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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 18: Daddy, Please Don't Kill my Boyfriend
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Translations for Japanese words used in italics in this chapter at the end…
“Daddy! What are you doing here!”
“Oh, what I wasn't invited?” Vegita snickered. “Nice to see you were going around my back, Daughter.”
“Daddy,” Bra said in a panicky voice. “It's not what you think.”
Vegita raised a dark eyebrow and stared her down with those bottomless dark eyes. He was still pinning Goten to the tree and her boyfriend was immobile, his wide eyes shifting about.
“So he didn't have his repulsive hands all over you? So you two weren't slobbering all over each other?”
Bra took a deep breath. “He's my boyfriend. I was going to tell you... eventually.”
Vegita's sardonic and slightly bored expression was transformed into one of complete rage. He tightened his hold on Goten's neck, causing him to gag slightly. Though Goten's arms flew up and grabbed Vegita's forearms, he didn't make any other moves and for that she was grateful.
“Your boyfriend?” her father spat venomously. “What in the name of… How could you? He is my enemy's spawn, girl. He cannot be your BOYFRIEND.”
Bra trembled slightly and begged, “Please, Daddy, let him go. We can talk about this, okay?”
“No, I am EXTREMLY weary and damned tired of all this talking. That is all that humans on this damned planet want to do. If this was Vegita-sei, this low third-class useless piece of kuso would never be worth not even one of your looks. This stops now.”
“Well, Daddy, this isn't freaking Vegita-sei, alright? Here on Earth, he is worthy of my attention, so let him go NOW!”
“NO,” he shouted back. “I will demand satisfaction. How far has this gone? For how long?”
“I am not answering any questions until you LET GO OF MY BOYFRIEND!!!” she screeched.
Vegita growled. “Finally, you show some Saiya-jin spirit. However, it is not the appropriate moment. You will do as I say. I am your sovereign.”
“Pttt,” she scoffed. “You keep forgetting we are on Chikyuu. Laws here are different and you can't just grab my boyfriend and hurt him.”
“This planet's laws are worthless towards someone as powerful as me and you know it, brat.”
“What is all this noise?” yelled out a female voice from behind them. They all turned towards the source and saw Chichi sprinting up to them, an enraged expression on her face. Bra was surprised she wasn't carrying a frying pan with her.
“Harpy,” Vegita spat out. “Go back into the house. This does not concern you.”
“What? What are you doing to my son! Let him go right now!” she screamed, trying to step closer to Goten.
It was Bra who held her back, gently grabbing her upper arm. Shaking her head, she eyed her meaningfully. “Chichi-san, I know this looks very bad but we're just having an argument here. Please, I can handle the situation. Could you go back inside like my dad asked?”
Her hopes that she could reason with her future mother in law were shattered when the older woman hissed and shook her light grip. “No! I demand an explanation! What is going on?!!!!”
“Your worthless offspring was pawing my daughter,” Vegita said.
“What? Goten, is this true?” Chichi asked. Vegita smirked and loosened his hold on Goten's neck just enough to permit him to speak.
“Mom, she's my girlfriend. We're a couple.”
“A couple? Since when? Why didn't I know about this?” Chichi asked sharply.
“We got together a bit longer than two months ago but it wasn't official till recently. We were waiting for the right time to tell people.”
“Yes,” Bra cut in. “We were going to tell you today at the picnic.”
“While I was conveniently away,” said Vegita, growling.
Chichi's eyes widened and Bra could tell she was trying to sort out the situation as quickly as possible. Her expression became determined. She took a deep breath and said, “If they're a couple, it's fine if he paws her. I tried teaching my boy some morals, but you know how young people are nowadays. It's nothing to get all worked up about, though.”
Bra groaned and shook her head. That was not going to sway her dad. She really wished this inevitable dispute could have happened in private, but no, now her boyfriend's mother had to become involved in an already volatile situation. What could she do now?
“I'm not getting worked up,” her dad said angrily. “My daughter is a Saiya-jin princess and your son is a third-class idiot, son of my enemy that I have sworn to kill. He is not fit to stand under her shadow.”
