proceeded to order a glass of Baileys, a Long Island Ice Tea, a Sex on the Beach and a Kamikaze each, not to mention at least six shots of some rum concoction. By the time they were through with the last shot, they were both slurring their speech some and acing a bit silly.
"Have I mentioned you look absolutely gorgeous tonight?" he asked her, staring directly at her with no inhibitions.
Bra giggled and batted her eyelashes, this time it wasn't subtle. “What about you? You're the hottest guy here.”
They both giggled. Bra was feeling so giddy and happy; she couldn't believe things were going so well. She glanced at Goten and was slightly surprised when she noticed how close his face was to hers. When had he moved so close? she wondered bemusedly as she simply beamed.
"I can't believe you're the same girl who gave me so much trouble that one day I babysat for her like ten years ago. You made me fly after you for hours. After that, I quit the babysitting business."
Bra frowned at that. "Come on, Goten. That was a long time ago. Do your really see me that way still?" she asked him, her speech slow to compensate for the slurring.
Goten smirked and leaned even closer. "You wanna hear a secret?"
Bra only nodded, losing herself in his eyes.
"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."
Bra had been called beautiful so many times the word had pretty much lost its meaning for her. However, coming from Goten's lips, no matter how drunk he was, held a wealth of import for her. He was as genuine as it got. If he said she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, it was the truth and not some made up line to make her loosen up and drop her inhibitions. She blushed so hard she could feel heat crawling down her chest. She must be as red as a tomato by now.
His face was so close to hers, she could feel his breath on her skin. She gazed at his perfectly formed lips and parted hers unconsciously, imagining herself being so forward as to incline her head and make the two inches separating their lips disappear.
Apparently, that look was all it took for Goten's control to slip. He finally closed the space between their faces and kissed her; a soft meeting and melding of their lips. Then another and another, until he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her to him, using his tongue to kiss her deeply, obliterating all her thoughts, making all of her fantasies come true. Bra's body tingled and her arms felt at home wrapped around his shoulders. It was better than any dream she'd ever had of this moment.
Her tongue intertwined with his when he offered it shyly. Bra groaned when he nipped her lower lip. She tilted her head, permitting deeper access and he complied. His taste was amazing and she savored it slowly as her head spun and her blood drained from her head in exhilaration.
It was she who pulled away after a while and whispered, "I think it is time to take you home."
For the life of her, she couldn't decide if she was inviting herself to his place for more or if she was trying to stop the monsoon she knew was descending on them if they kept this up. Because she knew that now that the dam had broken, there was no way of patching it back up.
To be continued....
Japanese words used in this chapter:
hai: yes
sugoi: cool
arigatou: thanks
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