“How dare you!” Chichi started ranting when a sudden movement a couple of feet away distracted everyone. It was Goku, who had just popped out of no-where using his Shunkan Idô.
Great, Bra thought sardonically. Anyone else care to join the party?
“I felt ki disturbances and Chichi getting mad. What's going on? Are you guys sparring?” Goku asked. He carried a big fish in his arms. Seeing the situation, he dropped it and wiped his hands on his gi's top, staring at them with that naïve expression of his.
Before Chichi could start yelling Bra began speaking loudly, “Goku-san, Goten and I are a couple. We were going to tell people today. I thought my dad was away but apparently,” she sent a sharp look to her father, “he wasn't. He saw Goten and I kissing and is upset because he's `only a third-class idiot' and your son to boot.”
“Oh,” Goku said, scratching his head. His eyes darted to his son being pinned down by Vegita and chuckled nervously. “Wow, so you and Bra are together? That's great!”
“No, you baka,” her dad replied furiously. “It is NOT great.”
“But Vegita, don't you want a strong son in law? Goten might not be the strongest Saiya-jin but he's very strong. He'll protect your daughter.”
“The only one that needs to protect my daughter is me!” Vegita snapped, practically foaming in the mouth.
“Erm… okay… Listen, Vegita, why don't you just let go of Goten so we can all talk!”
“NO!” he thundered. “Has no one been listening? I don't want to talk. I want to kick this cretin's ass and then I want this disgusting relationship to be over.”
“Daddy!” Bra finally screamed. “Stop it! You are acting ridiculous! I can date whoever I please and I love Goten!”
“You LOVE him?” Vegita roared, gripping Goten's neck even tighter. Goten made a choked noise and struggled a bit against the hold.
“Let go of my son! Goku, do something!” Chichi yelled.
“Vegita! You don't want to do this. Bulma will get very mad. She likes Goten,” Goku put in, trying to placate the angry Saiya-jin.
“Arrrggg!” was all Vegita spat. He let go of Goten and before he could react, punched him in the gut and then quickly kicked him in the chest, sending him flying several feet away. He landed with a thud on the soft ground.
“VEGITA! STOP!!!” Goku roared. Before he could get to his son, Vegita was already there. Bra followed them, panting in anxiety.
“No, Daddy! Please, don't do this!!!!”
She gazed at Goten's sprawled form, searching his pained eyes and tried broadcasting him a mental message, as impossible she knew that to be. I love you Goten. Please, fight back.
I love you too. Goten answered, but his lips didn't move and everyone was silent at the moment.
What? How can this be? she thought back, incredibly shaken. Her hands shook and her knees were ready to buckle.
Let him beat me up, Bra. It's the only way. Send my parents away. he communicated back, looking into her eyes.
No! her thoughts screamed back at him, I will not let you get hurt.
“What is the meaning of this!” Vegita demanded. Only a second had passed after Goten had been punched and kicked and her dad was now standing over him, gaping at her and at Goten, a flabbergasted expression on his face.
“It cannot be… you're bonding,” he whispered.
“Bonding? What the hell is that?” Bra replied.
“Didn't you two just communicate telepathically?”
“Don't lie to me now, girl. You know I can tell.” He was deadly in his anger, veins pulsating in his neck and forehead, teeth bared.
“Yes, we did. And what about it?” she asked, crossing her arms.
“So the little usurper not only put his nasty hands on you, made you his girlfriend but has also had the audacity to start a bond with you! This is unbelievable!”
With that, he screamed out and kicked Goten in the ribs. Goten howled in pain and held his side, coughing.
“Dad, no!” Bra gasped, pushing him away from her man roughly. She took a battle stance, her feet apart, her fists up.
“Oh, you think you can defy me, daughter? I am the law. I am the Saiya-jin no Ouji!”
“You are nothing but an asshole who is beating up my boyfriend!” his daughter retorted, outraged.
Angrily, Vegita struck out at her, but Bra avoided it, screeching in rage.
“Goku, Chichi, please leave now. I will handle this!” Bra glanced over her shoulder where Goku and Chichi were gawking at them.
“No, I can't leave my son!” Chichi sobbed.
“I'll take care of it. He's my dad.” Bra received a kick to the face that spun her aside. Then he righted herself, wiping blood from her lip, grimacing.
“Chi, I think it's best if we at least gave them some space. I will still be able to know what's happening. Come,” Goku said.
“NO!” Chichi yelled. “I will not leave!”
Goku sighed and swept Chichi into his arms. She started struggling and he levitated. “I will transport if you need help, okay Bra?”
“Okay,” she panted.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten could not believe his rotten luck. Not only had they been discovered in the worst way possible by his future father in law, but his parents had gotten involved too. Okay, maybe it wasn't the worse possible way, considering what they'd been doing several times a day, sometimes all day, during the last week, but still. It was BAD.
He lay on the ground, staring at father and daughter as they fought. Slowly, he got up and decided he needed to intervene. Bra was no match for her father and he would not stand by and let her get hurt.
He rushed towards them but was kicked aside at the last second. Vegita's reflexes were way too superior.
“Dad, stop hurting him! Stop this, please! I love him, you can't separate us, especially if we're mated or bonded like you said,” Bra pleaded.
“No. You are not bonded yet, so it can be stopped. In fact, it must be stopped. I will not let the royal princess be sullied by this trash.”
Goten winced and Bra screamed. “He is not trash!!!”
“Whatever,” Vegita snorted.
“Would you rather I date a human, Dad?” Bra asked sharply.
“Yes, actually I would rather you mate with a human than with my mortal enemy's son.”
“But Dad, everyone knows he's no longer your enemy for real!”
He glared at her murderously. “Don't presume to know who is or isn't my enemy, girl.”
He turned towards Goten, who swallowed hard. “If you can best me in battle, you can have my daughter.”
“That's not fair! You know he wouldn't be able to beat you, Dad!”
“Then he's not worthy of you.”
“Fine,” Goten said. “I will fight you.”
“NO! I will not let you die Goten. Make no mistake, he will try to kill you. I won't let you fight him!”
Goten sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “So what do you want me to do?”
”I don't know!”
“Bra, don't interfere. If he is a warrior, he should be able to defend what's his. In Vegita-sei, as a King it would be custom for me to challenge any future mate of yours.”
“NO!!!!!!” she screamed. “We are not in Vegita-sei, you bakayarou!” Goten had never seen her so furious.
With feet spaced apart, fists clenched, Bra started screaming incoherently. Her aura began whipping around her, lifting her hair, her clothes. She powered up steadily while she continued yelling. Suddenly, her arms raised and she roared mightily as her ki exploded around her. The ground quaked and the wind whistled around them.
Mid-roar, Bra opened her eyes and they turned from dark blue to a flat teal. Her hair stood up around her head, becoming spiky, wild and much thicker. It also changed from a vivid blue-green to a shiny white-blond.
Her transformation completed, she stared down at the two of them. Goten's knees threatened to buckle. He'd never seen a more stunningly beautiful sight in the world. If they'd been alone, he would have launched himself at her, offering congratulations and much more but this wasn't the time.
“Bra,” he whispered reverently. “You've become a Super Saiya-jin.”
“Yes,” she smirked, deadly.
Face twisted with ill concealed pride and distress Vegita coldly said, “Daughter, if you think this will sway my opinion, you are sorely mistaken. Trunks and Goten were able to do that when they were children. You're almost twenty Earth years old.”
“Yes, Father, I know. I merely finally got mad enough to do it and have a purpose now. I will not let you take Goten away from me.”
“Hmmp.” He father crossed his arms and regarded her seriously. “You'd really be willing to fight me for him?”
“To leave your home?”
“To sever all ties with your family?”
At that Bra hesitated for a fraction of a second but then replied again, firmly, “Yes, although I doubt Mom would allow that.”
Vegita shook his head, eyes shutting. “Before you decide all this, there are some things we need to discuss. Send the baka away.”
Bra's eyes widened and her transformation faded away slowly. She glanced at Goten and he shrugged his shoulders, at a loss of what to do. At least Vegita wasn't trying to kill either of them anymore.
“Fine,” she replied. “Give us a minute, Dad.”
“No. Whatever you have to say to him you can say it in front of me.”
His girlfriend rolled his eyes and approached him. Mentally, she told him, I love you, Goten. Don't worry about a thing. He'll never like you but he'll have to learn to tolerate you for me. I'm very sorry he hurt you.
Bra, I love you too. I'm okay, it's nothing. I've had worse, he communicated back, piercing her with his eyes.
He had so many questions. Was she really willing to do all her dad asked her just a moment ago, just for him? Also, what was it with that mating or bonding stuff he mentioned? He saved his questions for later, though. Right now, he needed to leave father and daughter to discuss this disaster.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Bra watched the love of her life take off nervously. She then regarded her father.
“Alright, what is it?” she demanded, crossing her arms, unconsciously mimicking the Saiya-jin Prince's posture.
“It's about Saiya-jin mating,” he started and then cleared his throat.
Bra would have no mercy on him after what he almost did to them. She knew it made him very uncomfortable to talk about his heritage for many reasons, all of them stupid in her opinion. Let him squirm.
“You need to know more facts about this situation before you make the worst mistake of your life.”
“Why would it be a mistake, Dad? I love Goten and he loves me. We're going to get married eventually.”
Her tou-san scowled deeply at this and Bra had to suppress the urge to smirk at him. Serves him right.
“This is much more serious than any little pathetic ceremony humans have come up with.”
“Fine, then spit it out.”
“Grrrr,” he growled. “You are a very impertinent brat, just like your mother.”
Bra just stared at him while he continued, “Saiya-jin mating is a union of a male and a female which is lifelong and unbreakable. Mated Saiya-jins cannot get divorced or separated. It would cause great emotional anguish to both parties and we Saiya-jins do not appreciate that sort of pain. We only like physical pain.”
“So Saiya-jins do have emotions,” she acerbically commented and her father stiffened in response.
“We just don't flaunt them around like the idiotic humans. We have our pride and are taught to suppress them because they are not useful in battle. We are warriors, not baka weaklings.”
“Well, Mom is a human.”
“This is not the time to talk about your mother,” he snapped. Bra realized she'd touched a sore spot and just didn't reply at all, eying her dad. “Okay, continue.”
“When a male and a female spend some time together for any reason, they might start forming a bond, being able to catch thoughts and emotions here and there. If they decide the bond is worthwhile and they both agree they want it, they will consummate it. They will both accept each other into their minds and bodies. There will be a deep mental connection. They'll be able to communicate with each other telepathically. Also, it can also be empathic up to the point they want it to be. Most importantly, they will share all their memories, so there is no privacy in this bond. He will know every single stupid little thing you ever did and so will you about him.”
Bra stared open-mouthed at her father, trying to digest all this information. Could it be?
“Are you and Mom mated?” she had to ask.
Vegita stiffened yet again and glared at her. “I told you not to bring your mother into this!”
“But Dad, it's important. I want to know if you've had personal experience with this.”
He made a chocked sound and shook his head. “I will not tell you about this. If you want to know, you'll have to ask your mother.”
“Fine, I'll definitely ask her. One more question. What if someone didn't want this bond?”
“If one of the parties rejects the budding bond, he or she should go away as far as possible form the other. We Saiya-jins are very possessive and selfish, and will fight for the bond if we want it. Didn't the baka act a little more aggressive than usual at the beginning, pursuing you, pushing?”
Bra didn't respond, which was probably enough of an answer for her father. He snorted and tossed her a nasty look.
“So basically, the one who doesn't want it has to leave?”
Bra exhaled shakily.
“So what is your decision?” her father asked her shortly.
“Obviously, Dad, I can't make a decision like that right away. I have to talk to talk to my mom so she can give me more details. I also have to talk to Goten and we'll probably have to think about it and come to a decision together.”
“Ugh, you are so human,” he spat, growling.
“What did you expect, Tou-san, that you would freak me out with your bond story and I would promise to break up with Goten right away?”
Vegita sniffed and Bra laughed, “Oh Father, whatever. It might have scared you but it doesn't scare me. I gotta go to Mom. She won't be happy when she hears of all this.”
“Did she already know about it?”
“Yes,” Bra admitted. “She did.”
Vegita glared and spun around, taking off to Dende knows where looking very, very angry. She sighed and blasted off herself. She had to admit that this whole situation was growing more and more bizarre by the second.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
“So then he finally left. I had to come to you for more answers, Kaa-san. This is a lot to take in.”
Her mother nodded and sat back on the plush sitting room couch, looking grim.
“First of all, Bra, I am very sorry about all this. I can't control everything your dad does, as much as I'd want to sometimes. He is a force of nature to be reckoned with…”
“I know that, Mom. I just need to know, are you two mated?”
“Sort of,” Bulma replied, sighing. “The start of our relationship was very rocky and that's an understatement. I would say we didn't have a real one until Trunks was maybe two years old. It was still rough around the edges but he was here to stay, for the most part. I always noticed strange things happening around him, like being able to feel what he was feeling sometimes. At moments I would swear I could hear him out loud speak even when he hadn't.”
Bra leaned forward in rapt attention. Her mother was describing exactly what she felt with Goten.
“Then a few more years passed and the strange occurrences became more pronounced. Until one night, I woke up from a terrible nightmare and your father freaked out. Apparently, we had been sharing the same dream. He finally told me about the bond and I told him I wanted to do it. However, he refused to do it completely because he was afraid I wouldn't be able to take in all his memories. Your father has had a terrible life. I think the only comfort he's ever found is in us and that's why he's so intense, especially with us two.”
Her mother stopped and smoothed her hands down her slacks, sighing. “Basically we have an incomplete bond. He has access to all my memories and a lot of my thoughts and feelings. I've learned to hide some things but in general, I'm pretty much an open book to him. However, he is not an open book to me. I can very vaguely sense things here and there. When he died at Majin Buu's hands, I felt his death. We do have a lifelong unbreakable connection, though and that's what I wanted. It's his choice to withdraw certain aspects of it from me and I understand.”
Bra gaped, astonished. That her mother had gone through the trouble of forming this bond with her mother, even if partially, was amazing. She knew he loved them, but since he showed it so seldom, she often wondered what really went on inside that mind of his. Apparently, her mom knew what did quite a bit.
“How come you'd never told me about this before, Mom?”
“For many reasons. I honestly never thought it would be an issue with you or Trunks, I didn't think you'd be the type to create something as intense as that with someone else. Don't get me wrong, I know you both have the capacity to love deeply and have done so in the past but I was just hoping it would never be an issue. Also, your dad is so tight-lipped and paranoid about everything, specially his Saiya-jin heritage, that I felt it best to keep some things private. I believed it was enough for you and Trunks to know that we are a committed couple and your parents. Not to mention your father made it seem as this Saiya-jin bonding was not a common occurrence, specially among the royal family. It seems Freeza did his best to make it some sort of taboo. He didn't want his subjects to become too attached to each other.”
“I suppose I understand," Bra replied after a pause. "I just never thought you were keeping such secrets from me,” she accused.
“Sorry,” was all her mother replied. It should be enough for Bra that her mom had explained things and apologized for keeping her in the dark, but it did hurt.
After a bit of silence, Bra asked the question that was burning in her chest. “Mom, would Dad have killed Goten?”
“I don't think so, honey. He would have beat him up badly, but I really hope with all my heart that he would have stayed his hand long enough to let him live.”
Bra released out a pained breath that seemed to have been stuck in her chest since this whole disaster had all started.
“Thanks Mom. That helps out a lot. It would really hurt if you thought he could be capable of killing someone who meant so much to me.”
“Honey, what are you going to do now? You need to talk to Goten about this, because this is a serious matter. And with you two, I doubt there could be any kind of partial bond. Neither of you have the mental control Vegita has acquired over his hard life.”
“I know Mom. I need to go talk to him.”
With those last words, Bra left her home and headed over to Goten's ki signature, praying she could find the right words to explain everything to him. What would be his reaction?
To be continued…
Japanese words used in this chapter:
kuso: crap (or worse), expletive
Chikyuu: Earth
Shunkan Ido: Goku's teleportation learned in Yardrat
baka: stupid
tou-san: dad
kaa-san: mom
bakyarou: asshole
dende: Earth's current god or deity
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